European court & Harrow Council

How’s a bout a cunting for the European court and Harrow council?
Words fail me sometimes but you gotta give it to the local bureaucrats for going a step lower than the politicos in power.
May I introduce to you Nimco Hassan Ibrahim

There is also a video ( someone sent me on WhatsApp ) which sums up local feeling but cannot find how to post it here or find it on the web. Admin if you perchance to come across it would you be a darling and post it for me. Pleeease? (Yeah, we’ll get right on that – NA)

Nominated by: Once a cunt always a cunt

46 thoughts on “European court & Harrow Council

  1. Links not working, however-

    Somali-the gift that keeps giving-grief to white Western European’s.
    No wonder the ugly cunt is smirking in the nom photo, she has plenty to be happy about.
    Without any entitlement, British taxpayers are going to keep her and her extended brood in the sort of comfort, that only the most privileged Somalian cunts could aspire to back home👎

    By the time you take into account free translators, woke officials falling over themselves to virtue signal and direct her to every benefit available, the cost of educating, feeding and maintaining the health of the fuckers, the cost to British taxpayers, over the years, will be millions.

    Meanwhile, 13000 plus British armed forces veterNs are homeless ☹️.

    As a related aside, I note that Google has London’s first sooty fireman in its home page, today.

    Good morning 🤔

  2. Who expected any other outcome?
    We are all at Sea now,surrounded by cunts who will bleed us dry.
    The flood of vermin goes on and on forever..
    I recommend full oven.

  3. Somali? That’s all I need to know. This bitch can fuck off back where she came from. Sick and tired of foreign p*nces sucking on the taxpayers teat.
    British p*nces come first starting with the Jellyfish p*nce in Downing Street. That cunt needs to think about that never mind Harrow fucking council.

  4. Yet another good reason for ridding ourselves of the meddling, interfering, no-nothing EU fuckers.

    I am sure Dame Kweer and Anal-Ease fully support this ridiculous verdict however.

  5. Harrow, I’m sure the bloke who runs my local Chinese takeaway came from there, because it’s the first thing he says when I go to the counter.

    We’ve been up to this since Satan Blair got in, inviting in the third world, housing them, giving them benefits and translators, paying for them to breed like rabbits. Then they can repay us by calling us infidels and racists and blow us up.

    It’s diversity, it’s our strength you know.

    • Quite right. We must all stick together and not let those terrorists divide us. That’s what they want.

      A bit difficult, however, when we are importing the fuckers hand over fist. I’m thinking of starting a go fund me page to buy some dinghies for the poor and dispossessed peacefuls of the world. I hope you racist cunts can appreciate and support my bid to be a fucking Saint and far superior to you.

      • If you head to Kent there’s a load of free dinghies on the beach there. They even come with free lifejackets.

        Some, even come with free immigrants thrown in. If you’re quick, you can cut out the middle man and turn the fuckers round before they get out and point them in the direction of the very welcoming Frogs.

      • You might get a BBC “special award” Freddie – apparently they are giving one to Marcus Rashford. I don’t know what benefit this gives – operhaps front row tickets for Strictly Come Mincing

      • What bastards those BBC cunts are! Rashford gets 200 grand a week and owns 6 houses and gets the taxpayer to pay for Big Macs for pikey kids.
        Meanwhile piss poor Freddie tries to help the peacefuls to get to the land of milk and honey and gets fuck all, not even a packet of crisps from Gary Taxdodger. It’s not fucking fair!

  6. Q: What’s the difference between a Somalian and a Jawa from Star Wars?
    A: One is subhuman desert-vermin that speaks in gibberish and hordes trash, and the other one is a Jawa.

  7. She looks rather like Shamima’s to be hoped that Harrow Council have learned their lesson from this case and have a nice house put aside for her…she’ll be home in time for Christmas.

  8. Somalians – rape, piracy, theft, terrorism, gangs and scrounging. Nothing more than human vermin. I would suggest dropping an atom bomb on Somalia, but many of the skinny cunts have upped and left for the UK.

  9. Being enriched seems to cost us a lot of money.

    The chances of most of us cunters getting a council house are slim to none. Despite having worked and paid taxes, despite some venerable cunters having served the country.

    Old story but one repeated many times since. Thank you to the political class, paint the country yellow, it’s now a giant skip.

    • Somalians are weird looking fuckers arent they?
      Dont look like black people,
      Big goofy tooth, blokes skinny cunts, women fat and dumpy,
      Big bulbous foreheads with thinning afros like Art Garfunkel.
      Ugly as fuck.
      Blacks dont like them either.
      They have a certain ‘rat like’quality to them.
      None round here, (yet)
      What offends them?
      And what scares them?
      Anybody know?

      • You can’t offend those cunts. As long as they are getting money for sitting on their arses doing nothing and mugging the odd elderly white woman they are happy as a pig in shit. Most peacefuls would be offended by a cartoon of Big Mo fucking a camel but they are too lazy to bother.

  10. We all know that the only reason white man is tolerated in this country is to pay taxes so the government, of any variety, can help all any and all of the world’s scum get the benefits they so richly deserve just for being scum. No need for gratitude, just a desire to kill everybody that doesn’t agree with them. Poorly worded, I know, but I’m incensed at this sort of shit. Any other country in the world will put its own citizens first, here they are ignored at best and prosecuted for pretty much anything at worst.

  11. The lady in question was married to a person who held Danish citizenship. Therefore as the spouse of a person holding citizenship in a country that is a member of the European Union she was entitled to reside in any European country and receive the same benefits as a citizen of that country. For some reason she choose to live in England. As far as I remember she was not living with her husband just her kids. Once the wokewankers and legal aid vultures got on the case she ended up gravy for life.

    • Migrants to Denmark have to learn Danish or their benefits are at risk. A similar rule would help the U.K. ; at the very least there would be an exodus. How the fuck can we justify supporting third generation immigrants who have no grasp of the English language let alone our standards?

  12. Fucking leeches on the scrotum, the best bit was an interpreter, no doubt to help her fill in all the correct benefit forms and whine to the council about the shocking conditions she is now having to live in…..much worse that down town Mogadishu im sure…..

    Fuck off home you sponging cunts

  13. European court of human rights should have been told to fuck off, she is a fucking bastard Somali cunt, stick her on a plane and drop he off in the shit hole.

    If you were a whitey (probably not many) in Harrow on the housing list and this cunt who has contributed ZERO gets a fucking free ride you would well and truly pissed off.

    I am pissed off because I pay tax and this cunt is living on my fucking money!!

  14. I notice from the article that her husband is a Danish citizen.
    Mr Yusuf.
    There’s a nice Danish name for you.
    Force feed the cunt a few rashers of lovely Danish bacon.
    Hope it chokes him.

  15. Foxes Cuntry barbeques would like to announce a new UK corporation in partnership with Unkle Terry’s Cuntry Ovens.
    We have much work to do, and an affiliation with JTC Death Squads Services will prove most fruitful.
    Let us begin.

  16. Seen one piece of Somalifilth, seen ’em all.
    I have witnessed these cunts ruining top class establishments and education facilities. They are the human equivalent of rats. Pure undiluted vermin. Complete and utter rapacious locusts and total filth.

      • Dead right Cupid. I know some Jamaican lads and they despise the Somalian cunts. One Rasta lad I know who runs a garage said that Somalifith were the ‘Snidest dirtiest cunts in the world’. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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