Carrie Symonds [2]

Usually when someone in the political sphere upsets a lot of people, they are labelled ‘divisive’, a term used to describe Thatcher, and the grinning sadist himself, Blair. However, I don’t think they will ever use it to describe Dominic Cummings, as he seems to be universally despised, partly because of his attitude and demeanour, but mostly because of the constant negative press.
Yet despite that, he stayed in post. Until this week, when he left Downing Street for good, all because he had fallen foul of the prime minister’s missus.
Apparently, Miss Symonds seems to hold more power than the cabinet, as she dictates policy to the disheveled cuckold Boris, who waddles off in compliance.
It’s alleged that Carrie and her plummy pals had a raucous victory party the night Cummings left, as she and her friends set out to purge the party of its vote leave advisers.
It is now hoped/feared that her woke ideals will influence the government to forge a new direction. Did anyone vote for this cunt? I didn’t. I don’t know which will expire soonest, Boris’ premiership, or his relationship to a much younger and ambitious bit of skirt.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

66 thoughts on “Carrie Symonds [2]

    • It could be Princess Nuts Nuts some commentators say Spoons. Maybe Sister Dolly could make her an Assorted Nut Cake for Christmas?

      • Nah, stick to the seeds Godfrey, it ain’t broke.
        Carrie Fishsnatch can go piss up a rope, hopefully it’ll be filmed.
        Fucking shrieking harpy.

  1. Princess Nut Nut they call her.
    Maybe they were arguing about Green policy that time time the police their house.
    I thought she was demure. How wrong I was.

  2. When we revolt and overthrow the government, im taking her as part of my share of booty!
    Shes never been with a man before, used to Boris an his little translucent slug wheezing away between her legs.
    Ill defile her, she’ll look like shes crawled out of a car crash by the time ive finished the posh fucker!
    And she comes over all bosey like she does with Boris, henpecking?
    She’ll get what Shaun Connery would give her,
    A right hook!!
    And ill tattoo
    ‘property of MNC” on her upper crust arse.

    • You are welcome to the vapid cunt. I would like the cute Terrier in the photo-not for bestiality, obviously-just a genuine dog lover👍

      Plus it is much cuter than creepy Carrie.

  3. A Plant, an arranged knobbing party for a pretty damned useless Prime Minister.

    Nothing can persuade me to think that SHE was ATTRACTED to the bloated midget, and that there were no motivations other than a shag.

    In the scheme of things, Symonds is not that glamorous. ( Not that stacked either. The timing of their meeting ( cough ) was surely a “rig” and her sponsors must now surely be delighted with her management of knob head Johnson.

  4. Prime Minister Boris is in hiding as Prime Minister Symonds sells us down the river over Brexit – at which point Boris the snake will be gone and Rishi Sunak will have achieved his ambition as Gunga Dim slithers into number 10, with the mantra that it was all the fault of Boris – and if you think the jellyfish traitor is indecisive and incompetent wait until Sunak starts.
    Irrespective of whichever talking head is in charge they are all the same – rats and traitors more bothered about free lunches and free money then serving the Country they work for.
    I hate them.

  5. That Carrie cunt is all teeth and titties. I am surprised she let the muttering jellyfish shoot his 1/2 tsp of muck up her and produce offspring.

    If she was clever, she would have taken the reins and just told the cuckolded old cunt what to do. No need to ‘trap’ him with offspring, surely?

  6. Exactly.I never voted for the bitch.All these hangers on and dead weights seem hell bent destroying our country.Jellyfish is inept.Come back Sir Nigel all is forgiven.Lord help us

  7. She might be have handle on the Boris bollocks but I listened to the fucking soft bastards in the commons today crying over the reduction of the foreign aid budget from 0.7% to 0.5%
    What a bunch of cunts should be fucking 0%

    • 0%? You’re generous. I’d have made all the cunts in the third world start paying us for a change to help pay for all their citizens who are living on benefits here.

    • I hope they won’t be further cutting the aid we give China….😳

      After all, China is only the second largest economy in the world.

      ‘The UK aid money sent to China was also used to train Chinese citizens to use technology, helping it settle business disputes, urging it to “support human rights” and to qualify teachers.

      ‘Millions were also given to the China prosperity fund, which gives money to schemes that “address market failures and weaknesses that impede China’s inclusive economic growth.”‘

      You could not fucking make it up.

      • It’s not just the cunts in Westminster moaning about the aid cut, that dress wearing wanker was calling it shameful. No, not Harry Styles, Justin fucking Welby. If you feel so bad about it, sell a few gold hats and candlesticks, and you send the money to world superpowers and corruption riddled basket case shitholes. The aid budget can’t be making much difference, if the traffic on the channel is anything to go by.

      • What. The. Actual. Fuck????

        The 6th biggest economy in the world, giving money to the 2nd biggest economy in the world.

        If this doesn’t justify the complete scrapping of the foreign aid budget I do not know what will.

        Anyone who speaks up for foreign aid is a complete and utter cunt.

      • “…used to train Chinese citizens to use technology”.

        They make Apple computers, for fuck’s sake!!!!


  8. How disappointing it is to find out after all the media build up of Dominic Cummings being a right nasty cunt, the best nickname he could come up with for ultimately his nemesis was Princess nut nuts? Sounds like something you would hear in fucking primary school. No wonder the country is fucked with such ponces running it, him for coining such a shit nickname, and the rest of them for thinking it badass.
    Fuck off yoko, I don’t care if you have bigger bollocks that the fucking cabinet.

  9. What is all this nut nuts / nut nut shite?

    If she’s nuts just call her a fucking lunatic…is all the nut nut drivel a middle class joke that’s above me?

    • Apparently “Princess Nut Nut” was a nickname for Carrie, used by allies of Dominic Cummings. It appears that everyone in number 10 was, in fact, a cunt.

    • She’s a vegan and lives on nuts. Or, she looks like a fucking squirrel. Either or both will do. Looks like a Gorbals barmaid, anyway.

      • It is unforgivable Miles!
        Your right, bit Essex that isnt it?
        Unless she meant “Babe a pig in the city’?
        Then shed be spot on.

        We’re doing casting for a ISAC production of The Simpson’s.
        Im casting you as either Rod or Todd Flanders.😁

      • Either Nelson or groundskeeper Willie, Robin.
        Fiddler is mr Burns
        Sicky is smithers😀
        BWC is Carl
        LL is Lenny
        TT is Frink.
        But lots of roles still to be filled!

  10. What do we expect from Boris the not so brave? Fucking hell Boris resign you cunt, your wetter than Starmer at an LBGT water sports convention.

  11. Trying to understand politicians and their motives is a waste of time.
    The population have known for half a century that they are Gold Standard Cunts one and all.
    What has that changed?
    Zero,which is what we should expect.
    Gas them all and clone Field Marshal Montgomery to become supreme leader.
    Watch the traitors and other degenerates run then.
    Thank you Santa. 🍸

      • She said Boris sleeps with a night light on, and she checks under the bed and in the wardrobe for monsters before he’ll settle.
        Churchill my arse!!
        The spineless twat should blush comparing himself to Winnie.
        Boris sometimes screams
        “Carrie!! Look out!!
        A black man!”
        But its just his shadow…🖕

  12. On the bright side, there will be 2.5 million unemployed by next year. Bright side, you enquire? Indeed. There will be no more need to import cunts to benefit our diverse country, and we can simply train our own. May we hope that the money saved from not propping up corrupt governments abroad (not as much as the figure being touted, but it’s something) will go towards rehabilitating traumatised ex-Forces people currently not finding much support from society? Probably not.

    Pigfucker’s due another cunting. Joined Welby to howl about foreign aid’s value to the country (effectively, to his city mates’ businesses. Let them pay, say I.)

      • I suggest Cameron fuck off under a bus and we play with ‘manfa’ in a bukakke video.
        Toff cunts fuck off.
        There, I think that does it.
        Shamima Begun needs to self immolate too.
        That does it even better.
        Toot parp.

    • When I seize power, Welby will be starring in a rip roaring presentation of ‘ Christians vs. Lions ‘
      All welcome, bring the kids.
      Fun for all the family.
      ( Indoors if it’s raining )

  13. Boris and Carrie. Holed up in their bunker, past dreams and ambitions lie in tatters, anything could happen, angry mob getting closer. ” Don’t let them take me alive, Carrie, I’ll shoot myself, get some flunkeys to take a couple of jerry cans of petrol up to the back garden, I don’t want the plebs mutilating me when I’m gone. You’ll take poison won’t you, Carrie ? …… Carrie ? …….. Carrie ? ……. aaaaaaaarrrrgggghhh !!!
    Get To Fuck, you pair of freaks.

  14. Claimed that the convicted serial rapist taxi driver got her tipsy and might have fiddled with her.
    More likely the stuck up trollop couldn’t pay her fare so she sat on his face and gave him a sloppy blow-job whilst “encouraging “ him to stick his tongue up her crusty arsehole. She looks the type , the jolly-hockey sticks scrubber.

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