End the Union once and for all.

So the Scots, Irish and Welsh want to have some autonomy over central government on the issue of lockdowns. Fair enough, they all have their own toytown assemblies and a fair amount of control over their own affairs.

However, both the Welsh and Scots assemblies are demanding more money from London to aid them during their own decisions to have regional lockdowns. So in essence English taxpayer will be subsidizing Scots and Welsh businesses and its citizens while they all stay at home doing next to fuck all.

Doesn’t really sound very fair to me, more so given the amount of cash London already gives both countries in normal circumstances. So much so they I do think the Welsh should have a similar referendum as the Scots in terms of going independent.

If they vote to leave, then that’s it, goodbye and find your own revenue streams. Central Government might give you one’s year’s funding as part of the transition, but after that you’re on your own. Piss off to the EU if they want!

Of course there’s still the issue of the monarchy and other bits and pieces that would need to be resolved during the breakup of the Union, but for me I think its time every country stood on its own 2 feet and discovered its own destiny.

The Union does sound rather anachronistic in these “enlightened” times of wanky wokishness anyway.

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47 thoughts on “End the Union once and for all.

  1. I don’t think it ever occurs to the nationalists but the EU might not want two very minor countries holding out a begging bowl. The so-called superstate has enough basket cases already.

    Just look at the mess the Welsh are making of their own lockdown.

    I don’t think the Welsh will vote for independence. The Scots might and if they do then let them feck off. They would sink like a stone without the English to subsidise them.

  2. Is it a natural thing? When someone says (meaning the Union) something like ‘this will affect the whole country’ I automatically think ‘which country?’
    How can you have as ‘country’ that is four countries.
    Its like Doublethink.

    • If they did go Id miss them, not joking.
      Believe we are stronger together, and seems a bit, well mard.
      I like the scots always have, the northern irish loyalists are great too.
      The Welsh although theyre rude as fuck are part of the British isles,dont understand how wed be better off all splitting up?
      If any do go we should invade within 24hrs and put the sulking fuckers under martial law.

      • It’s only north Wales that are rude cunts and speak Welsh when an English person enters a shop pub. Mrs EC is welsh cardiff and she fucking hates the cunts from the north for this reason.

        • Myself and Mrs Cuntatious have noticed this, north wales is a shithole full of ignorant cunts whereas south wales is a shithole full of decent people. The birds can be very fit too.

        • Ive only ever been North Wales, Anglesey, to be fair.
          Love the place, and its not all of them just a few,
          Was honestly puzzled to say good morning to someone to be blanked.
          I have that at home dont want it on holiday!!😀

          • I taught a Manc mate of mine to say ichyd da as an ice breaker when he visited Bala.

            He did to the first person he saw and they said:

            Fack owf ya wewsh caaant.

        • Theyve got some lovely beaches in south wales ^best of the natural beauty beats any stabby shitty city thats for sure/cant really see them wanting to fuck off esp with their reichsfuhrer drakeford (not south wales all the same)but still

    • By ‘the whole country’ they mean the UK, Miles.

      When I say “This country is finished” I mean the UK.

      Same rules apply. It’s not rocket science.

      Good evening.

  3. I feel the only way forward is the enslavement of the minor Countries surrounding us.
    And a spot of Prima Nocta would be highly acceptable! 😁

  4. I’m not sure Nicola Sturgeon is the full ticket.
    I got out my maps of Scotland and even searched on Google earth but I still can’t find this Loch Doon she keeps banging on about….

  5. it is only the fucking Marxist cunts who hate themselves as well as everybody else, that wants to destroy “The Butchers Apron”.
    Stupid pricks.

    • The ‘change everything’/reset generation cunts need to fucking leave shit alone.
      Too many fuckers rocking the boat all the time.
      We are sick of it – really fucking sick.
      This nom is shit.
      Pure annoyance , with no fucking content.
      Get fucked.

  6. They get so much free stuff from England, like free prescriptions.
    I’d give them independence for 12 month after taking back things like Royal Navy ship yards and the pound along with any subsidies they get.
    Guarantee both would be bankrupt in 8 months as you can’t survive on selling just lamb and whiskey.

  7. In Braveheart the king said, “the problem with Scotland is that it’s full of Scots.” Maybe bring back Prima Nocta? Breed them out? Thoughts? No fair cutting in line fellas!

  8. The worst fucking occurrence of the last twenty odd years has been this devolved government shite.
    Every tin pot Hitler and their shitty goons saw an opportunity to make rules up,boss people about and take another countries wealth with impunity.
    I’d fucking gas every last one of the cunts.

  9. It is the political elite and the rabids who want independence. And they want it so bad, that they want to immediately surrender that freedom to a Mafia Boss.

    End devolved powers. It is that simple.

  10. I was chatting up a Welsh sort when it dawned on me that I hadn’t asked her name.
    I said, “I’ve been talking to you for about fifteen minutes now and I don’t even know your name.”

    She said, “All my friends call me Vivaldi.”

    I said, “Is that because you’re some sort of virtuoso violinist..?”

    She said, “No, it’s because my name is Viv and I work at Aldi”….

  11. I believe in the Union, mainly from a security point of view.
    If Scotland, Wales or N. Ireland, were to break away, the fucking Chinks would be straight in with billions in investment . Not a good situation.
    Devolution was a huge mistake, visited on these Islands by the fucking Labour party.
    Fucking fifth columnists.
    Get To Fuck.

  12. As a Welsh cunt civilising North Lincs dont lump us in with the Krankies.
    Independence will never be voted for in Wales. Devolution was only narrowly voted for as a lot of us predicted the kind of petty, narrow minded misfits we would get. Drakeford anybody?
    The Welsh assembly is hugely unpopular in the industrial south and regarded as unnecessary.
    I hope the Jocks fuck off, but leave us sheep fanciers out of it.

  13. Tempting though as it might be in financial terms to save a few quid by saying farewell to the celts the painful truth is that pretty much everywhere else outside the M25 is subsidised by Londonistab.

    If that ever broke away, the rest of us would be truly fucked!!

  14. When the devolution referendum happened in 97, I didn’t vote because I thought they didn’t have a hope in hell of winning, as I didn’t know anybody who thought it was a good idea. Imagine the horror of waking up to find they had won! And through voter apathy too. Less than 50% of the electorate voted, and of that they only managed to secure 50.4% of the vote. That makes Brexit look like a fucking landslide.
    Since then, year after year, the Welsh Assembly has proved itself to be a meddling incompetent money pit, with fuck up after fuck up. No one will fuck you as comprehensively as your own people. The building the grasping scum earmarked to be the seat of government suddenly became unsuitable for such important people, so they had to blow millions on the Senedd in Cardiff bay, just to make them feel even more important.
    Thankfully there is little appetite for independence in Wales, though you’d never think so, as cunts like the BBC give the drooling cranks that want it far too much airtime, amplifying their cause way beyond its actual reach.
    It’s because of the initial devolution vote that I will always vote, usually for the one I would like to see suffer least, as to like a politician is to like having cystitis.
    Now the cunts in Cardiff and the cunts in holyrood are playing politics by trying to show up an incompetent U.K. government and further their political goals with sowing division, confusion and their own incompetence.
    The same goes for the Mayor cunts in the north of England too.
    The only people who want more politicians are idiots and politicians.

  15. If you make the comparison along the lines of retail

    England is Tesco
    Scotland is Poundland
    Wales is Abduls corner shop.

    Fuck the Scots and Welsh, they have never had it so good, never ending fucking moaning suits them down to the ground. All the Scots that I have met except one who was from Shetland, are miserable cunts, the one from Shetland was mad as a box of frogs!

  16. As Welsh born Rhodesian, now back in Wales for 19 years, all I can say is that I hope direct rule from London returns forthwith, Pembrokeshire (little England) mostly despises the WAG and view it as a Marxist echo chamber full of cunts who know nothing other than talking shite, and of course the token dar quay Vaughan “umbongo” Gethin, Pembrokeshire folk wouldn’t vote for a kaffir if it was the only candidate on the fucking ballot, I hope the union lasts and all traitors to it are hanged for treason, the utter cunts!!!!!

    • Gethin is an uppity little runt, and when I can afford it I’m going to start drinking Welsh whisky, just to piss off Krankie.

  17. All for nationalism, it’s a great thing, only ruined by nationalist politicians.

    Let me explain, nationalism is pride in your homeland, care for your history and culture and there is nothing wrong with that, is there? I am happy for anyone to wax lyrical about there homeland (scousers excluded…..cunts!)

    Nationalist politicians always have to make someone else the problem, Sinn Fein, the SNP, the welsh lot, even the Brexit party\the ;eave campaign. You don’t need a bogeyman to sell nationalist ideas, you just need good ideas and coherent policies.

    Boris, sturgeon, the welsh cunt, all rely on making somebody the bogeyman, all happy to flood their respective nations with immigrants, fuck their own nationals over and in some cases break one union to sign their independence straight over before the inks dry on the independence treaty.

    Too often a nationalist politicians nationalism is a disguise for their own lust for power to the cost of their nations.

  18. If they want to stay with the EU I’d give them all the help I could. That gravy train is coming to an end fast! It would appear that the EU have suddenly realised what’s been right in front of them since we voted to leave. “Oh fuck, one of our major contributors is disappearing and we’ll have to fund this spunkbucket without them” . Of course they want a deal now, all we ever had to do was show them we would leave without a deal, it may not be in our best interests but it’s just as bad for Europe. The timing of c19 has been somewhat fortunate for the U.K. too. All the additional handouts that the EU will have to find without us! Get the borders closed! Pity Dianne Abbot’s the wrong side of the gate though!

  19. Confession: I used to support independence when I lived in Scotland. Back then, its oil revenues could have made the population extremely rich if they had been managed well ( and they weren’t) Even later the question would probably not have re-arisen if the oil wealth had been invested in a UK sovereign wealth fund (and it most emphatically wasn’t, by Thatcher)

    The SNP had a case. But that’s disappeared with declining oil production, and Scotland on its own, or, idiotically, exchanging UK sovereignty for Brussels, is a busted flush. I’d be sorry to see it go, because even in normal times it would be taking an economic hit as well as amplifying its existing internal hostilities. But I fear emotion is likely to triumph over reason.

  20. I think that maybe this is part of the plan – devolution (not democratic) into ‘regions’ as part of european alignment – which is what the eu have wanted for a decade or more – is it becoming obvious that we are not really leaving the eu?

  21. Give them both a referendum on leaving but explain we won’t give them a single penny if they do and we will immediately build a border wall.If they want to leave and have Smarmy Sadistic Sturgeon or Mark Mother Firebreaker Dickhead Drakeford of Taffy land as their leaders so be it but also say that along with their referendum there is a separate vote to abolish their shitty assemblies alongside it in the event of a Remain vote.As long as I don`t have to pay for it.Why should I pay for Sturgeon and Drakeford to bankrupt their own respective nations when our useless corrupt government is doing such a good job of it over here.If we are to pay the Taffies we are paying for them to deny people such “non-essential” goods such as children`s clothes bedding underwear and even bizarely tampons.Fuck that!

  22. “Piss off to the EU if they want!”

    Adonis, duckie Dommie Grieve and Dame Kweer would love that, because it would result in BRINO – one quarter of an island being the only part to be outside the EU. No – definately NO. Bloody Jocks and Taffys must do as they are bloody well told. In any case I d0on’t think even the whey-faced Barnier would allow two very minor parts of the British Isles to get their feet under their table – they would be a liability.

  23. Mark Drakeford is a Marxist, Jeremy Corbyn’s ring-licking cunt whose son is a convicted rapist and pee dough. Way to go as a parent Mark. And he looks like one himself anyway, I bet the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    • That explains why Drakeford and the Labourite scum are so keen on lockdowns and so-called “circuit breakers” – they want to economically cripple Britain

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