Kylie Minogue Fans

Kylie fans are cunts.
After a spot on review of Kylie Minogue’s latest album ‘Disco’ her fans are ‘outraged’.
The quite brilliant Spectator review starts with the words ‘I’ve heard worse things — the death rattle of a close relative, for example: Kylie’s Disco reviewed’.

Cue scores of ‘Ooohs!’ and squeals of ‘How could you?!’ from Kylie’s near lunatic level fanbase. One upset response had me in near tears of laughter. Said offended fan wrote about the reviewer, ‘I’m not sure he has any idea what it requires to stay on top of your game, and relevant for that long.’

Top of the game… As in churning out insipid watered down disco crap for over three decades? And relevant? She never was relevant or significant where music was concerned. Of course, the plank meant relevant to the LGBT54321 ‘community’. Which is where 99% of Kylie’s fans come from. The sort of cunts that refer to Madogga as ‘My Queen’ and actually see her shite and Kylie’s as decent music to be taken seriously. Someone at the Spectator called Kylie’s ‘music’ out as the actual crap that it is. And as old Graham Taylor might have said, ‘Fuckin… Did they not like that!’

Kylie fans. Nearly as blindly loyal and as loopy as Michael Jackson fans.

Nominated by: Norman

79 thoughts on “Kylie Minogue Fans

  1. The one on the left looks like she ate Kylie while the one on the left is fucking white bread…ma, another gator got in the house.

    • The one on the left looks like a young Shirley Crabtree pre-world of Sport,
      And the other one Eddie Large after using hair straighteners.

      • Whilst it’s true that Kylie’s fans are good at jumping over puddles (poofs) Kylie has such a great ass that I’d eat a mile long turd of hers just to get a close up look at it 🙂

  2. I suppose this bissom is the modern day equivalent of Judy Garland or Dotty Squires who used to be the poofters favourite – on ship we used to have gentlemen of a certain lifestyle who went weak at the knees whenever either of those two broads were on the radio. The Man Who Got Away used to drive you bloody mad. “So emotional, duckie” Oooh…..

    • Steady on W C, I have in an extensive collection of Judy Garland’s studio and live recordings. The greatest ever in my view. It is criminal the way the nine bobbers hijacked her image/legacy. Squires was cack and unworthy of comparison.

      • Sorry gents. It was just the memory of so many evenings in the mess room with that horrible song. I was more an Alma Cogan man in that era. Blame it on BFBS and The Light Programme.

  3. I had the misfortune to see her on tv once. I think it was a BBC wankfest for Glastonbury. She was out of tune and I couldn’t understand a word of it. I remember there was a bender wearing some sort of stupid outfit poncing around the stage with her. Have to say, I was quite mesmerised by the lunacy of it all before Lady C came and turned the TV off and the spell was broken – thank fuck.

  4. Not on my radar, Danni Minogue was obviously the dirty one and you’d turn to Danni if Natalie Imbruglia was playing hard to get.

    That’s my knowledge of antipodean pop tarts exhausted.

  5. Good cunting Norm👍

    I love music, used to be a very big part of my life-lots of friends are music industry types, engineers, session musicians, professionals and amateurs.
    The truth is, the industry, like many things in life, is a fucking beauty contest-fuck all to do with REAL talent.
    Now don’t get me wrong, Kylie was and still is a grade A piece of pussy, she has kept herself in top condition (not having “puppies” helps), is inoffensive and makes people happy.
    I feel sorry for the talented musicians who are never in “the right place at the right time”. The rise of social network platforms has levelled the playing field. A talented guitarist or singer songwriter can now attain millions of views and make a living from online views👍

    Rant over: music fans who blindly defend shite output from their favourite “artiste” are just ridiculous. I am no music snob, though I will happily try to educate younger cunters I meet, about music.

    Be honest though Norm-you would wouldn’t you! Until the old ticker gave out. Have a pacemaker fitted and start again😜

  6. I suppose you could say Kylie is cute.

    But musically she hasn’t moved on from the droning drum machine production line of Stock, Aitken and Waterman. 80s dross.

    Gays attach themselves to pink show-offs like this because they have no taste whatsoever and only define themselves by sexuality. They all think they are being brave and outrageous but really they are just fecking boring. Yawn.

    • I didnt know she still made music, or had a fan following.

      Shes not quite a dw@rf but nearly is, half a inch too tall to qualify, so I wont defend her,
      When she stands at the Nuremberg court charged with crimes against music I’ll doff the black cap.

  7. Sanitised gay culture for the poofy poofs. I loved being off my tits on E at “Trade”(now a block of flats) and love muscle at Fridge in Brixton. Not being gay didnt seem to matter and the music and drugs were 1st class. Also the drag hags were rather willing. Married one. Woke and gay “marriage” has destroyed the gay culture which was basically isacunt with heels. It aint ever coming back. Its a boring prolapsed arse shit shower with nothing else.

  8. She’s too ratty looking for my tastes…Shania Twain.Nelly Furtado,Belinda Carlisle, Fergie… I’d even let Rihanna climb on board as long as she whited up a bit,did all the work and promised not to steal my wallet.

    Kylie can Fuck Off.

      • I think she said a while ago that she was a virgin…you’ might be able to convince the bushing “Widdy” that what you were doing to her was actually perfectly normal and legal…

      • Afternoon,Norman.

        Jennifer Lopez is amazing for such an old tart…Azalea can Fuck Off though…I don’t much care for blondes..grabby,untrustworthy slappers.

    • Dannii Minogue is better looking and has nicer whammers. Kylie has a nice jacksy, but she has tits like a couple of asprin on an ironing board.

      That Italian 80s europop bird with the big knockers will do me. Sabrina, I think her name was.

      • Geri Halliwell had monumental norks. Victoria Beckham was a snotty sour faced Skeleton. Emma was quite tasty. Mel C was like a Brookside reject. And Mel B was fucking horrendous.

      • Never liked Dannii either. She and Kylie are both a pair of overrated talentless bimbo dwarves who’ve always annoyed the fuck out of me, and I really wish they’d both just fuck off back to Australia and stay there.

  9. Meghan Markle Fucking Ono Of Sussex. Meghan: Duchess of Sussex tells of miscarriage ‘pain and grief’.

    I was wondering what she’d do to get back on the publicity wagon. Here we go. Here we go, Here we goooo!

    What a self serving utter cunt.

  10. The same when I mentioned wanting to have tea with Tina Turner, I’d love to have tea with Kylie also.
    They both seem to have looked after themselves and not gone mad with drugs and alcohol unlike that Madogga.
    She filmed herself whilst in the bath talking bullocks, I think.

      • Dicky! Such vulgarity! What would your mother say?

        Absolutely not. I’m a gentleman. Tea is tea and sandwiches. High tea is a plate of hot food.
        I reckon Kylie is a casserole kind of lady, with a steamed sponge pudding and custard for afters. 🙂

  11. I wouldn’t do anything to Kylie.
    Shes frail looking,
    Scared id go through her ribcage, pull a arm off or something.
    Like a 12 yr old lad she is,
    Id prefer something to ride a bit sturdier,
    Remember when that gardening ginger used to be fit,
    Forgotten her name now?
    But saw her on telly the other week, and she was a big fat red faced pisshead.

      • Thats her!
        Charlie Dumbfuck!
        Had a ripe body years ago nowadays guessing she just smells ripe,
        Shes a right ale can,
        Pissed on the show, staggering about..
        Still would like…😀

      • Sad, but Charlie has gone from fit, strawberry blonde, braless gardening machine with areola like Scammell wheelnuts and nipples like chapel hat pegs to a bit of a lumbering old lorry.

        Sorry, Charlie.

      • Certainly not, Spoons, but old Charlie no longer has the bust and hips – she is more straight up and down and built like a rugby prop half.

        Reminds me of Kate Bush now – a bit of a chunk.

      • I think she lost her folks in the tsunami and has been comfort eating, ever since.
        Poor old Charlie.

      • Never took to Dimmock myself. That Jasmine Harman has a spectacular pair. Shame she has a face like a horse though.

        That mouthy blonde office manager from Saxondale. I’d have shagged her until my knob fell off.

  12. Good comments from the Cuntfinder General.

    I too love music. It’s pretty much my one and only vice. One thing which saddens my heart is missing hearing a band I’d absolutely love through fate, lack of exposure, you name it. Irrational I know, but I’m sure for every band I discover and really get into, there must be a hundred I’ll never know. Really gut wrenching is when I stumble across a band, really love an album of theirs, get their back catalog so I can enjoy their evolution only to find out they disbanded years ago and the lead singer died.

    The review issue is an interesting one. Not sure if there are any other rabid Numan fans on here, but he was mercilessly slagged off for anything and everything he did for the first 15 years or so of his career. The music press just took an instant dislike and the onslaught was unrelenting. Funny how he’s now lauded at the godfather of electronica and those first 4 albums now seen in a very different light. Three of them (Replicas, The Pleasure Principle & Telekon) widely regarded as classics.

    I know what it’s like to have your fave band/musician pilloried for years and years. The difference here though is Numan turned out to be pioneering, innovative and a ground breaking musician who opened the door for so many others to come through. He practically made his own genre. Kylie, on the other hand, is not pioneering, innovative or ground breaking and has got as far as she has with formulaic production and good looks.

    If you enjoy music, whatever it may be (*), that’s great. But don’t try to claim that what you particularly enjoy is anything other than what it is. Not everyone has amazing talent or has the ability to change the trajectory of the music industry.

    (*) does not apply to (at least) country & rap.

    • Im a convert to country IY.
      Johnny Cash and Hank Williams.
      Most Rock n roll is by middle-class white boys,
      But country was from working men, poor white yanks,
      Dolly Parton was raised in a shack with no electricity or running water,
      Johnny cash picked cotton,
      Kris Kristofferson was a helicopter pilot,
      Interesting people, with a story to tell,
      Dont like the modern shite though, all Rhine stones and belt buckles that’s shite.

      • Country music has become “country pop” now-bubblegum shite.

        If you like blues, check out Keb Mo or Joe Bonamassa👍

      • Old school country gets a pass, MNC. Even though I don’t care of it (though I do own a Johnny Cash best of CD). Living in Texas means you get subjected to fucking country music fucking everywhere. Stores, lifts, malls, you name it. Plus 99.999% of the radio stations are either country or fucking Spanish speaking. By “country” I’m talking about the absolute cak from the likes of George Strait, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and uber cunt, Garth Brooks. That affected vocal twang thing they do puts me in a rage. It’s so contrived and utterly horrid in every fucking way and on every fucking level. Massive hate to all them cunts.

      • Is it true that Country and Western singer Willie Nelson, was named after a now banned wrestling hold…

    • Rick Astley is a funny lad-doesnt take himself too seriously at all.
      Also, his horrendous dancing, gave white blokes with no rhythm, the courage and confidence to “throw out some shapes” at the local nightclub.

      You into “modern dance” Spoons? Or would Sister Dolly not approve?

      • CG, I like all sorts of music apart that wubwubwub music.

        I find my music taste varies over time then I come back to it now and again.

        I quite like Skunk Anansie.

        What say you, CG, and fellow ISAC members? 🙂

      • Is that the band with the slap headed girl singer? I have mis judged you Spoons-I had you down as a smoothy, Sinatra, Elvis man.

        I bet you would like Florence & the machine-I will dig out a link for you😉

  13. Both Minogue sisters have have more cocks up them then record hit songs.Both cannot sing for shit,but kylie still has the best arse ever. Danni just hanging of her sisters fame and has been for 30 years.A no telent cunt is Danni.

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