Logan Paul

Logan Paul is a pointless cunt.

I thought a youtuber was someone who puts things in their arsehole, but no, they are a group of cunts who make a fortune from uploading a video of them wearing a hat, or falling off a bmx, which the youth of today find life changing. They are all a waste of spunk, but this retard is a particularly annoying piece of shit.

Out for a stroll with a bunch of other cunts, they found some poor cunt who had committed suicide by hanging. Did this Logan maggot find some restraint and put his fucking camera away, you know, respect for the dead and all that? Did he fuck. He went in for the close up, while him and his scummy pals had a good giggle.

Now, even some of the dregs that ‘follow’ this empty life bellend have pointed out how much of a cunt he was, he has decided to apologise. Only it’s not really an apology is it, just like all the other twats who get caught out, then want you to feel sorry for them. No, you are a shameless, talent free cunt, who I hope gets shunned for all eternity. He had my piss boiling at Vlogger…….

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye