Jonathan Ashworth MP (2)

A for the many not the few cunting please for the pansy voiced Shadow Health Secretary, who, like his boss, the noble Dame, wishes to face both ways at once, and is therefore two faced – a two faced slimy cunt.

All weekend we had the Dame and his acolytes questioning the need for further Covid restrictions, and sort-of suggesting Labour might not back them, but times have changed and Ashworth has been on both ITV and BBC today demanding to know why the government didn’t back the scientists, who, apparently in September wanted another “lockdown”;

Mr Ashworth says “we would always follow the scientific advice”

Really/ then why question it as little as one day ago.

As Kweer would say “Incompetent. Get a grip, duckie”

Nominated by: W.C.Boggs

32 thoughts on “Jonathan Ashworth MP (2)

  1. Greasy little Johnny!
    Too much Brylcreem in his Reg Barney hairdo not enough loyalty.
    His squeaky snidey little voice sets my hackles to rise.
    He’s suited to politics because he couldn’t do a man’s job.
    He stabbed his mate Jezza in the back then panicked 😁
    He’s such a geeky little twat his dad must be so ashamed?
    Had his bollocks checked for lumps,bet after John he had no more kids.

  2. Wonder what the raffle prize was?

    A night of passion with the enormous-boobed black lady perhaps?

    Well, Labour need the money after magic grandpa ran the finances down.

  3. this turgid little cunt with the skweaky voice is about as hard as a jelly and twice as wobbly – he wouldn’t know science if it hit him on the head

  4. I am sure one of her tits would just fit nicely in that bowl…..?
    But this greasy puff is to limp wristed to see it
    Greasy faggot

  5. Fuck them all. I’ve had enough of the cunts.

    I withdraw my consent for parliament to govern me until the insane clown posse that currently resides there are replaced by 650 competent, honest and diligent citizens.

    Cunts to a man, woman and undecided night dwelling goblin.

  6. A plendid and worthy cunting indeed. I did toy with the idea of cunting this Titchmarshed-voiced arsehole, but I will put all efforts into a reprise cunting for Tom Bradby – I just need to get that cunt on the wall pronto.

    Every time I see and hear this Gashworth wanker on the box, I have an overwhelming need to pick up a half bat and lob it at his shiny, simpering, gurning dial. A greasy, manoeuvring, whining, socialist prick of the first water with a face purpose made for punching.

    I would dearly love to hold this cunt’s head underwater (preferably a clogged-full toilet pan) until no more bubbles floated up. Ah well, one can dream, eh cunters?

    • splendid not plendid. What I would give for an autocorrect to offset the misdemeanours of my clumsy digits.

  7. Jonny boy, slimy little cunt aka professional politician just talks bollocks, ‘Get a Grip’ ,that is his only contribution….. ‘it’s not working’

    Fuck him and the Dame, the best thing they can do is lock themselves in a dark room for 6 months and let Boris get in with it, if it goes to shit then it goes to shit.

    Shut the media down for 6 months, all they do is cause confusion, rolling out any old twat to voice and opinion, pointless.

    I agree in part with Andy cunt Burnham, but he is omitting the facts, the stats on new infections June to September are being disproportionately driven by Asians, and where are there lots of these cunts, Greater Manchester!

  8. I cannot abide this slimy little cunt.
    I would like to challenge him to a duel but I’m informed it’s been banned by some cunts years ago.
    Fuck me we are beset by Puffs.

      • Is it that shit off the telly? A bloke with make up on and a skeleton present it?
        Mrs Terry watches it I think.
        I was thinking cutlasses or possibly axes.
        Either way fuck him royally.

  9. PPE.

    Worked straight for the party bureaucracy from university.

    Parachuted into a seat.

    How is he ‘Labour’?

  10. A Bridgend Council Team Manager informed her Team this morning that Wales is having another lockdown in January 2021. Mark Drakeford evidently has a crystal ball as well as a bottomless purse.

    There’s only one way out now, and it involves ropes and lamposts. I don’t care, I’ve got no kids so I’ll just top myself before they pin me down for the biometric jab. But those of you who have got kids and grandkids might want to start considering when to move away from the keyboard and take some real action.

    • Oh yeah I forgot. Bridgend Council has just advertised an ‘exciting new post’ for a ‘Climate Change Response Manager’ at up to £50k a year.

      I suspect that ‘Climate Change Response Teams’ will become the ‘Ministry of Truth’ for the 500,000,000 slaves they’ll be floating the world population at for their labour and adrenalised baby blood.

  11. Another useless Labour Cuntoid. Shut up you fucking oxygen thieving labour cock womble.

    On a separate note I like the above picture as the bird in the yellow top has a cracking set of Norks and I’d like to fondle these whilst I smash it’s back doors in.

  12. What the fuck is that standing behind him? And, if he’s in Leicester, where are all the peacefuls?

    • An interesting observation mog. Have to say that I didn’t get past those bumper norks in the front until you pointed it out.

      • I can only assume the other woman has her hand on her shoulder to keep her from toppling over.

  13. Politics and Philosophy at Durham. That’s PPE without the Economics or rubbing shoulders (etc) with the spawn of the mighty.

    His wife looks a lot more interesting, and, although a Corbynite, could indeed be one of us:

    In addition to describing another staff member as “pube head” and calling a colleague “smelly cow”, the report claims one conversation between senior management can be taken to show Oldknow suggesting allegations of racism made by BAME politicians were untrue.

    It could also suggest that Oldknow thought the very idea of white privilege was itself something to mock and not to take seriously.

    • PS, The ‘smelly old cow’ was not, astonishingly. Diane Abbott, but Corbyn’s political secretary, Katie Clark. recently punted into the Lords for services to s.f.a.

  14. Fuck me, if that black sort is selling raffle tickets for a go between her bangers I wanna buy the whole lot!
    Pearl necklace on the way.

  15. Slimy two faced little twat 👎👎
    As with everything New Labour always check the small print 👎👎
    I would love to see this bastards in a crisis absolutely no idea 🐔🐔

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