Cunts wearing masks

(Matt Suckcock forgets his mask and his own rules – DA)

Yep those ‘like being ordered what to do cunts’ are surrendering cunts and have the potential to switch sides in a war.

Crossing the road is risky and so is not wearing a mask some say…I say uncertainty and risk makes us feel truly alive and life is to be lived. So c’mon cunters live a little amd absorb some of my spirit of adventure and take some risks and don’t wear a mask.

If Covid 19 gets me at least the fans won’t remember me being aaaht and abaaaaaht with a damn mask on my face, no they’ll remember me as a cunt who would not be told what to do.

I’ve been to a few events etc lately and all these social distancing, mask wearing etc measures they are asking customers etc are a farce.

Live a little cunters…who wants to die as a careful cunt.

PS If you die of Covid 19 after my advice…I knew naffink abaaaaaht it.

Go fuck yourselves.

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt 

148 thoughts on “Cunts wearing masks

  1. I agree with B@WC but I iwon’t be following the advice because I don’t want to be “that” guy who gets filmed by some horrrible, bullying little cunt, plastered all over Facefuck and doxxed. The only way out of getting doxxed for not wearing a mask is to wear a mask unfortunately.

    • Or stay off social media. Best thing I ever did was delete my shit book account. In this day and age its a sure fire way to get into trouble. Especially us cunts!

  2. The point of wearing a mask is to protect other cunts from yourself. Fuck that. The only time I wear a mask is when I’m playing fantasy rape with the wife.

  3. B&WC – the mask doesn’t protect you. It protects the poor cunts you have coerced to be slave labour in your assorted sweatshops and brothels, as well as your customers for white powders and herbal products. In the interests of making a profit, you are well advised to maaaaaask up and stop being intentionally provocative.

    • I don’t thing anyone is denying that they have some sort of minimal effect. The problem is that it shouldn’t be up to the government to enforce mask policy. It should be up to individuals and businesses to decide for themselves.

  4. I wear a mask only in shops (Welsh politburo rules), but it’s ripped off at the first opportunity, there’s a pair of coffin dodgers down the road from me (both rich as fucking Croesus) wearing face masks on their own, in their own car, driving at 4 mile a fortnight in front of me, some of us cunts have to make a living you senile bastards, even my 98 year old father says this is beyond a joke now, as he says anything over 70 is a bonus, be grateful, sacrifice yourself for the hive, utter cunts!!!!

    • I’ll never understand those cunts you see driving about alone, still with their masks on. Maybe there’s some rationale to it but it escapes me.

      • It’s because they are on their way home from Ruff Tuff’s house , after raping his wife , again.
        Although there’s quite a queue recently…

  5. A dictatorship we live in now.NHS sadverts saying space face bollocks.I want to punch Adolf Handonmycock in his face.Aga please Unkle Terry for sage

  6. Masks are a sign of obedience and conformity. Incredible that people you think are intelligent show themselves to actually be half-asleep, completely immersed in a great lie, willing to bend over and take the government dick(tat) up the batty.

    Four legs good, two legs bad! Four legs good, two legs bad!

  7. I bet this Front Bench ministers were hoping for a relatively quiet life when they came to power last year.

    Yes, there might be the ongoing pissing about with Brexit, but by and large they were hoping for an easy 5 year ride, giving it the “Hear! hear! hear!” in the House of Cunts, and bogus press releases about some minor trade problem with Umbongoland etc.

    But this Covid thing has caught them by the short and curlies: they’ve got to actually do a bit of graft to earn their £80k+ salary, even if it is made-up bollocks and “do as I say, not as I do!” rhetoric, as we can see with this cunt.

    All a bunch of bastards!

  8. @B&WC

    Solid cunting. You’ve inspired me. I’m throwing my masks away…and getting a Hazmat suit.

    Leave and indulge in self-fornication.

  9. Hate the fucking things. Only wear a bandana in shops etc. (Plus clothes of course).
    Wandering by the River Thames in Surrey yesterday, breezy and sunny, not many people about but some I saw were sporting masks also cyclists.
    Perhaps they should stay at home if they are that worried.

    • Thats how I feel Cuntalugs – when I see silly bastards alone in their cars wearing a face nappy, I feel they ought to be “shielding” – I understand why some people do for genuine health reasons, but some of these cunts (especially the younger ones) ought to be sent three white feathers.

      • Yep WC
        I understand that some people feel they need to wear them.
        But it was the younger ones I saw out and aahbout yesterday.
        Read in the paper the other day that, that cunt Valence put up the idea that anyone over 60 should be made to stay in. Yeah that’ll go well. I’m 67 and pretty fit and healthy, same with my chums. I can’t see anyone putting up with that. The idea was shelved, probably because all these arseholes spouting these diktats are getting on as well.

  10. I’ve not paid for a single stupid mask during this farce. I used a ruff only when absolutely necessary. Since then I have left this cuntree (orstraya) for one poorer in money but far richer in common sense, zest for life and sense of community. I feel like a Bounty crew man mutinying to stay in Tahitian paradise rather than sailing back to ignominy, poverty and plague in Blighty. And no facking face masks here! Despite which the streets are hardly littered with corpses. So fuck your masks and the plandemic they rode in on.

  11. Tip top cunting by Mr B&W.

    I have not worn a mask but understand that those who do may have been scared shitless by the soothsayers of doom. What I don’t understand is why cunts wear masks to “protect others” then chuck them on the pavements when they piss off home. Thanks for that, you utter cunts.

    Then there are the twats who wear masks outside when it is chucking it down and the wind is blowing a gale. Cunts.

    If that cunt Tony Blair had still been in charge he would have found a “middle way” by now. Perhaps cunts in tier one areas need only wear masks on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Tier two cunts could wear them at weekends as well. Tier three and you would have to wear two at a time every day. Fuck it, I may write to the Jellyfish man and tell him my idea. He will probably make it national policy from midnight next Wednesday.

    • Saw a couple in a convertible mazda t’other day. Top down, masks on! Perhaps they were embarrassed about being a couple of 50 somethings in a poncey hairdresser’s car?

      I personally hate the fucking mask thing, but can’t really be bothered to take the shit from the holier-than-though mongs who would invariably have a go at me if I didn’t wear one.

      • Cheeky cunt, I had one of them once upon a time! Mazda sporstcar… We saw a cock, the other day, too, same thihg. Yes mate, that ambulance crew WERE laughing at you.

        • What about the nob ends that pull their masks down to have a fag. Heaven forbid they should get a respiratory disease. Ha, ha. Cunts!

          • or the fella I saw outside Wickes t’other day. Held his nostril and expelled the contents on the floor (and his trousers) a la premier league “footballer”, then used his t shirt to wipe his, now snot covered, face, then finished off what was left with his fingers. He then put on his mask and when in to touch everything in the shop.

    • Was just about to post the same thing about mask litterers TT. You see masks dumped everywhere, in the street, the park, bus stops… We’ve got a big enough problem with littering as it is, without these bone idle cunts adding to the problem.

  12. The ‘rule’ (which is NOT a law) is a ‘face covering’. That includes scarfs for example.

    A scarf is an item of clothing.

    A mask is an item of uniform.

  13. There are exemptions one of which is being ruggedly handsome however this comes with great responsibility.
    Hiding your good looks B&W would be a crime against humanity but to prevent those of us aren’t blessed from being jealous should be encouraged to wear masks and I would go further, the likes of the Dodds woman should be forced to wear a mask even after all this shirt is over.

    • That’s the key word though – encouraged. Not enforced. That’s what people don’t like – the fact that the right to make the choice for themselves has been taken away.

  14. If I saw you walking around my village without a mask, I would ,of course.immediately report you to The Authorities…report you if you were wearing a mask too.

  15. just back from my local co-op – all the fucking builders , in their vans and in the rain wearing the fucking things – what have we become????

    • The builders have a reason to wear the masks, if one of them gets Covid the whole site is shut down….
      Builders tend to be more compliant to rules because to work on sites they have to take training courses, pass tests, have inductions so understand what it’s all about.
      They are very used to wearing PPE unlike fucking cunts who think wearing a mask is somehow an affront to their human rights

      • builders wear masks in appropriate work situations – i think we are talking here about the imposition of wearing masks as a so called health agenda for the whole population (with legitimate exemptions) to ‘combat’ a virus – something never done before despite the myriad of viruses in existence everyday – your argument does not hold water – rather like a mask

        • My ‘argument’ is about understanding why we are being asked (forced) to wear masks in certain situations. The masks don’t combat Covid they are used to try to prevent spread, particularly from people who are asymptomatic of which there are many if you look at the statistics.

          • If they’re that good at preventing the spread we wouldn’t have seen such a dramatic rise in cases upon reopening. And don’t trot out the ‘people aren’t following the rules’ stuff because in my area that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, they probably do have a minimal effect but if you’re getting it, you’re getting it regardless of masks.

          • If that’s the case then why have I never had it? Why aren’t ambo crews, ED staff and Covid ward staff dropping like flies? We wear masks. Some staff have had it, like my mate, some have died, but, using your analogy, we’d all get it. As I said, wear one, don’t wear one – I don’t give a fuck, but, don’t trot out a load of shite as to why you won’t.

          • asymptomatic people are healthy people – the mask is a sign of compliance – it is a tool of control – as a free man i will never wear one – the spurious regime agenda is only continuing because of the level of compliance – the argument about masks per se is a diversion from the tyranny – i’ll call it quits now

          • ‘Asymptomatic’ doesn’t mean you don’t have it, it just means you’re not displaying symptoms. Took a bloke in, yesterday that was asymptomtic of an MI. He was having barn-door STEMI…

          • To GTC, I have no idea why it’s spreading, if you go onto the government website there is a lot of data between June and September, one of the data sets shows cases v’s ethnicity and it’s clear that there are a disproportionate number of cases of people who are Asian/Asian British.
            The economy opening up, Schools opening, Universities opening are all probable factors in increasing numbers of cases, no one suggests that wearing masks alone is going to stop the virus but it is just one part of an overall strategy to reduce the spread.

            To Lana, you crack on with your conspiracy theories and not wearing a mask.

  16. To nullify this mask controversy, I think B&WC should just wrap his knob around his lower face when he’s out & about. He’ll have to be careful not to blind himself, though.

  17. With you in spirit(s), B&WC. Masks can be a great boon for cosplay but are less useful in preventing the spread of virions. Unless high-grade consumables proper indoctrination in their deployment is assured, you’re probably simply increasing the risk of developing fungal lesions, bacterial infections (while failing to avoid viral loading).

    The idea (see Komodo) that the chief societal benefit of mask wearing is to prevent onward spread from infected individuals is seductive, and seemingly unimpeachable. However a fuller analysis of this must take into account that a person already symptomatic (ie coughing/sneezing and otherwise shedding virions) will also (almost certainly) have a high fever, aching joints and generally feel like shit. They are therefore less than likely to be mincing about in Tesco; they’ll be abed feeling sorry for themselves. Asymptomatic carriers (actually the majority in the under 40s) are – by definition – NOT coughing/sneezing; ergo they are NOT shedding virions. The mask-wearing argument is thereby largely scotched.
    [scholarly studies supporting this available on request]

    These days I feel like an extra in Terry Nation’s “Survivors“ as I walk down the Strand with a cane in my hand, looking for a spot of slap & tickle. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

    Aldi’s s strapline used to be “spend a little, live a lot”. I agree with B&WC that, for a fuller appreciation of life, one should reword that to: “live a little – spend a lot”.

    What an absolute shower you lot are.

    • A minor correction, for the eagle-eyed only.
      “Unless high-grade consumables proper indoctrination in their deployment is assured…” should read:
      “Unless high-grade consumables AND proper indoctrination in their deployment is assured…” .

      In other words, for the eagle-brained, unless you are using a type of mask specifically designed to attenuate the passage of particles as small as virions- whether or not adsorbed onto mucus (they do exist, of course) – AND you are using them absolutely in accordance with best practice (that includes proper disposal/sanitisation) you are largely wasting your efforts.

      An NHS study from early March, which has been correctly suppressed for obvious reasons, found that less than 5% of clinical staff initially used this type PPE correctly so as to prevent viral spread. Bear in mind this was a study of NHS nurses and doctors already well-familiar with wearing of masks in operating theatres and other critical environments.

      I suggest that the majority of the Great Unwashed realistically do not have a snowball in hell’s chance of mastering the correct wearing of masks, therefore is to be entirely deprecated.

      Bag of shite

  18. Wear one, don’t wear one, I couldn’t give a fuck, but, don’t come up with bullshit excuses why not. They will NOT reduce your oxygen levels, (a genuine, checkable fact, that), not even in asthma. Cunts with medical degrees from the University Of YouTube/Facebook can argue all they like, they’re wrong.

    I wear one at work and in shops etc, but, it gets taken off the minute I’m outside.

        • If you don’t understand by now there is really no point but for one last time.
          If it were a choice many people wouldn’t do it, many of these people could well be asymptomatic and are out and about spreading virus bearing droplets so to ensure that this doesn’t happen the government ask, want, require everyone to wear a mask/face covering in enclosed space.

          • So your argument is basically ‘people can’t behave properly so the government has to force them to?’ Christ you’d be right at home in the Politburo. Has it occurred to you that viruses are a part of life and that we’ve been dealing with other types of them for years without resorting to the government nannying the population?

            (Let’s keep it friendly please as I don’t want to do any mod work while watching this hot lezzie porno – DA)

          • Hah, apologies admin! I hope the lasses in the porno are redheads.

            (Probably – DA)

  19. Today the disposable mask; tomorrow we’ll all be wearing letterboxes (would definitely happen tomorrow if Labour were in charge!)

    Burqas for blokes and Niqabs for the wenches = problem solved

    • …and a sequinned mankini for Dame Kweer’s boys – Russell-Moyle and Bradshaw would look a picture – of the sort you find in Tangiers.

  20. I would be royally pissed off if some skanky cunt, sans mask, infected with Covid-19 decided to sneeze or cough their virus ridden mucus in my direction.

    Fucking hell, it isn’t a major inconvenience and if it prevents several thousand from catching the chinky bat flu then of course it is worthwhile.

    B&WC does post some greats, but I am sadly not on-board with this one.

    I hate to wield the mighty Cunting Invalidator, but…

    Cunting invalid.

    • With you, Paul. If someone gets it, you might have me sticking another sort of mask on your face or having an endotracheal tube shoved down your throat. Not very pleasant, so I’ve heard.

    • That’s all very well and good but why exactly should the government enforce it? Why can’t we be allowed to make the choice for ourselves?

    • Aye. I’m getting the impression that some of us, if instructed by the government to wear a (proper) mask during a nerve gas attack, would stand on their assumed rights and freedoms….briefly… before they collapsed twitching and expired. (I’m talking about the attitude, not the relative lethality, which is a certain target for nitpicking)

      No biggy. East Asians have been doing it routinely for years, if only to try and filter out the traffic fumes. Makes a lot of people look rather better than Nature left them (see Dodds, previously. Definite mask candidate) Tends to muffle the sound of bullshit being talked. What’s not to like?

      • Yes, people should have the choice to wear a gas mask in that assumed scenario as well. Allowing the government the power to enforce laws to make you behave properly doesn’t ever end well. Let businesses make their own rules and let consumers choose whether to patronise said businesses based on them – what is the downside of that approach?

        • The downside of that is that you feel free to sneeze in my direction with greater certainty of giving me a disease which at my age is very likely to hospitalise or kill me. I’m a selfish cunt too. I don’t give much of a fuck what other people think (evidence all over ISAC). But if I think there is something to be gained for other peoples’ safety by an action, I’m not about to argue.

          Now let’s test your argument for consistency. Is it your sacred right to drive on whichever side of the road you choose?

          • I’ve seen morons in masks step out on the road in front of my car, making me have to break or swerve to avoid them because they saw my car as less of a threat than the person walking towards them on the pavement. Probably add that to the covid death figures too.

          • I suggest you, and others like you, stay at home Komodo. That way you’ll avoid the risk of being hit by not only the likes of Anne Sacoolas, struck down by cytokine storms and pissed off by cyclists… but also you’ll have more time to devote to your favourite pursuit, namely that of “Orcadian Internet Warrior” ©T-T, 2020.

            What’s not to like indeed? Funny as fuck, if nothing else! Rare that isac raises a real smile in these straightened times of denial, but you did it for me, chap. Once again (as you might yourself put it). And… and… and another thing….

            An absolute shower of bellendery, as previously intimated.

          • Now now Terry, there’s no need to insult him for having his opinion. Although he is right Komodo – life is full of risk and right now Covid just happens to be another hazard. You probably risk health complications from things such as colds every time you step out your front door.

          • Do you ever feel like you’re being a passive aggressive cunt who can’t accept people having opinions that differ to your own?

          • Do you ever feel like your a pissing into the wind 😂


            Interestingly enough, only when commenting on this blogsite. Otherwise, I must say that I find reasoned argument quite congenial. It is often a precursor to “long walks in the woods”, which themselves often engender mutually beneficial outcomes (of the type that B&WC’s extensive input to isac relates.)

            I must admit that that a high degree of wankerishness exists in this ethos/kismet, which I hereby acknowledge. However, I’d be wholly disingenuous if I denied that there was a certain schadenfreude associated with the realisation that most are denied access to this understanding.
            All of this realisation, like all else in reality, comes with a price. The salient question is only: is that price too high?

            Questions I asked myself 25 years ago, and now – surprisingly – find myself asking again.

            Hmm, perhaps I should’ve worn that mask you mentioned, B&WC….

          • Terry-Thomas is CS or something like it. No further comment except ‘stop humping my leg.’

            As I have wearily explained, the intention of a mask is not to protect me but – if only partially – to protect others, and maybe (without wishing to signal my virtue) show that I have their interests slightly at heart.

            I have no intention of staying at home, Tso, even if cunts with a chip on their shoulder about being asked to do anything that mildly inconveniences them decline to obey the law.

            I simply avoid them to the best of my ability. Why should I have to? Ah. My freedoms are different to yours. Got it.

          • To GTC, was that aimed at me ‘passive aggressive cunt’ 😂

            That’s the first compliment I have had for quite a while.

        • My point, Komodo, is that if you’re that worried about it you have the choice to stay at home. Nobody’s forcing you to. Don’t start banging on about double standards and freedoms when you outright said that people should be forced by the government to change their habits to protect you.

        • Slightly off-topic, there’s a catchy mnemonic (?) for the effects of a nerve agent attack: SLUDGE – Salivation, lachrymation, urination, diaphoresis, gastric ‘distress’, and emesis.
          It’s how I usually feel after seeing The Groaniad website.

  21. I have to wear one in the execution of my duties when visiting premises for inspection. Failure to do so would end up with the inspectee phoning my company up the second I have gone and grassing me the fuck up the cunts. Bad news is often not taken well by the inspectee, especially when I’m costing them money…fucking cunts! Therefore, due to the fact that unemployment would curtail my day-to-day cunt activities, I acquiesce to wearing a mask….fuck days off though.

  22. I have one which is styled on Chatterer, the Cenobite from Hellraiser.

    I get some admiring looks from fellow film nerds as I buy my toilet rolls and pink lady apples from Morrisons.

  23. Take no heed of B&W Cunt. He is just that.
    A cunt.

    He doesnt wear a mask because he usually has his tongue up some poor fuckers arse. The pervy bastard.

  24. Yes, it is. Although why people would risk head on collisions is another matter. I get you’re in the at risk group Komodo but you have the choice whether to go out or not. If you’re that high risk you can choose not to go out or frequent. Your argument only really works with outdoor transmission, and even then the risk of that is minimal most of the time.
    Your personal circumstances do not give you the right to control other people’s choices and actions.

    • There would be choice, those that don’t want to wear a mask don’t have to, those that do can get a proper one that protects them, not some spit coated rag.

    • Wasting your breath, Gen. Tso. You can’t convince someone who’s got the fear.

      And Komodo, yeah you are being a selfish cunt (which is fine).. but not when you’re willing to have all of us equally concede personal freedom to the government. You, and everyone else who is endorsing this horseshit, are emboldening our Rt. Honourable Dickheads to take even more liberties from us.

      Fucking watch what happens next with the vaccine. Go read Animal Farm by Orwell mate.

      • LOL. If you think being made to wear a mask equates to living in a dictatorship, it is probably time you read the grownup edition of Animal Farm and not the kiddy picture book from Trump’s library..

        I think your argument is that I should not ask you ” equally” to “concede personal freedom to the government.”.

        You want, unequally, not to concede that freedom, perhaps?
        Some freedom, that. Not to wear masks in the middle of a public health crisis. My old man spent years in a German PoW camp defending that freedom? Did he fuck. Today he’d have worn a mask like anyone else with a grain of responsibility, I promise you, and he was no lefty.

        • My grandmother would have pissed her sides at the idea of covid masks as dictatorial. She had to wear a gas mask on and off for six years during World War II. The house she lived in (in Salford) was also bombed by the Krauts more than once, and she had an outside bog on top of all that. People really don’t know they are born.

        • I literally just said I don’t fucking care about ‘my old man did this’, or ‘my nan had an outdoor bog’, or ‘so and so died’ fucking anecdotes. So what if they did, I don’t fucking care.

          It is not voluntary when you can’t use public services without threat of fine. Having had no proper Parliamentary debate on the subject and implemented because of one Oxford study in a moment of panic despite all previous studies indicating the ineffectiveness, nothing but a one-way narrative on masks being effective in the media (state enforced censorship), that is the actions of a dictatorship in my book. It may seem trivial being over a mask but it doesn’t make it any less serious.

          • I do take your point, strange as it may seem. However, this virus was a huge unknown when it hit, and what works and what doesn’t still isn’t clear by any means. Debating it wouldn’t have clarified a damn thing. Decisions had to be taken without democracy. This isn’t a conspiracy. it’s a disease.

            Your grandmother *did* wear her gasmask, then? Well, damned if I see why. Gas was not used against the UK mainland. Maybe it was a matter of believing what the government was telling her? Wooo, how gullible. 🙂

  25. ‘when you’re willing to have all of us equally concede personal freedom to the government.’

    To use that analogy, should I have the personal freedom not to put myself at risk going to a pt that’s not worn a mask due to their ‘Personal Freedom’ and caught Covid? Should the ED staff we’re taking you to? Should we give you a big ‘Fuck Off and make your own way in or stay at home’? Some of my colleagues have died due to ‘Personal Freedom’. Fit people with no comorbidities. Where’s our ‘Personal Freedom’? As I said, time and time again, wear a mask, don’t wear one, (I do at work and in shops, that’s it), I couldn’t give a fuck, but, don’t spout bullshit as to why you won’t. Thing is, personal freedom or not, we’ll still be there to pick up the pieces when it all goes wrong.😉

    • It’s strange that mandatory wearing of a mask in enclosed space is somehow being interpreted as government control, I really don’t get it.
      Turning the fucking power off during the ‘three day week’ was government control. Thankfully the pub where I drank had hand pumps and candles 😂

      • I remember my dad and all our neighbours leaving the car lights on when there were no street lights working. The telly used to go off at a certain time and hot water was limited. Now cunts cry if their iPhones don’t get a signal and someone tells a joke on Twatter that they don’t like . The UK has lost its bollocks as well as its guts.

        • The place where I worked at the time was classed as continuous process so we were allowed to work 3 x 24hr days, I ended up with the fucking night shift because I was local, the cunts 😂

          Ah, the good old days, fuck that I like my comforts 😂

    • I don’t spout bullshit about why I don’t wear one. My reasons:

      Masks do the square root of jack shit.
      It’s a bullshit dictat from government.
      It’s not proven to do less than jack shit.

      Your little sob story is great but I don’t give a shit about emotional blackmail, from you or the government. They’ve picked up and run with something that has no proven efficacy, and saying “we should wear one, it might work” is fine ONLY when it’s voluntary and not enforced.

      You’re simply not questioning our government sufficiently because you’re scared.

        • He is right mind RTC – there seems to be a view from some people here that nanny knows best and that we shouldn’t dare ask any questions.

      • ‘Masks do the square root of jack shit.’

        That’s a fine quote of bullshit, already, mate.

        ‘It’s not proven to do less than jack shit’.

        Oops, and another one….

        Luckily for Joe Public, paramedics, surgeons, nurses and doctors, etc, don’t get their degrees from the University Of YouTube/Facebook/Internet Conspiracy Theories.

        • No, it’s not bullshit. Some of you really need to question more, it’s embarrassing. You’ll be referring me to fucking snopes or factchecker before long.

          The non-politicised science before covid said quite plainly that masks don’t do shit. Even the WHO said on June 5th that the evidence just isn’t there.

          • Come on, then, post up links to your ‘Facts’. It’s your big chance to prove all those highly trained clinicians wrong. When I say ‘Facts’, I mean real, peer-reviewed, checked facts, not a theosis from YouTube Polytechnic.

            Go on, I’ll use it as CPD. I’ll read them when I come back from the chop shop where Elvis works.

          • Please stop with the peer review vs conspiracy theorist comparison. It’s childish, and it’s the same tactic both media and government are using to convince everyone that ‘the science says/is settled’.

            They would use that same nonsense tactic on the Great Barrington Declaration if only it weren’t for the fact that top scientists have put name to it.. instead they’re just ignoring it because they can’t attack it in that way.

            Anyway, the WHO said themselves, June 5th, about the current lack of evidence regarding masks. They recommended it anyway but it’s there in writing:

            “Many countries have recommended the use of fabric
            masks/face coverings for the general public. At the present
            time, the widespread use of masks by healthy people in the
            community setting is not yet supported by high quality or
            direct scientific evidence and there are potential benefits and
            harms to consider (see below).” Pg 6

          • Scientist or YouTube/Facebook conspiracy theorist? Yeah, you’ve convinced me… And you’ll note the ‘Not yet’ in your quote, (probably from Facebook).

          • And you still haven’t answered my points, below. (They’re ‘Facts’, by the way, not conspiracy theories).

          • I don’t know what you’re referring to (above, below, where?). I don’t really care tbh.

            I quoted directly from the WHOs own document, June 5th, on their own fucking website: ‘Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19: interim guidance, 5 June 2020’.

            I know you feel intellectually superior because your in the health industry and therefore automatically know best, but actually that doesn’t amount to shit. You’re just parroting like everyone else.

          • ‘‘If that’s the case then why have I never had it? Why aren’t ambo crews, ED staff and Covid ward staff dropping like flies? We wear masks. Some staff have had it, like my mate, some have died, but, using your analogy, we’d all get it. As I said, wear one, don’t wear one – I don’t give a fuck, but, don’t trot out a load of shite as to why you won’t.’

            These facts. No, I don’t feel I’m intellectually superior, but, the trouble with the internet is that sometimes you actually come across people that know what they’re talking about. You still haven’t posted links to your ‘Facts’, just some random quote. I’m afraid, to me, you sound like a member of the Royal College of Bystanders, therefore a Walt, as opposed to my twenty seven years frontline service. Healthcare experts, eh? Phht…. Personally, I think an expert, with a degree in Epidemiology from Facebook Polytechnic should be perusing the NHS Jobs website as you’re wasted on the internet.

          • Oh, and, in the Real World, guidance is fluid and is liable to change. I’ll not blind you with science, but, I’ll listen to our Trusts clinical advisors rather than Dr Internet, thanks.

          • ‘If that’s the case then why have I never had it? Why aren’t ambo crews, ED staff and Covid ward staff dropping like flies? We wear masks. Some staff have had it, like my mate, some have died, but, using your analogy, we’d all get it. As I said, wear one, don’t wear one – I don’t give a fuck, but, don’t trot out a load of shite as to why you won’t.’

            You could start by answering the above.

    • Simply put, DCI, no, because that sort of scenario comes with the job that you chose. The general populous didn’t choose the government’s mandatory mask policy – that’s the difference.

      (email addy correction – DA)

      • Correct, I chose it. But, the general populace could also choose to help by wearing a face covering when required. Although, thank fuck, the vast majority do. You think it’s bad now? Just wait until Winter Pressure REALLY starts. Already, yesterday, and previous days, SOPS in at all hospitals in the area and we’re only in October.

        • That’s the thing I have a problem with though DCI – it needs to be a choice. If the government recommended people wear masks and allow businesses to to decide their own policies based on said recommendations then I wouldn’t have any issue, but forcing people to do so takes the choice and the idea of personal responsibility away.

          • As I’ve said, repeatedly, I couldn’t give a flying fuck if you wear one or not, but, they do work, they don’t drop your SATS, only a total cunt would argue that, I think that it’s ridiculous to wear them outside, in enclosed areas, you should, but, I’m not going to force you. If you caught it, chances are you’d change your tune. To be fair to the majority of posters, they’ve not seen it first-hand. Up close. I have, and, take it from me, you’d change your mind if you did. Especially when they’re young, intubated and it’s ‘Disco and Diesel’ to get them in.

            It’s the conspiracy theories I find the most laughable, though.

      • Actually, I know why – my email address seems to have picked up a few extra letters. God I fucking hate phone keyboards.

        (that’s what happens when you spend too much time fantasising over that Anneliese Dodds photo from earlier – DA)

  26. I think it’s a stroke of genius to emphasize that it is for other people to wear masks to protect you (its worded the other way around, but that’s what it means), as it instantly puts people at odds with each other.
    Currently under virtual house arrest in an attempt to eradicate the 24th highest cause of death in my region. At some point, the risk that our barely functioning economy is going to make the covid mortality rate seem even more inconsequential.

  27. Mind you, I do like posts such as this – it’s nice to have something which is controversial and which pokes the bear a bit. Makes a nice.change to the usual safe subjects. Seen some interesting discussion on the nature of personal freedom as well.

    • Masks? Ok for the ugly but not for those of us with chiseled cheekbones.
      Coronavirus or not id prefer to look at most of you with a mask firmly on.

  28. I’d like to think that Black and White Cunt’s nomination was written with tongue in cheek, but some cunters appear to have taken the opportunity to have a go at others simply because their opinions differ. This isn’t what ISAC is about, so I’ll be happy to see us all move onto the next topic.

  29. Covid 1984
    The “not so” deadly virus
    Possibly the biggest scam ever played on human society has divided society more than a Brexit or a Trump ever could.

    People are at each other’s throats prompted by a fear mongering media.
    The scale of blackmail regarding muzzles is especially disgusting as if walking in a 2000 sqm shop minus a fucking face nappy is risking anyone’s life.
    If that’s enough to risk somebody’s life then I’m sorry but stay the fuck indoors because you are clearly fucked.
    The death figures just are not there to justify this grossly disproportionate response either.
    No where fucking near!

    Cases are not deaths.

    Grow a set!

    Meanwhile 2 more shops have closed down last week on my towns high street.

    Fuck the fake pandemic.
    Fuck masks.
    Fuck anyone who has a different opinion to mine.

  30. On the effectiveness or otherwise of masks… by a doctor by the way Gene…

    …and this is with a vape remember and as he says viral particles are even smaller (I think the range being sub-micron to around 30um) Upshot = they do absolutely nothing when worn by healthy individuals and by definition if you’re asymptomatic you are in fact healthy! Anyone who is showing symptoms (of a mild flu) wouldn’t generally betake themselves to a public place anyway.

    • ‘If that’s the case then why have I never had it? Why aren’t ambo crews, ED staff and Covid ward staff dropping like flies? We wear masks. Some staff have had it, like my mate, some have died’ (Edited).

      Again, I put the above to you. And again, being asymptomatic DOES NOT MEAN YOU’RE HEALTHY. It merely means you are not showing signs of an illness. (I know, you see, my qualifications didn’t come from The Royal College Of Bystanders, YouTube/Facebook University or St John fucking Ambulance). I took a bloke to CCU, yesterday. Four hour history of what he thought was indigestion. No palour, not clammy, non-radiating. ST elevation on V1-4 on his ECG. (He was having an MI, or heart attack). Was he ‘healthy’??? According to your analogy he was. Should we have told him to take some Gaviscon and discharged him on scene? He’s healthy, according to your analogy. You see what I’m getting at? And, in my not inconsiderable experience, people do take themselves out with mild flu-like symptoms.

      I’m being trolled….

      • And as for the video? He says he’s a doctor, so you trust him. Well, so was Harold Shipman. Me, personally, I’ll trust the BMA and our Trusts clinical advisors.

        • DCI Gene Hunt “I’m being trolled….”

          Yes, but oddly enough it seems you are actually trolling yourself by demanding links and peer reviews from others yet the only “facts” you have actually supplied here are your own unprovable “me and my mate” type stories!

          I don’t think you would accept any other opinion that doesn’t fit in with your narrative, peer reviewed or not for whatever reason but mainly because you say it doesn’t.

          I’m not sure if you are what you say you are but your level of aggression when you don’t get your own way in a debate is beyond childish.

          • I don’t really think you’ve read what I’ve been posting, from the start. Whether you accept what I say or not is of no consequence to me, whatsoever, and, I’m not sure you understand what a peer-reviewed report is. My experience is first-hand, not ftom blogs or videos, and, again, it is of no consequence to me whether you accept/believe it or not. And, as for not accepting others opinions? Again, you’ve obviously not read all of my posts. I’ll accept that someone has a differing opinion, but, if that ‘Opinion’ is absolute bollocks, proveable bollocks, being passed as a fact, like a few of the opinions passd as ‘Facts’, then I’m going to pick you up on it. I put it to you that if one can’t accept that someone just might know more about a subject than you, then you are the one that is, to use your analogy, ‘Beyond Childish’.

      • “At the present time, the widespread use of masks by healthy people in the community setting is not yet supported by high quality or direct scientific evidence..”. – The WHO, 5th June.

        It’s right there, in plain English.

        Have you even considered the possibility that the reason you and some colleagues haven’t caught it is because it’s not as super virulent as we’ve been led to believe, and/or your immune system might not be shite?

        This whole thing is overblown. If it weren’t then India, China, Brazil, and other shithole dense nations would have had millions die. They haven’t. India has 1.3 billion people and lost 120k.. that’s not even 0.01% for fucks sake.

        Sorry but it’s a fucking farse. You and the majority of people simply don’t want to accept the fact we are being lied to. It’s clear now they are trying to crash the world economy for their ‘great reset’ bullshit.

        • ‘You and the majority of people simply don’t want to accept the fact we are being lied to’

          But why? I loathe the government as much as anyone, but, WHY are we being lied to? For what agenda? I just don’t buy the conspiracy theory stuff.

          • It’s called ‘The Great Reset’. It’s a conspiracy, not a conspiracy theory – it’s all openly available to read on the world economic forum. All the G20 are involved, the big corporations etc.

            They are now using this crisis as an excuse to implement that plan, as part of the drive for the UN Agenda 2030, the 4th industrial revolution etc.

            They are deliberately crashing the major economies with lockdowns. Our economies are already fucked, we just haven’t realized the extent of it yet.

  31. Lost my shit in Greggs the other day, all I wanted was a sausage butty but alas no mask, made do by pulling my jumper up over my nose thereby effecting a Ray Mears type bushcraft substitute. Was quietly minding my own business when this fat lard arsed bitch came storming out of the back, no doubt taking her fat face out of a fucking steak bake long enough to tell me I needed a mask. I pointed out that the requirement was just for a face covering, but the little hitler cunt was having non of it. I then asked if she could enlighten me with her hard earned Greggs qualifications and tell me why my face covering was so inadequate. Again the fat cunt was having non of it, so I reverted to the old medical grounds excuse. I pointed out that I had asthma and that wearing a face mask was likely to be a serious risk to my health and would probably kill me, a bit like you having a salad you fat hitler cunt! Walked out of Greggs well pleased with myself and got a pie instead, they had steak & ale left so it was win win!

  32. The thing that gets me is people wearing them on the chin, nose not covered or chain smoking to avoid using them. This makes me think why the fuck bother? Waste of time when half the cunts don’t wear them correctly. Why bother when half of the fucking things are just cotton. That has zero effect at stopping anything.
    The worst thing are the fashion accessory they have become for vacuous, mostly wimmen cunts.

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