Circuit Breaker

Speaking as an expert epidemiologist, virologist and medical statistician, I must commend my fellow expert, sir Kweer Charmer, for cutting through the bullshit and demanding a 3 week break from chinese plague.

Ignore the stance of scouse cunt Burnham who wants free money for Mancs in exchange for stopping in a bit. Mid week.

Sir Kweer has it nailed. And proves there is nothing wrong with changing your mind. Daily. (But not Wrong -Daily)

A circuit breaker would stop the spread of the plague in it’s tracks. For 3 weeks. Funded by the SAGE and Labour Party magic money tree. After which we could continue dying at our leisure.

You know it makes sense.

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  1. And of course, by delaying it for three weeks, you push the disease out into the colder part of winter, and, if as has been hinted by the wanker who “leads” Wales (off a cliff), they do it all over again at Xmas, you will push it into the cold start of 2021. (Talking of Welsh Wankers – the man in question might just be making an appearance here later today. Give him a big hand – DA)

    At one time politicians would fall back on Blair’s favourite platitude “Make a difference”, now it’s “get-a-test-test-and-trace”. Every windbag is at it.

    I can’t help feeling wankers like Dame Kweer and Saddick Khunt hope that if they destroy the British economy, they can still scupper Brexit. Tell them to fuck themselves with an poisioned impregnated dildo

  2. I’m so confused over all this horse shit. I’m actually impressed on how the Government can go from doing a good job (apparently) in March to an unmitigated cluster-fuck in October. Someone in Whitehall is having a really long and intense WANK on the job it seems. It could be Boris but I’m guessing because hes from Eton he’d be watching the WANK or sucking COCK in the corner.

  3. When the Magic Money Tree finally can’t be tapped anymore watch the cunts claim the Bat Flu has been beaten.
    Or we are stuck with the Wuhan Gestapo long term while our great leaders dream up some more bullshit.
    A cauldron of cunts.

  4. These political slogans – Circuit Breaker, Fire Break, Lockdown – don’t help reassure the public at all. But then again politics wasn’t meant to make our lives easier. Instead they love the smoke & mirrors beaucratic soundbite, paper-shuffling, pen-pushing bumfuckery in order to make themselves feel important and relevant.

    But what is clearly happening is division – Wales want to do their own thing, as does Scotland and N.Ireland. The North West also want to do things their way. All of them wanting a bit of autonomy just so long as someone else pays for it all (English taxpayers by and large).

    With such divisions how the fuck is this going to stop the spread of the dink virus? Seems like we have 4 or 5 cunts in a boat, all rowing in different fucking directions.

    • I wonder how much the cunts who think up the slogans are being paid for their ‘efforts’; a fuck sight more than any frontline NHS worker you can sure.

  5. It’s becoming obvious that Covid is here in all it’s glory until they find a vaccine or if the bastard thing mutates it’s here for ever like the flu, killing x thousand every year for a long time.

    Locking down for 3 weeks will achieve fuck all other than give a three week drop in figures. Lockdown for a year might work, if we want 10 million unemployed and a Zimbabwe style economy.

    I’m in mid Essex and the bastard’s went for a voluntary tier 2, just to fuck us off. As a reasonably intelligent man, I’m not still not 100% sure what I am allowed and not allowed to do, but do realise that the ‘rules’ make a fucking mockery of themselves and my human rights. So I will do what I think is sensible for my family and me and if anyone tells me it’s wrong they will be told to go and fuck themselves.

    I’m not allowed another family of 4 to visit, but at school my lad is in a social bubble of over 300, who all mix. Who the hell makes this shit up!

    • That twat Vallance admitted last night that any forthcoming vaccine won’t eradicate the virus, just slow it down.

      Of course most sane people realised this months ago, coming to the conclusion it will be no different to any other regular virus that come and go.

      Flu Jabs, for example, are there to make people resistant to the flu, even though it won’t get rid of the flu virus completely. It will just boost one’s immune system (hopefully)

      So too will the vaccine for the dink virus. It will help, but it won’t eradicate, and won’t prevent deaths just in the way flu jabs won’t stop SOME people from dying from it.

      • I suspect the ‘vaccine’ will be like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – many chasing it, but never materialising.

        They have failed to find a vaccine for the common cold in umptyump years, so how come this Covid-19 vaccine will be here in a matter of a few months or few years at worst?

        More political bullshit from around the world. My view is that Covid-19 is here to stay for the foreseeable.

        In the meantime, expect more ‘circuit breakers’ from our beloved fold of cunts in Westminster.

        If you want a job fucked up at a cost of three times the original budget and never really delivered then just ask a politician.

      • ps, I reckon the medical world will, at best, develop medication to at least alleviate the symptoms of Covid-19 as opposed to finding a vaccine to push it to extinction.

      • Ive lamented on this for a while but here goes.
        Assuming that back in feb/march only 50,000 tests or so were being done and the daily figures were rolling in at between 3-7 thousand infected.Only bow when reputedly 250,000 plus tests are being done we are seeing 15,000-21,000 infected daily figures
        I thinks its obvious even to david blunkett that what we have had so far didnt count for much by the look of it
        So whatever they tell us or dont is bollocks

    • The received wisdom about a vaccine doesn’t seem to factor in how we will actually give it to about 40million people. By time they administered it, there would be a new virus.

    • That last paragraph is very true. Children hoard germs like Mandelson hoards bumfucks. They might not become seriously ill themselves, but their capacity to “kill granny” (they seem to have dropped that one recently) is massive. A friend of mine told me just last week that his son is allowed to do PE at school, but they have to wipe down with sanitizer all apparatus after use, whereas other schools in the same area have cut it out totally (I suppose the games master gets transferred to lavatory cleaning and janitor duties). The fact that there are different “rules” even in the same area proves what a load of useless red tape bollocks the whole thing is.

  6. I was chatting with a colleague yesterday (a quite sane, respectable bloke) whose son is CV19 positive at uni. He is now self-isolating. He caught the virus by attending a party with 30-odd people in the room.

    Over the weekend, I was in London where there were more people on the streets and more foreign tourists. On the tube at night I noticed more people (young and mostly dar quays) not wearing masks.

    My point? With “don’t give a fuck” attitudes like this, we will never contain the virus. I don’t know what the answer is but I don’t see why our economy should go down the tubes because selfish cunts won’t obey common sense rules. There is no magic money tree, Starmer, Burnham, Welsh Cunt, but all Labour cunts suffer from Socialist Short-Term Memory Syndrome.

    • You’re right about this ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude. It’s no surprise that thousands of new infections are reported every day. And if these cunts couldn’t give a fuck about themselves, they’re certainly not going to give a fuck about you.
      If there are aliens out there thinking of visiting Earth to search for intelligent life, they can save themselves the fucking trip.

    • Quite. I wonder what the next set of buzzword bollocks will be. Id be surprised if any of the pansies that keep spouting this shit even know what a circuit breaker is.

  7. FDR had it right “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”. We should protect the vulnerable ,as far as possible , and then everyone else get back to normality.

  8. That oily little corrupt ( allegedly ) cunt, Robert Jenrick, can Fuck Off too. I saw him on the telly last night, threatening to run and tell ‘ Sir ‘ that those horrible Northern Monkeys aren’t co operating with the mop topped Mr.Blobby’s social engineering and economy destroying experiment .
    These cunts should have their heads stuffed down the bog, only being released when all movement ceases.
    If they think that my business is going to be sacrificed on the altar of Johnson’s incompetence, they can think again. I have worked all through this shitshow and will continue to do so.
    To stop me, they’ll have to clap me in irons.
    As I write this, the talk is of further harrying of The North, by putting more large areas of the North under tier three restrictions.

    Get To Fuck, you Cunts.

  9. I see that utter cunt Hancock has been outed for using propaganda figures on hospital capacity…

    We needed somebody to stand against Boris and his money grabbing muppets but who would’ve thought it would be Burnham? shame it’s all about $$$$$s but at least someone has called this crap out.

    When I hear our peaceful chancellor saying “we can’t save every job” it makes me cross because there’s no real need to them to be lost in the first place.

    Cunts to the core and corrupt hypocritical ones at that.

  10. Here in Socialist Republic of Cymru, Comrade Reichführer Von Drakeford has announced mass house arrest from 6pm on Friday, probably with the full approval of Dame Kweer, the whole Liebour party is full of illogical and power hungry cunts!!!!

  11. Unvallanced is now stating the obvious in an attempt at blame mitigation, perhaps he got an adult to read out the Great Barrington declaration to him slowly at bedtimes and reality eventually sunk in.
    Off to the chemist today for gout pills and viagra, it’s a wonderful life, no mask so get to fuck out of my way.
    Blitz spirit? You’re ‘avin’ a laaarf guvna.
    Spineless cunts.

  12. Fuck this. The main reason that infection rates have risen is because the schools went back, as that is when cases started to rise, not when the hospitality sector went back. Even a monkey could work that out, yet our new lockdown in Wales allows the majority of children to go to school. Kids are biologically programmed not to listen to adults, so will always be a weak link in any of these stupid plans.
    Perhaps they should just tax Covid, like they do with tobacco and alcohol, both kill far more than chinkyflu could dream of.

    • Kids are fucking plague spreaders. I haven’t been near my grandkids for months.
      Not an ideal situation, but they are walking germ factories, like we were at that age.
      Good morning.

      • Morning. I tend to avoid kids for many reasons, their germ spreading abilities are one. My friends who have the little fuckers are always the first to go down with any lurgy knocking about.

  13. Oh, and burning holiday cottages down is a sure fire way of eradicating Batsoup flu virus.
    “Ooh, I’ve got a touch of the snuffles,lordy lordy” (runs around in circles waving arms in air).
    Little yellow bellied bastards.

  14. With each devolved Parliment doing something different the whole country is confused.
    I live in Essex and was going on a pub crawl on friday in London. Now with the latest restrictions in both these areas we have moved it to Hertford.
    The economy is going to be fucked for a long time and it is going to take us about 20 years to pay this shit off. All this circuit breakers is going to do is add 10 years to the debt.

    • They’re lying to us.
      They stated that hospitals are close to being overwhelmed,
      But what about those “nightingale hospitals’ -not being used.
      And saying it’s about saving lives, but leaving people suffering from cancer to go untreated?
      It’s all bullshit, a catch all excuse.
      Boris only got into power because Jeremy Corbyn was unacceptable to contemplate.
      We lent him our vote.
      Never again!
      And they can fuck right off with their restrictions I’ve a living to earn and I’m going to earn it no matter what some egghead scientist shill or some Westminster puff say.

      • Whisper it, but there aren’t enough staff to run the Nightingale hospitals. If the original capacity is overwhelmed, apart from being somewhere to put the surplus, not much will have changed.

      • But surely there’s enough new NHS staff washing up on the south east coast in dinghies every day😀

  15. To be honest I’m glad I’m not in Boris’ shoes, because no matter what he does it will be the wrong decision.

    If he brings in another lockdown it will hurt the economy, and will only slow infection rates.

    If he just carries as is with the current rules, the economy won’t be hurt quite so much, but the infection rates may increase.

    If he says “fuck it, let’s party like its 1999” and lifts all restrictions, the economy will slowly recover, but he’ll be seen as uncaring, spiteful and in the pockets of big business.

    • Hate to be in Boris’s shoes?
      The cunt has brought it upon himself. He has spent several decades demonstrating that he is an untrustworthy underachiever. Why should anyone value his judgement?

      • No sympathy. Johnson is reaping what he’s sowed.

        As are we.

        “Every nation has the government it deserves” (Joseph de Maistre, circa 1800)

    • We should be partying like its 1999! A cull in this country has been long overdue.

      Covid is a Godsend. Left it to its own devices it could wipe out the biggest drains on our nation, namely the old, sick and infirm, economically inactive cunts well past their die-by-date. And the BAME community, of course, cos the virus is waycist.

      All a bit heartless, I know. But that’s the way God operates.

      • Darwin had it right I’m afraid….this is nature kicking back against all the modern “advances” that keep very old and very fat cunts alive longer than they should be.

        If I was a fatso or knocking on Heavens door I would go out in a blaze of export vodka and cocaine…..liquid sky for the crustys please.

      • You’re a man after my own heart* Spanky.

        * Not in a gay way, you understand, despite your excéedîngly** dishy avatar.

        ** Moderation trigger word.

    • Is Admin going to introduce a licence fee?
      (Only if there isn’t sufficient cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion in the BBC thread – DA)

  16. In China in the city of Yiwu the chink government are offering people experimental covid vaccines!
    Take pot luck in regard to side effects, but suppose if your diet is bats,pangolins,dogs and tigers cock taking a untested drug is small change.

  17. Trouble is everyone’s got the answer – not the same answer – and the cunt in charge isn’t actually in charge.

    If this is a national crisis, and tell me it isn’t, state of emergency, draconian powers, forbid social mixing until infection levels are minimal. With strong controls on travel it’s not unreasonable to think that eventually the virus can be made to run out of targets and disappear. The Chinese are doing this and it seems to be working.

    But democracy. But everyone on social media’s an expert. So buy time as best you can, just like the rest of Europe. Don’t adapt to it, pretend local controls can work in an island as crowded and connected as this, and every six months panic again.

    The one thing you can’t do is to allow anyone not at much risk to get on with their lives and create structures which minimise the risk to the elderly and infirm. That would (a) cost less than compensating Manchester’s publicans for throttling the pisshead culture and (b) keep a working economy to pay for the measures.

    Oh, and put university students to work to take up any slack left by older and infirm workers pulled out of the workforce. If they’re happy to have illegal parties in university towns*, they’re not going to be too bothered about packing dead chickens or stacking shelves a couple of years before that’s what they have to do anyway.

    *Some of ours were fined £10,000 each last week. Hangover plus!

    • Locking us down, and travel, will NOT work. All it takes is one infected dinghy warrior or jetsetter to slip through and we’ll be back to square one.

      The only way is the natural way, herd immunity. You have to reduce the available potential vectors by taking them out of the equation. A vaccine won’t work either because this type of virus mutates too much. It’s not like smallpox.

      Our leaders want the ‘control’ method, despite this. The only control they are having though is how fast our economies collapse, how fast our freedoms are reduced (perhaps irrevocably), and how miserable we all become.

      This virus has become the perfect excuse to exercise more global control. Are we really supposed to believe every western government is ‘incompetent’ and not a single politician is prepared to stand up and call time on this charade despite mounting evidence it’s not the super virus we were told it was? It’s all way too convenient.

      Whether the virus was manmade or not, accidentally released or not, I’m nailing my flag to the mast now. This is a conspiracy.

      • Thank you so much for the explanation. I forgot you don’t do irony.

        In fact, as we are seeing, the government would have trouble with a pissup in a small brewery, let alone a vast conspiracy to deprive you of your freedom to spit in the street.

      • Politicians are generally incompetent muppets, which is a satisfactory explanation on any other day, but there’s too much at play here which is why I now think something more sinister is afoot.

        Why the OFCOM media regulations? Why the complete lack of debate in the media? Why only one narrative – Barrington Declr? Why the active algorithm manipulation by Google/YT? Why did the police arrest Dr. Heiko Schöning (and who ordered that) at speakers corner. And on…And that’s just in the UK too.

        Conspiracies happen. I had this debate yesterday with a friend when they said all elected officials are incompetent fools, therefore it couldn’t happen. I said you obviously don’t know your own history, and they never told you about the Jesuits in relation to Mr Fawkes. Now there’s a bunch of highly intelligent folk capable of such things, hence why they were expelled from 50+ countries.

        Not saying it’s them in this instance, but this notion conspiracies don’t happen is fucking retarded when history shows it does.

      • I think you are expecting more transparency than any governments generally show anyone.

        Give me a complex, fast-moving situation with differing expert views and a total lack of initial preparedness, and I guarantee I can weave a conspiracy out of it. Though the ckusterfuck explanation invariably does equally well, and neither is provable.

        The only plausible reason for failing to control a (man made? tick box if you believe this) virus which selectively kills elderly and ill people is to kill the elderly and ill. Darwin approves of this, and so does RTC…Then why even pretend to control it?

        The UK public mostly conformed with far harsher measures during WW1 and WW2, including food rationing on a scale which I am sure would have you out on the streets today. Children were evacuated en masse from the cities to prevent them being bombed, and for no other sinister reason. The public understood this.
        The consensus then was that it was in the national interest.

        It is in the national interest to preserve our economy, but a nation is made up of people. It is therefore in the national interest to prevent the people dying, as far as is possible.

        The country I was born in accepted both requirements. The country it has become accepts nothing it has not read on Twitter.

        I do not envy the young their future.

  18. Bugger a puny little Circuit Breaker.
    What is needed is one of those great big sparky contactors that appeared in Hammer Frankenstein films. Complete with scary organ (I am sure one of the isac commenters is so equipped) and a full hearty scream.
    That would show Corona Virus what for.

  19. Democracy?What democracy?The Third Reich.If Adolf was alive he would be laughing his tits off

  20. Whatever the government does Starmer and his band of fuckpigs will oppose it. Yes, they’re the opposition, but the role of the opposition is to provide effective opposition, all these cunts do is disagree, which is the standard of debate / discussion you get on facebook, twiter and all the other bollocks.

    Yes, the government have hardly covered themselves in glory – perhaps if they’d made it very, very clear from day one that this was an unprecedented situation and things would change regularly – but if Starmer and his hateful losers were in charge he would spend all day watching gay African porn while Flabbot ate her own shit in a ghastly Mobius strip of faeces, while the chancellor hurled fifty pound notes at every terrorist he can find.

    I may have got off topic a little there, but if it’s Labour it’s a cunt.

  21. the idea of a circuit breaker needs as much resistance as we can muster because the excess current produced by lockdown propaganda is going to blow a fuse and put us all in the dark

    as a footnote Burnham is not defending the public,, he’s out for more cash to enhance his smart city mayoral plans – he’s on the board of Metropolis – check him out the cunt

  22. The answer is my astute friends is to say bollocks to the political class who lets face it do what they want regardless of the rules they impose upon us citizens.

    If you want to wear a mask 24/7, hide behind the sofa and sleep in your living room because the bedroom is full of bog roll and pasta, good luck to you I say. But this course of action should be based on your own research and the evidence of your own eyes, not what the cunts in Westminster tell you to do.

    We need to make it clear that we will decide when we stay home, when we go for a pint, when have a haircut.

    These cunts who have a bar with no lockdown curfew, who award themselves another 3k a year as the businesses they have crippled go to the wall, they should be ignored and made to understand they govern by consent and I for one do not consent to a tyranny that fills their trough whilst they engineer the destruction of my fellow citizens lives.

    Damn them to hell, we are past the point when we should have called time on this farce.

  23. Meanwhile back in the real world, China’s economy is booming. World domination awaits.

  24. Circuit Breaker? Who comes up with these names? Reminds me of ‘the credit crunch’ ‘Brexit’ this coming up with catchy names and phrases needs a cunting also.
    Back to the point…we had a 10 week lockdown earlier this year which obviously didn’t work, so what do the useless cunts running the country decide to do…yes another lockdown.
    I am so bored and fed up with this is farce, and many will get ill from this vaccine they have rushed through and obviously not tested properly.
    It’s not an easy position to be in for any Government but surely if something doesn’t work you try something else.
    If the Government don’t succeed in fucking everyone’s life and livelihood up then go fuck yourselves anyway.

    • Black & White-has Covid completely cramped your style? It must be difficult to get aaaaaaaht an abaaaaht to meet lay-dees , especially with the mask wearing and social distancing.
      Mind you, you younger cunters probably meet your conquests on line, bus an app or whatever they call it☹️
      Not like the good old days-the anticipation of seeing them undressed, you young fuckers have probably seen them in more detail than a gynaecologist’s handbook, before you even meet!
      So glad I had the eighties/nineties for my wenching 👍.
      Back on nom-agree with the view that Boris and co are “damned if they do/damned if they dont “. Also, the correct course of action is to protect the economy and the most vulnerable.

      • I like to mix it up a bit CG, I mostly meet women through my contacts and friends…although it can look bad on you if you are a bit cuntish to someone a friend has introduced you to.
        Get on my nerves all these women pouting in pictures etc… however I make up for them getting on my nerves by giving them some proper pounding.
        Covid 19 although it’s killed a lot of people (may they rest in peace) it has had its positives…I ain’t got take the bitches aaaht and spend money 😁 although I am such a great cook that if I can be bothered the bitches may get a cooked meal and I let the bitch lick my balls after to show their appreciation. 😂

      • 👍👍👍
        You really are a renaissance man.
        A role model for young gentlemen, everywhere.😀

    • Indeed, the silly names sound remarkably like cheap confectionery…How long before a “Curly-Wurly” is announced?

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