The Crown

...specifically season 4.

I have to admit that I thought Seasons 1 and 2 of The Crown were rather a good watch, not least for the authentic and sumptuous sets. Anyway, fast forward to Season 4 and its portrayal of Margaret Thatcher as a brutal woman, directly responsible for 3 million unemployed and her deliberate breakdown of UK society into ‘self-interested individuals’.

They even made out that the famous Queen’s bedroom intruder, Michael Fagan, was pushed to scale the palace walls because of Thatcher’s policies. Then there was Gillian Anderson as Thatcher, who, despite two voice coaches managed to make Thatcher sound like a croaking old lady on her death bed.

There was good and bad to Thatcher but it seems we will never get a dramatisation that will ever give a balanced depiction. The bias just keeps coming and coming.

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96 thoughts on “The Crown

  1. Phillip should have had the whole production company and cast blown to kingdom come months ago. Come on , Pull your finger out your majesty.

  2. Never seen this and never will. It’s bad enough seeing the actual freeloading cunts in real life. I’ve no desire so see a bunch of cunts pretending to be real cunts.

  3. Read an article about this in Saturdays Mail, which said it was a lefty, woke, IRA sympathising version of events. Never watched it but may have done during a Christmas Lock down box set binge but not now. If you lived though the real events then this shit story portrayal will just boil your piss.
    One for Terry’s oven me thinks.

  4. I find The Crown hard to stomach. For a start I cannot stand that gee gee faced luvvie cunt, Olivia Colman in anything. She makes my fucking teeth itch.

    Also, the Lady Diana Sloaney in The Crown is almost as irritating as the real one was. The bird who plays Diana in The Crown is like an E’d up Jodie Foster (i.e: fucking awful). Also, the Sloaney as victim story in The Crown is pretty vomit inducing. She knew exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. She was the prototype for Meghan Markle Hewitt Fucking Ono.

    And although I’m an Anderson fan (let’s just say that), the Maggie as the Wicked Witch portrayal is both expected and biased. They should have got Steve Nallon to overdub the voice. Anderson is a good actress, but even Janet Brown did a better Maggie impersonation.

  5. All I can say is that I’ve enjoyed it.. Cause it’s made up! some anyway. But mainly because Claire Foy (Queen in season 1 and 2 ) is a fucking babe. Hot hot hot.

    • Never seen it, but its about the Royals, so germans talking in English, assume its like ‘Allo,Allo?”
      I watched a bit of some show about Maggie other night and yes she had more backbone and bollocks than ALL todays political rats put together.
      But she was a orrible cunt
      And a sociapath ,
      Id forgotten what a dreadful old cunt she was,
      Destroyer of British industry and Northern communities,
      She’ll always be hated,
      Mums telling kids
      “Behave or Thatcher will get you’.
      Fuck her🖕

      • Aye up Mis-was that you in those iconic newsreels, the young whippersnapper filmed carrying buckets of coal, nicked from the guarded yards?

        If so-you were a hero 👍✌️✌️✌️

      • I was on strike for over 12 months yup a miner in my formative years. Maggie rocks, Scargill a top grade Cunt.

      • I knew a copper who had a very nice loft conversion in his bungalow. At the entrance to it was a sign, declaring it “The Arthur Scargill Suite”.

        Apparently he called it that as it was paid for entirely out of overtime he earned while working on the miners’ strike!!

      • Coppers were cunts during the strike. Just like Scargill. Love the faces of the two copper cunts (local plod) just up the road from Orgreave sat in their Panda. Metro. when we turned it on its roof after being charged up the road into the estate by the cunts on Horseback.. Fun times but also sad ones know a lad personally who took his life. Not Maggie’s fault country was fucked and scargill and unions were to blame for much of it.. Glad I’ve grown up.. Commies are cunts.

      • Proof positive pigs are cunts. Hopefully somebody will fuck his life up, build a shrine and call it the luxury sty.
        Fuck off.

      • Indeed, I’m no fan of Scargill or Thatcher.
        Both self serving pirates and cunts .

      • I never watched it. Thatcher gave me the horn as a 10year old. As did Theresa May, as did Mother Teresa of Calculations as did Old Mrs Theresa Thatcher the old cobblers wife……..nope. nor do I know where I am going with this either……

      • To a very, very safe place with lovely soft, padded rooms, where you will be looked after with tender loving care by Nurse Ratched.

      • As a soft southern cunt I’m not as well qualified as you to comment properly Miserable but I do wonder how much truth there really is in “Thatcher destroying the north“……has it just been an unchallenged urban myth handed down the generations?
        My recollection is that Wilson (Devaluer) and Callaghan (Winter of Discontent) are where the problems began and some blame lies. And Heath precipitated a 3 Day Week.

        The 70s really were already an economic shitfest. Global prices for coal , steel etc were so far below the UK nationalised prices, requiring unaffordable and unsustainably huge subsidies. Thatch was just the unpleasant fucker who had to do what had to be done. Arguably prevented an even bigger problem developing by grasping the nettle.

        Where I feel there is major blame to be laid is that she didn’t properly recapitalise, reinvest and rebuild those communities. Very tricky to do as I think Mr Jelly is about to discover all over again.

      • Fair comment Isaac.
        Think a combination of unreasonable unions, cheap foreign imports, corrupt politicians and Maggie all caused a lot of damage.
        Know a lot on here think she was a great leader and I acknowledge she was strongminded, but she was also uncaring for her own people in my opinion.
        She did a good thing in the right for ordinary people to buy their council houses (my old dad one of them) but she helped decimate British manufacturing.
        I think she was quite rightly hated in the North for good reason.
        And in Liverpool they get hysterical at mention of her!😁

      • Thanks Mis.
        I’ll admit I was brought up in a pretty comfortable middle class home. Dad did really well providing for us despite a hard childhood of his own.
        He was a lifelong Labour voter and (moderate) Union Rep. He only departed from that once…. to vote for Thatcher in the first election, in despair at the way things were going in the 70s.
        Never forgave himself; absolutely loathed her and bitterly regretted it to his grave.

  6. Like it or not Thatcher DID divide this country. She DID destroy great Industries and communities cities and we are feeling the repercussions to this day. Maggie created the feckless benefit dependent underclass that we are stuck with. If anything the Crown portrayal of her seems a bit undercooked as Maggie was much more dynamic.

    And I think the royal firm WAS incredibly cold towards Diana. Ok she played the victim and was naive but despite being the daughter of an Earl she was treated as a commoner. They were bloody horrible to her.

    Strange that The Queen showed compassion for Fagan but none for Diana.

    The Crown is fairly accurate imho.

      • Two standard arguments there: destroyed our industrial base vs marginalised the bolshy unions. Or opened the way to a wonderful service economy with bankers riding unicorns vs set back workers’ rights 25 years…wotevva.

        How about all but nominating (and explicitly endorsing) Blair as her successor? The one followed so naturally from the other.

      • I think you’ll find that Thatcher not only campaigned strongly for Major to succeed her as Conservative Party leader, but also for the Conservatives to win the 1997 election.

        To think I actually voted Labour in 1979… 🙄

        Anyway, Blair was not fit to lick the shit off Thatcher’s shoes.

      • “I think you’ll find” really requires a Pete and Dud voice, which I supplied when I read that. In akshul fact (ditto) Thatcher came to dislike Major intensely, and disagreed with him on the economy.

        Thatcher described Blair as her greatest achievement, perhaps meaning that she had forced the complete subversion of the Labour party. But she was more complimentary of Blair than of Major.

      • Of course she “came to dislike Major intensely” (more Pete & Dud voice). He pitched himself as the Thatcherite, Eurosceptic candidate in the Tory leadership contest before subsequently turning out to betray her vision.

        Must have been well into her gaga period if she considered Blair to be her greatest achievement. 😂

      • She adopted Blair publicly in 2002, before she lost the plot, and the year in which she released the second part of her memoir. And I can wholeheartedly agree with her on that. Reducing political choice in this country to one corporate stitchup versus another corporate stitchup was quite an achievement. Pity she didn’t give the matter a little more consideration, and recognise Blair’s contribution to uncontrolled immigration – which in 1986 she had been very much against. Complex issues.

      • One of the worst commie cunts was Robinson, aka red robbo. He is the cunt who must take a large slice of blame for the demise of the UK car industry, pulling the workers out on strike at every opportunity whilst he, the fat cunt was still being paid by the union.

      • I remember Bernie Grant, as at the time, I had the misfortune of actually living in his constituency, the Elysium of London N15.

      • And Red Ted Knight.!Nothing new about leftie cunts, but the latest crop are particularly vile, and not confined to Labour.

        Mrs Thatcher should be on the twenty quid note. No one could hope match Mrs T’s effortless majesty.

      • Bernie Grant-the Africunt who laughed when PC Keith Blaylock(spp.?) was murdered. Said the police had it coming.
        Fucking dirty cunt👎

      • Labour didn’t have any money. Heath left the country broke. North sea oil came on stream just as Maggie took power and she blew it on all the unemployment she caused. Then she sold off all the utilities which ended up in the hands of the Tory’s pals in the city.

        I realise Thatcher is popular in these parts but she was vindictive and wanted to break the unions who had admittedly become a bit too big for their boots. She had no compassion and no concept of compromise. The Falklands war and the inept labour leadership of Michael Foot won her the 83 election which she was otherwise likely to lose.

        She supported joining Europe in 75 before realising her error when it was too late.

        She invented bust-boom-bust and the poll tax.

        I lived through the 80s when money and greed were all that mattered. That was Thatcher’s credo and her legacy.

    • Old but true saying amongst the Northampton gentry,

      “Diana’s marrying below her station. Those Johnny come lately Germans from Windsor have a few centuries to catch up with the Spencer’s “

  7. I watched this with Er indoors.
    I actually enjoyed it-it made the Queen and the royal family look like the bunch of arrogant Cunts they are😀👍

    I also though Gillian did an ok job of Thatcher-the mannerisms, the way she cocked her head defiantly. Obviously Maggie is so iconic, that role is a poisoned chalice.
    Maggie displayed a human side, whilst the Queen is looking more and more like one if Mr Icke’s lizards🤫

  8. The first two series were good – fact-driven with jolly-looking totty, lush settings, Liz and Phill were well-acted, and there was minimal politics. Now it’s Olivia bloody Coleslaw and some huffing duffer as the Royals, a twee girl always hunched over the crapper as Lady Di, a wet Charles with a drooped noggin, and lots of dreary politics. There’s far too much murder: the IRA, pheasants, foxes, stags, acting. Thatcher sounds like she’s forever on the death rattle.

    • He was like Rik from the Young Ones. “Yeah, down wiv de facists, innit. Old Fatcher will be after your job next” Old Coleman looked frumpier than ever.

      I cunted Olivia Coleman last year and she deserves another one as she thinks she’s the new Maggie Smith.

  9. I’m 39 and the grandson of a Welsh coal miner. Upon hearing the news of Thatcher’s passing, my mother immediately sent me to the shops for champagne. “DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD” etc. At the time I remember feeling the urge to resist her and point out how twisted this morbid ceremonial celebration was. An old woman had died. But, Maggy inspired true hatred by her actions. She not only dismantled industries (rightly or wrongly) she did nothing to fill the vacuum they left behind. Now, I’ve read my Milton Freidman (as had Maggie) and I too was inspired by the poetry and intuitive magic of free-market economics. But, you have to invest in the public good. You don’t leave communities in disarray. So, I get it. That said, her personal story is one of individual will and determination and should be heralded as such. She did not set out to do evil and she was a maverick that blew past many hurdles lesser men could not have traversed, even during the time of the old boy’s club. So, slag her down, talk her up, she should be portrayed as the complicated character she was, not just a 2D consequentialist’s interpretation of a villainous witch. She was more than that.

  10. I wonder if those woke helmets at Netflix will edit out any references to the Falklands Conflict from The Crown, as it might offend nu-footie social media mongs and Smarmy Lineker as they pour out their ‘grief’ for Diego Maradona?

    • The Falklands conflict was a “bit part” Norm.
      I hope IsAC’ers can infiltrate the production team-portray Diana as the yo-yo knickered hooray-Henrietta she was, also Phillip as the fine upstanding racist cunt we all know and love😀👍

    • They’ll have to reboot the series with an all-BAME transgender cast. I can say this with certainty although I have no TV and have never watched the show in question. Call me back in 2022 to compliment me on my psychic powers.

      • The Falklands War was briefly alluded to but that episode was more to do with the big-nosed slapper batting her eyelids. It was a major event but all we saw was a bunch of dirty Maradona types painting graffiti and it was clearly filmed in Birkenhead.

        The Brighton bombing by the Irish wasn’t mentioned at all yet a whole episode was given to Michael “daaawn wiv Fatcher” Fagan and another whole one to some disabled cousins of the Queen. Air-brushed to say the least.

        I bet they don’t show fag-hag Di doing prang with George and Elton or taking some ginger lieutenant’s junk up her capacious underpass.

      • Air-brushed is right, Captain. Fagan had no political beliefs or agenda when he broke into Buck House. That’s one of the reasons I hate The Crown. It is mostly ‘fictionalized’, which basically means it’s made up. It’s basically ‘written’ by some cunt who is too lazy arsed to think of their own characters, so they have used the names of the Royals and done a crappy remake of Dallas or Dynasty.

        And that actress playing the Sloaney looks weird. Kind of permanently pissed or goggle eyed. Like Lady Penelope on acid.

  11. Does ‘The Crown’ use Phil the Greek’s 1st generation immigrant status to highlight how greatly our nation has benefited from gimmegration?

    Freeloading bunch of parasites*.

    * Except Anne who seems alright. And Kate, who I would fuck 24/7, no holes barred.

    • I’m a Kate man too, RTC. I would and then I would again. I’d smash her like a Cadbury’s Smash Martian smashing a bowl of Cadbury’s Smash.

      I wouldn’t touch Meghan Markle Hewitt Fried Chiggun Ike and Tina Soul Train Wati Melon Fucking Ono with a ten foot pole though.

      • Ho ho ho😂

        You are the reincarnation of G.K.Chesterton, Norm.

        I await my £5 Netflix voucher👍

  12. I met Kate once. She shook my hand and smiled at me. She didn’t have to, she could have just ignored me like most people do, but she made the effort.

    I, therefore, have a lot of time for her. Helps that she is drop-dead fucking gorgeous too.

  13. That goggle eyed cunt Olivia Coalman turns my tripe.
    Shes got a “wet mouth”.
    To much gozz in her mouth,
    Spits when talking,
    Drools like a mastiff.
    And those bulging eyes are a turn off too.
    Bet shes last to be kissed at parties?
    Stands on her own at orgies?

  14. Never saw it or ever will watch it. But from the photos, one thing – all the women’s noses are much too small. Little actress (sorry, actor) noses. Big long hooters, that’s what’s needed.

    Cunt fest.

  15. I have as much interest in this as I have in the actual royal parasites. Zero. Couldnt give a fuck how Thatcher is portrayed. One the one hand she fucked the unions off but at the expense of industrial Britain. She made us a land fit for car salesmen, estate agents and McDonalds. Which is why we are in so much shit over corbyn 19. We are over reliant on service industries and imported manufactured goods.

  16. I remember when Gillian Anderson appeared in her duds in a magazine in 1996. The girl I was going out with at the time thought I’d pulled a muscle in my arm. Well, I had. Sort of. My wrist was pretty buggered and all.

  17. Maggie Thatcher was one of the worst prime ministers this great land has ever had, not because of the miners or privatisation, but because in late 1979 she pretty much signed away Rhodesia to a bunch of far left blek cunts with low IQs, her and that other cunt who happened to be Churchill’s son in law signed away what was left of the empire, but thought it necessary to spill blood over 2,000 people and a few hundred thousand sheep, not as bad as B liar onwards but the final nail in the British coffin was under her watch, the Crown is a load of cunt too!!!!

      • Out of respect Liz and Phil the Greek are not cast but he would have been great addition, stalking the corridors of Buck House in a pith helmet with antique elephant gun.

      • Phillip isn’t cast in the show, as you know, but I do like his abusive letters that get read out! They sound like an IsAc post.

      • The Halfwit Hewitt actors are both spot on, in fact you could swap one for the real cuckold ginger knob end and Sparkle Tits wouldn’t even notice.

      • The first series is good. By the third series it’s got wearisome, repeating the same joke, predictably going through the motions on a one trick pony pulling its punches.

    • No worries, Netflix is a cunt, especially after that Cuties hoohah. Haven’t bothered to get rid of it because other half likes it.

      • Evening Cuntologist,
        We have Netflix , simply because the daughter wants it (and pays for it)
        I very rarely watch it, not much on there I like but the daughter thinks its great,
        And if it makes her happy fair play!

  18. I do not give a shit about any detail of this “analysis”. Not only like watching a tank of dead fish in a furloughed Chinese restaurant in Xi’an, It is also wholly unamusing, undiverting, irrelevant, and devoid of entertainment value or relevance of any conceivable variety.

    I rather suspect an abortive attempt to read a pamphlet about servicing Ajax Type V lawnmowers in Hungarian, while monged out on Subbotex and a bit too much cheap brandy might be marginally more memorable.

    For fuck’s sake!

      • Not a patch on Subbuteo, 🥄-ington. It’s more akın to a “nerve agent¹ of a type developed by the Russians”, deployed in Salisbury a couple of years back by a pair of ‘Gay Bikers on Acid’².

        ¹ aka carfentanyl
        ² I have it on reliable authority that Messrs ‘Борисов’ & ‘Петров’ were, in fact, church organists. They visited the Cathedral to view the fine Henry Willis instrument (and not the clock) prior to attacking Серге́й & Ю́лия on the park bench.

  19. Royal shit, is still shit. I’d rather watch paint dry.
    In other news, I appear to have triumphed in Dead Pool. Although it is tinged with sadness, poor Luke.
    If you’ve never read ‘ The Dice Man ‘, treat yourself.
    Good evening.

    • Judy Dench, stench-trench. Oddly, her other half, Michael Williams, was bloody good, esp. as Ted Jeavons in A Dance to the Music of Time. Opposites attract, I s’pose.

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