Anneliese Dodds (2)

A hand-me-my-rubber-gloves-while-I-clean-behind-Steptoe’s-fridge cunting please for this raddled old trollop, simply because her whining voice, the shit that comes out of her mouth, and the sheer grimy look of the old bag really upsets my sensibilities.

There is a great collection of pictures of her on this BBC piece, which shows the sheer horror of this alleged woman:

Where to begin? The hair which looks as if it hasn’t seen comb or shampoo since childhood, the piggy little eyes, the big hooter, from which you can imagine candlesticks drooping down the nostrils, the thin-lipped mean looking mouth, which hides God knows how many dental catastrophes, black broken molars, and the passageway to appalling halitosis, the skinny neck looking like it has been filched from a 90 year old granny, smaller tits than Tom Daley, which doubtless droop thanks to her poor little kids having at one time having to put their mouths to the rancid organs. It is best not to dwell on the piss-stained knickers which doubtless reek of rancid quim juice, and round the back the numerous skidmarks. Like the old cunt herself, they get washed on an annual basis whether they need it or not.

This “woman”(?) – a former PPE student at Hilda College, Oxford, is only 42, and is profoundly disgusting to see. She ought to be ashamed of herself looking so antique. She has no sense of dress, cleanliness or pride. She is a hag. She looks like the end of the world. Even Mother Theresa looked in better nick when they lowered him into the coffin.

When you look at the old fucker, you can understand why some men are homosexual. The idea of fucking this rust-bucket incites nausea. It makes you wonder at the lack of standards of her “partner” (and what he looks like – nothing on earth I imagine)

How dare she and Dame Kweer have the arrogance to inflict this human turd on us.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

75 thoughts on “Anneliese Dodds (2)

      • ‘Ed Turner’, well she certainly isn’t a head turner. Every woman has the right to be ugly, but she’s abusing the privilege.

        I notice all these Labour Party MP’s are privately educated Champagne Socialists. As out of tune with the working class as the Tories. Hate them even more. Problem is they make up all the media and have successfully brainwashed a reasonable chunk of the UK population.

        • Yes. Nothing ‘Labour’ about them at all. As to this so called biological experiment masquerading as a woman, surely her kids must refer to her as the Bogeyman? I’d be scared shitless if that entered my bedroom in daylight, never mind darkness.

      • Thanks for the picture – God knows he has very low standards. Some wimmin were made for virginity – Dodds is one of them. I would feel sorry for the latex that had to penetrate her though.

    • Aah, another private school lefty. My daughter goes to a private school on the outskirts of inner London. My wife and I have given up many things to do this and I have had to spend weeks away for work in some shitholes, both overseas and in the UK. Life is about choices and that is ours. But my point is that the overwhelming majority of the white parents are lefties, mostly form Islington. The p*kis are are the ones defending free enterprise and getting on with your own life. The lefty parents generally live in Islington, Shoreditch and Stoke Newington in houses that I couldn’t even dream of affording. I have no idea what most of them do, but seems to be not a lot as they are always “riding with their kids to school”, usually on £3000 bikes. I, personally, am unemployed having the stupid sense to train all my life to be an engineer, and now there is no work.

      She is 100% a cunt of the sort I see all the time.

  1. Jesus wept! Not even for a drunken dare or a £200 prize pot on a pull-a-pig night.

    Seriously, there isn’t enough viagra or hallucinogenic love drugs on the planet to make me want to go near that.


      • Thank goodness you said Olive. I could only think of that Lanky Liz from Lord Snooty in The Beano years ago, but yes, the Popeye gal. Now just for fun, a choice of who IsAC folk would rather inseminate: Anal ‘Olive Oyl’ Dodds or Olive from ‘On the Buses’? I’ve no doubt CC will get the horn with either

        • Olive from On The Buses any day.
          Anna Karen was somewhat more presentable when not made up for her role.

          The above politician skank is foul all of the time…

          • Having just looked up Anna Karen, I can confirm that she looks better at 84 than Anal-fleas does at 40.

            And probably more of a laugh down the pub.

    • Once managed to attend a party in the St Hilda’s JCR….sadly, she’s a typical example of what was found therein..

      In Oxford, they’re called Hildabeasts…now you know why.

  2. 2020 is the year that I realised the world’s greatest threat isn’t eye-slam after all, it’s the left.

    But still, I want them both eradicated mind.

  3. she’s a cunt alright – much like all uk politicians, admittedly, she would take some beating in the glamour stakes and an intellectual capacity of a brick

  4. WC, I laughed out loud reading your hilarious nom.
    Your vivid description of this vile hag could equally apply to that hideous Winkleman cunt.

  5. Forget the fact that she is unnecessarily ugly and savour the fact that this privately educated and full of shit person is supposed to be the voice of the common working class person.

    Like Corbyn at a dinner party….a fucking dinner party.

  6. She’s got a lovely long neck….wonder if she has much of a gag-reflex? she could take a 12 incher until yer balls were resting on her chin.


  7. Labour has long been a Trojan Horse for the champagne socialists and diehard unionists, working hand in hand, falsely professing to care for the working man and the poverty-stricken.

    Utter horseshit, as we all know. Anal-Fleas Dodds is one of those ‘nanny knows best’ privately educated, privileged cunts who bolster Kweer’s army of money forest shakers.

    Plus she is as attractive as carrion.

  8. Fuck me ragged, just heard on the news that Covid is racist, according to Doreen fucking Lawrence! It’s thrived on racial inequality, apparantly. Jesus, are there ANY fucking depths these shyster cunts won’t stoop to to push their fucking agenda?

    My apologies for changing the subject.

    • Heard that too. Awaiting the racial angle to free school meals for dosser brats during the holidays – surprised we haven’t heard it already.

      The only old, fat, immunocompromised cunts are BAME old, fat, immunocompromised cunts. Well-known FACTOID.
      My piss boils with yours.

    • We knew this was coming months ago when Dame Kweer appointed the one trick pony slaphead to investigate the Covid / raycisms connection.

      There was only ever going to be one outcome and that was ‘Whitey is racist and gibs da BAME more free money’.

    • All Trump’s female appointees are.gorgeous. Then the lovely First Lady. I think if poor Annaliese was suggested to him-‘not quite suitable’.

      • On the contrary Miles, I think she’d be an excellent appointment…as an advocate for abstinence over abortion.

  9. She’s not related to Ken Dodd is she? I know the name is slightly different, but there are some definite similarities between the two…

  10. Can you envisage that ugly old tampon as Chancellor should Liebour ever come to power!?

    Imagine her on the world stage with other major Chancellors, Premiers and Prime Ministers at UN, IMF, WTO or OECD conferences!

    This ugly cunt representing the UK, and probably stupid enough to give away all the family silver in order to make bestest friends with similar champers socialist leaders around the world.

    Fucking hell, I feel all dirty. I need a shower!

    • Hey Techno,

      On stage with other world leaders…one look and she’d turn them all to stone!

      Might not be such a bad thing at that.

  11. Minits from the last NEC meeting

    Item 1 our Covid response
    Item 2 Unconscious bias
    Item 3 economic strategy
    Item 4 Annaliese to get full make-over
    Item 5 foreign policy…

  12. When I opened this ‘ere fred and saw the picture my genuine reaction was: fuckin’ state of that!!!

    I’m currently sitting in my car opposite a primary school playground watching the little ones do PE. It’s a sad indictment on society that I am genuinely concerned I may be filmed and grassed up for noncing. I’m only waiting to go on my next job. Fucking cunts!

  13. Jeez some poor bastard put their dick in her at least twice. Mine threatened to shrivel up and drop off just from looking at her

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