Trans Man Gives Birth

Column headline in today’s Sunday Times:-‘Trans man gives birth after contracting Covid at 9 months pregnant’.

Described as ‘he’ in the details. On what planet can a man, a he, give birth?


Nominated by: Cunstable Cuntbubble

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  1. I’m not sure this is the first time some idiots have claimed that some sort of he/she/it thing has ‘given birth’? Didn’t something from Southern/Central America do the same thing some years back? It does this one claim top trumps because they’re ‘of the colour’?

    • READ that massive post, cunters. Great synopsis and credible analysis, accessibly written.

      A small but dedicated minority managed to turn an Empire that had never really had religious problems into one where people died over pictures. This is not hyperbole – look up iconoclasm in the Byzantine Empire if you want to know about the depths to which the religion of the ‘prince of peace’ sunk. And such a small but dedicated minority is trying to do the same in our own times.

  2. Good lord, how many more of these demented freaks are going to crawl out of the fucking woodwork? So come on, whats the next deviant sickess to be normalized for the slime of society to get a tingle in their jinglebells? Adults marrying kids? Bumming Dogs? Humping corpses?

    Western Civilization needs to violently hit the reset button and all these two legged animals need a sledgehammer to the melon until their guts bleed out their eyeballs.

  3. I wonder what would happen if the Muslim Council of Britain said that much of their congregation finds this offensive. Will it be cancelled?!

  4. Gave birth after contracting “Covid” ?…what an entitled bastard. Taking up valuable NHS resources that are needed in the fight against the pandemic…I bet if he wasn’t a deviant..just an ordinary cancer-sufferer.say…he’d have been told to stop being so selfish and Fuck Off. I’ve a good mind to shop the Cunt to the Covidiot Hotline.

    Remember Cunters… “Die quietly at Home,Protect our NHS” (unless you’re an old which case.. “Come In,Contract Covid and we’ll ship you out to the local OAP Home”).

      • Already done,Mike…I reported a large group of morons that I saw on the telly gathering at some posh house in London..Fuck only knows just how many people could die as a result of their selfish behaviour….hopefully the newly formed Special Covidiot Task Force’ll soon have the black door with No.10 written on it off it’s hinges and those Covidiots’ll be dragged away in chains before they can do any more damage.

        • It was encouraging to see that grouse shooting parties are exempt from the ‘rule of 6’ law.

          Birthday parties are banned, and quite right too! I’m dreaming of a family free Christmas…

          • My exclusive dinner parties normally happen after a good day’s Huntin’ shootin’ or fishin’ so I’m Ok too.


          • Morning Dick 👍

            Everyone’s a winner. I’m beginning to regret not voting for Boris Johnson now.

    • Sir Dick-many don’t actually realise just how try that is.
      Do many people have had vital procedures, both preventative and curative denied.
      A full enquiry will never be carried out and certainly never published.
      An example: just six weeks into lockdown, my local NHS trust had a backlog of 1500 CT scans alone. Extrapolate that☹️.

      • …but,but…we must keep the wards and Nightingale hospitals deserted in case a second wave of a disease that is hardly killing anyone comes along.

        Protect our NHS,,,,Don’t use it.


  5. It’s like I have always said, the only way to go as a white male is become trans but also identify as Black. I just think it will really fuck with these peoples minds. Hopefully it would cause them to short circuit and keel over. Fucking nuts it is. I was speaking to a prospective client the other day. Then I realised they refer to their daughter as ‘they’.

    I really don’t need their money. Fuck them.

  6. @Cuntstable C:

    All part of the cultural Marxists plot to deconstruct western civilisation. It’s like a fucking cancer, slowly eating away.
    As long as complicit fools enable these mentally deranged twats to persue these perversions, a little more damage is done.

    As witnessed recently, the only action that seems to illicit a positive action from authority is violent, public protest.
    Fuck em all👎👎👎

    • Methinks a “Go fuck yourself “ page would be more appropriate. Love the bit in the article when the woke reporter wrote something a long the lines of people assume they/it/twat/sou, wester/whatever is female because of (as above) quiet voice and manners. Fuck me, that is because she is female and will continue to be female even if she has her tits lopped off. This is the pitiful result when mental elf services are cut to non existent.

    • It’s all about genetics. The parents are obviously fucking ugly and this was the creation. No wonder she has Elf issues.
      Sue the parents. No good comes from ugly people procreating

    • The problem with these diseased attention-seeking fukups lies within their heads so the logical treatment would be to surgically remove their rancid heads.
      “Gender fluid” (which sounds like a mixture of felch-juice,and menstrual fanny batter ) is bullshit.
      A F to M trans is just a butch dyke.
      An M to F trans is just an effeminate bumboy.
      Why can’t people just accept this?!!

  7. After reading this revolting, disgusting, nauseating, violating the law of nature, festering, crock of shit, my question is; was it first a woman who changed to a man?

    I mean…was all the hardware already there and it was just a software update?

    Never mind. It doesn’t matter. I have to go vomit now.

    • Arnie managed to give birth it so why not any man?

      I don’t know about a software update, looks like they jumped all the way to Service Pack 3a

      • Yeah but Arnie was in Hollywoke where this kind of shit happens all the time…not Luton or Ipswich or Bolton or Biggleswade or wherever the fuck this abomination happened.

          • Never been to either Spank.

            Never been to England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Shetland, Orkney,The Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey or the Republic of Bogtrotters.

            In fact I just took those names from re-runs of the Flying Circus. (They were all I could think of on the spur of the moment. I particularly like Biggleswade.)

          • Ipswich was a nice town when I lived there in the ’60s and ’70s. Probably not so much now, although Willie Stroker has an allotment there so it can’t be all bad.

  8. As I informed the grandchildren some time ago “A man who gives birth is a women who looks like a man” this conversation had been triggered by the eldest seeing an article in one of the national papers about a man who had given birth.

  9. In other news:

    Did anyone else see that video of the Tea-swiggers in LA trying to execute two police officers in their car?
    The video footage showed what appeared a youngster (looks like a fucking shuffling chimp), time up and fire a few shots through the side window.
    It gets worse, the fucking tea-swiggers then blocked the hospital to try and prevent the shot officers receiving treatment.
    Other footage shows the tea-swingers holding up ant-police signs, jigging like demented baboons.
    One cop was a young , pregnant women, the other a rookie.

    • Like animals, if you show a particular group of people weakness they will take advantage…not just coloured folk but any group….climate change, shirt lifters, trans, pans, young folk, government ministers etc etc

        • I love how any person with white skin is identified immediately as a “right wing extremist” but the folk of many colours can rampage, loot, and vandalise with total immunity…no comeback at all.

          I always thought PC would eat itself, turn back and we would live in a happy medium but it seems there are no extremes that modern society will not tolerate to be seen as trendy, even at the expense of their own way of life.

          • Extinction Rebellion are 95% white, but they are not identified as right wing extremists, so it doesn’t always follow.

          • Yes but ER are the very people who are offended by all the other shite….it would be like shit eating shit if you know what I mean.

  10. Only in the gender soup factor does biology and science take a back seat to mental illness. There’s more evidence for creation theory than there is for more than two genders.

    No man gave birth, a woman masquerading as a man gave birth, a woman with a female reproductive system. I think the question we need to ask of these people is do you consider yourself male or female and vice versa? It seems that the word man has been divorced from the word male.

    Fuck these mental cases, I’m not buying the trans unicorn shit.

  11. Sorry guys but I think this is great because if cunts like this didn’t exist then there’d be fewer people to call a cunt and I really enjoy calling cunts a cunt! The cunts!

  12. Sorry to state the bleedin’ obvious but women are called women because they have a womb. As far as I am aware a womb is the thingy that babies grow in. Men do not have wombs and therefore cannot have babies. Therefore a person giving birth to a baby is called a WOMAN and not a man. Simple, isn’t it? As Reg so succinctly put to Stan who wanted to identify as Loretta to have babies: “I’m not oppressing you, Stan. You haven’t got a womb! Where’s the foetus going to gestate?! You going to keep it in a box?!”.

  13. With a “mothers” like this, that kid doesn’t stand a chance.
    Dr. Albert Ellis a psychiatrist who had decades of clinical experience basically said that he had never encountered or interviewed a “transsexual” who was not a paranoid schizophrenic. Kiddie porn was a predictable development in this sewer of a culture, which started with contraception, then abortion, then the disordered deviants demanding that we not only “tolerate” their perverse ways but celebrate them. Euthanasia is still on the back burner, and on the horizon: bestiality and the sacrifice of living children. I feel sick.

  14. Planet “off your head with woke inducing, liberal bullshit nonsense, corrupt the children and generations of the future speak.”
    Or mind bending hard drugs. Pass me the sick bag

  15. God created man ( it’s in the b ook ) As an afterthought, God created woman. He created woman because man was lonely. God had an idea, that both a man and a woman could reproduce and make many more men and women. This would save God a lot of time and energy. God would therefore have more time on his hands for far more important things than making men and women.

    God gave man a knob. God did that for a good reason God gave woman a fanny. He did that so man could use the knob he had been given to make babies. God mad woman to carry the Baby. God is clever , because he gave the burden to women to care and carry the child so the man could do other things. Man could ( as an example ) go to the pub instead.

    Having amde things well and good, God went on holiday ( and why not ) In his absence, a horrid little fallen angel showed one of gods men another place to put his knob. Yes, you guessed it. In another mans bum. That nasty little devil had invented the kweer.

    So, we now arrive at the essence of this “cunting ” God did not make kweers.
    The Devil did. And that is why nice boys and girls fuck each other senseless . They are carrying out the good work of the Lord.

    And of the others. Well, You will find that in the book of revelations.
    May the Lord be with you.

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