Fairy tale of New York

Woke Fuckers that want to change fucking everything. I have just read this latest piece of woke cuntery on msn news I don’t read this pile of shite but it appeared when I logged out of my emails.

Fuck me cannot they leave anything alone. BBC Radio 1 have again changed/edited the lyrics to “fairy tale of New York”. The word “faggot” might be deemed upsetting to Homo-sexual s..


I refused to read the story on MSN found it on link above.

I’ve said this before but will state it again the world is being corrupted before our eyes by K-weers, snowflakes, trann ie bend-end-ers, lefty, socialist, commie, pea doh apologists, real life bigots, opinionated air headed university lecturers, fully supported by the bastard lefty thinking Cunts that run almost all main media outlets.

Cunts everyone of them Leave things alone. The song has been popular for what it was; for ages. Stop fucking about trying to invent outrage. Realise that most folks are normal, even homosexuals and don’t constantly get upset by a fucking song 37 years old.

Cunts. In a very loud voice.. So loud as I’ve been told off by the Mrs for swearing.

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt 

…and another one from Captain Magnanimous

The clichéd shite of The Pogues is a cunt, isn’t it.

The PC-BBC has decided to edit a “classic” Christmas tune by the Oirish comedy band The Pogues and their lyrics “you cheap, lousy faggot” for fear of hurting any homosexual’s feelings although strangely it hasn’t felt the need to do so in the last 33 years.

The song is about a drunk, quarrelling couple sung by Kirsty MacColl (daughter of folk singer Ewan) and Shane MacGowan (born Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent).

Lawrence Fox decried the edit laughing at what the corporation deems acceptable for our ears. The Oirish comedy band then told Fox to “fuck off you Herrenvolk shite” (an allusion to Nazi master race ideology).

How embarrassing. After having your “art” censored and edited, you attack the person fighting FOR you and defend the perpetrator, simply to signal your virtues. Are you condoning anti-homo sentiment, are you corroborating the woke establishment, or are you imaging your ubiquitous pay-cheque being a tad more meagre and paltry this year?

Perhaps the BBC would like to change other Pogues’ lyrics, the violent ones, the anti-English ones, the Rebel songs, and the ones about alcoholism and fucking whores?

The Pogues are a miserable bunch of phoneys. A comedy Oirish group without the comedy who probably all live in London. They’re a hackneyed, one-trick-pony pub band still peddling non-existent clichés about Oireland whilst the violin, mandolin, and school recorder are massacred by unwashed, toothless, millionaire goons wearing rags.

Dirty Old Town? Dirty, Old Cunts.

121 thoughts on “Fairy tale of New York

  1. Now Christmas tv channel on Freeview and Heart Xmas is playing the proper version. I prefer Greg Lake’s ‘I Believe In Father Christmas’.

    • That’s a cracking Christmas song. When I was a wee lad I always listened to it in my dad’s car on the way to a freezing cold football training session around this time of year.

      • Noel Coward said “Strange, the potency of cheap music”

        I said that while wearing my smoking jacket and drinking a frightfully amusing glass of Alka Seltzer. I’m in a terriblah, terriblah flippant mood today.

    • White Christmas for me.
      Not the song, I think all immigrants should be booted out in time for Christmas. Which they don’t celebrate anyhow.

    • “Another Auld Lang Syne” by Dan Fogelberg for me. Mawkish, slushy, and one to pull at the heart strings. You can call me a woofter for loving that song, but it has a special place in my heart for family reasons. And it is a true story, which makes it even better!

    • Good call. That is a wonderful thing to listen to, a proper quality production that a lot of thought went into. Sadly not played enough these days. It’s always that shite from Slade and Wizard.

  2. God I hate that fucking song.

    Now they’ve edited out the only words that make it even remotely bearable for a once only listen.

      • You must be kidding! I made the mistake of letting that fat cunt into my heart last year – sent him a letter (c/o North Poland) telling him what presents I wanted, took me fucking ages to compile…. even left the fascist fuck a couple of Mr Kipling’s excéedîngly poor mince pies and a glass of cooking sherry!

        What did I get for my hard work and generosity?

        FUCK ALL!

        No thanks Miserable, never again. Once bitten, twice shy.

    • I’m not keen on it either! Often followed up with Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade. Positively urghhh. Wish they’d ban both of them.

    • And I thought you were a man of taste!

      How can you not enjoy a Christmas song which has a scumbag, a maggot and cheap lousy faggot? Nothing more festive than that🤪

  3. Yeah, the fucking song should be banned but for the same reason that Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep should have been strangled at birth not the reasons that concern the BBC politburo.
    Just another example of the left wanting to rewrite history. If you control knowledge you control thought and then you control people. If anything needs banning, censoring or controlling it’s those cunts at the BBC.

  4. Awful song, worse than Shane McGowans dental record and that isn’t good, right kids?

    Now then now then, here at the BBC see, we are all about protecting kids feelings or was that feeling kids and protecting the talent from prosecution?

    How’s about that then, let Jim fix it for you.

  5. To Be Honest, I wish that they’d censor every fucking word of that dreadful dirge…and every other fucking Christmas song,come to that….Chas C. and Dio’s excepted…possibly.

    PS…Do like Kirsty McColll as a rule.

    (I’m waiting for some old & crusty cunt on here to mention Slade’s nice little annual pension top-up of a song. And I always imagined MNC looked like Noddy Holder! – DA)

    • @DA….bet MNC doesn’t just look like Noddy…can just imagine him waking his family at 5 in the morning by repeatedly screaming “IT’S CHRISTMASSSS !!” while frantically rushing around tearing open presents,stuffing Quality Street into his maw and putting cardboard reindeer antlers on his unfortunate dog.


    • Morning Dick.

      I wrote a Christmas song. I hope you like it. It’s called ‘Christmas Party’.

      I’m gonna have myself
      A little Christmas party
      And I’m gonna invite all my friends
      I’m going to invite
      I’m going to invite
      I’m going to invite
      Jennifer the worm
      I’m going to invite
      Doctor Sick to my party
      I’m going to invite
      Colonel Red to my party
      My Christmas party
      I’m going to invite
      Some more people
      I’m going to invite
      Some négros.
      I want to invite them
      Cos I’ve got some candles, see?
      And I gotta cake
      And I want people to come
      To my party
      I want Jennifer the worm to make the puddings
      I do
      Even though I could never,
      I could never,
      I could never.
      I’m going to invite The Avengers
      To my party
      So I can see her thighs in the flesh
      Mummy, mummy,
      Who else can I invite to my Christmas party?
      TELL ME WHO!
      TELL ME WHO!
      TELL ME WHO!
      I’m going to invite the Devil.

      © RTC 1973

      • You lie and plagiarise….Cliff Richard first performed this song as a duet with Harry Secombe on Christmas Song of Praise 1971 (St.Paul’s Cathedral).I will withdraw the “lie and plagiarise” allegations if you can prove that you are Cliff.

      • Talking of faggots (and Cliff Richard) who were the luttle pansies who used to lisp and gush: ” I wiss it could be Chris-masss every day”.. Those wankers still get played every December but it must be 40 years ago the old queens first sang it.

      • I kid you not, there’s a Dr. Sick who has his practice in Berlin, not far from my ex…

  6. Regardless of the song being shit or not censorship of the words is a disgrace, I bet they aren’t doing the same sort of thing with Grime and the other violent shit the N*gas churn out.



  7. Apparently this is a ‘thing’, but I fell for it.

    Got a text from a mate….

    “I’m at a pub quiz, music round, who sang a song with these lyrics, That’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat, I really love your tiger feet..?”

    I texted back, “Mud.”

    He texted back, “That’s right, that’s right, that’s right, that’s right”….

  8. And you get cancel culture apologists, cultural revolutionaries and woke media pundits say things like “Why do you care? It’s just one song lyric. These people are offended so why not just change it?”

    It’s such a snidey way of arguing that can easily be countered with “if it’s just one song lyric then just leave it. Not hurting anyone if they just ignore it”

    But, the truth is, it’s death by a thousand cuts. Death to free expression, that is. So, while they tell us it’s just a tiny, trivial concession, over time we end up in North Korea. And, that’s not a slippery slope fallacy. It’s facts. While we’re at it, that slippery slope fallacy is a fallacy. If something is going in a certain direction, it makes sense to point out the destination, especially when at some point you’re past the point of turning back.

    This applies to these cunts. “What is wokeness, anyway. Cancel culture doesn’t even exist”. Get fucked you gaslighting, duplicitous freedom-hating cunts.

  9. This is not the first time this shite has happened. The Dire Straits song Money for Nothing was “quietly” cut quit a while ago. “That little faggot with the earring and the make up” completely eradicated from the song…..It went un noticed.

  10. If the silly cunts are Orish, it explains why they are too fucking thick to realise they re being defended.

    It reminds me of the story of the old Orish cunt who dies during the night, then the next morning his three drinking buddies go up to his bedroom to pay their last respects. They offer consolation to the widow: “Eh, Mollie, one thing thats a comfort is that he died a happy man. Sure, he’s got a lovely smile on his face”

    The wife is not so easily reassured:

    “Ooh, no, to be sure, he died in his sleep. He doesn’t realise he’s dead yet”

    Read that to yourself in an Eamonn Andrews or Terry Wogan voice.

  11. Censorship of songs is sadly nothing new. In 1980 I remember listening to the top 40 when Tony Blackburn said “At number 36, a new entry by a group called the Dead Kennedys”, because Auntie Beeb was too scared to say it was called “Too Drunk To Fuck”.

    That record, to be fair, was shite, and probably just made the charts because of its title, but it was a quality piece of censorship.

  12. I rather liked that ditty “Gordon is a Moron”, Of course the massive hit is probably now banned as it is offensive to actual morons.

    “Toast” by Streetband was also profoundly moving to anyone who, like me, enjoys hot buttered toast. Not sure if that one is banned yet. Proper toast is always made with thick sliced white bread.

  13. This is not a new thing though. I recall in 1973 John Martyn’s (now there were a top top cunt), Over the Hill song changed lyric from “sweet cocaine” to sweet ‘champaigne’.
    I understand Fairytale is only being changed on Rayjo 1, and its only faggots who listen to that anyways

  14. The ironic thing about all this is that even ISaC’s favourite cunt, well known gay Owen Jones, said censoring this was ridiculous.

    I accept that some things should be censored, but when something has been in the public domain for over 30 years its completely ridiculous.

  15. I spend most mornings between 10’ and 1 listening to Mike Graham on Talk Radio in the background.

    Last week he tweeted support for these Oirish fucksticks then later found that they’d blocked him.

    What a Everest sized pile of cunts they are.

    Anyway if any cunters haven’t found Mike Graham yet I can highly recommend him and can’t help but think he’d be at home on these hallowed pages.

    Can you go a chicken dinner Bobby Sands.

  16. If you are going to censor songs then it is easy to censor literature, going back to Chaucer and Shakespeare. It is happening here and in the USA. Inconvenient history can also be censored. That has happened with anything bleck including their part in slavery, and their contribution to world wide violence.
    The bland new world order of the woke.

  17. They want to edit aaaht parts of the song so the benders don’t get upset whilst they’re shoving parsnips up each others bumholes on Christmas day? The gays should be as ashamed of themselves as well as the beyond help BBC.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  18. Why didn’t the dozy cunts just get a Nig Nog to sing it in the first place?
    Then nobody would dream of doctoring it.
    Their laziness has come back to haunt them,whoever they are.
    The cunts.

    • Aye.

      The dark keys can sing about killing cops, rape and having loads of ‘bitches’ without a fucking dickie bird from the wimmins/leftists.

      You want to know why? They only attack whites as they are them as the ‘controllers’. Marxists/feminists want to smash down the system.

      Part of me wants to see it. The silly fat tarts will be fucking strung up by their pets within hours.

  19. Shane McGowan would be a good nominee for Dead pool actually.
    [scurrys off to add to deadpool list].

    I’ve wondered from time to time if MNC looks like a shaven headed Roy Wood, without the face paint.

  20. Having read the link, the DJ who is whining for this to be censored says “simples”
    I fucking hate that meerkat advert!
    Anyone who utters this is a total cunt.
    Open and shut case.

  21. Let’s also add ‘Jocko Homo’ /Mongoloid by Devo, two birds, one stone, offending chutney ferrets, sweatys and Downs Syndrome aka John Berkow disorder.
    The BFC is slinging its shit everywhere in its last throes of influence before losing funding. Make the most of it you parasite leftards, the gravy trains a’ gonna leave without you.

    • I like this song!
      I like ‘fiesta’ by the pogues too a fine drinking tune!
      And dirty old town.
      I love all Christmas tunes except for ‘mistletoe and wine’.
      Doesnt Richards realise its poisonous?
      Health & safety should prosecute him!
      And mistletoe was holy to the druids, calls himself a Christian?
      Then promotes paganism.

      • Saw The Pogues in Leeds, they had to change their name to The Popes following a wrangle with their record company.
        McGowan appeared, so arseholed he could barely stand and they did a storming set.
        “Faggot” alludes to a bundle of wood carried and calling someone a faggot in this context means someone bone idle and useless who literally will not pull their weight.
        But they didn’t bother checking this before warming the oven up to Fahrenheit 451.

      • Written by Kirsty’s father, Ewan. Rod and the Faces did a good version of it.

        The use of the word faggot in the Pogues/MacColl song means faggot as in liability, burden, or dead weight. But of course the BBC don’t do research or bother to do background as we know. Their reports of a ‘tribute’ from (the very dead) Johann Cruyff to Dirty Diego showed that. They are utterly laughable.

  22. I’m thinking of writing a Christmas song myself. I will try and include as many of the following phrases as possible;
    Friend of Dorothy, turd burglar, crafty butcher, sausage jockey, chutney ferret, bum bandit, uphill gardener, bénder, fudge packer, marmite miner, pillow biter, shirt lifter, ring raider and sperm gurgler.
    Do you think the BBC will play it?

  23. Wasn’t there some cunts recently who wanted to ban the old song “Baby it’s Cold Outside” because it promoted date rape or some such shit? Now who would have known that if some Mary Whitehouse cunt hadn’t pointed it out?

  24. Hate the song anyway.

    I wish they would ban it altogether off the TV.

    It’s not the homophobic lyrics that bother me, – I’d just rather not see MacGowan’s mouth looking like a burnt-out village on my tele screen.

    That speedboat driver didn’t stand a chance of avoiding that fat wench McColl’s ample carcass. Looks as if she frequented that chip shop where the bloke who swore he was Elvis worked.

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