The Patronising of the Past

This is often mentioned in posts but I think iit deserves its own cunting.

I think there are more of these programmes because their cheap to produce in the Pandemic. Last night a programme on BBC 4 about Michelangelo. Presented by an Asian woman.

Anyway, ‘Civilisation’ with Kenneth Clarke used a lot. ‘I am standing in the Sistine Chapel’ Clarke said at one point. The voiceover -Well, we can see that’. Oh fuck off.

Another programme from the past-‘Michelangelo painted on his back’. ‘Well, he got that totally wrong he painted standing up’. It’s the tone I hate. If the voiceover had said ‘It was once thought that he painted it lying on his back but now we know…’ But no. And you just can’t help the feeling that they’re saying these pompous white men of the past got it all wrong.

‘Are You Being Served’ they did a programme on. Once again the patronising tone. As though- ‘they didn’t realise what they were saying back then, bless them…but you can laugh at it as long you understand the outdated attitudes’. Two Asian women again. So I went from laughing at Mrs Slocombe ‘will you look after my pussy’ to an Asian woman telling me that it’s OK to laugh at it if you don’t take it too seriously.

‘You wouldn’t get away with it now’ they kept saying. Yeah when someone calls someone a ‘fucking shithead’ (‘9 cats out of 10 Cats). You CAN get away with that but not silly Mrs Slocombe and her ‘pussy’.

Even Victoria Wood was guilty of this painstakingly laboriously explaining to us the the subtle relationships of Dad’s Army characters. As though -‘there was funny things in the past, give it a go’.

The worst sort of show for this is What We Watched In The Seventies. There they all are squirming in their seats at the appalling carrying ons back then. Fuck me it’s the mildest stuff imaginable and there they are all appalled. Oh fuck off.

Nominated by: Miles Plastic

93 thoughts on “The Patronising of the Past

  1. God I hate those shows. I am old enough to remember things like Love Thy Neighbor, first time around. We crinched then because it was not very funny but now I have to have some wet behind the ears wanker, probably not even 30 so not born when most of this stuff went out, telling me what was wrong with shows which were crap then and we knew it.
    British Television, best in the world, we were told, well we all knew that was bollocks.

  2. ‘Michelangelo painted on his back?’
    Well that’s not fuckin’ true for a start!
    Have you ever tried painting on your back, holding a huge mirror at the same time?
    It ain’t easy I can tell you.

    • Many times I’ve tried painting the ceiling creamy white whilst lying on my back but it always cums back down and gives me pink eye.

      Gravity is not just a theory, it’s also a cunt!

  3. ‘civilisation” as brilliantly explained by Kenneth Clarke is not universal. “Civilisations” on the BBC is desperate to equate a jumble of mud huts and daubs with the Renaissance. The west is best. All other “civilisations” including the 5000 year old Chinky one is shit by comparison. Watch it on youtube. Classic bbc before they treated their audience like 5 year old children. Cunts.

  4. I agree Miles.
    The attitude is patronising,
    ‘they didnt know any better in the 70s’
    No, the culture wasnt to micro scrutinise ever little detail, to have a sense of proportion, to not be a fuckin cry baby.
    I watched that ‘what we did in the 70s’ thing and the talking heads were acting all shocked, but your right,
    Mild stuff that was family viewing!!
    The message is a subliminal one,
    If your still like this your a Neanderthal.
    Well fuck that!
    I came away from it with a sense of nostalgia
    A time when you could say what you want,
    Comedy was funny,
    People werent mardarses,
    Men acted like men.
    Thats what I gleaned from it.

      • Not wishing to generalise, but don’t you think many of the tanned bretheren in the 1970s and 1980s entertainment were far more civilised than some of the sub primates we have ooking and eeking today?

        For example, I was watching TOTP 1981 the other day. There was a group on there called Odyssey. They had a dark key male singer, who wore a suit, had a natty tache and a tamed afro, but sang rather well and with meaningful lyrics and a pleasant demeanour.

        Compare that with many dark-key pop groups now – “Ohmf ahh, ho bitch, mudderfukka, gibs me dat gun, you bad mo fo”, aggresive shit.

        I suppose the same could be said for many whitey pop groups, but many of the dark-key group seem to be streets ahead in the race to the bottom of the primeval swamp.

        • Things were definitely better during the 70’s and 80’s and life was just as hard for most then as it is now. Civility and decency is what our days are bereft of.

          And as Thomas pointed out there was some sort of effort by our new neighbours to integrate and adopt our standards back then. Not any more. The mass dilution of standards has set a new model for what is the norm today.

          Chavvy thick whiteys, and entitled middle class spoiled teens and their parents have an equal share of the blame.

        • Paul@
          I preferred it when they’d all wear matching outfits, do synchronised dance moves and smiled.
          Black people have nice teeth, show em off, smile.
          Blacks nowadays glower and scowl, wont dance in line and wont dress in matching outfits!!
          Theyre hostile.
          In the 70s youd hear them laughing
          Hehehe inba carribean deep sound, nice!
          Now all the cunts do is moan.
          Maybe its the weather?
          To wet? Bit cold?
          Cheer up or fuck off!

          • Ahhh yes MNC, a bit like ‘Tavares’….Ooh ooh ooh, heaven, la la la, must be missing an angel ooo, heaven…etc etc fucking etc.

          • Exactly Westy!!
            Hard to be racist against someone you like, makes you laugh, cheers you up isnt it?
            They all seem to be unaware of this?

      • They can’t even laugh properly Miserable. Terrible thing to say they just can’t let themselves go and have a hearty laugh. It’s got to be ironic or scornful or sarcastic.
        Yes on one of those Seventies programmes a Little and Large sketch with an Aisan playing a bus conducter or something. Fuck me the mildest stuff imaginable. The gasps, the wide eyed astonishment, mortified they all were. David Aronovitch is always on them.

        • Joyless Miles.
          To busy scanning every word that might cause offence or be used in ‘woke’ court against them.
          Im offensive as I like,
          Racist as fuck.
          Cant stop laughing!!😀😀

    • The thing with these ‘Big Bad 70s’ shows is the cunt trumpets that are on them weren’t even around at the time. Also, they are usually the most punchable cunts imaginable. Little shits born after 1989 with crappy ‘media studies degrees’. These cheeseholes yap on about Mrs Slocombe’s pussy, yet they don’ bat an eyelid when that BLM scum, Sophie Duker says ‘Kill Whitey’ on national television. There were one or two duds back then. But most of it was funny. Till Death Us Do Part, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, Steptoe & Son, Fawlty Towers, Rising Damp, Citizen Smith, Reggie Perrin, The Dustbinmen, Dad’s Army were all good.

      Thing is, people still love the shows from that time. It’s just not ‘OK’ to admit it. When Life On Mars came out, people loved it. Some cunts said they liked it because it ‘satirised’ the shows from the ‘Big Bad 70s’like the mighty Sweeney and The Professionals. But that was bollocks. It was popular because it featured men who were men and good old fashioned cops and robbers heroes and villains stuff. These media studies knobheads saw Life On Mars as a ‘guilty pleasure’. When in actual fact it was just fucking ace to watch.

      • And Ashes To Ashes had an added plus. Cops and robbers action and a top bit of crackling with Keeley Hawes as Alex Drake.

        Now it’s all convoluted up its own arse cat and mouse villains as intellectuals psychological bollocks like Marcella, Broadchurch, The Fall, and crap like that. And let’s not even start on that Septic Tank CSI shit and that Benderdick Cuntberdinck Sherlock dog dirt. And – Ashes To Ashes excepted (Bolly didn’t half have a pair!) – these modern ones have far too many gobby wimmin detectives in them. The horrendous Lezzing Eve being the gruesome nadir.

        Goodies and baddies. Car chases and shoot outs. Hard men and nice birds. That’s what we fucking want.

      • Yeah I watched Life On Mars when it first came out and loved it.

        I stayed over at my 70 year old Dad’s place the other week and saw that it was on Netflix so introduced him to it and he fucking loves it!

        It brings him back to the good old days when men were men, coppers were coppers, cars were cars, everybody smoked and ash trays were ash trays; he noticed in one episode, a recurring ash tray which was popular at the time (his Grandfather had one and is now a family heirloom).

        • Was it one of those on a stand that had dual sided trapdoors with a knob on top that you pushed and hey presto tab ends were gone?

  5. I don’t watch mainstream tv as I cannot stand seeing “nothing but black faces” grinning at me from the idiot box.
    I comment I made on another nom recently, is applicable here:

    “ I like nothing better, than having a first generation immigrant lecturing me about Britishness”.

  6. Sadly, I don’t think that I’ll be around in 30 years time when the wokes of 2050 look back and patronise the current crop of cunts. ‘Owen Jones and Co.? They probably meant well but they were so misguided ‘.

    • If Owen Jones thinks that the BBC is rightwing (his own words) then I would hate to see how lefty and week the cunts in 2050 will be.

  7. You can’t even watch archaeological programmes now without them digging up some person of colour skellington or lecturing about guys who mapped the coast of Australia ‘mapping out the prospect of plunder for the (vile) British Empire’. Shit – I just want some simple time-passing pleasure learning a bit about the past, not a fucking lecture every ten minutes given by some 16 year old rug muncher cunt. Fuck off you half-grown shites!

    Supplementary to this (guys won’t know but) every Etsy advert now features a half-bleck model. Shitting hell. I’m sick of it.

    • Lady C
      Plenty of great documentaries on YouTube.
      Watching a cracker on the English Civil War as I type this-wondering if we are witnessing the sowing of seeds of similar discontent……

      • Yeah but the English Civil War happened due to the ACTUAL misdeeds of an ACTUAL man of power and privilege who ACTUALLY oppressed his subjects at the time so the revolutionary response was understandable.

        Fast forward to 2020 and out-of-touch, university-educated, white, lefty, middle class wankers are trying to denegrate 80% of the UK population and raging on behalf of black people about things that happened to black people’s ancestors over 200 years ago, perpetrated by ancestors to less than 2% of the UK population at the time…… and these cunts really think history and public opinion is on their side and that they are going to start a revolution. Just lol.

  8. I preferred entertainment in the 70s and 80s.
    Nobody gave a fuck.
    If anyone was offended they might have told Ethel in the coal merchant and that was the end of it.
    Now we are infested with Mega Cunts.
    Take your nappy and Fuck Off.

  9. Millennial cunts will never understand because they have something that wasn’t around then. Finance. You can get anything on the never never these days, and it doesn’t matter if you’re working, some cunt will lend you money. And, they don’t give a fuck what you want it for either. Holidays, tit jobs, just fancy a new kitchen, the two year old one they have just ain’t instagrammable. Hardly anyone under the age of forty owns anything. Before they’ve finished paying for it they go out and replace it with some other shit, the shallow cunts. They will never save for something, it’s all instant gratification. It’s why the cunts can’t afford to buy houses, they can’t bear the thought of not going to Ibiza three times a year and spending twelve quid a day on paper cup coffee. Hardship is slow WiFi, or a two year old car. They don’t deserve the world we are leaving them, so chuck another tyre on the bonfire and fuck em.

      • People were preoccupied by their own worries back then too, real worries, so they didn’t have time to give a shit about little M’tebe fishing in a pisspot, or that some cunt wanted to wear a frock.
        Also, the dole only gave you enough to fucking eat, if you wanted fags and booze you had to get a job. Now it’s a fucking lifestyle choice. Being fat wasn’t classed as disability, you were just a greedy cunt. Fuck it, pass me a pair of brown corduroy flares, I’m going back.

    • I agree with everything you just said. Although worth pointing out that I’m under 40, all I own are the clothes on my back, my gaming laptop, my shitty 14 year old Kia which is on it’s last legs and my cheap, creeky wooden IKEA bed which I expect to fall through in the next year.
      Unlike most millennials though, I don’t blame my parents; only myself for not succeeding in life.

      The problem with the younger, snowflake millennials is that they have been raised to believe in the notion of collective guilt and not on the idea of individual, personal responsibilty so they blame the entire baby boomer generation for their woes rather than trying to improve their lot.
      If only I’d been born 2 years earlier I would be a generation-X kid so wouldn’t feel the burden of shame I feel for calling myself a millennial.

      • Funilly enoigh on Wireless 4 World At One yesterday (WHY do I torture myself?) they had a reasonably half sensible student on, and even he was thinking of going home to mum and dad because he couldn’t bear the thought of being on campus confined to his room and perhaps not being able to see them over Xmas, and it made me think of when I was 18. I joined the Navy, but all my mates, whether military minded or not had to join one of the services because we had national service – life could be hell, but there was no running home to mum and dad. I just hope they never get forced into the army because they honestly wouldn’t survive day one.

  10. Well cunted Miles.

    What the woke cunts fail to comprehend (because they have zero sense of humour or irony) is that those ’60s, ’70s and ’80s comedies did more to promote better race relations than any politician or lefty activist ever could. Moreover they fail to notice is that the joke was invariably on the racist characters, like Alf Garnett, Eddie Booth and Rigsby, not on the ethnic minorities, plus it was done in good humour and in such a way that it did not alienate the ordinary viewing public, unlike today’s so called comedians. All that is completely lost on the race obsessed PC Left who, under the guise of “diversity”, create nothing but division and hatred.

    • Too true. I hadn’t watched any Rising Damp since the mid 90’s when I had all the episodes on VHS cassette but I watched it again last year and it was obvious (at least to me) that Rigsby was the comic relief, not the black guy or Miss Jones.

  11. I’m afraid what we have been witnessing over the last couple of years is just the beginning!

    The Millennial & Ged Z generations started the ball rolling with their “I demand this that and the other, otherwise I will sulk on social meeja!” And as a consequence they’ve become young adults thinking the world revolves around them and everything should follow their lead.

    I don’t know what generation will be following the Z-heads, but they will be even more pampered and brainwashed by the current crop of bigoted left cunts who judge their existence by the number of likes/bogus followers they have on shitebook.

  12. R4 Extra (eg) keeps telling me that this or that ancient repeat was made thirty years ago and attitudes were different then. Mine fucking weren’t. And neither were those of anyone over fifty that I know.

    The truth will out eventually. Humans are suspicious of and likely to disparage humans not of their tribal grouping. It’s a survival of the fittest thing. It will take more than incompetent propaganda to change that; it’s hard wired in all the tribes so it can’t be bred out, either…

    • How do you manage to teach, when most of your pupils would happily put you in the stocks for “wrong thinking” if they knew?.

      • I don’t teach. But if I did, it would be what I do – science. Rigorous methodology, good data and sound statistics make for the only ‘right thinking’ that bothers me or should bother them.

        Science and engineering students used to be more hard-edged than arts ones, and from what I have seen still are. I haven’t entirely lost hope.

    • Komodo: Next time R4 Extra repeat the Les Dawson Show they will be shitting themselves because of the mother-in-law jokes. Like you I get sick of them pointing out the Goon Show finished recording in 1960, and that they sometimes made jokes about Ray Ellington – which he himself took in good humour. Because today’s left wing “comedians” are full of malice, they forget that earlier entertainers were entirely free of malice.

      • Good point…malice. You get it most clearly from their voices on radio. If I were a propagandist masquerading as a comedian the last medium I’d want to be on would be radio.

  13. A whole lot of crazy shit going on in America and it’s pissing* me off. Accordingly, I’m feeling particularly “white” today:

    Did this little oriental cunt actually say the Michelangelo painted on his back? Did she happen to mention that’s also how she got her job as a TV presenter at the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune? Or even that she had to start on her knees.

    ‘Cause academic research clearly had no part. And given today’s diversity standards in television, talent and ability had absolutely nothing to do with it either.

    (*Pissing as in American slang for angry not drunk.)

          • I never took to Brazil and he was a cunt at United. Eric Gates was the man and the predator for Ipswich. Arnold Muhren was pure class and I am so glad United signed him. He could open a tin of peas with his left foot. John Wark was also linked with Old Trafford, and I was far from happy when he signed for Liverpool.

          • Agreed. Town had some really decent players back then. Fat alcoholic Brazil played for my lot too and I never liked him.

            How’s your disinterest with football going, Norm? I’m still disgusted with the EPL and have almost no interest in it. Cunty Spurs were on the box on Sunday I think. I just about scraped together enough energy to turn it on to see if gay hair Bale was playing. All seemed normal for a few seconds as the players stood there waiting for the kick off whistle. Then down they all went on one knee and I hit the off button on the remote. Not on my fucking watch you bunch of arsehole bastard cunts!

  14. TV was better years gone by. The reality is there’s no money in it anymore. Call me a millenial cunt, I’m not but almost, but the fact is that in my lifetime TV has gone from being the primary window out into the world to a rather crap last resort. The ad money has dried up and the talent has found better ways to find audiences. Combine that with going from 4 channels to fuck knows how many and you have a recipe for falling standards!

    Good cunting by the way.

  15. These revisionist programmes are so cheesy and cheap to make. Take a few low-rent 20-something z-list slebs, park them in front of a cardboard cutout set of a 70s living room and get them to gawp and gasp at all the “terrible” TV shows of that era.

    The reaction is similar to folk of my age watching public information films from the 40s which to our 1970s eyes looked and sounded corny, racist, sexist and patronising. Laughing at lady drivers, commentators with plummy voices.

    Time passes, cultures change and life moves on.

    No need to think you are fecking superior because you were born 30, 40 or 50 years later. Had YOU lived in those days YOU would been watching the same shows. It’s like laughing at victorians because they travelled in horse drawn carriages rather than cars.

    Let’s take the piss out of the past. So easy and nasty. I wonder how
    millennails will feel when the futurists review how they behaved during covid? Cunts.

    • Sorry LH, think you missed the point here:
      We never looked at history in forensic detail, to try and find absolutely everything that may cause offence to people who seem to be permanently offended.
      We may have laughed at some details of the past.

      Conversely, we had a lot more respect for previous generations and honoured the sacrifices they made for us.
      No comparison to what is happening now.

      • CG, my dear fellow, I was merely saying that it is / was possible to find the past amusing without condemning it. We were aware that attitudes were out of date but we didn’t seek to castigate the people who actually lived through a previous age.

        Harry Enfield used to parody old public information broadcasts but he did it with affection.

        This modern lot try to claim moral superiority over those they scorn. As if we were stupid to watch programmes which were popular in th 70s. Too ignorant to know better.

        That’s the difference.

  16. I recall that Uncle Tom cunt Ian Wright on one of these shows. He was griping about how On The Buses was ‘racist’ because there was a character named Chalkie.
    It wasn’t racist and it didn’t mean a fucking thing. I knew a black lad at school and we called him Chalkie. But he didn’t mind and he was a proper mate of ours. He was also pretty handy, so he could answer anyone who really was racist towards him. The lad was never offended in any way and he was one of us. That cocoa clown Wrighty just loves to play the race card. Fucking little cunt.

    • Ian Wright is indeed a cunt Norman, didn’t he have his car nicked a few years ago and then posed for selfies with the cops who found and returned it? Are his BLM chums going to ‘cancel’ him?

    • The old skool rules.
      If your name was White, you were Chalky.
      Clark? Nobby.
      If Welsh, Taff; Scottish, Jock; Irish, Paddy.
      If fat, Tubs; acne victim, Syph…the rules were clear and pretty inflexible.

      It could never happen now, eh?

    • Yep Rising Damp was and is still brilliantly funny. A fine cast of comedy actors. Wonderfully witty scripts. Rigsby was of course a racist but the programme wasn’t. He condemned himself out of his own mouth as did Alf Garnett. That was the point. Phil the black lodger easily outwitted Rigsby and they actually liked and respected each other which became apparent later in the series.

      Too subtle for millennials to grasp I’m afraid.

      • Most millennials don’t understand context, self-deprecation or banter so it would obviously fly over their heads.

        When I was a kid in the 80’s/90’s my best mate would try to get me to watch Roy Chubby Brown, my Mum showed my really good freehand sketches she did of Alf Garnett when she was a teenager and my Dad and I would watch Jim Davidson stand-up and piss ourselves laughing.

        Yet as a kid my favourite films/TV shows were:

        – Red Dwarf: Cast – Black fella, mixed race fella and a women
        – Star Trek DS9: Cast – Black fella in lead role, black fella as Worf, woman 2nd in command, woman as Dax (strong female character), half Sudanese man as Doctor.
        – Star Trek Voyager: Need I say more?
        – Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Need I say more?
        – The Alien Quadrilogy: Need I say more?

        The races and genders of these characters never occurred to me because they were never important to me!
        It’s lefty cunts who are the fuckers increasing hyper-awareness of particular identities and trying to highlight differences between us rather than celebrating what we have in common with each other.

        Fucking snowflake cunts need to wind their under-developed pencil-necks in.

      • The ending to the original stage play and the 1980 film has Philip outed as not bring the son of an African chief, but a normal lad from Croydon. Rigsby refuses to put the boot in, stops Philip being blackmailed, and tells him his secret is safe and, as far as he is concerned, Philip is the son of a chief. But of course the psychotic fuckflake cunts never mention that bit.

      • A very commanding actor leornard rossiter/who d have thought he d be dead at 43 was it? Even if it was explained to folk of today i doubt they would understand or appreciate it /it becomes more like the 1960s the time machine /morlocks &the eloi literally

      • What I don’t quite understand is how ‘Death In Paradise’ keeps going (on and on) with a whitey in charge of detection, and if he fucks off, a replacement whitey? Why aren’t the offended complaining about this? And made by the BBC! (For shame, Auntie)

  17. These modern, soft, lefty twats devoid of any humour (because they have had it sucked out of them by each other due to post moderism in academia) “feel” that they can condescend to people much smarter, wiser and experienced in hardship and life than them.

    Bunch of middle class, stuck-up, lefty twats to a man, woman, otherkin and creature.

  18. Back in the early 80’s the Young Ones was sticking it to the Maggie Thatcher establishment but even that show would probably be considered “rightwing” or “problematic” by the standards of modern snowflake cunts.

  19. The fact that they’re having fucking zipperheads explain pisses me off. Sorry, I’m not down on “Asians”, but I don’t go explaining shit to them about their heritage. Quite rightly so, too. Ever noticed the patronising looks or comments that are shot around willy-nilly when some pinhead kitchen scullion, who happens of one culture, commits the grossly unthinkable and cooks a bit of grub from another culture? Lord above every response is mindlessly predictable. It’s fucking food. Why get so precious about it?

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