Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears)

I’d like to nominate the sound of ringing in my ears.
It’s been going on for a while but lately getting more annoying.

I’m not sure how to describe it properly. A long beep sound.

If I’m busy doing something I don’t notice it as much. When I’m in a quiet place I notice it more. In the library, in bed with my ear against a pillow for instance.

I’m not sure how it started. It could be from loud music at discos all those years ago.
I might have had the volume turned up on the cassette player too loud listening to it with earphones when *out and about.

Or it could be when I was run over it made it worse and more noticeable. Who knows?
I’m not sure how it works.

Are there ways to treat it? Do any fellow members of this here fine website hear ringing in your ears?

*aaahhht and aaabahhht, ©B&WC 2020

Nominated by: Spoonington 

73 thoughts on “Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears)

  1. THE bells /the bells said igor
    Well you was ringing them loudly? No the fucking whisky .Im that pissed i cant see them let alone fucking ring them.

  2. I’ve had it for the last 15 years. Was made a lot worse with anxiety when I was made redundant a few times. Helps getting my ears syringed. Very annoying at night when I’m trying to sleep. All the best with it, try not to let it get you down B & W Cunt.

  3. Got it after excessive exposure to small arms and mortar fire whilst serving. Incurable.

    I’ve been stuffed for years – it’s a total cunt.

    Sorry, old chap

  4. I don’t suffer from tinnitus, but I do suffer with misophonia, which is an uncontrollable negative emotion towards certain sounds. I feel that I could almost kill when I hear certain sounds and can’t get away.

  5. Hi Spoons, I had to break off from my antibiotic feasting to respond to this. I’ve had tinnitus for about 25 years and have every sympathy with you. It can be as a result of exposure to loud noises. It’s basically damage to the fine nerves in the ears which can result from loud noise but also certain medications can cause it.
    It can be short lasting or long term. There’s no cure unfortunately only ways of easing it. Most people will learn to live with it in the long term. I’m sure RTC will add to this as he has it too.

    • Indeed Bertie. You’ve summed it up perfectly. I really have nothing to add, except the story of how my tinnitus came about, which I’ve outlined in a post below.

    • Bertie, I remember listening to music and then gradually over time I’d have to turn it up louder every so often to be able to hear it.

  6. Spoons – “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” – sound familiar? – like the sound the TV used to make when you didn’t switch it off back in the day? (designed to wake people up who had fallen asleep in front of the telly) – utterly fkin hateful.
    My Nephew gets it very badly in his right ear after breaking his jaw and some facial bones in a motorcycle accident (Bandit 1200, straight through a wall!) and the way he describes it is “you can never hear silence again” – I put the TV on in the background when he visits because he cannot hear silence, just the hateful eeeeeeeeeeee in his head – he is a hard guy and a Man’s Man, but I have seen him at the point of crying over this. The tympanum connects through the eustachian tube and the cochlea which are filled with fluid and has three tiny bones in it – the hammer, anvil and stirrup and is connected to the nose and throat (apologies if I got any of that wrong – I am more of a keen amateur gynecologist than an ENT specialist! 😄), very worth checking with the docs and getting an appointment with a specialist as it’s possibly a number of things but if the Tympanum is damaged there is very little that can be done except putting some music on very quietly when trying to sleep.

  7. I have a sort of white noise which is more or less permanent. I’d like to say it was from serving my country but it was probably wanking.

    • Meant to be bad, never had it, but the missus once had some inner ear infection that affected her balance, made her dizzy(more dizzy)
      Hope you recover soon Spoons!👍
      Imagine if Gary Linecunt had it with his lugs?
      Be fatal.

  8. Tinnitus Is a cunt, had it for years.
    You just have to deal with it, no cure and no treatment.
    White noise can help at night, you can get phone apps, I found a fan set low is pretty good

  9. Tinnitus Is a cunt, had it for years.
    You just have to deal with it, no cure and no treatment.
    White noise can help at night, you can get phone apps, I found a fan set low is pretty good
    It’s a right cunt

    • Cheers, Mictor. I’ll try those apps.

      I find that I fall asleep with the sound of the tumble dryer on.
      The sound of a thunderstorm makes me sleep as well. The sound of fat rain drops and the rumble of thunder.

  10. It’s a right bugger.
    Motorhead and getting loads of water in my ears when falling into a French swimming pool pissed right up did it for me.
    Seems to vary day to day.
    A right Cunt.

  11. It seems quite common, I have had it for quite a long time (years), it’s usually the most noticeable when I wake up and although it’s constant throughout the day I seem to be able to partially suppress it.

    It’s a pain and I can appreciate how people who have it bad go to extremes to drown it out.

  12. Motorcycle and formerly shotgun, plus age. Mine’s usually not problematic, very high pitched whistle, but after exposure to loud noises it can go down to middle C and become annoying. Had to discard the rorty aftermarket silencers to avoid that.

    If it pulsates, you may need your blood pressure checked, but normally isn’t life-threatening, lol.

  13. Try getting a nice lady to use her inner thighs as an effective set of “ear muffs”.
    You can repay her kindness by reciting the phrase “la la la la la” repeatedly on her ladybump.
    Don’t forget to breathe😉

  14. You have my sympathy, Spoons, I feel your pain. Literally.

    My tinnitus nightmare started one insane, cannabis & alcohol fuelled night about 15 years ago when I treated my ears to an hour of Faust and The Mahavishnu Orchestra, turned up to 13 on headphones.

    That night I went to bed with what sounded like jet aircraft taking off in my ears!

    Normally I’d be back to normal in the morning, but not this time. It had eased off a fair amount, but was still disturbingly noisy.

    Unfortunately I wasn’t finished yet. Six hours later I was attempting to drill holes in concrete, the drill SCREAMING in my already vulnerable ears for 30 minutes plus! Naturally I failed to use ear protectors or even cotton wool – one more nail in my tinnitus lined coffin.

    Not that it ended there either… Later that evening I received a phone call from screeching auntie Phill which entailed yet another serious battering for my left ear (the worst effected one), her penetrating shriek equal to any industrial machinery you could mention.

    Following that call I knew I was in serious long term trouble. Looking back, it’s as if there were some sort of conspiracy to destroy my hearing over that 24 hour period.

    A few days later my right ear had settled down somewhat, but the left was not only still noisy but the little I could hear was distorted like the sound from a broken loudspeaker.

    For the next two years I sought professional help, mostly a waste of time, though some advice turned out to be mildly helpful. My doctor prescribed diazepam cos he thought there might be an anxiety element. It made no difference.

    Also spent a lot of time online perusing what I now realise were scam sites promising miracle cures, preying on desperate cunts, sucking them and their credit cards in. But not me, my bullshit detector (plus what I’d gleaned from the professionals) told me to be wary.

    Another year went by and then I came across a chapter in a book that suggested playing ‘pink noise’ in the background would help mask the tinnitus (I already knew that) but more intriguingly said it could re-train the senses to hear clearer. Having nothing to lose (I thought) I tracked down a pink noise CD and gave it a whirl. Amazingly enough, after a couple of sessions, the quality of the hearing in my most damaged ear really did improve, though the tinnitus remained fairly constant. Over the next few days I gradually increased the volume… I noticed the tinnitus would reduce for a while after a louder session, so I kept turning it up and lengthening the sessions until one day I turned it off and found that I was… stone fucking DEAF!

    Like an idiot I had overdone the therapy!

    Thankfully though, after an anxious few months, I got enough hearing back to get by, but generally the situation was worse than when I started with the pink noise treatment. If only I had left it at the point when improvement had first become evident, reckon I’d be fucking laughing today.

    All that was over 12 years ago. Since then my hearing has recovered enough to watch TV without subtitles, though the modern fashion for actors mumbling their lines occasionally makes subtitles necessary.

    The tinnitus hasn’t got any worse, if anything it’s probably settled down a bit.

    You might find hypnosis helps. It worked surprisingly well when I was stopping smoking. Never got around to trying it for tinnitus though, may do one day when I can be arsed.

    Best of luck Spoons.

  15. This is a total cunt. My dear old gran suffered from it for years and it made her life a misery.
    Anybody who has it has my heartfelt sympathy.

  16. I get it pretty bad the Dr said zinc tablets work but wouldn’t give me a script and was told holland and Barrett sell them. I refuse to go in that hippy shop I remember visiting this place once before it smells like a pet shop and is full of lesbian assistants so I just put up with the constant buzzing noise

  17. I’ve had this problem for some years but been worse for the past 3 or so. Some days or parts of days it’s better than others. Being anxious seems to make it worse.
    I was told when having my ears tested that hearing aids can help but these would damage my smooth man about town image so for now i’ll put up with the damned ringing.

  18. Sounds like a right cunt Spoonington.
    It would drive me mad, there are other forms of tinnitus as well…a nagging wife/girlfriend…yap yap damn yap, although I suppose at least you can get away from the lady.
    You should use it your advantage Spoonington…change your name to Abdul and get down the benefits office and tell them your hearing a voice telling you what to do, and if you obey him the cunt rings a bell on your head non stop all night.
    Look at the ceiling whilst your being assessed and shout aaaht ‘leave me alone’ every now and then.

    You’ll get a house, loads of money and a car as well probably. 😁
    You have to make the most of every situation. 👍🏽

  19. I’ve had it for 8 years in my right ear.
    Years of playing in bands, dj’ing in the 90’s and having frightfully loud exhausts on lambrettas.
    You do get sort of immune to it after a while unless it’s playing up.

  20. I knew Craig Gill of Inspiral Carpets, used to see him around town. Good drummer and a great lad. He killed himself due to years of being tormented by tinnitus. Fucking terrible.

    • You can get what they call ‘tinnitus maskers’ which are placed in the ear and are supposed to ‘mask’ the tinnitus. What this is supposed to do is replace the tinnitus with a more agreeable noise.
      I don’t see the point of replacing one noise with another, especially if it is the sound of the Flabbott coming to orgasm.
      The most natural way I find to mask it Spoons, is to listen to music with headphones ( not loud music though!)
      It’s basically all about finding something to occupy you and take your attention away from it. Sex is good!

        • Morning LL. Feeling much better thanks. Got rid of a urine infection and about to start more tabs for a sinus infection! At least I’m so stuffed full of bacteria, I’ve no room left for any viruses!
          It’s given me some good ideas though for a health nom!
          How’s it with you?

          • I’m well thanks Bertie, look forward to your health nom if you get around to it, its about the only way we get to have a moan about our aches, pains and funny rashes because the GP’s are next to useless at the moment.

  21. there are a lot of sound recordings you can download that help with this bastard of a problem. ive had it most of my life and its a cunt. i listen to a thunderstorm when i am trying to get to sleep, works a treat.

  22. I’ve got it tinnitus, high pitched in both ears like an old valve TV set when first turned on, I’ve learned to zone it out over the years most of the time, until some cunt mentions it.


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