Tyson Fury and the TLM (2)

Pudgy pugilist Fury has involved himself in the TLM movement, which stands for travelers lives matter, a group that has been formed to address what they call racism, as they have been banned from some businesses in the north of England.

But it’s not racism is it? It’s about choice. You can’t choose to be black (yet) or any other colour, which could set you apart from others who would express hatred for a different race, but you can choose a lifestyle that puts you at odds with a generally law abiding population.

Travelers aren’t disliked for travelling, they are disliked for the criminality that they seem to find impossible to live without. Stealing, embezzlement, fly tipping on an industrial scale, and trespass are just a way of life for some travelers, and it’s a choice to live that life.

Fury has threatened to get a million travelers to march through London, to protest this cause, which is bollocks anyway, as there are laws that won’t allow discrimination against customers, even if the reasons are valid.

Perhaps Fury should have appealed to his people to live within the law, and earn respect, but it’s not the travelers way.

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61 thoughts on “Tyson Fury and the TLM (2)

  1. Poor Mr. Fury is yet another old has-been who is determined to stay in the spotlight, so he comes up with ever more whacky ideas to stay there. He is to be pitied. I suspect he is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, the hirsute old cunt.

  2. BLM terrorists pull down and vandalize statues, XR protesters glue themselves to buildings and block roads so if TLM follow type they will take a mass public crap in front of Parliament and burn a fly tipped sofa.

    • Or perhaps we could give them the multi million pound contract for the refurbishment of the Palace of Westminster. While they’re there they can do a nice job of tarmacing Parliament Square.

      “Cash only Sir. I’ll send my nephew round with the receipt this afternoon Sir.”

    • Yeah but unlike BLM, they won’t drive a car through the front of a shop front and rob the place blind.
      They’ll go into an open Iceland store as a family, get one of them to distract the shop assistant by asking “wHeRe’S dA tAtTiEs?” and then rob a couple of hundred quid worth of frozen food over a 3 minute period.
      By the time the shop assistant has finally worked out that “tatties” is Pikey for potatoes, the rest of the smelly cunts are long gone after going full trav-manian devil on the shop. Yes I used to work at an Iceland and yes……. they used to do this.

      TLM? How about PB-LM (People’s Be-Longings Matter)

  3. TLM? Oh for fucks sake!!
    I suppose it was inevitable that this bunch of criminal freeloaders would jump on the bandwagon. Who’s up next?
    KFLM ( Kiddy Fiddlers Lives Matter)? PRLM (P*ki Rapists Lives Matter)? SFCLM ( Simon Fucking Cowell’s Life Matters)?
    How about normal fucking taxpaying cunts lives matters for once?
    Pikeys are the lowest form of shite in the world. Living with rats 🐀 is preferable because at least I can kill the bastards and get away with it.

    • All perfectly legitimate sentiments and movements according to the modern, “progresive”, neo marxist cunts. Just don’t say “White Lives Matter” as they get triggered by that.

    • With no pikeys, who else is going to sell pretend Samsung flat screen tv’s at the motorway services. ?

      • So not only did they tarmac the motorways, now they are peddling “genuine, honestly-acquired goods” on them too? If only they would stay on the motorways full time, I would make a more conscious effort to drive on them with dodgey brakes 🙂

    • Damn CMC! That first line; History is both multicausal and complex, was the favorite saying of an old History Professor of mine waaaaaaaaaaay back in the last century.

      I may have even used it once or twice here in my previous life as a cunter. It just goes to show that great minds think alike.

      Or perhaps great cunters think alike.


  4. Perhaps if we tied one of them to the back of a car and dragged him to death they might feel more “equal”…or broke into their caravans or stole their belongs or trespassed on their sites or intimidated them etc.

    Fuck them.

    • A scientific study back in 1939 showed that travellers are highly allergic to Zyklon B.
      Although the tests never ran the course to the end it showed great promise.
      From the theiving irish tarmac layers to Gloria Hunniford I endorse this.
      That said I like Tyson Fury!
      A great Heavyweight champion and showman,
      A brave man and funny to boot.
      We all know theyre just jumping on a bandwagon or tarmac wagon.

      • I read that The Roma are descendants of one of The Lost Tribes of Israel.

      • I read they came out of Egypt, hence the gypsy name.
        So maybe they do have middle east origins?
        Dont sell pegs or heather anymore do they?
        Fascia boards and tarmac has replaced that.

      • These thieving Pikey bastards aren’t Roma Gypsies, they are professional travelling criminals.

    • I always like to have fun with them Dick, my favourite pastime is when I hear that familiar horn honk, I get my panga cover it with Tommy sauce, put some dripping from my mouth, approach the little cunts who’ve got friendly with “dags’ and scream “Jesus told me to do it”, fuck they move quick, even the most obese and retarded ones can perform feats I thought impossible, utter cunts

    • Being fair(ish) to them…I was good friends with a couple of “traveller” horse dealers and wouldn’t hear a wrong word against them.

      • Did a job for a posh lady Dick and she asked me to go to a farm to pick up a Christmas tree shed ordered.
        Pulled up at the farm and walked up and was a barn open, inside was 2 gypsy barrel top ‘varda’ caravans, truly beautiful in the workwanship.
        Think the old romany travellers were a different class to the irish pikey ones.

      • Dave has pikey roots. Comes from Ponders End, Enfield and went to school with my mates mum.

      • I think he said something about that in the documentory. Both seem like nice blokes. Or ‘Seemed’ in Chas’ case.

    • I’ve been to a few jobs where people have used pie-key “tree-surgeons”….serves the Cunts right when they get ripped off for a terrible job.

  5. Travellers are the biggest bunch of Cunts to inhabit christendom.
    Ripping old people off.
    Animal abuse.
    Dont pay Tax.
    Crap at tarmac driveways.
    Cousin love.
    Depriving their children of life options.
    Child marriage.
    Burglars and farm thieves.
    Stripping scrap metal from railways, churches and war memorials.
    Terrorising communities.
    Tony Martin had the right idea, open fire and let them die in the dirt.

  6. “Travellers”, or “pike-keys” to give them their proper name are indeed first rate cunts and Fury is an excellent example of the breed.

    That said, I still hope he mashes that dark-key Joshua to a pulp when they finally start swinging at each other next year.

    Clash of the Cunts.

  7. Just as the planet seems like it can’t get anymore fucking ridiculous……..ladies and gentlemen, TLM.

  8. Pike 🔑 s are thieving cunts that land on your doorstep in the dead of night trawl mob handed through the village shops emptying shelves without paying dumb shit and rubbish on the green intimidate all and sundry then shout about discrimination when plod turn up and stay put pissing about until a court order of sorts arrives some days later allowing plod to shift em. Fucking cunts. Traveling is good. Non tax paying thieving violent trash scum pile 🔑 s Cunts.

  9. The Legend of the 4th Nail ( crucifixion) negating the criminality of “Travelers” has always offended me. These people have been allowed to breed, abuse and destroy through choice and the opportunities afforded them by Liberal agenda’s.
    Fury is an abomination, and deserves pilloried and pelted in the anal cleft of whatever animal can afford his stature. And of those who choose to “follow the Road” I want my lead back !

  10. Nobody but Pikeys could treat their kids like slaves and get away with it. When they are 9 or 10 they send them to school to learn how to read and write not realising that all the other kids (even the P*kis) can already do that.
    So after 6 months of fighting and smashing the place up they take them out to go thieving and shoplifting. The social workers, Educational Welfare Officers and coppers are too scared to knock on the caravan door and ask questions. They are total trash.
    Other than fucking Eva Braun, wiping out the pikeys was the only good idea Hitler ever had.

  11. I’d barrel bomb the fuckers into extinction.
    I hope AJ buries Fury, literally.
    Hate the cunts, all of them.

  12. Every time I drive past a do as you likey site I think about the many different ways they should be wiped off the face of the planet.

    Did you hear the fuckers that killed pc harper? They said some thing along the lines of ” my grandad was a dirty robbing cunt, so was my father and that’s why I am”.

  13. Heard that wanker, Eddie Hearns, on the radio the other day talking about the Fury/Joshua fight, describing it as “the greatest sporting event on the planet.” It may be for filling your wallet but not in my world cunt.
    It could only achieve that status if some peacefuls planted a bomb in there and killed the pikey, the flash macaroon, both the Hearns cunts and assorted slebs sitting at ringside. I’d fork out for pay for view for that fucking treat.

    • If every shitstained traveller died tomorrow, literally nothing would be lost.

      And as for Fury and Joshua, one can only hope for a Streetfighter 2 type double KO, where both of them end up and hospital and don’t talk or move for some fucking time.

  14. Shame Tony Martin didn’t do a Michael Ryan and head on over to the travellers site the thieving cunts eminated from.

    • As someone who is often misidentified as a gyppo some very hurtful comments towards the travelling community on here!
      Talk of gassing, bombing, forced sterilization etc.
      Good work!👍👍👍

      • Never seen so much blatant racism in all me life! We should all take a minute to reflect.

        ‘That should do it. TERRY, turn up the Aga’!

  15. All the “travellers” (pfft!) that I have dealt with only travel from one burglary or diesel theft or copper cable nicked from BT to another back to their static homes on designated council land. Got a few round here in north Norfolk/Lincs/Cambs border.

  16. When I was a little lad, I remember an oldish Gypsy lady who would call on our house once a year. Mum would spend awhile talking to the lady and always buy a little something from her as my Gran and great Gran would have done (not the same lady obviously). We used to burn logs in the winter these were delivered by a chap who was also a Gypsy, in the summer he travelled with one of the fairs and ran his attraction. When the fair arrived near us if he was there us four kids had free goes if we won a prize we got the prize. My memories of these Roma people are good.
    I was taught at an early age that travellers are not Gypsy’s. Travellers originated in Ireland they speak a different language have differing beliefs and the only connection between travellers and Gypsy I can see is they live in caravans some of the time.
    In past employment I have been involved in the eviction of travellers when they have been camping on some school playing field, or car park etc. Travellers and Gypsy’s not never the same chalk and cheese, sure the reason for them being lumped together is to give the pikey bastard travellers a better name. Not once was I involved in an eviction of Roma Gypsy’s nor my colleagues.

  17. I’ve had to deal with this scum on several occasions over the years with the local authority I work for. Protecting sites with concrete barriers and removing fly tipping along with them stealing contractors plant. The only thing these cunts do that is legal is keep their vehicles taxed and insured. They are normally registered to a yard in Dagenham.

  18. Irish travellers are a fucking scourge.
    Thieving packs of Jackals that hunt in packs.
    They have ruined the British countryside, village greens now defended with ditch and rampart protection.
    A mate of mine is a retired DCI-the stories he has told me about the way these pieces of shit treat the people they prey on are unbelievable.
    Sub human intimidation of the vulnerable.
    This TLM bollocks is a fucking joke-I say take the entire pikey population of the UK to London to protest-then nuke the capital, including all the shite in Westminster, the stabby potential architects, peacefuls and Eastern European shite.



  19. The population of Slovak and Romanian gypsies has increased massively since the EU allowed the Eastern European’s to join the EU.
    Living off someone else by any means is a way of life, the UK was the country of choice for these cunts because it was so easy to get all the benefits.

    I remember a report from some northern town, a peaceful with a northern accent complaining about these gypsies taking over the street and lowering the tone of the place, they breed even faster than the peacefuls 😂

  20. The reason they’re banned from certain businesses, is because they’re thieving cunts. That’s not a racist statement, it’s a provable statement of fact. When Mrs QDM was a cop, she and her colleagues were constantly being called out by shops and other businesses over break ins, and shoplifting. about 95% of those arrested, were from the travelling community. And you want racism? Try being a black police officer arresting thieving travellers. My wife suffered more racial abuse from those cunts than she did from any other section of society, INCLUDING BNP supporters. I recently read about police moving in to shift a bunch of them from an illegal camp they’d set up on someone’s land. There were something like 20 caravans, and more than half of them were found to be stolen. Want to change the image of your people Tyson? Get them to stop their thievery.

  21. Silly git.

    They have a reputation for being thieving dishonest fuckers because they’re thieving dishonest fuckers.

    I saw a great video by a chap called Erberderber on YouTube about gypsies in some eastern European country (might be Croatia but don’t quote me on that).

    They had 8 different apartment blocks named summat like unit 1, unit 2 etc. The gypoes were given the nicest and newest block, much to the anger of the locals.

    A bloke took photos of all of the eight blocks a year or two later. The first 7 were still in pristine condition, with the locals taking good care of their homes and the shared garden/park area.

    However, the gypo section has to be seen to be believed. Piles of rubbish in the communal areas and the blocks stripped of the wooden doors, lead, electrics and piping. It honestly looked as though a fucking bomb had hit the place.

    Fuck the gypsoes, but I still want him to knock Anthony ‘don’t buy from the honky’ Joshua’s head off.


  22. Trespass by intimidation, thieving, littering, shoddy dangerous work, ripping off the vulnerable – parasites who constantly claim non existent racism to justify their disgusting behaviour. (The “local yokels” I know from living in a farming community have a robust way of dealing with these types – I believe it’s known as violence but I wouldn’t know anything abaaht that! 😀👍).
    Change the law so trespass seizure is implemented – any gypsies trespassing have all their vehicles confiscated to be sold at auction to cover the cost of removing them, any left over is donated to community projects like for example “hit a gippo with a bat night” (other community projects are available but nowhere as much fun!).
    Weak governance and law enforcement and political correctness mean these fkers get away with it – start removing their 4WD vehicles, transits and caravans and they will soon stop doing what they are doing.

  23. One of my mates went to a job on a traveller site.

    ‘If he dies so do you’

    Was said to him. They scooed and ran with the already dead patient.


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