Saint Marcus of Rashford [5]

I would like to nominate:

Marcus Rashford (again)

From Sky News website:

Marcus Rashford launches book club so children can experience ‘escapism’ of reading.

He wishes he had been given the chance to read earlier in life. Ever heard of a Library, Marcus? The books there are free!! Pretty much every school also has a library.

He says he only started reading at 17. I could read perfectly well as a child. However, I had no interest in reading books until the last few years. You can’t force a kid who has countless tv channels, x-box, the internet, or some rival gang member to stab, to be interested in reading.

Grrrrr. Rant over.

Nominated by: Robin Bastard

50 thoughts on “Saint Marcus of Rashford [5]

  1. I reckon you could buy a whole library full of books for 200k ( ie a week’s wages for this cunt ) and still have enough change for a bargain bucket of fried chiggun.

  2. Perhaps Marcus couldn’t get the sort of books he wished to read at the local library?. For example, try as hard as he might Lord Adonis hasn’t been able to get hold of “Teach Yourself Cottaging” by Peter Mandelson, and Anal-Ease can’t get “Tips On Personal Hygiene” and it has proved impossible for Lord Blunkett to reserve the well thumbed copy of “The Braille Book of Emily Thornberry’s ‘Art’ Photographs” (thats a large coffee table book, of course)

  3. Total cunt!

    I bet just before that header pic was taken the cameraman said ‘Marcus, it’s upside down’
    At 17 he had probably progressed to Thomas the Tank engine.

    Man United Cunt!!


  4. This cunt should be forced to marry Begum of the Peaceful Jihad.
    In this fairy tale both are deported at gun point and flown to Somalia to start a new life as offal.
    Back in reality we’ll never hear the end of either of the despicable cunts.
    Fuck Off.

  5. Regular fucking genius our Marcus, can read his Twitter feed, write begging letters to the government and add up his colossal wages and deduct tax perks.

    Wish he’d fuck off.

  6. No school dinners? Reading at 17? Was his mum the biggest slag in Manchester or just totally fucking useless? Either that or it’s pure bullshit.

    Couldn’t read until he was 17? Would Manchester United have put him on their books? Even Beckham could read, and he was as thick as pigshit. I smell virtue signalling and porkies from St Marcus, and I wonder what spectacular tales of hardship he will come up with next.

    The little cunt should stop the sob stories and the Black Panther salutes and score some fucking goals like he’s paid to do.

  7. Next project for the New Messiah Rashford is making the blind see and the lame walk. Keep expecting this cunt to part the sea, feed the 5000 and cure AIDS next week. Please fuck off you cunt, I’m not interested.

  8. St Marcus should do a duet with Meghan Markle Hewitt Fucking Ono.

    ‘Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you’.

    ‘I had no dinner!’

    ‘I married royalty!’

    ‘I couldn’t read!’

    ‘I lost my baby!’

    ‘Anything you can do, I can do blacker. I can do anything blacker than you.’

    ‘No you can’t!’ (and so on).

  9. It’s easy to spout poverty bullshit when you’re a rich cunt like him!

    If he was serious about such causes he would hand over £100,000 per week to good charities, and not treat it as some kind of tax benefit either.

  10. On Man Yew’s books since he was 7. No poverty there, although I havent seen a father mentioned, which is no surprise.
    Did they not read books at school or does being with Man Yew exempt you? Didnt have a chance to read? Was it the Tories?
    Perhaps the tax payer should provide books free for all the little fatherless piccaninnies.
    His accountant certainly read. Which is why he has an Image Rights set up to avoid tax at the proper rate.

  11. I can’t believe somebody’s taught St Marcus to read? Brown people like him will be wanting to vote next. Then they’ll want driving licences.

    It’s the thin end of the wedge, I tell you!

    • Then they’ll want to drive expensive cars with dark tinted windows, so they can and shout “raaaaacism!” whenever they get stopped legitimately by the cops.

      • Do Cadillac Eacalades come with gun-holes in the windows, to aid in the facilitation of drive-by shootings, or is that just in Los Angeles?

      • You couldn’t make this shit up. I thought “The Weekend” was a group. Not so, you thick cunt Robin, I hear you say. It’s a solo singer, who was socially aware enough to know that if he used his real, Ethiopian name, he would probably get nowhere in the music biz.

        So Mr Weekend, you didn’t get nominated. Boo fucking hoo. Grow up you wet behind the ears cunt.

        And, banning the grammys? Ha!! Good luck with that!!

    • [Riiiiing]

      -Hello, Ashford Letting Agency, how can we help?
      Hi, I’m being turfed out of my home and I’m looking for a place to stay.
      -Hmm, have you got any children?
      Yes, three under the age of 14. They’ll suffer the worst.
      -I see, and would you agree to letting St.Marcus have a photograph with them, thanking him, kissing his arse, etc?
      Well….erm….if that’s a necessity I suppose…we’re desperate!
      -It does guarantee you half price rent and we have 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and deluxe 5-bedroom flats or houses.
      Oh, St.Marcus might’ve saved our lives!
      -Could I ask, are the children black or mixed?
      Neither, they’re white.
      -Sorry, nothing available. Goodbye.

      • Well, some people claim that we are all descended from migrants from Africa, thousands of years ago, so, technically, we is all black, innit!!!

      • I’m perfectly whitey-pink Robin, except for a tiny black mole on my left thigh which is probably from that Hubba Bubba bubble gum I stole when I was about nine.


      • You stole Hubba Bubba?

        The actions of a dark key, I think you will find. It’s in the genes.

        Thankyou for proving my point 🤪

  12. St Marcus is very good at spending our money to polish his image.

    5 years ago he set up image rights company MUCS Enterprises ltd. This benefits him in having lower corporation tax rates. Last accounts showed £3.5 million profits shaving 100s of £1000s off his tax bill.

    Note this is money paid for his image rights.
    He not only avoids tax but gets taxpayers to push his saintly image profile which in turn earns him more money on which he avoids tax.
    Neat eh?

  13. Marcus Rash-words confirming what we have suspected all along:
    He does indeed have a footballer’s brain*😂😂😂

    (*unfortunately, a dull one at that☹️)

  14. I love books. Real books not the computer screen books. I prefer to be able to feel the pages when reading.
    I’m reading Shutter Island, by Dennis Lehanne. I remember watching the film then discovered it was a book.

    Topics on ISAC website regarding books and reading is good because I notice members recommending books to read. 🙂

  15. What is it with these cunts!?

    This cunt is as dumb as the hole in a cow’s arse and likely some PR bellend or “image consultant” or whatever the fuck is telling this ubercunt that its good for the image.

    Hopefully some creative accountant is taking note and will follow suit and with a bit of luck in a few years this cancerous ringpiece will be gainfully employed in something rather more in line with his vast intellectual ability.

    Or maybe clueless cuntilton’s lawyer is looking for fresh meat. Maybe this cunt could try to copywright cunt? (I fucking wish I could)

  16. Did he miss the memo about free education from 5-16 being a fundamental entitlement? Mind you you have to read a memo, silly me.

  17. Didn’t have the chance to read when he was a kid?

    What a load of shite! He lived in England as a kid, not with a fucking tribe in the jungle.

    Free books at the library. Comics a few pennies. Cheap books in second hand shops/2nd hand book shops. Most schools have a library.

    He was just too fucking thick and probably thought himself ‘too cool to read’. I bet he was one of those ‘teeth suckers’ when a teacher tried to encourage him to read.

  18. Fuck me that cunt had a shit life didn’t he ? No food , no books , no clothes lived in a shit hole , no dad , no education! Fuck off u lying , boring , stupid cunt

    • Now, now, let’s not be too hard on the poor lamb. Can you imagine trying to survive on only £200,000 a week? Well, can you? No, didn’t think so.😉

  19. Back in 2017 the company I worked for was involved with supplying products for his new house in Bowden, Cheshire.

    I had a number of site meetings with the developer but I was lucky enough not to have had to deal with his mother.

    She was universally hated, changed designs at the drop of a hat and spoke to the contractors like shite.

    The general feeling was she enjoyed lording it over everyone.

    Similarly I didn’t meet Marcus himself but…… the feedback was he was a really nice kid.

    Polar opposite than her that shouted ‘Thomaaaassss’.

    The house was on corner plot and was one of 3 new builds.

    If memory serves me right it was £1.5m and was bought off plan!!! FFS.

    9 months later he moved to a new place whilst leaving the almost new place unsold.

    Not bad work if you can get it.

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