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8 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Dearest admin, my apologies this is not a nomination, but a request.

    In that nomination, Tourist Invasion, fellow ISAC member, Two In The Stink, mentioned he was feeling very down.

    Please could you message him? I, and I’m sure everyone else here worry and miss him dearly

    Warmest regards, and get well wishes to TiTS,

    Spoonington and fellow ISAC members.

    (Thank you for this, and we certainly will contact him via his email with our full support and good wishes during what appears to be a difficult time for him – admin)

    • I really appreciate your concern. I’m still in the land of the living. In collaboration with my employer I am seeking help. Sorry if I worried anyone..

      (Thanks for keeping in touch with us. We’re pleased you’re seeking help during a difficult time for you. Take all the time you need – admin)

      • Glad you’re still with us mate. Just remember, you’ve got friends here. I’ve been through mental health stuff myself, so if you need to talk, tell admin to get in touch and I’ll give them my email address to pass on to you. Assuming they don’t already. Stay strong buddy.

      • Once again, I really appreciate your concern.

        I’d also like to apologise to anybody on this forum who I have ever offended in the past (intentionally or otherwise).

        I have a drink problem and some mental health issues (if my erratic conduct over the years hasn’t been evidence for that).

  2. This story is about a week old now (it’s Tuesday 4th August as I type), but I think it worth doing. The Taliban are a bunch of cunts. Two of these shit wipes walked into a village in Afghanistan and demanded that the village chief assist them with some nefarious bullshit. The chief refused, so the Two Taliban shit weasels dragged him and wife outside and shot them dead. Their daughter, who was described in the paper as being between 14-16 years old (that’s not uncommon over there, because only Kabul and big towns keep records), grabbed her dad’s AK and came running out blasting away and killed the two pricks who had just murdered her parents.

    The story doesn’t end there though. When the other Taliban found out, they went back to the village mob handed, with the intention of causing much death. Except the Taliban are pretty predictable and the girl along with a number of other villagers, were waiting for them. In the ensuing firefight, several Taliban were wounded, and this prompted to make a hasty retreat (so much for them all being ready for martyrdom). The girl and her brother have now been moved to a safe location, but there was a photo of her in the paper. It’s pretty clear that either her dad or someone else had taught her the correct way to use a firearm because she had something that a lot of people who own a firearm do not, trigger discipline. Her trigger finger was lying flush against the weapon, above the trigger. Few things anger me more than seeing some fucking cumper holding a rifle or a pistol with their finger on the trigger.

    Incidentally, it get worse for the two dead Taliban. According to the followers of Allan’s Snackbar, you don’t get into heaven if you’re killed by a female. So at this very moment, those two are taking it in turns to be ass fucked by Satan and his fiery dong. So there is some good news to come out of this story.

    • There’s a famous quote by Oscar Wilde-‘the rage of Caliban at not seeing his face in a mirror’.
      Related to something else.

      Anyway, like Caliban what savages they are. How ugly and stupid like Caliban they are.

      The stupidity makes them more ugly.

      The Taliban
      If you could see yourselves in the mirror.

      Like Caliban.

  3. Brentford v Fulham……. the politics of football.

    I tuned into the radio coverage of this game last night (can’t afford Sky and wouldn’t give them my fucking money anyway.) I noticed they brought on some bird to sing the National Anthem. I presumed this booking was made months ago, she’d been paid so you may aswell let the bitch on to do her warbling. What I was really interested in was, were the players going to take the knee during the National Anthem?
    If you remember the whole fucking thing started when that Kaepernick cunt ( now signed up to a multi million dollar contract with Nike exploiting poor people all over the world) “took the knee” during the National Anthem.
    Well the commentator cunt didn’t mention it but then a couple of minutes later he describes how all these rich fuckers are kneeling for “justice, equality……. blah blah, woof woof” just before kickoff.
    Oh please fuck off you fucking frauds. If you haven’t got the bottle to do it during the National Anthem then don’t do it at all you fucking wankers.
    Sick and tired of these know nothing, fucking champagne cunting socialists.

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