10 thoughts on “Bob Ainsworth [3]

  1. Medivac team prepare to find out how many Tamiflu jabs it takes to kill a Defence Minister ( or Cunt, sepending on your point of view ).

  2. I nominate the ‘Wurkas’ at
    You probly won’t find any pics of these cunts GOT but here’s their MO.

    Teenagers have been given a lesson on the sex slave trade, including a recording of a brothel owner listing the price of the “services” on offer.
    Pupils aged 14-17 at several schools and referal units in Croydon heard an account of a woman promised a waitress job in Britain, then gang-raped and made a sex slave

    The lessons were given by workers at CROYDON COMMUNITY ACTION AGAINST TRAFFIKING to raise awareness.
    Telegraph, 14/7 p 2.

    I expect the ‘kids’ got told it was all their bloody fault too. CCAAF = CUNTS.

  3. Keith Best a share dealing, car crashing, hug an illegal migrant cunt.

    Or the racial equality folk.

    Roma unwashed Euro pikeys.

    Oh and Sarah fucking Brown the cunt.

  4. I wouldn’t mind kissing their sweaty army arses!

    How about the Queen is a crusty old cunt. or
    The Ghurkas are sneaky wee cunts. or
    Alex Ferguson is a new labour cunt.or

    Andy Murray is a crabbit Scottish cunt. (not scotch that’s a fucking drink)!

  5. Love the sweater – so very ‘back to my roots’ working class, Trades Union dontja know.

    Is that really a wig? Why? Surely if you’r going to wear a wig you’d go for one that looks trendy & modern?

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