12 thoughts on “Chavs

  1. Feckless, lazy, scruffy, breeding, drug addicted, Free Money obsessives, everything from the intro in Trainspotting, shoplifting small time whores and handlers of stolen goods.
    Cunts the lot of them.
    Second opinions here >

    Chav Scum Urban Dictionary

    A hefty 7/10 on the Cuntometer.

  2. Only 7/10, Banned?

    These cunts are destroying Britain and IMHO provide a convincing argument in favour of enforced eugenics.

  3. I drive past a pub everyday where there must be forty of these fuckers sitting outside drinking,the same feckless dole scrounging bastards sitting there drinking my hard earned tax away day in day out,the other day the missus came to work with me,as we drove past said pub i went into one of my rants to which she replied “perhaps they work nights”
    God give me fucking strength!

  4. Hahaha. Sounds like me , ranting about every cunt. Can’t go in shop without calling someone a cunt, especially the Asda shopping, work skipping chav cunts.

  5. Propa cunts, hate em ,cause ya wanna fuck em, and good, they be, me chav, horny cocksucking chav lovin trackie wearing, hard fucking, propa good cocksucking me chav, lovin chavin, you betcha trackie lad cocksuckin, chav lad suckin. doin it. lad lovin cuntin lads.

  6. is the chav on the left in the pic above, preggers?

    either that or she is extremly fat.. feel sorry for the bastard she has to bring into the world if she is pregnant

  7. nike air max trainer wearing le cock sporty tracky wearing pink haired mixed race cum drinking chip eating illiterate spitting (cuz i luk hard)

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