Quiet Quitting (Or Work-to-Rule, in old money)

The modern work force’s penchant for doing sod all if they can get away with it is a Cunt destined to further erode western civilisation and advancements.

Strikes here in Blighty wage demands refusal to alter working practices shifts conditions etc good job there isn’t a war on !!

“Quiet quitting “ is a new phrase/trend being pedalled by the lefty media for workers to empower themselves.
Means basically doing the absolute minimum that you can get away with.
In old money “work to rule” but of course that would hark back to scargill and the 70 s.

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So rebrand it and talk about empowerment shouldn’t seem so lefty union socialist workers party.

The civilisation and modern inventions that have being created in the past were not done so by working to rule, sorry by quiet quitting.

Get back on task you lazy Cunt s. What you enjoy today was created by better workers than you.

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