Chris Pratt, and the hypocritical Left

This concerns Chris Pratt an American actor. He has no strong political views it seems. But he does go to church.

That’s suspicious to liberal Hollywood. He must be a Trump supporter.

Anyway the meme doing the rounds ‘one has to go’ (initially about Halloween candles) was used-three actors named Chris, ‘one has to go’. Can’t remember the names of the other two but they must have been solid Biden supporters. But an avalanche of tweets for Chris Pratt ‘to go’. Or in that terrible word ‘cancelled’.

It really has come to something that if you don’t voice support for a candidate your career could be in jeopardy.

Robert Downey Jr. has come to his defence

Chris Pratt Cancelled.

Nominated by: Miles Plastic

…and with a slight variation on a lefty theme, seconded by: Two In The Stink 

I would like to second Miles Plastic’s nomination but with slight variations on the theme.

I agree with Miles Plastic that people should not be discriminated against based on their religious faith and that any one-degree-of-separation-style association these lefty bigots are making about Chris Pratt’s political leanings based on his religion are purely of their own making and show their own narrow-mindedness.

What’s laughable is that these are the same fuckers who go on about privilege, bullying and the abuse of power against minorities and yet, without a hint of self-awareness, they do the exact thing to individuals in places where they hold the popular opinion be it California, Oregon, London or a digital market place such as Twitter (which is overwhelmingly left and progressive).

This is just bullying plain and simple……….. but I guess it’s okay if you imagine the person holds the wrong opinion, then it’s noble and righteous, stunning and brave.

In summary – Lefty hypocrites!

I’d also like to point out that although there was a massive slew of Pratt’s Avengers co-stars coming to his defence, many of these people, although being brave enough to stand up for Pratt (by all accounts a stand-up fella) have themselves in the past stoked the flames of division by slating Trump and his supporters (millions of people they’d never met, but still assigned motive to the voting behaviour of complete strangers based on their own prejudices) for an example, see link below.

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But I guess it’s okay when THEY do it because as Ricky Gervais once said at the Golden Globe Awards “ACTORS! I mean, they’re just better than ordinary people aren’t they?!”

In summary – Lefty Hypocrites.


…and thirded by:Quick Draw McGraw

The Leftwaffe.
The Leftwaffe deserve a 100 megaton cunting. Again. This time, they’re going after the actor, Chris Pratt. And what has Christopher done to earn their demented hatred? Well, err…nothing. Over in the U S of A recently, the Democrats (HAH! the irony) held an Avengers themed fundraising event for Creepy Joe Biden and Kameltoe Harris. Chris didn’t attend the event, and now he’s public enemy No 1 as far as the Leftwaffe are concerned. Focussing on the fact he’s a committed Christian, they’ve claimed the church he attends hates gayists, so now he’s a homophobe, transphobe, racist, white supremacist, Islamophobe and a whole host of other ‘ists’ and ‘phobes’ that they’ve made up.

Happily, he’s been defended by most of his Infinity War/Endgame cast mates, including Robert Downey Jr, Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo (which is surprising, because he’s one of the Reichsmarshalls of the Leftwaffe), Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen. Chris Evans hasn’t said a word, because he’s also a Reichsmarshall of the Leftwaffe. It hasn’t stopped the lefties though, and many of them have taken just as much shit as Chris Pratt. Zoe Saldana has had it even worse, with some of these freaks actually calling her a ‘c**n’. That’s right, the motherfuckers who call US racists, are actually racist. Who’d a thunk it?

Talking of hypocrisy, how many of these failed genetic experiments do you think attended that fucking fundraiser? I don’t have an exact figure, but I’m gonna take a wild guess, and say zero. These fuckers are, literally, insane. and that alone, makes them cunts.

34 thoughts on “Chris Pratt, and the hypocritical Left

  1. Fuck me, i’ve never heard of any of these sleb cunts, but I doubt if poor old Sleepy Joe has either.
    Do you reckon that Harris bitch is sucking his winkle and he hasn’t noticed?

  2. How glad I am, to have never had a Facefuck, Twatter or any other social media account.
    I strongly suggest others old enough to grow hair on other places than their heads, follow suit.

  3. It is the fear of being branded “a fascist” that deters US voters from admitting to pollsters that they will vote for Trump. Philadelphia is burning, but the leftie narrative is “white man bad.” I truly hope that Trump gets re-elected just to see the smug smiles wiped off the faces of the “liberal” left.

  4. Fuck off Hollywood.
    Fuck off actors.
    Fuck off with your Twatter.
    Spineless degenerates all.

  5. I dont know who Chris Pratt is.
    Just read the link, a actor in hollyweird who believes in christianity,
    So they persecute him.
    His best bet is to use those acting skills to his advantage before they destroy his career.
    Have a interview where he cries,
    Says he considered self harming then rallies and says

    “But with gods help im standing upto the bullies”

    And takes legal action
    Get a famous black onboard,
    Theyll be wary of criticism if theres a black involved.
    The lefties are basically saying to him conform or die.

    • Funny thing is, when its awards time, most of them give god a mention when they are doing the rambling acceptance speech.

  6. Slebs, like politicians, live or die by the media. Trump, from the very beginning has slagged off the media with no holds barred. That’s why they hate him with a passion and the slebs have to go along with it.
    The other night , at one of his rallies, he said “we’re not buying it CNN you dumb bastards.”
    Can you imagine a British politician saying that about our friends at the BBC? That’s why I love The Donald. Fuck the media and fuck their sleb arselickers.

    • Yes, but…sorry to dissent, but Trump is no less a sleb than the lefty luvvies. They get PR exposure by greasing the media, but the equally opinionated, ignorant and usually louder orange cunt gets just as much great publicity by badmouthing CNN* whenever he can. His public career – gameshow host – made him a sleb by default even if it wasn’t his intention to use it to promote his dire property businesses. And you hadn’t noticed the sustained TRUMP branding attached to every mediocre-to-fraudulent activity he undertakes?

      Please, wake up and smell the cunt!

      *and anyone else likely to amplify his petulant whining.

      • Don’t fucking care. If he loses on Tuesday he can go back to being a plain old thieving rich cunt.
        In the meantime I love his arse. 🎃

      • Oh, sure. And good luck to you – was just saying! The chances of changing anyone’s opinion on ISAC are remote!

      • My esteemed reptilian colleague espouses the notion of “Orange Man Bad.” Fair enough. He is entitled to his opinion.

        And he is correct that any IsaC cunter is unlikely to change the mind of another IsaC cunter.

        With that said…I make my last case:

        President Trump…with all his failings and foibles…is all that stands between Western civilization and the Neo-Marxists/Brave New World barbarians at the gate.

        They promise Utopia. They will deliver tyranny.

      • Right of reply
        Trump promises whatever he thinks will get him re-elected. And if he can’t deliver, he’ll claim he never said it.

        Incidentally, it’s not the Marxists you need to be scared of: they’ve long been neutralised (breaking on R4, probably about a week’s coverage of Corbyn’s evil antisemitism as not really revealed by an ‘independent’ enquiry – phew, bring back Blair, chaps!)

        …but the sponsors of the Clinton axis, including Blair, who are all for making us all obedient consumer units. You haven’t seen many Marxists at Davos, even when it was actual, have you?

        Let’s see Trump standing up against the bankers, rather than their oleaginous grinning puppets, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll change my mind.

        Meanwhile, if it looks like a cunt, walks, talks and postures like a cunt, AFAIC, it’s a cunt.

      • Point of order:

        BLM is a Neo-Marxist Revolutionary movement.

        But your point about the Clinton/Blair Axis is absolutely valid.

  7. Very well put, oh very true summed up in your words Mr Stink. :-
    “without a hint of self-awareness”… Clueless bigots.

  8. There are many US actors and celebrities who are outright endorsing Biden, making adverts, posting on social media or on those shit talk shows. Yet, he’s as useless and crooked and senile as they come, so why don’t they be honest?
    “I’m voting for that useless cunt Biden because I’ll vote for anyone rather than that cunt Trump”
    What a choice!
    What hypocrisy
    What a bunch of cunts.

    • He can keep quiet but theyll still attack him,
      He can capitulate and die inside,
      Or he can realise his days are numbered?
      Say on Oprah he believes blacks are just beasts of burden and LGBLT are sinners against nature.
      Itll end his acting career but he can start a cult,
      Still a lucrative career in the states.😁

      • Morning Miserable,

        It was that meme ‘one has to go’ that got me. It just sounded like whisperings among your friends in the playground.
        Really the Internet has taken idle gossip to global levels.
        The dear old Pope said that gossip is more dangerous than Covid.
        The good Capt disagreed of course. But I think the Pope sees more clearly.
        See in this pandemic we can’t go out and and we sit on social media all day. But what is a large part of all the millions upon millions of posts? Gossip. Gossip about someone’s motives.
        The devil makes work for idle hands.
        How true.

      • Morning Miles,
        Yes its bullying and not nice.
        You can be anything you like as long as it suits me sort of attitude by the woke crowd isnt it?
        Feel sorry for him, he needs to come out fighting.

  9. I’d have to disagree with Miles when he states that “people should not be discriminated against based on their religious faith”.
    In a world where fucking mużzies have swarmed everywhere like kiđdie-fīddlįng locusts, some religious intolerance is entirely justified.

    • Harsh, but true ….. Jacinda, she who stole Red Rums teeth, seems to like them, maybe we should encourage the ones who are infesting the UK to fuck off to NZ.

      • she says she like them safe in the knowledge that NZ will only let in but a token handful of the cunts. Mind you, they have their hands full with the lazy Maori cunts – what is it about bliks and doing fuck all all day?

    • I’ve got no problem with basic faith per se, just as long as they keep it to themselves and as long it doesn’t harm anyone.

      Beliefs on the other hand are different from faith as they inform actions so I’m okay with mocking foolish or dangerous beliefs.

      Illogical beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence are fair game in my view too ………… so Young Earth Creationists, Flat Earthers and lying, pseudoscientific Vegans are regularly the objects of my ire.

  10. A most excellent airing Miles and very appropriate at this point in time. For Freedom to be vilified , “closed down” even abolished is the tyranny of the Devil. His lieutenants are placed in position, and are currently going unchallenged. All that you have said, is to be found in the book of Revelations.

  11. Marvel used to be a source of rollicking entertainment for kids who loved comics. Since the cunts at Disney got hold of it the whole brand has been fucked senseless. DC is going the same way. Doctor Victor Von Doom himself could not have come up with a better plan than have an army of Hollywood’s woke gays screw up a perfectly respectable and innocent source of fun. Fuck off you cunts.

    • Hollywood has eaten itself. Gervais is bang on the money where these self-obsessed cunts are concerned.
      Most of the stuff Hollywood churns out these days is utter wank. Much, much prefer European and Latin American cinema, even the odd film from Australia.
      Fucking shitheads. Great triple nom!

    • Too true. They believe their own hype, and think that their celebrity entitles them to foist their views on the rest of us. Fucking wankers.

  12. A triple nom for the wokeflake leftwaffe.
    Toxic, evil and spreading everywhere.
    Welcome to the future.

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