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3 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. A very special cunting for an exceptionally disgusting piece of human filth that’s not fit to live among us. Subhuman excrement Amos Price took his dog into the garden of a neighbour for the purpose of encouraging it to maul and kill the homeowners cat. The cat’s never been found and the revolting shitheaded father of two Price got a sentence of a notional 18 weeks.

    Can I propose the re-introduction of lawful hanging and nominate this cunt to break in the hangman’s rope? Or at the very list imprison the cunt indefinitely until he agrees to to be sterilised to save us any more of his devil spawn being shat out upon us and raised at the expense of the taxpayer.

  2. A nomination for the once-likeable Liz Bonnin.
    The BBC’s war on sanity continues with Liz Bonnin displaying a severe case of the Thunbergs and fronting ‘Meat; A threat to our planet?’
    Apparently it’s growing meat that’s causing deforestation, rather than oya bean production. It is also one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions, but still quite far behind heavy industry and transport. How any of this ‘kills the planet’is not addressed, but she does seem to get upset over something in the trailer (muh feelz), and ask the rhetorical question ‘like shouldnt we jus, like, stop eating meat right now?’ so I guess the planet is really being killed by meat.

  3. Black Pete Haters

    Who the fuck is this ‘Black Pete’ cunt, I hear you ask.

    He’s Sinteklaas’s helper, part of Dutch folklore. Sinterklaas is basically the Dutch Santa Claus (or Father Christmas in proper English). He probably says, “Merrysh Chrishmush” and leaves clogs under the Christmas tree.

    Anyway, he has a helper named ‘Black Pete’ and in early December, in a tradition going back to around 1850, the Dutch have street processions with Sinterklaas with his blackfaced helper (a Moor from Spain according to tradition).

    You can guess what the millennials think of it. ‘Pwotests’ abound about the ‘waycism’ from these fuckwits. From the video I watched, it seemed pretty much all of the protesters were white.

    I doubt most black people give a shite.

    If you know any of these cunts protesting this age old tradition, send them Jim Davidson’s Chalky singing ‘White Christmas’ and a ‘Black and white Minstrel show’ DVD as their Christmas presents.


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