Vaccine Bonanza

A nomination for the Vaccine Bonanza, you wait for months and suddenly three arrive at the same time (just like the old bus stop scenario)

In the space of a week, Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford/AZ are on the brink of rolling out a safe working vaccine. The first two are new tech with the latter being the traditional vaccine, The first has a bit of a handicap requiring storage at -80C and you need two hits.

Here is the good news, the UK government have ordered 40 million doses of the Pfizer one (net 20 million), 5 million of the Moderna vaccine and 100 million of the Oxford/AZ, so there will be enough to go around ………..

But! Who will get what and when, who will be first, will people be given a the choice of which vaccine they want, that will be the next step in the vaccine saga, fulled as usual by the media.

Stay tuned for the great vaccine scramble and to make it even more complicated the government have three more on order should they be effective and approved.

It will all be over by Christmas 202?

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101 thoughts on “Vaccine Bonanza

  1. 125 million doses. Who are they all for? 65 million for those of us here currently, and the rest for all the Somalis we are inviting to come and live with us?

  2. Its a good job Oxford University were involved in the research as they will need a degree in advanced mathematics to work out who will be getting it when…First it is the over 80’s shielding in tier 3…then the over 90’s in tier 1…then the BAME..CUNTS!

  3. Tiers for fears….
    They’ll be plenty of people queuing up for a jab, to get their freedom pass, totally forgetting that if you need a pass to be free, your not free….

    • Exactly. Bollocks to the vaccine. If it means living under the radar or forgoing luxuries for life then so be it. I refuse to be a government whore and take a prick.

  4. No sympathy for anyone taking this who develops complications. An experimental mRNA concoction rushed through in months, what could go wrong!

    All for a disease so utterly horrendous you need a test to know if you’ve got it, and for which anyone under 60 who is healthy has 99.9% chance of not dying from.

    Absolute madness.

    • The test is to determine if the symptoms are actually Covid rather than something else, cold or flu.

      The Oxford vaccine isn’t mRNA

      Wider testing is to calculate how many people are carriers but not displaying symptoms.

      • The PCR test is bollocks. They’re using over 35 cycles which renders the result meaningless – the inventor said himself it should not be used to make a diagnosis.

        You could have a single strand from infection months ago and it will find it. The test is absolutely meaningless.

      • I didn’t say it was new, just that it is not supposed to be used as a diagnosis least not when the cycle threshold is set at 35+.

        The way it is being used is scandalous and only done to prop up ‘cases’ by generating massive false positive numbers.

      • I am not sure where you got your information but i don’t think it is correct. It is a qualitative test rather than quantitative.
        If someone rocks up with symptoms and they test positive (there is Covid present from the test) it’s a reasonable assumption they have a Covid infection.

  5. What a pile of cunt. ©️Black and White cunt

    Covid really is the cunt that keeps giving, apparently three households can mix at Christmas and the student cunts are allowed to mix with the family as well.
    What could possibly go wrong?
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • But, that doesn’t mean that three households have to mix, does it?
      I can still go on pretending that my neighbours and relatives don’t exist? Can’t I? Please say yes. Pleeeeeeeeeese…..

      • Now now RB, you must follow the rules, otherwise the government are going to encourage your neighbours and relatives you are pretending dont exist to grass you up.
        I can guarantee there will be one or two houses on each street this Christmas with their binoculars aaaaht watching their neighbours and counting the guests that turn up.
        What a country we have become.

      • I might contact the council and see if they have any vacancies for Covid Wardens. It would warm the cockles of my heart to be able to ruin some cheerful cunt’s Christmas.


      • ….if family A, who live in Tier 2, go to visit family B in Tier 3, what time did family C leave Cornwall?

      • What abaaaaht this scenario….two households are related and invite me over as a mate. We all get drunk and I end up tonguing the bumhole of a woman from one of the households. Do we all have to self isolate?
        Go fuck yourselves. 😂

      • A precautionary visit (by prior appointment, masked and distanced) to the STD clinic might be a good idea afterwards.

  6. “The World Economic Forum have got this Covid 19 covered. The reset will mean that we will all be safe. It’s just a matter of time.” At least that seemed to be the way ahead according to some bobble hatted cunt who I had a chat with in the high street. He think’s am a conspiracy theorist.

    • The MSM has done next to nothing to cover the protests. Denmark was 9 days long ffs! Several other EU nations have had big protests too and the beeb said nothing.

  7. Average age of Covid-19 deaths: 82.4yrs old.

    Average life expectancy in the UK: 81.2yrs old.

    Thank god we will soon have a vaccine to do something about that.

    • Average increase in mortality due to Covid over normal background for ages 45 to The End is 8 to 10%.
      Personally happy not to increase my chances of snuffing it by that much, but suit yourselves.

      The Oxford vaccine is on about the same principle as the normal flu vaccine, btw. Us wrinklies and crumblies have been having that for years, and, you know? Not a single extra head.

      • Despite any worries, I am with you Komodo. I know it hasn’t been in existence for more than 5 minutes, but if there’s a possibility it might actually stop me getting covid 19, I’m going to have it too.

        I completely respect everyone else’s opinion, and people should make their own choices regarding their bodies, but I’m prepared to take the risk.

  8. Im more interested in if I get a selection box than a vaccine.
    It probably works though,
    Theyve spent hours trialling it and sweating blood and night screeching as side effects are a small price to pay!
    This covid fad will go the way of Rubics Cubes, ‘I Shot JR’ badges,
    And shellsuits.

  9. I heard the trials were carried out in Brazil as they couldn’t find enough fuckers here with Covid 19. I hope the 210 million Brazilians get the vaccine fee.

  10. The number of healthy people under 60 who have died OF ‘C19’ – that’s not WITH, amongst our kiddies and working-age populace with nothing wrong with them – is STILL floating around 400 approx. Yes that’s shit for the families of those involved (assuming most of those 400 didn’t fall off ladders or get eaten by sharks in the primary instance). But, sorry to be blunt, 400 over the course of 11 months is NOT a ‘pandemic’, and does NOT justify turning the country on its head and throwing the life that we knew beforehand into irreversible chaos, confusion and economic ashes.

    How many folk have declared themselves ‘trans’ over the same time period? Way over 400 I’d wager, especially amongst their own ‘most vulnerable’ category ie school-age kids from broken lives. So why isn’t that classed as a mental health ‘pandemic’?

    • Usually you don’t get data until after an event has transpired, which the gov then promptly denies and covers up. We have real time data, and yet.. people still can’t fucking work it out.

      It’s beyond ludicrous now. I’ll never forgive anyone who clings to the lie at this point because frankly the ignorance is killing people, our nation, our freedoms.

    • Looking at the data you have to remember the numbers are despite interventions to reduce the spread, it is fairly obvious that without any interference the numbers would be a lot higher.
      Hospitals overrun, remember northern Italy and the chaos they experienced in March, luckily for them it was confined to that one area (more or less)

      • Wasn’t that the point of building the Nightingale hospitals though? Far as I know they’ve barely been used.

      • They were built to address the situation should it arise if the interventions did not slow the spread of the virus. A reaction to the pretty awful conditions that were seen in Lombardy.
        I think it is a good thing that they weren’t needed.

      • As of last week ( and I’m going by Talk Radio stats and hearing the profs and scientists they have on , so make of that what you will) the reason why we don’t have the nightingales open is because 600,000 NHS staff are off. Be it either Self isolating , sick or shielding. That’s why we here at this hospital have been told not to use the app at work when going to Costa and if we do get symptoms just stay at home but no one else needs to.
        They can’t afford the whole department to go off self isolating.
        As of the figure of deaths it was around 337 that have died under 60. Again the figure they band around on the radio.
        There is so much we don’t know and so much we aren’t told. But after watching the program about the pandemic in 1918 that killed between 50-100 million worldwide I am ( and never was ) worried.
        As a footnote the total deaths here in west Norfolk for one particular hospital since March is 171. With 370 recovered who were hospitalised. We have currently 30 in patients and 2 on icu. That’s covering a population of around 90,000. Pffft!!

  11. Some eggheads/dickheads have already said the vaccine will cause the virus to mutate. Fuck me, roll on death, only time you get peace from these cunts.

    • If people are morally sound about taking a vax containing lung DNA from a 14-week old aborted male foetus*, then I guess there’s well and truly no hope.

      *No that’s not conspiracy bullshit. The actual ingredients lists of the vax one of the main pharma companies is pushing – I forget which one, maybe Moderna – is out there for anyone who wants to read it.

      That’s the key to this whole thing – NOTHING is hidden, so that people can choose to ‘disbelieve’ it because it seems so incredible, then when the time comes that the penny finally fucking drops in their moronic brains, the PTB can claim ‘well we never kept it from you’.

      • I’ve never been one for the ‘elite are Satanists’ idea but the whole utilizing of foetal cells and injecting it into people is pretty damn close to being some sort of twisted blood ritual surely.

      • **Horrific factual spoiler alert**

        A few years back I visited the Crime Museum in New Scotland Yard (formerly called The Black Museum, but they couldn’t call it that, could they, even though it had been called that for over a fucking century).

        Everything in it is a real object from a crime scene, and there is some truly horrific stuff in there.

        In one display case was a pair of earrings. Look closer, and you could see that they were actually made from human foetuses.

        The depravity of the human mind, even in the name of science, is utterly staggering.

      • Fuck me you’re a squeamish lot! So what if cells from aborted foetuses are used? Jeez…

      • Notice how there was no such thing as ‘fact checking’ before 2020. They all write what they’re paid to. Might as well have linked to Snopes.

  12. Perhaps the tens of thousands made redundant now that Tier 3 looms to destroy the pubs etc can queue up for the vaccine before they get any dole money.
    Dole conditional on being vaccinated naturally.
    The start of a long list of requirements?
    Let’s see what the cunts get up to.

    • I’m not normally one for conspiracies, but I smell something a bit fishy going on here.

      Lockdowns + Tier 3 / Tier 2 = lots of shut businesses. Hotels, pubs, restaurants closed and unoccupied.

      Thousands of Somalians and other assorted raghead scum from the dark ages welcomed here with open arms and need somewhere to live.

      Doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together.

  13. There is some not so good news about the Oxford vaccine, allegedly there was a clinic trial where the initial dose was only 50% (a mistake) subsequently followed by a full dose, strangely this group had better protection.
    As clinical trial must be carried out exactly as specified the FDA have asked for further clarification….. Oops!

    I am in TIER 3 by half a mile from TIER 2, can I claim 2.5 😂

    • Nice to see that the US regulatory body’s keeping an eye on things. And a very interesting finding. Can’t wait for more results on the half-dose method. 90% would put it up there with the fancy GM vaccines, and it’s already ahead on the cost, logistics and delivery fronts.

      Ain’t it strange how many of our number are simultaneously in favour of shortening old peoples’ lives and against using human embryo cells?

      • I would assume the MHRA are also looking into the unusual results, but as long as the safety aspects are covered I am sure an Emergency licence will be issued.

        I am thinking of contacting my GP practice and saying I am more than happy to take the vaccine.

        Put my name down for a slot so to speak, I envisage calls from the GPs and Pharmacies being met with ‘I am not sure’. Simple hang up and onto the next on the list.

  14. 3 vaccines rushed onto the market in months when it normally takes years to properly test and trial before being unleashed onto joe public. The nom quoted that it’s like the scenario of 3 busses turning up at once. I’d go further than that, it’s like 3 busses turning up that have been lying idle for months and have not been serviced or had an mot.

  15. I suppose when you balance your economy’s value purely on debt, in the end you find bigger and bigger ways to make sure everyone is in debt to you.

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