Walter Palmer [2]

screen-shot-2015-07-28-at-10-26-56-am1‘Dr’ Walter Palmer is the ignorant piece of shit who is currently the target of the entire planet’s disgust, because he killed Cecil, a very popular lion, who used to live in a Zimbabwean National Park with a compound bow. Palmer bribed two park workers $55,000 to guide him on a hunt for a Cecil. Apparently, he fucked up his first shot, wounding the animal and leaving it pain for two days before finally killing, skinning and decapitating a fairly famous member of an endangered species.

Now, Palmer claims he didn’t know that Cecil was so famous, or that what he did was illegal. The problem he has, is that is he’s known to be a lying cunt. In 2008, he got into trouble in the US, for lying about where he’d killed a bear. He was also fined nearly $3000 for hunting without a licence. There’s also the simple fact that Cecil was lured out of the park and killed on private property. So SOMEBODY knew it was illegal. The even greater tragedy, is the Cecil’s death probably won’t be the only one, because he had had six cubs. When another lion in the pride, apparently named ‘Jericho’ takes over, there’s a strong possibility that he’ll kill those six cubs. So in the end, this selfish cunt will have killed SEVEN lions.

Apparently Palmer has 43 kills, including leopards and rhino. The American half of my family are hunters, and I’ve been with them on several occasions. The difference though, is that my family have never been trophy hunters. There are no animal heads on the walls of their houses. Like many hunters in the US, my family hunt for food, and we’re talking wild hogs, deer, etc. My family regularly hunt with some Apache friends. Once they’ve taken all the meat they need, our Apache friends take the rest, which is a lot, and NOTHING gets wasted.

Scum like Palmer, although they like to think so, are NOT hunters. They are just killers. They have no respect for anything, least of the animals they slaughter. Looking at some of the photos in which he poses with the animals he’s killed, it’s clear that he thinks he’s some kind of hard man. There’s even one Putinesque image of him shirtless whilst lifting a dead leapord. In truth, he’s a small man, with a small mind. Anyone who kills for fun is nothing but a worthless scumbag.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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Walter Palmer


I’d like leave to rush through an emergency cunting of Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer.

Now I’m not normally one to jump on bandwagons or engage in witch hunts but I will make an exception for this small dicked cunt. For those not aware he is an American who paid $50 000 to shoot a lion with a crossbow . What the fuck for you may ask. Well other than he has psychopathic tendencies and can only get a hard on when he is engaged in killing something , I have no idea.

What a fucking CUNT !

Nominated by: The Cunt Factor

This particular treatment for the aforementioned cunt came to mind. Not sure why 😉


Nominated by: Dioclese

Fifty grand to shoot some old pelt with a crossbow? What a tosser. In me day I was taking oit tiger with me Lee Enfield bolt action. Only got once chance with one orf those if old tigger got wind orf you first and pounced. Play the whiteman. Give the beast a sporting chance donchaknow. Bastard bearers would invariably leg it leaving me on me todd. Nature red in tooth and claw. Would rather not supply the red so had an old large bore elephant gun as backup.

Problem is those bastards had a kick that would put one on one’s arse and accuracy was not a strong point. Generally whatever took a hit was blown to pieces – head/arse/bollocks, – and bang goes me trophy. Blood bone and guts all over the shop.

Love to take that yank oit orn safari. Bush can be a very dangerous place and me old eyesight is not what it was.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke