Social media ‘news’


News outlets that report crap on social media as actual ‘news’ are cunts…

The BBC and Sky being the worst culprits… Some nonentity gobshite gobs off or gets ‘offended’ on Twatter, and it becomes a headline?!…. One recent example is Peter Kay aiming a joke at Judge Bender on Strictly Cunt Dancing… Instant ‘headline news’ about how some cunt is ‘offended’ and there being a ‘homophobia outrage’…

Some ‘look at me!’ snowflake turd whinging on Twitter is not news, nor is it a sign of mass outrage… I am no fan of Kay, but for some cunt to bitch about a simple bit of fun and for that bitching to become headline news shows where this country and its media are at (ie: fucked!)… I get annoyed by certain things, but I don’t expect them to be news stories, fucking ridiculous…

Joke is, the cunt who was so ‘offended’ by Kay’s gag and going on about the ‘horrible 1970s’ and ‘unacceptable homophobia’ was certainly not born in the 70s or even gay… Just an ‘offended for being offended’s sake’ coloured haired student snowflake cocksucker and the BBC and Sky are bigger cunts for publishing such narcissistic social media mong shite as news…

Nominated by: Norman

Social Media


Social Media is fucking arse wank.

The home of the delusional narcissists who believe they are ‘celebrities’
If I wanted to look at pictures of cats I would watch channel 5’s ‘whats cats do’, if I wanted to look at deranged selfies I would watch porn and if I wanted to look at pictures of children I would go see Jimmy Savile.

The Internet is fucking shite, a breeding ground for narcissists, the easily offended and whinging warriors. Their point of view is right and if you don’t agree then you are a cunt, allegedly!

Fuck Twitter, fuck Facebook and certainly fuck Youtube & Google.

Apparently captain capacious arsehole (Stephen Fry) has deleted his twitter after getting some abuse, good! Instead of receiving plaudits, adulation and the attention of sycophants he has received some critical feedback, and the raging arse bandit does not like it, so he deleted his Twitter in a spat in the hopes everyone rallies around in sympathy asking him to come back..Fuck off I say, slit your wrists and do the world a favour, Twitter could do without you promoting your debauched bum sex, your latest TV show (at license fees payers expense) or your incessant advertising for Apple.

Nominated by: Boaby