Politics 101 by Scarlett Johansson (4)

Yeah, she’s at it again. As soon as there is US election in the offing, this woke motormouth with tits pipes up and talks shit.

First it was John Kerry, then it was the Obama cunts, then she was a vile Clinotnite and full of praise for the hated Hilary.

Now? She is spouting off about a campaign called ‘Women For Biden’, focusing on herself of course. Aside from the fact that she is talking self serving bollocks once again, I find it absolutely hilarious that she actually sees herself as some sort of great political mind and social commentator.

She is little more than an American female Lineker. A rich and famous knob who thinks that fame entitles them to say anything they fucking like. However stupid it may be.

Also, the ‘feminist’ angle is a total mockery. For women, eh? Does that include Dylan Farrow? Still sucking up to Woody Allen?

Bollocks! What a thermonuclear cunt

Nominated by: Norman 

31 thoughts on “Politics 101 by Scarlett Johansson (4)

  1. Just like Lineker, all that comes out of her mouth is bollocks. If I had it may way though, all that would into her mouth would be bollocks………. my bollocks. Get behind me in the queue lads.

  2. Ah, the girl has hollywoke delusion.
    Cured by vigorous application of penis, which I am prepared to do without charge as long as Margot Robbie appears and demands to join in!

  3. Stupid woman.
    It still wouldn’t stop me from giving her a right royal seeing to with a soapy tit wank included… Hell I might even tell her I would vote Democrat or give Owen Jones a good mention just to get in her knickers.
    I’m such an unprincipled bastard.

  4. Another celebrity cunt with delusions of grandeur.
    For some reason because they act in some films, or make music and have ‘fans’ they think it qualifies them to be a spokesperson for what they believe to be right and moral whilst often going against what they preach in private.
    I am sick of these cunts, it’s funny how most of the lefty wealthy types try to speak for the poor yet live as far away from them as possible. Maybe they feel guilty for their wealth.
    They shouldn’t feel guilty and I bet they’d secretly like to wear disguises and tour the poor, down an aaaaht areas and prod the poor dossers with sticks.
    ‘Ooh look, we have a crack head’.
    She needs feeding to the pig’s, after I’ve had my way with her.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  5. According to a recent poll, 55% of likely voters think Biden is in the early stages of dementia so the decrepit old Skelator cunt wont remember or care what she said if he even knows who she is in the first place.

  6. Scarlett Johansson has revealed that she has two HIV tests a year. She said it was “part of being a decent human to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases”

    Nothing to do with being a decent human being; clearly she is nothing more than an ageing Hollywoke “box of creams”.

    I wouldn’t want to “have my way” with that. Not unless I fancied a cocktail umbrella poked down my japseye and a long drink of strong antibiotics.

  7. Unlike the rest of you degenerates, finding out a hottie is an estrogen raddled fucktard is an absolute killer for my poor old sausage. Raging, raging horn for Alyssa Milano, I’d watch the most appalling bollocks just so I could imagine unspeakable acts of debauchery. Then the dozy cunt opened her trap at some pussy hat shite .. dick death. Now, I just don’t want to know anymore. *sniffs*

  8. Obviously I haven’t seen her in any of her superhero/heroine roles as I’m over 15 though she was good in Lost In Translation and the superb The Prestige. Marvellous funbags and I’d let her clamber on the Magnanimous pole. However, wretched politics and the ubiquitous Hollyweird Democrats arse-felching.

    Biden is a demented, doddering, hypocritical Catholic cunt whose cognitive decline won’t see him until the end of 2021 when that shoe-faced vice-turd would take the reins though that’s immaterial as Don Trumpio will win again.

      • Evening Liquors.

        They could rub some Head & Shoulders on the handle so he’d be forever sniffing that whilst thinking of girls’ hair. That’ll keep his mind off the Barack O’bomber button.

  9. Not interested in this trollop. BW&C is welcome to her for all I care.

    I’d much rather have lovely Emma Stone coming to Chez Steptoe wearing nothing but a long coat, stockings and high heels.

    Then she takes the coat off and gives me a cheeky wink and pulls a can of squirty cream out of her hand bag.

    Her husky voice makes me want to tongue punch her dirt star 😂😂

  10. Does nowt for me this mo.ng.
    Seen better looking lasses on the bus.
    Tell it to shut the fuck up as the oven door closes behind it.
    And it’s “hangers on” or whatever they are.

  11. She cuts and pastes her lavish lifestyle and massive career onto lecturing the world about faux “spirituality”, mysticism and assorted psychobabble.
    Another new agey type who is super rich, has zero financial anxiety who tells the poor unfortunate proles who live pay day to pay day and who struggle with providing even the basic necessities how they should live and what they should be doing. These “wellness influencers” have to be my least favourite cunce of the contemporary world.
    Of course I’d give her a good bloody rootin.’ But that’s another “issue.”

  12. I remember some years ago reading about how she was loitering around in the shadows off set in-between scenes and heard one of the production crew commenting to a colleague that she was an overrated grunge chick. She had him fired, the pretentious cunt.

  13. These slebs become woke because they see the millennials as the demographic they need to appeal to. Old cunts can fuck off. It’s all about marketing and their agents have the brains to recognise this even if they don’t.
    Do you hear any politics from Ant and Dec? No. You may not like them but they appeal across all age groups. Whatever shit they came out with they would immediately alienate 50 % of their audience. Why the fuck would they do that? Canny Geordie lads who love a pound note so I hear.

  14. Makes me crease how this Tinsletown thicko attaches herself to any democrat that runs for president. Johanscunt would suck up to Hitler if he was up against Big Don. And her ‘Women For Biden’ crap? From a tart who crawls around Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. Not forgetting her conveniently ignoring the ‘tendencies’ of Biden and Bill Clinton. And there’s more. That ‘dress’she is wearing in that picture was for Uncle Harvey’s benefit. No doubt about it. And for all her liberal bollocks and leftist shite, she has done multi million dollar advertising deals with both Qatar and the Chinese. She has less morals than a sewer rat. What a cunt.


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