Seumus Milne


Lefties turn to insults, because the festering cauliflower in their head that passes for a brain, is incapable of logical thought. They cannot process the fact that freedom of speech is a right that EVERYONE has rather than just them. They don’t understand that people have every right to disagree with them. It will not compute that other people, generally the majority, don’t subscribe to the limp wristed, ill thought out, vile, incomprehensible bullshit, that the left churns out on a daily basis.

Only today I have a discovered a lefty who beats the lot hands down. Step forward, Seumus Milne. And no, that’s not a typing error, it actually is his name. I’m guessing his parents hated him, and his middle name is “Cuntypissflaps”. Corbyn has just made this distended rectum his Director of Communications. He’s also a columnist for, (quelle surprise), the Guardian.

Milne is a true cunt. Among other things, he reckons the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby wasn’t actually a terrorist act, because he was a serving soldier who’d fought in Afghanistan. So basically, in Milne’s warped mind, Lee Rigby got what was coming to him. Oh how I would love to meet this cunt in the street.

You can research this sack of bollocks for yourselves. I’m off to shag my wife.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw