John Cusack

John Cusack is a cunt, isn’t he.

“fact this is close is an utterly damning…. votes for a man who’s mentally ill & killing people in a pandemic & a child abducting rapist & rascist [sic].”
• 3rd November

“America is a deeply fucked up place – Trump a child abducting gangster nazi Sex predator – but 70 million stood up through the pandemic & threats & kicked his ass”
• 5th November

Ohh John, what happened? You’ve made some quirky, decent films like Grosse Point Blank and Pushing Tin but you’re now more obsessed with Donald the Orange than entertaining people. You seem to want a suppression of speech, ironically a sign of dictatorship. You seem to be fanatical about using the word “Nazis.”

Your favoured candidate didn’t receive as many votes as you’d hoped therefore America is a “deeply messed up place”? Psh.

We wont mention earlier in 2020 when you were raging about 5G causing the ChinaVirus. Anyway, you’ve deleted those Tweets and I don’t think anybody noticed.

We won’t mention your admission that you’ve deleted anybody you know who disagrees with you politically. We won’t even discuss your labelling half of Yank voters as ”Nazis.”

We won’t mention Must Love Dogs either.

You made Say Anything yet now we wish you wouldn’t say anything; you made Being John Malkovich but now you’re just being a little bitch; you made Grosse Point Blank and now you’re a Gross Point Cunt.

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

43 thoughts on “John Cusack

  1. I can never remember his name,
    I always forget hes in something,
    Hes the invisible man!
    My brain just refuses to acknowledge him.
    Im already forgetting what he looks like from the picture above!
    Great attribute if your a spy or criminal but not so much in a ducky actor.
    Beige,bland, mediocre, characterless,
    Fuck off John you boring little cunt.

  2. Why the fuck do all these Hollywoke cunts feel the need to be political commentators these days?
    Shut the fuck up and get on with acting instead of acting like a cunt.

    • I actually bought a ticket to watch Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet at the Barbican just to shout “shut up and act you cunt” when he started harangueing the audience about Peacefulls and “refugees’. Got thrown out. One of my best evenings entertainment.

      • Good egg, Cumbersnatch is a white priveliged cunt of the first order, a mediocre , whey faced toff.
        Anyway, John who, whosack? Ballsack? Sad sack?
        Fuck off.

  3. This fella is clearly confused.

    He’s confusing the Democrat party and the kid sniffer voters with Republicans and the Orange man voters.

    Russia!! Russia!! Russia!!
    Nazi! Fascist! Racist!

    (4 years later)

    President of US illegally removed from power due to massive vote rigging…

    MSM… Zero evidence not even worthy of investigation or reporting!! Absolutely nothing to see here… Move along now… Middle East interventions/illegal wars.. Here we come. Yippee.. Hooray for Skeletor

  4. As soon as some cunt compares someone to ‘nazis’ their credibility is blown. It shows that they have a poor understanding of history, a complete lack of moral judgement, or they are just using the analogy to appeal to thick cunts who suffer from the other two symptoms.
    In one of the articles above, Biden does it himself, by comparing Trump to Goebbels, by using one of his propaganda maxims, a lie told often enough becomes the truth. That’s politics 101 surely?
    Biden however, compares with another megalomaniac, the right honourable Jimmy Saville. How the fuck people thought this cunt was a ‘safe pair of hands’?

  5. Who is this cunt? Another one of actors who makes a heap of cash for pretending to be some other cunt? They are all the same, full of shit and forcing their fucked up vision of life on us mere mortals
    Wish a meteorite would level LA and all the cunts in it. Happy Christmas and fuck off.

  6. Big Don should haul this mealy mouthed reptile through every court there is.

    What makes me laugh is this cunt is fucking Irish. Another Motorway Mick with a big gob and an ego the size of the Empire State Building (see also Geldof, Bonio etc). Who do these cunts think they are?

    Also, this odious tantruming mincer is one of them… Them as in anyone who has a different opinion or viewpoint is a ‘Nazi’. Mind you, Cusack’s new book looks interesting.

    • I’ve never heard of this bell end so couldn’t give a shit what he says. I’ve never understood why people like this think we should value their opinions when their ‘profession’ consists of reading out words other people have written for them.

  7. Everyman who waded ashore on Omaha beach would today be seen by these cunts as Nazis. All the 19 year olds who day after day got into a Lancaster bomber would be seen by these cunts as Nazis. I fucking hate the woke cunts.

  8. Wanker. When the kiddie sniffer starts fucking things up they’ll still be blaming Trump just like Barry O’Bummer gets the credit for anything that went right under Trump. The Tangoman really stuck it to the media and the luvvies and they won’t be happy until they are pissing on his grave. Don’t know who this soppy bandwagon jumping cunt is but he can go and fuck himself.

    • He was the only one who blamed the Chinese for Covid. The other coward cunts are bought and paid for, including his freak replacement.
      The Chinese are desperately trying to dodge responsibility, jumping on reports that Covid was detected in Italy last October, so according to them it didn’t originate in China. No, you cunts, it just means you were lying about it for longer. They are also trying to blame India, saying it was their dirty cunts, not dirty Chinese cunts.
      Who will have the guts to call them out now?

      • I really do NOT know why anyone was pussyfooting about over the Chinese; we all know they are covid cunts of the millenium. We should’ve pressed the red button. Cancel the rinky-dinks !

      • All these fucking plagues come from China. The next one will too, and perhaps that one will be the one that does us all. Cunts.

  9. @admin
    Is there a cunting for all the sycophantic Maradona tributes in the pipeline?
    Linecunt in particular is making my piss boil ( as usual )
    Might have to write one myself if not.

    (Yes, there is a nom for this cheating cunt, and will be published in the next 3 or 4 days. So count to 10 and wait – DA)

    • It would appear that the cheating, fat little bastard has been granted a woke pardon by sections of the media.

      Very very talented footballer.
      Cheating bastard.
      Coke fiend.
      Champagne Marxist.
      Micro penis.

      • The BBC (naturally) have been particularly sickening where Diego licking is concerned. They have now interviewed that inept and bent as fuck Tunisian cunt of a referee. The old turd – like all the other revisionist cunts – attempts to justify the Argie Gremlin’s cheating. He also praises the ‘sportsmanship’ on the day of one (wait for it) Gary Lineker. The old cunt wasn’t put up to that by the BBC and the jug eared smear of slime. was he? Nah, course he fucking wasn’t. Nice to see the old Tunisian fuck is as corruptable as ever.

      • Didn’t the little slut screwing pill popping ball punching coke hoovering fat fuck have a nice tattoo of mass murderer and Argehole cunt, Che Guevara on his arm?

      • Lineker also said he felt like applauding Maradona after his second goal. I think he said the potential reaction back home stopped him.

        I only wished he had. He would’ve been chased down the streets by angry mobs back in those days.

      • I don’t imagine it would be too difficult to drum up an angry mob to chase him through the streets these days either. Just put an advert in Age Concern soliciting over 75’s who now have to pay for a TV licence.

  10. He was good In Class with the (then) sexy Rob Lowe (before becoming plastic surgery) but hasn’t been in films for years. The 5G things was embarrassing so he was probs compelled to attack Trump.

  11. Godwins Law in practice-when all reasoned debate fails, accusations start to fly:

    Godwin’s law
    or Godwin’s rule or Hitler analogies [god-winz law]


    Godwin’s law is the proposition that the longer an internet argument goes on, the higher the probability becomes that something or someone will be compared to Adolf Hitler.

    Related words:

    Arken’s law
    Markley’s law
    Poe’s law
    playing the Nazi card

  12. Sirs:

    When Trump was elected in 2016 the wokesters said there would be a guy in a Klan robe on every street corner, directing the trucks full of transgenders to the concentration camps.

    Four years later, no Klansmen, no trucks, no camps. Shit ton of transgenders though.

    So if Trump’s a Nazi he’s not very good at it.

  13. Right, I’m fucking up to my back teeth with people like John Cuntsack calling Trump a white supremacist, nazi rapist, sexist yada yada. These charges are totally unfounded and delusional.

    1) Nazi/White Supremacist: Trump is pro-freedom, he has Jews in his family and has done countless things politically to fund youth and educational projects aimed at inner city black communities. So, no. Also, White Supremacists hate the Jews. Go look-see in any alt-right forum or comments section and it’s rife with ((echo quotes)) – these go around any Jew’s name to signal it and find a bunch of sad, identitarian, conspiratorial fucknuggets.. Yet, Trump’s daughter is married to a Jew and is pro-Israel. So, no. You lose again John Cuntsack. Next!

    2) Sexist: Go back through Trump’s employer’s history and you’ll see he generates the female entrepreneur, hired female project managers on his real estate ventures and has literally 10’s of formidable women in his political team. Interviews going back decades have him being baited into sexist boasting over his dating history which refuses to lower himself to. He loves and respects women on equal terms to men. But, unless you are constantly apologising for having testicles these days (Trudeau has handed his in I think) then you’re deemed a regressive, wife beating chauvinist. So, no again John you fucking dolt.

    3) Rapist: this is totally, and squarely unfounded. You never know a man’s history. But, the only evidence they have is him making a very obvious and widely known statement about sexual access in correlation to fame. Women DO parade themselves in front if high status men. It’s a fucking fact that spans all of mammal sexual behaviour the world over. Trump just said it, off the cuff, behind closed doors on a hot mic. So, queue outrage and pearl clutching at the orange man definitely being a pussy clutching rapist. Fuck off. There’s no way Trump needs to force himself on any girl. The guy is rich beyond measure and has more game in his little orange pinky than Cuntsack has in his whole sour grape eating body.

    So, fuck off, all people who trot out these tired proclamations as if by simply calling Trump out you get exonerated of any suspicion of the same crimes yourselves. Get flippin finger fucked you pathetic virtue signalling, lazy sheep minded cunts.

    PS High Fidelity is still an alright movie. Go see it.

    • He has “disavowed” white supremacists over and over again. It makes no difference. These fucks are not interested. They have subverted the constitution,democracy and freedom. 1642, 1776, 2021. its that simple.

    • Flappy-High Fidelity launched Jack-fucking-black onto us.
      Therefore it is a cunt!
      I prefer Nick Hornby’s “Fever Pitch”. Fucking Gooner.

  14. Whoa this cunt has lost the plot. Hope the spakka ain’t coming to the U.K. soon. We have an adequate plentitude of utter cunt mentalists and do not need anymore. Stick to thesping twat, in another country pref.

    • Why is it that anyone who is disliked gets called a Nazi? As though there couldn’t be anything worse. The Nazis rebuilt Germany’s economy, created the autobahn, encouraged physical fitness among the young, instigated an anti-smoking campaign and prohibited animal vivisection.
      Alright, they killed millions of people. Nobody’s perfect.

      • They also had the best tanks in them Panzers. No wonder the Krauts nearly took Russia.

        They took France in six weeks. Mind you, the French are surrender monkeys par excellence (and cunts).

  15. The nomination picture, surely he can afford a better hearing aid. I’ll lend him my great, great, great grandmother Spoonington’s antique ear trumpet.

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