Angela Merkel (11)

Angela Merkel – from Commie Nudist to Frump

Is this jaded old bag ever going to retire? She has been at the forefront of German – and European politics – for only 20 years yet she seems to have been around forever. She said in 2018 that she would not stand again as leader of her party but would remain Chancellor until 2021. I´ll believe that when it happens.

I´m not particularly bothered about her politics. It´s her whole appearance and behavior that grate on me. She looks like misery personified. A female John Knox whose visage has never been cracked by a smile. She obviously has no daughter or female friend to give her some tips on her “style”. Hence the unwashed pudding basin haircut, badly cut jacket and voluminous trousers, Scrooge-like mouth and robotic Ted Heath stance.

Oddly enough the young Fraulein Angela Kasner, as she was then, might have been quite a bit of a goer. She was a member of the Communist Party´s youth movement, turned down an offer to spy for the Stasi and was a nudist! Photo available on Google if you are interested.

Nominated by:Mr Polly

(We decided not to hunt around for the nudie snap for the header pic otherwise we would never see the usual long-standing dgenerate members here ever again! – DA)

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  1. Why the hangdog expression Angie?
    Get those big old nipples out in the breeze, cheer you right up!!
    Borrow one of my macks and get up on the moors with me,
    Make you feel alive!
    Nobody likes a serious kraut.
    You jerrys are known for being a good laugh.

    • Ah, you beat me to it DCI (I just left a similar offering below). That’ll teach me to waste time wanking over a picture before posting!

      • The one on the left looks like Noakesy off Blue Peter. I suddenly begin to understand the attractions of bestiality.

  2. I can picture her in a SS uniform applying a horsewhip to Macron’s scrawny arse. That said, old bag that she is, she looks in far better nick than old AnalEase Dodds

    • WC, your best mates on news looking under pressure.
      That nice boy Kier is being told to expel jeremy jewhate by half his party,
      The other half saying dont dare!
      Hes looking worried.
      Poor lamb.🐑

      • I am sure he will squirm his way out of it MNC. The only downside is watching his oily face on TV or the clipped voice – he looks and sounds as if he is suffering from the worst case of constipation known to medical science.

    • I too see her in her SS uniform berating and whipping a hapless, halfwit Harry in his SS uniform.

      Oh sorry. I thought you said Markle instead of Merkle.

      Never mind.

      • Can see Miss Marple played by Joan Hickson in the SS uniform; she looked a poisonous old trout.

    • The Frog cunt would like nothing better than a sound thrashing from a jack-booted German.
      It’s in the blood.

  3. She probably hangs about to attempt to woo her nation away from raising another Hitler.
    The German mainstream political parties know they aren’t too many Carpets of Peace knife displays away from a right load of bother with 21st century Adolf and chums.
    So there they stay,as long as they can.
    The wishy washy cunts.

  4. This crazy bitch allowed a million throat cutting psychos into Europe. The chickens are coming home to roost. Fuck em.

    • And thats the problem. They will, fuck the chickens.

      The dark keys will then eat the chigguns with special stuffing and somehow blame YT for the herpeghonersiphaliads sauce.

      And want more gibsmuhdat for the trouble.

  5. Angela Merkel is reputed to be in poor health with Parkinsons and won’t be around long.
    But as she stabbed Helmut Kohl and Willie Brandt in the back, front and side to get power there will be little mercy when the end comes.
    And AFD are gaining support all the time 😀👍👍

    • Parkinsons you say? Mmm mustn’t waste a good hand tremor if theres one going free. I must hunt her down and use her involuntary shakes for a happy ending 💥

      • Damn you English cunters are a randy lot! Miserable, Ruff, Terry, Bendy et al. Degenerate perverts to a man.*

        (I feel so at home here.)


        (*I hope the few female cunters here at IsaC are “birds” of a feather so to speak.)


    • I’ve read the same thing Vern. The Furherette is in poor health.

      But I disagree about her leaving soon. I think the only way she’s leaving power is when they come for her in her bunker and she shoots herself in the mouth while biting a cyanide capsule. Unless of course the Yellow Plague takes her first.

      Either way the world will be a better place when she joins ole’ Ginzie at the Devil’s side in the inner circle of Hell.

      • Merkel has always been obsessed with leading Germany to financial dominance in Europe and she has done it.
        But Germany is beset with “peaceful problems” and the people are abandoning Merkels party in droves for the more right wing AFD.
        Your comment on the nom where you mentioned the election in America is literally light against darkness was spot on – if Trump loses the world falls.

      • Thank you Vern. Spot on from a distinguished cunter such as yourself is high praise.

      • Evening General,
        General in your opinion hows our man Donald doing?
        Is a second term looking good or is Joe ‘bigger danger to kids than measles’ biden got a chance of making the Whitehouse smell of piss?
        I was confident Donald was going to do it but RTC put doubt in my mind and frankly im worrying!!

      • Evening Mis,

        The truthful answer is I can’t get a handle on what will happen. Other than there will be violence on or after Election Day…especially, if Trump wins.

        (I posted some news links on the BLM page that shows the current of fear underlying this election. Check them out if you want a feel for what’s happening in the states.)

        These are the factors I see right now:

        1. Most polls show Biden winning easily. I’m not sure I believe them. They were wrong about Hillary and they could be wrong about Biden.

        They are mostly run by left leaning outlets and are considered suppression polls by many. (i.e. Designed to depress Trump voter turnout by showing the inevitability a Biden “landslide.”)

        In addition, Trump supporters and Republicans are traditionally under represented by these polling organizations and the “hidden Trump” boter…those afraid to say they support Trump is real and not easy to measure.

        NOTE: Ignore the National polls only the “battleground” states have any significance.

        2. Money is often a key indication of support and Biden is kicking Trumps ass in fundraising. However, Biden’s money is coming from Hollywood Celebretards and Wall Street cowards who are hedging their bet because they think he might win.

        But again, Hillary raised and spent more money and she lost.

        3. The Biden strategy is to “sit on the lead” and “kill the clock.” The more Biden says the worse he does in the polls. After the last debate there was a “can I change my vote” hashtag trending on Twitter.

        Many low information voters, voted early for Biden and then after seeing him realized he made a mistake. As a side note, a few states do have a provision in state law allowing voters to change their vote up to Election Day.

        4. The enthusiasm is ALL on Trumps side. While Biden tries to “run out the clock” Trump is working his ass off and holding rallies in all the battleground states.

        The enthusiasm for Trump is unprecedented. Thirty thousand+ people are attending these rallies and 10 to 15,000 more are waiting outside to get in. In Michigan they waited for hours in 32 degree (F) freezing rain to see him.

        Nobody goes to see Biden. For that matter nobody goes to see his surrogates like Obama.

        5. Voter fraud is a real fear and could be the deciding factor. This is not a joke. Democrats have been “stealing” elections here in the states even before Al Capone coined the phrase, “vote early and vote often.”

        Most historians agree that the 1960 election was stolen from Nixon by fraudulent voting in both Chicago and Texas and it is a real possibility this time around.

        6. Like Bush vs gore there will be multiple legal challenges on multiple levels for multiple reasons. How the court decides them is anyone’s guess.

        In short Mis, those are the factors I see and I don’t know how they will play out.

        But I will tell you this…yesterday I went around town and visited a couple of sporting goods stores and gun shops and bought more ammunition. While “the Villa” is well armed I deemed it prudent to make sure we have plenty of extra ammunition

      • Thanks General,
        A informed and interesting reply!👍
        Ill look at your links , its hard to know whats really going on due to MSM bias here,
        And your de facto US correspondent.
        That bloody RTC and his doom spreading have a lot to answer for.
        Hes the clarion call for the four horsemen of the apocalypse.😀

      • I’m just telling it as I see it Miserable. Would you rather I lie?

        I don’t want to see a Biden presidency any more than you do.

        Trump did well in the last debate, but IMO it was too little too late.

        Gotta feel for the cunt:

        “I’m running against the single worst candidate in the history of American presidential politics and you know what that does? That puts more pressure on me. Can you imagine if you lose to a guy like this?”

        (Trump, in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, Tuesday October 13)

        @ General – good luck my friend, I fear you’re going to need it.

      • Naw, dont lie never that.
        But im definitely starting to worry ive got to say.
        Im hoping that us and the US can do some good trade deals and thats all fucked if that corpse Biden sits on the throne.
        I’ll be on fuckin pins till the result,
        I want to see hollyweird sobbing.

      • With regard to my friend Ruff as one of the Four Horsemen:

        “…and behold, a white creampuff, and his name that sat upon it was Ruff; and a cunt followed with him.”

      • For Mohammed’s sake! I was trying to link the fucking Doors classic “The End” but they won’t play.

        Either I fucked up or this really is the end.

        Go to YouTube and check it out for yourself if you can but I’m done.

        YouCunt is more like it!

      • Not to worry General, I have ‘The End’ on CD and a on 1st press Elektra LP.

        Even got the ‘Apocalypse Now’ mix, with choppers fading in and out…

  6. This barren, droopy jowled witch has blood on her hands.
    A blatantly self loathing communist who hates her own country and its people.
    She opened the borders of Europe to the religion of peace on the back of a falsified bleeding heart narrative.
    Many rapes, beheadings, truck attacks on Christmas markets later, she dons a mask and enthusiastically wishes to place her citizens under house arrest again.

    The Hague awaits you, you Hag!

  7. Remember someone put a link on here of Angie shaking like a shitting dog.
    Like a young Elvis she was!
    If Elvis was a sad faced frumpy kraut woman obviously.
    It made me laugh how little sympathy she got on here.
    You should all feel ashamed.

    • No one can have sympathy with the krauts, remember Hitler… we are still getting shit for slavery so we ain’t gonna let the Germans off the hook 😂

      • No fker that dropped bombs on my Mother gets a free pass from me!
        I’ll find them, give those krauts a lesson I will! 😀👍💪

      • Scary looking fucker he was back then. And how someone built like an anorexic had such a deep voice eludes me.

  8. I would happily have tackled those three German lasses simultaneously, 20 years ago😔

  9. Adolf’s daughter is suffering ‘kuru’, not Parkinson’s, a degenerative disease you get from chomping too much kiddy brain. One of the symptoms is the publically humiliating hippy hippy shake, just like Killary had. Good enough for the eternal destroyer of the fair continent of Europe.

      • Story is she carked it that day at that 9/11 memorial where she was man-handled into her transport whilst she was ‘fally down’. We then got a suspiciously buoyant-looking flesh-sachet of a body that we were told was a ‘totally recovered’ Clinton. As to what that current hair-unwashed, alcohol-bloated thing giving the odd monthly ‘zoom’ appearance to whine and bitch is, I have no clue.

  10. I was convinced there was absolutely nothing about Merkle that I liked! Where’s she been keepin those bad boys?

  11. A member of the commie youth movement ? Free love for all ? Well, I certainly wouldn’t pay for it. I wonder if comrade Cuntbyn has had his pips squeezed. Polaroids, please !

  12. Merkel, a prime cunt, is a globalist and is happy to remove the rights of the german population to introduce a new world order into not only germany but the entire planet – what do you think the deadly virus scam is all about?

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