Chris Williamson

Chris Williamson, ex MP for Derby North is due a nomination.

Williamson quit the party Labour in November 2019 after twice being suspended within months after allegations of anti-Semitism and making disparaging comments about Labours ‘investigation’ into anti-Semitism.

Well, now Williamson is back, announcing the creation of a new political party that will be called, “The National Socialist Party”.

No, it hasn’t actually….wait what? The National Socialist Party? Founded by a known anti-Semite? That will no doubt attract other anti-Semites?

I’m sure I’ve heard this before somewhere. Oh yes, they were active in Germany from the early 1930’s. Started a huge war that killed millions of people. They were led by some demented little one testicled twat with a shitty moustache.

If this far left complete bell-end hasn’t realised the significance of using the words National Socialist in his party’s name, then he really is too stupid to live. The complete lack of awareness of the images the name conjures up is staggering. It just goes to show that the far left actually are insane.

And Chris Williamson is a total cunt.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

(read all abaaht it – DA )

50 thoughts on “Chris Williamson

  1. I’m all for Williamson if he can provide me with an electric ‘people’s car’. Preferably an open top one, so that my blue eyes and blonde hair can enjoy the sunshine.

    • Hahahaha 😁
      Fuck me, thats the name he came up with?
      He’s either taking the piss or lost his fuckin marbles!!
      His kids Myra Adolf and Manson must be so embarrassed…

        • Aye up Rob,
          Chris reminds me of Spidermans old nemisis ‘the Vulture’.
          Anyone in politics with the slightest bit of self preservation would steer well clear of him!!
          I think hes definitely anti-Semitic, lets hold his arms an let Mel Brooks kick him in the jacobs😀

  2. Sounds about right. Usually the far left causes are named something the exact opposite of their function: example: Affordable Health Care Act, or Ministry of Truth, etc. The left seem to be “out” now with bare fangs as if to say, “Yes were the cunts running your lives now, so what?!”

  3. The irony of the left wing calling those right of centre Nazi’s is amazing. They want to enforce their views on all, make having an alternative view a crime, burn books and rewrite history and basically eliminate straight white males.

    They are the Nazi’s. Now they want to name themselves that.

    • Yes Fishie but if you join, you receive a free brown shirt, an eagle badge, a stick-on toothbrush moustache, and a signed picture of beloved Jeremy in his grundies. They have a Christmas special on daggers.

      Simply send €30 and a photo of yourself kneeling to Ursula von der Leyen c/o Ze Big Tower, 4th Reich, Brussels.

      • And I thought Captain , that thud time the followers were the brownskins rather than brownshirts.

        You were selling the idea though, until the picture of Jezza in his grundies was mentioned.

  4. “Triumph of the will”?
    Disaster of the cunt.

    Anyhow,in Britain today if you mention Nazis I thought you were immediately a terrorist who had to be put in prison?
    Give this flimsy cunt 50 years.

  5. Williamson was Corbyn’s antisemitic Rottweiler in Chief before he was kicked out of the Labour Party.

    There you go Jeremy – put your money where your principles are and join Chris’s Nazi Party.

    • I think he will either join Sin Fein or Hammas. Corbyn loves a terrorist funeral almost as much as I do, but for completely different reasons.

  6. Maybe the National Socialist Party is what this country needs. They might move all the new boat people to Penally and open up some new ovens.

  7. I’m a nationalist, nothing wrong with the political stance other than it being mortally tainted by one party.
    Don’t mention the war.

  8. Two religions totally at odds, one with plenty of cash, the other can outbreed bacteria. Votes win prizes!
    It’s strange how both religions hate each other so much, as they have so much in common. Both are based on the same fairy story, neither like bacon or foreskins, what’s the problem? Saying that, if there was only one religion they would argue amongst themselves, Sunnis and Shias, caffers and proddies. Barking mad.
    P.S. fuck off Chris, and take your new Nazi party with you.

    • Of the three Abrahamic death cults, Islam, Judaism & Christianity, it’s odd how 2/3 share the no pork or foreskin obsessions, but hate each other.

      Voldemort need to grow a mustache to complete the look.

  9. A National Socialist Party, led by anti-semites with a persecution complex? Eh, what could possibly go wrong?
    Still, they may lose some of their left wing biases when they take a turn to the Reich…

    I’ll get my coat…

    • I reckon its a scam ala the Producers!
      “Whats the party name least likely to succeed?”
      Springtime for Hitler and Germany..🎵

  10. Fuck me, we pay the cunts thousands to do their “civil duty” pamper them with cheap booze high quality food, get out of jail free cards, expenses, money for additional houses. What do we get in return? Basically a level of cuntishness that a 10th world despotic fucktard would have trouble imagining let alone doing. National socialist party!!! This cunt has parked his arse so far beyond the pale, I give up with these bastards. A curse on the stinking mass of them.

  11. I’m not a national socialist. Tbh I’m in a political abyss at the moment. I’m reading as much as I can and learning as much as I can, when I get time. I do know that the 2 party system is a fraud. It’s just an illusion. Nothing changes. There’s no way out.
    The commies don’t have an answer.
    The national socialists don’t have an answer…. apart from violence (I’m not that kind of person).
    ‘Liberal democracy’ certainally doesn’t have the answer….
    Guess I’ll just need to keep reading….
    If anyone has any suggestions I’d be happy to read….

    • Robinson Crusoe is still a good read, Delploy.. In terms of your quest for political systems which are just & fair, ethically clean and real-world viable (ish): don’t waste your time. There aren’t any, and never were. I think the desert island beckons….

      I’m lucky never to have got embroiled in politics – I’ve always found it an intellectual turn off. I’m moderately well-read on the subject; for my Philosophy tripos exams 33 years ago required reading on ethics included Plato Aristotle, Edmund Burke, Immanuel Kant, David Hume, Jeremy Bentham, Hegel (the list is long) … and obviously more recent thinkers such as G E Moore, Willard Quine, Bergson, Strawson. It was bloody hard work tbh. Bernard Williams’ little book “Morality” is a good introduction to this. I’ve since studied more contemporary writers on “politics”, for example, Gore Vidal, Noam Chomsky, Chalmers Johnson to name a few more well-known writers.

      So much of these philosophers’ writings are contextualised by the contemporaneous political thinking and events. Edmund Burke, by example, advances an analysis of the (then raging) French Revolution whose political resonances are perhaps now sharper and more relevant than they’ve been since Victoria’s reign.

      Having lived in Bulgaria just after the fall of the USSR, Turkey (just pre-Erdoğan), Serbia (just after the conclusion of NATO bombing) and China (in a hell hole the Ambassador’s wife referred to as “the Real China”) I have witnessed first-hand, up-close and very personally some of the “harsher” régimes of the modern world. Although I enjoyed diplomatic protection during these postings, nevertheless the brutality available at a stroke to these governments was never far from view. China in particular (unsurprisingly, as a single-party state) lacked any kind of subtlety in this direction, but in Turkey (nominally a well-formed and then functioning democracy) such menace was always bubbling up close to the surface.

      I actually used sometimes to say out loud to myself on return to UK “thank Gød I’m British”. When you looked down on take-off from Atatürk International Airport in İstanbul, you saw “Ne mutlu Türküm diyene!”¹ carved into a grassy bank. Those were the kind of moments when I’d smile and congratulate myself on my good fortune not to be a Turkish national!

      I’m not so sure, we’re I still doing that kind of work, that I’d be saying that quite so often now-a-days – if indeed at all.

      ¹ meaning, roughly: “how happy I am to be born Turkish”

      • Thanks Terry, great post….
        Its true, there is no ideal system, there is no utopia…
        It is sad that we don’t live in a meritocrac system, where the best lead. Instead we get lead by those that can do shady deals and work the networks of power and exploit the people to their own advantage. But 🤷‍♂️…. that’s the way it is everywhere I guess….
        There are worse ways…. but there must be something better.
        Thanks for the great post.
        I have an aristotle book ordered too, I can’t wait to read it, though I’m not an academic I’m sure it’ll be enlightening….

      • I’ve ordered Bernard Williams “morality” …. it’s in the queue. I probably won’t get to read it until summer though. So many books I have that I haven’t read. Sounds interesting though, thanks for the recommendation.
        I’m gonna read aristotle, then a history of central banking and the enslavement of mankind, then I’ll read Morality… might be a bit over my head, but worth a try….

  12. Williamson is yet another member of the Labour Addams Family.
    File alongside Jihadi Steptoe, Semtex McDonnell, Abbott The Hutt, that trannie ‘Women’s Officer’ ultrafreak, and all the other ghouls and weirdos they have in their ranks.

  13. If this had come out last year, I would have checked the date.
    This year, nothing surprises me anymore☹️.

    What a time to be alive🤔

  14. Bernard Williams “Morality” is a good introduction and an excellent bog read!

    In terms of those governments better than the shitshow that the UK has jerked its way towards since Mrs T got the boot 30 years ago, that’s perhaps not so hard.

    Perhaps some of the better examples of moderately un-fucked-up countries in C21 might be: Norway (though it helps being very rich / N Sea oil & gas), Germany, Singapore, S Korea, Barbados (helps being small)… but for half a century of sanctions, penurious Cuba might be in that list (but it isn’t). Interestingly, there appears to me to a inverse correlation, albeit imperfect, between nation states who have fucked up covid and that hard to define quality of good governance you allude to.

    Definite must read or at least look on YouTube at some of the musings might be Chalmers Johnson. He details an analogy with the fall of the Roman Empire, which goes some way to shine a chink of illumination into the reasons why we (in the 1st world West) are currently heading in this direction. He doesn’t have all the answers (nor claims to) but it I think that his ideas on “blowback” go a long way to explaining some more opprobrious government decisions in my adult lifetime.

  15. I will very surprised if the BBC cover this in any way. Even the National Socialist bit will probably be all but ignored.

    But if a banner saying ‘White Lives Matter’ is flown over a football ground it’s a national emergency and an air of pure outrage.

    Not for nothing is it now known as the Black Broadcasting Corporation.

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