Militant vegans

A full-on primeval, red meat, Bear Grylls Born Survivor of a cunting for militant vegans.

First off the bat this is not a cunting for vegans per se, so any lettuce munching cunters out there don’t throw your lentil and mung bean stroganoff out of the pram. I’m all for free lifestyle choices, but the rub is as with many minority groups trying to convert the majority through guilt tripping,intimidation and even violence into their way of thinking.

A few examples have been in the news recently, the restaurant owner forced to quit after she jokingly ‘spiked’ a vegans meal, a dairy farmer in Ireland called a rapist and Nazi by militants. The soft headed cunt triggered by Jeremy Vines ham and cheese sandwich on his Radio 2 show and miniscule traces of animal fat in the new £5 notes had the green army on the march, nobody was going to make them fucking eat a plateful.

One group we can be assured to be untouchable by these cunts are the peacefuls with their barbaric and cruel halal practice.

Nominated by Liberal Liquidator

Fiver protesters


People moaning about the new £5 note containing some Animal product in them are cunts,

Been listening to some soppy cunt on LBC whinging about the new fivers containing animal product in them. He was saying that some Hindus are complaining now, I ain’t got a problem with vegetarians as it’s their choice but these vegan cunts are the taking the piss. I’ve said on here before they are pale as fuck (due to lack of protein) and that’s the Black vegan cunts the White vegan cunts are paler than delux pure brilliant white.

Seriously this cunt was saying he refused to accept some change from someone because it had a new fiver in it. He definitely needs a kick in the bollocks, and a bit of beef for dessert. As for those Hindus, I bet they’ll accept it in their shops, if it’s their religion that’s offended then fine I respect that but what if these cunts walk past a fried chicken shop do they hold their breath and then have a shower, and what about touching a door handle some cunt has touched after eating pork scratchings. They are probably touching meat residue many times a day the dumb cunts.

We need an uprising against these cunts, they are getting out of hand. With all the poor cunts struggling to heat their fucking houses and putting food on the table you get these cunts who are offended by anything.

We need to set up an educational facility for these snowflake cunts, it would begin with a kick in the bollocks for breakfast, beard shaving for dinner and a Twatter and Cuntbook ban all day. What the fuck is going on with these Vegan cunts. The fucking cunts.

I need a Bacon sandwich.

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt

(Any offended people, please send your plastic fivers to me and I’ll give you a quid for them. Ed.)



I can’t stand all these “I don’t eat meat” cunts, yet they buy ‘Veggie’ Sausages, Bacon etc. I mean if you didn’t want to eat meat why buy something that mimics it?

Another thing if we didn’t eat meat back in the olden days (ice age) we wouldn’t have survived without the calories the meat gave us, the fur to keep warm and the fats for lighting the torches etc. Also farming techniques weren’t developed enough to grow loads of fucking organic vegetables neatly in a massive field. We were HUNTER gatherers at least thats my guess.

How many of these vegetarians wear Leather etc? I don’t have an issue with people choosing to be veggies but don’t fucking tell me eating meat is wrong, you cunts. Now give me a pork chop…

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt