John Lennon 80 (3)

The John Lennon 80th ‘Birthday celebrations’. What a load of cunt.

All manner of look at me mongs have been wishing the late Beatle a happy 80th birthday over the past few days. Only thing is, he ceased to be when he was 40. When he was murdered in 1980. Lennon would have been 80 years of age had he lived, but he didn’t. How the fuck can someone have an 80th birthday when they died 40 years ago?!

Commemorate 80 years since his birth, or say ‘He would have been 80 this year’. But actually wishing a dead man a happy 80th birthday that he never got to see? My dad would have been 80 two years ago. And although I gave him a thought on the day of his birthday (May 26th) I didn’t say ‘Happy 80th birthday, dad’. One would have to be fucking stupid to do that. But there are a lot of stupid people out there. Of course, it’s de rigueur for imbecilic twats on social media to wish dead people a happy birthday. But the way cunts have gone on about Lennon, anyone would think he was 80 years old and that he was still alive. Even that cunt McCartney has got in on the act. Wishing on Twitter (where else?) his old sparring partner a happy birthday. Macca wrote ‘Happy 80th, John’. What is the fucking point?! It’s not as if the bloke is here to read it, is it? Why doesn’t the dozy thumbs aloft cunt also invite messrs Harrison, Epstein, Martin and Sutcliffe to the party too and have done with it?

Surely It would surely be more appropriate to commemorate the man on December 8th 2020, the 40th anniversary of his assassination? Mind you, that wouldn’t be done with must taste or dignity either. That would also be hijacked by attention seeking social media cunts and old rock ‘n’roll relics who can’t tell the difference between people who are dead or alive.

Nominated by: Norman 

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  1. To be honest Norm, in a world where a man can be a woman, a noncy neuter or a even a fucking alien, where black is the new white (and it REALLY matters), history can be deleted if it doesn’t suit and all the other wokery bullshit going on, pretending old Johnny boy isn’t actually dead is about par for the course really. Load of bollocks.

  2. We owe Mark Chapman a serious thank you for saving us from years of Lennons insufferable champagne socialist bullshit.
    Him and his shrieking slant of a missus could of gone on boring us for years!!
    Hed be worth billions now and probably still babbling on about peace and virtue signalling.
    If he had of lived hed be some California living tanned old lizard appearing in support of sleepy joe Biden and going the Obamas for dinner parties.

  3. If Lennon had lived to 80 he’d be the biggest cunt on the planet. And he’d have trashed his legacy from arsehole to breakfast time. Mark Chapman did the world a great favour.

    • He was the biggest cunt on the planet circa 1970. The less we heard from him and his talentless freeloading harpie, the less cuntish he became.
      He was an oaf, then a gullible fool, then some sort of house husband gullible fool, then killed by a fucking moron.
      Cynthia and Julian deserved better.
      He did write some great songs. Imagine wasnt one of them, despite Ono claiming part authorship Unlikely unless it originally had discordant screams and wails in it.

  4. There is a rumour that Mark Chapman worked for the Performing Rights Society and he went round to tell Lennon he wasn’t performing right, and it got a bit out of hand…..

    Seriously he looked raddled at 40, goodness knows what he would have looked like had he been spared – Catweazle probably. Or King Lear.

    Never could abide the chap. He was unbearable after he met old Chinkybollocks

    • Rumour was he had a raging coke habit at the end of his life. Probably ‘blessed’ by Yoko Fucking Ono to keep him ‘in line’ and her in charge of the money. Fanboys and apologists hate Goldman’s book, but it was probably the most accurate account of The Gruesome Twosome that there has ever been. He was basically up shit creek when he hooked up with the Sea Hag.

  5. He sang, ‘Imagine no possessions’…as he drove his vintage Rolls Royce down the drive to his mansion.

    Went weird and thought it was a good idea to show off his scrawny arse and saggy balls next to his minging wife and her hairy bush. He even let the mad cunt sing on his albums.

    Still, he didn’t deserve some nutter blowing his brains out. No matter how fucking terrible Imagine was.

    He died at 40, yes.

  6. A righteous cunting as dead people don’t celebrate their birthdays. And the has been/never were celebretards who are wishing them a Happy Birthday are in reality just trying to remain/become relevant.

    They always say; “He would have been 80 if he lived.”

    But he didn’t live you dumb cunt! Some fucking psycho capped him and he’s dead! He’s been dead for 40 fucking years! You think he’s going to rise from the dead like Nosferatu and dance around while you try to revive your legacy your with a tribute rendition of “Birthday?” Brain dead morons.

    Speaking of Nosferatu, the really ironic thing to me is that Keith Richards outlived Lennon. Nobody would have thought that. I bet if you dug up John and placed him side by side with Keef you’d be hard pressed to pick out the dead one.

    (Besides, while I’m a big Beatle fan…Lennon was a cunt.)

    • When your own fans shoot you your doing something wrong.
      Most rock stars die due to drink and drugs, its fitting, going out how you lived.
      But if I had a choice id go out like the king Elvis!
      Straining out a massive turd on the khazi.

      • I wonder if he managed to get that turd fired out before he croaked?

        If so, it should be on a plinth in Graceland in his honour. I bet it’s the size of a fucking Labrador.

        • I suspect Anthony Blair will die on the khasi, affixiated by the stench of his own farts. Cherie will acknowledge that he had suffered from piles for many years, since his covert visits to public lavatories in the 1970s.

          • I hate to disagree with the distinguished Mr. Boggs, but I have the distinct impression that Mr. Blair rather enjoys the smell of his own farts.

          • It is possible Mr Boggs meant to conflate fixated with asphyxiation, someone who indeed suffocated while solely focused on the scent. And yes Blair doubtless loves the scent and couldn’t imagine any others finding a whiff of it any less that divine. Facking arrogant tosser

      • Elvis was choc full of dozens of prescription drugs when he went. He wasn’t known as “Mr Shake, Rattle and Roll” for nothing.

  7. Paying tribute to someone on the anniversary of the date they were born is hardly a criminal offence. Nor is it worthy of a cunting.

    Maybe you have noticed the fuss made every December 25th which is the birthday of Jesus.

    When someone is cut down in their prime like Lennon people are remembering the lost years.

    Perhaps I am being too soft and should adopt your attitude. If some poor sod dies just forget ’em.

  8. Never really understood what the big deal was with Lennon. The Beatles were a great band no doubt, but this dude was just put on a pedestal as if he were some kind of God. That ugly screaming and demented slant he married is a much bigger cunt then Lennon himself though. It was inevitable that someone would assassinate the long haired hippy cunt at some point. He was the epitomy of Woke and if he was still alive today I’m sure he would be spearheading the whole woke movement.
    John, happy 80th birthday that you’ll never have you old cunt.

    • To be fair, “Mind Games” was a jolly album. Cheap, too. I bought it on the MfP label from Woolies. Perhaps a bitrthday party for Woolies and MfP would also be appropriate. They are both missed greatly.

  9. My mate said, “Did you know that Elvis didn’t die when they say he did..?”

    I said, “How do you know that..?”

    He said, “Because I saw him one Sunday morning in B&Q.”

    I said, “Even if he was alive what the fuck would Elvis Presley be doing in B&Q..?”

    He said, “Returned a sander.”….

  10. He was a strange cunt and no mistake.
    Any other bloke who’d come out of Liverpool in the 40s and 50s would have been satisfied with being in the biggest band in the world, having a nice big house, a lucrative songwriting partnership, all the dope he could smoke, money in the bank, and a lovely missus like Cynthia was. More than satisfied in fact.

    Yet, for some crazy reason, he wasn’t. He threw the lot away for a devious unattractive professional predator and he ended up in a gilded cage until he died.

  11. Liked his dindins Elvis didnt he?
    I like that!
    None of this starving like a fuckin skellington for the king!
    Fried foods,burgers etc
    No salad.
    Grew up poor and had to work.
    I liked Elvis.

  12. Good nomination but why would he invite Peter Sutcliffe to the party? I do like The Beatles but I always preferred The Rolling Stones. John Lennon was a bit of a cunt but what a fucking coward Mark Chapman was, shooting the poor bugger in the back.

    • Look Bob, Mark beat him to the draw its as simple as that.
      Wonder if he considered that as a defence?
      Thought Lennon was goin for his gun?
      Better than the ‘ im a nutter’ plea.
      Right judge might of only served two month.

  13. All Lennon’s post Beatles work was self-centred shite. He deserved to be shot for Double Fantasy alone. What a fucking embarrassment.

    • Hey Ruff,

      Speaking of self centered shite (and fucking embarrassments), here’s a classic from the Dick Cavett TV show:

      The twitterati would be shitting all over themselves if he came out with this today. As my old man used to say; “They wouldn’t know whether to shit or go blind.”

      • That’s bad General, bad.

        But was there a more obsequious interviewer on American television during that time than Dick fucking Cavett ? That nasally voice grates on me. I remember an interview with Ingmar Bergman. He was almost on his knees worshipping him. Trouble is he kept getting the name of his most famous film wrong. ‘The Seventh Veil’ instead of ‘The Seventh Seal’. Showing thereby that he wasn’t such a fan as he was making out.
        I know the late night chat shows hosts are fucking horribly offensive now. But maybe it was the growing up on a diet Dick Cavett that made them react.

        There was another one…cant remember.

        We had an obsequious interviewer over here Michael Parkinson.

        Johnny Carson was good.I think. Did you like him?

    • It was well funny when almost all reviews in the music press and the media labeled Double Fantasy as syrup drenched crap (which it was). Then he copped it and the revisionist sycophancy was unbearable. And the way the album – and Yoko Fucking Ono- were given an ovation at the 1981 Grammys was sickening.

  14. Norman, I can’t be the first one to tell you that you have an unhealthy obsession for hating all things scouse. Nothing to do with being a Manker I suppose.
    Dey do do dat do don’t dey.

    • I’m with Norman, can’t stand the cunts, one at a time they cab be bearable but more than that and they become a pain in the arse,

      Liverpool wanted to leave England at one point, I’m all for it, somewhere just west of Kabul would do them.

      • A long time ago I covered 3 factories. One was in Liverpool. It was a nightmare to work in. I had to have De Yewnion shadowing me and obstructing me every time I wanted to improve products or processes.
        Brainless cunts. It was the first of our factories to close.

      • Liverpool and Manchester are Irish-that’s why both cities have a soul and produce artists, poets and great music.
        Also why there are so many thieving cunts😄

        • Both have produced great bands, CG. Echo and the Bunnymen being Liverpool’s best and Joy Division being Manchester’s finest. The Smiths were good too, but Morrissey is a cunt.

    • Tomorrow is the birthday of David Furnish who is employed as Elton John’s official receiver. Nobody has mentioned this. Shouldn’t we all be celebrating? Maybe their two sons will be.

  15. Like my very religious sister who EVERY year says “you know Dad would have been 97 today”, and my reply is ‘so, he isn’t’ what do you want me to do? Then she gets all sniffy and calls me heartless.

  16. Fuck this deceased king of hippies. Chapman did the right thing in smoking him before he became even more of a smug, insufferable cunt.

  17. I’m glad there’s a vague consensus about Lennon on here. Normally you can’t discuss anything to do with The Beatles because their somewhat joyless fans won’t let you speak unless you accept their premise that they were superhuman god-like geniuses, as opposed to a band who did some good pop songs and some unlistenable, pretentious shite. And were all cunts to varying degrees.

    • Agreed. They were all cunts.

      Lennon – Hypocritical pussywhipped gobshite abusive smackhead bully boy self pitying mummy issues cunt.

      Macca – Tightfisted up himself pothead vegan bullshitter control freak plays at being mr nice guy cunt.

      George – Preaching grudge bearing whinging cokehead mickey mouse religion cunt.

      Ringo – Shagged Barbara Bach in her prime. For that alone, he is a cunt. Because I wanted to do it.

  18. One of the so called fab 4 👎👎
    Yep fuck off 👍👍
    Lucky for me I’m too young when these wankers were around 👍👍

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