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4 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Admin has this one been scheduled or binned? it is rather overdue.

    Boris Johnson

    Was watching RT ( Ruskie Toss) the other night to keep me weather eye open to what Ivan is up too re lies, distortions and Commie Capers various. Apart from featuring as a last resting place for old media cunts to bite the hands that fed them (eg Larry King with his nipples stuck in his braces, scots cunts George Galloway and Alex Salmond, old dodgy Wall Street trader Max Keiser ect) the commie channel feasts on Boris Johnson and his shenanigans. To be fair BJ cannot tell a lie – but that never stops him.
    Those downward sagging eyes screw up (look like piss-holes in the snow) and that twisted Turkish beak (yes the cunt has Turkish ancestry) pokes forward sniffing and savouring the semantics of his latest porkie. It would be wrong to call the cunt a bare faced liar – stands out a mile unlike his old horse prong – he goes all shifty and starts stuttering and braying like a flatulent donkey. Then he digs a hole and sticks his head in it until the coast is clear. Thus the cunt leads the country by his arse in a bubble.
    Point is and to return to RT, the cunt lights on popular politicking (thank you Larry) such as Brexit and the Withdrawal Agreement and raises hopes but is incapable of defending poor old Blighty’s vital interests. In between banner headlining Boris balls-ups like the Covid testing fiasco and handling generally, the Irish border dispute, the flogging of vital national assets like the tech industry and on and on, it takes the Comrades to find and interview one of the leading lights of the Brexit Party, some yank tech billionaire name of Robert Mercer and oppo of Farage, who put the case for giving the Brexit Withdrawal Bill the elbow very succinctly.
    1) The EU negotiated in bad faith
    2) The EU led by the French sought to, and continue to seek to punish the UK against International Law
    3) The principal premise of the Bill, to safeguard the Good Friday Agreement is a red herring and will do the opposite
    4) The intention of the Bill is to split of the whole of the island of Ireland from the UK
    5) Johnson is doing bugger all to counter the pro IRA sentiment in the US Congress
    6) The French are cunts
    7) The French are cunts

    It’s scheduled. We let today’s BJ nom go through since this shit just happened and we felt there might be some venting. We were right! Your nom will be coming. – admin

  2. The latest Lloyds Bank advert and advertising in general.

    I know this topic has been cunted before, but Lloyds latest offering of destroying a decent song is boiling my piss. They have murdered several songs of late, but to allow some tuneless cunt to desecrate the 70s wonder that is We’ve Only Just Begun by The Carpenters, is unforgiveable. No one can mimic Karen Carpenter, and there is no need to adulterate another classic song. All these twats keep doing in modern advertising is just show how little imagination they really have, and this latest offering is so utterly slow and painfully depressing that I couldn’t be more ‘turned off’ by their product unless it was fronted by Linekunt or Blair. I have no doubt that the tuneless bint who ‘murdered’ this tune was paid handsomely for this drivel and probably ticks some diversity box at the same time. Speaking of which, have Nationwide, Asda and the RAF forgotten that there is an indigenous naturally ‘bleached’ skin colour in the UK? Given the disproportionate ratio of BAME to Wh1tey in advertising now, I feel like we Wh1teys are being erased from our own existence. Modern advertising? Utter cuntitude.

  3. The National Trust.

    Last year the Trust was promoting the idea that most of the Great Estates and Stately Homes in this country came about due to The Gays and should be celebrated as monuments to Shift-Lifters through the Ages. This year it is promoting the idea that most of these Great Estates and Stately Homes came about due to wicked slave-owners and are monuments to Whitie’s wickedness through the Ages.

    I’m now waiting to see what they do about Homosexuals who also owned slaves….probably knock down all the properties and build some kind of Butlins-style reeducation camps promoting the idea that dark-key poofs were actually the ones who built this country.

    Which takes precedence,National Trust ? The Loveliness of The Gays or The Suffering of The Sooties?

  4. Lebron James

    6’ 8” fucking freak who has made a fortune from basketball (gimme the ball I just have to reach up and pop it in you short arsed cunts) Not satisfied with being paid a cuntload of dollars for being a human giraffe this wanker has to cry about the poor oppressed black people who he wouldn’t go near unless he was after a bit of cheap black pussy.
    His latest stunt is for him and his mates to turn up on court wearing Gaylord lacy white collars in memory of recently deceased libtard judge, Ruth Bader-Meinhoff or whatever her fucking name was. You look like a cunt, talk like a cunt so fuck off cunt. I’m sick of multi millionaire sports cunts and two bob slebs telling me what to do and what to think. Take your money, be grateful for it and stop lecturing me you fucking arseholes!

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