Keir Starmer (9)

S’Keir Starmer, once again.

One of the things I hate most about the far left, is virtue signalling. They can’t just support a cause, they have to make a big song and dance about it. And Starmer is one of the worst.

A few months back he and his rat faced deputy leader were photographed taking the knee in support of the Marxist BLM dickheads. Now he’s released his official Christmas card as Leader (I use that word loosely) of the Labour party. It shows him and his wife clapping for the NHS.

First of all, that bullshit was over months ago. Second, why couldn’t he just have a photo of the pair of them standing in front of a Christmas tree, with some decorations? We know he supported clapping the NHS, he wouldn’t let us fucking forget it. Oh wait, that would be normal and, therefore, boring.

Fuck off, Starmer. Fuck all the way off, you cunt.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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…and this from Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Kweer Charmer.

Where to start.
He wanted a fire break- the science, the science. Sage says so. It must be done. Labour Wales did. No need to comment further.
He wanted an Xmas shutdown. Now he wants Boris to apologise for shutting down Xmas.
Brexit in which he led the Remoaning faction that hamstrung parliament he now seems to be watching to see what his hindsight can triumph over.

But his latest wheeze is a masterstroke. More devolution. Yes, an even more fucked up UK than it is at present.
The Jocks want out, this isn’t going to change their minds unless he promises more and more money with less and less responsibility for generating that money. Like their covid measures I suppose.
There is no great appetite in Wales for devolution in the first place. At least in the populated post industrial areas. Opening it up is only going to encourage the nutters of Plaid. And Labour might find itself marginalised as in Scotland.
NI is a basket case of IRA loonies and religious bigots who would be best fucking ignored. Labour doesn’t seem to hold any currency there anyway.

Sir Kweer Charmer, a fucking political genius.

30 thoughts on “Keir Starmer (9)

    • Too right, MNC – what can I say about Dame Kweer that hasn’t been said already?. He almost makes Anthony Blair look competent (by the way expect “Sir Tony” in the New Years honours list) – I expect it was the price of his silence in the later stages of Brexit, he was remarkably reticent this summer and even admitted the Remainers cause was all over in October – as the pansy left would have rallied round the Blair cause. Every man has his price, and every poofter too by the look of it.

      I suspect Kweer will back down from a whipped vote on Brexit tomorrow – the Dark Keys and Pansies in Parliament have made it clear they want to vote against, and they take precedence in the Labour pecking order these days. Besides, Anal Ease has said she will resign if ze party supports Brexit (though is she does and the BBC recommission Steptoe & Son, she would make a great Old Man Steptoe – she only needs the hat and the mittens, she altrady has the air of grubby seediness.

      As for Kweer – he isn’t fit to scrub floors in the brothel his mother came from.

      • Morning all,

        I see the useless bellend is already preparing to backtrack over the Brexit deal after pressure from inside his party of cunts. Stand by as Labour bravely go into battle…and abstain!

        Kweer is a plastic politician leading the so called “opposition” at a time when his country actually needs an effective counter to the SAGE led fuckwittery of Downing Street.

        If I had my way, I would drive tanks onto Parliament Square and blast the whole shitshower to kingdom come before moving up Whitehall to do the same to Downing Street and HM Treasury. I would leave the FCO untouched, however, as it is so brilliant inside.

  1. I type like he talks.

    Dame Kweer Charmer never forget he took a knee.

    Plenty of dramatic pauses between each word the greasy fucker utters.

    Let me forensically analysis this individual and provide my response in one word.


  2. Point of order Admin:

    Shouldn’t this be Keir Starmer (9)?

    Looks like someone up in Admin Towers is trying to keep him off the Great Wall of Cunts….

    (You are quite correct, Mr Creampuff. Such are the vagaries of WordPress and syntax definitions. Or more likely it was a user error on behalf of ….err… Night Admin!

    This has now been fixed, thank you – Day Admin

    What a nosy old fucker that Ruff Tuff cunt is, farkin’ hell!)

    • I might be a pedantic, interfering old fucker, Admin. But never “nosy”. Except when it comes to the bird in the bedroom opposite…

      (Jess Phillips, perchance? DA)

      • Extending the pedantry Ruffers, surely those cunts The Markles should be up on The Wall by now as well? They fucking well deserve to be.

        (There’s been a few variations for them in terms of nominations. But I think we’ve had about 7 or 8 under one particular naming convention – DA)

      • Afternoon Ron. After a brief count:

        Meghan (alone) has received at least 9 cuntings.

        The Markles (as a pair) have received at least 12

        Harry (alone) has received at least 8

  3. This gormless looking turd is whipping Labour MPs to vote for the Trade Deal tomorrow cos he knows what a great deal it is for the EU.

    Also it affords Labour a springboard for rejoining the EU after Johnson loses the next election.

    • This is the nightmare scenario.

      Labour support the deal because it’s not as bad as they’d hoped, and falls way short of what Leavers wanted.

      Boris is bound to step down between now and 2024, to be replaced by another wishy-washy faux Tory career politician as PM, who will do sweet fuck all keeping the UK independent, but will make great strides trying to keep it on good terms with the EU.

      General election day comes, the Tories get trounced by massive protest votes; the libdumbs form a coalition with Woke Labour to form a government.

      And within days a new Referendum is called, probably with conditions (ie. the threshold to stay out has to be more than 85%).

      The Remainers win, and the UK is officially an EU Member again, but has to pay a hefty £100bn penalty for being “very naughty”

      Every single Labour MP is guaranteed a knighthood and/or a job at the European Parliament.

      Boris blows his brains out; Tories in complete disarray. John Major throws his hat in the ring as the next leader, supported by Tarzan.

      I think that just about covers it.

  4. Another pointless cunt, getting rich whilst shafting those that voted for him and his so called party. Fuck off sick of seeing his mug.

  5. His Christmas card should have his wife on it, stark bollock naked in front of a Christmas tree, whilst on all fours, gobbling off a donkey-dicked black ‘Santa’.

    Ho, ho, ho. Starmer is a Brylcreemed cunt.

    • As far as I’m concerned, anybody who sends out a Xmas card with their own picture on the front is by definition a cunt, regardless of their other claims to cuntishness (of which his Sirness has many).
      Morning all.

  6. She looks very fanciable, I definitely would.

    Presumably she is a little frustrated with him so maybe I have half a chance.

    (I bet she’s been taken up the porthole a few times – DA)

  7. I despair He will be in power in 4 years time.He will destroy Britain.Gormless turd.I hate him.The SAGE party are considering Tier 5.I see people rioting soon.All in Westminster are deluded

  8. That photo of Angela Rayner taking the knee is the only one where she hasn’t got a cock in her mouth.
    I bet Keir fancies Fanny Izzard.
    The unelectable in pursuit of the impossible.
    Good morning.

  9. To show how much the election taught them the Labour party will probably put forward that odious wretch Izzard as a candidate. Preferably in Scunny, Redcar or similar.

  10. Off or perhaps on topic I read Wikileaks have dumped a load of stuff online. All manner of stuff.
    I have no proof of veracity, it’s much too soon to tell.
    The plot sickens.

  11. He is supporting the deal because it’s better than no deal, but it’s a very ‘thin’ deal therefore he wants nothing to do with it (a bit of cake and eat it).
    The word must have been thought up by the Labour back room boys because it’s being used by all of them. It’s a very thin deal.

    Even if the Conservative party were to fuck everything up (yep I know they are getting on with that agenda) I would never vote for this cunt, he should be in the Tower of London awaiting the axe for ‘taking the knee’, with the horse faced deputy by his side!

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