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Larry Grayson’s Generation Game, Jim Davidson’s Big Break and Cilla Black’s Blind Date – Saturday Night TV, non-political light entertainment. What do we get now? Britain’s Got Talent, in particular Diversity taking the knee over the throat of one of their dancers in some protest of George Floyd for BLM, and a load of kids singing about climate change, politicising the minds of young children on prime-time ITV Saturday night. We’re doomed now that ITV have finally joined the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky in being hijacked by a load of Left-Wing snowflake “woke” producers, presenters, hosts and talent telling us what to think.

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Was visiting my old neighbour, he’s in his late 80s and is widowed so I pop round, normally have a few shots of Bells and fuck off home at about 11, when I went round the old boy was watching BGT, not my cup of tea (don’t have a TV anymore) but I thought I could put up with it, after watching some retard trying to juggle I almost felt like slitting my throat, but worse was to come, Fucking DIVERSITY innit blud, I was hoping for some Al Jolson twirling cane cabaret, no it was a bunch of lefty kaffirs whinging about not getting anywhere because they were blek, as opposed to being lazy, entitled, speech impaired cunts, fuck the aptly name Ashley Banjo and fuck these race baiting extras from Zulu!, utter cunts to man and beast they really are!

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  1. What else did anybody expect?

    Thousands of people complained about the performance-I think it may have broken all records for complaints received. One of the presenters, a mixed race winninz I have never heard of has threatened to resign if ITV apologise.
    Where will this cuntfoolery end?
    Fuck em all👎👎👎

    • And OFCOM will do precsely fk all, as always.
      Is “Deviancys” next routine going to show how to shove a loaded pistol into a pregnant white Womans stomach while robbing her and threatening to gang r*pe her in her own home?
      The Fentanyl shuffle?
      Just a couple of suggestions there!

    • over 21,000 complaints now apparently – and OfCom don’t know what to do as they can’t understand their own rules – what a load of fucking cunts they are

  2. This is how it’s done. You infiltrate the schools and universities and brainwash the cunts. Those cunts go on to work in the media, both news and entertainment. Other cunts join mainstream political parties.
    Before you know it you are a right wing extremist, a fascist, racist and Nazi.
    How did that happen you ask yourself. You weren’t paying attention were you?

    • I doubt most ordinary people sat home with their family want preaching too?
      They want family entertainment, nothing blue, no political shite, etc
      And even if I did want to know the views of others it wouldnt be by some twat with a name like Ashley fuckin Banjo!!
      Doesnt even play a banjo,
      Just dances!!
      If your a grown man and your job title is dancer your –
      1) a puff
      2) someone who didnt learn to read and write
      3) a danger to others
      4) dropped on your head as a baby.

  3. If anyone flew in from Alpha Centauri they would think that this country was 50% Black with all the ‘diversity’ rammed down our throats, mind you if they landed in south east London they would be hard pressed to distinguish what was human and what was ape.

    ITV are competing with the BBC to see who are the biggest cunts.

  4. At the hight of the Raj 80 000 British “controlled” 300 000 000 Indians
    Today we have 13% plus white woke cunts here telling the British what to do and think. Enoch was obviously correct and its time to get rid of the colonists.

  5. Why do we have to sit in our living rooms and watch people who want to protest a criminal who died failing to comply with law officers in another country whilst under the influence of drugs?

    Why are ITV showing this shit? Are they not then partly responsible next time some ethnic decides to resist arrest and dies in the process?

    We need to punish these companies the only way they understand, cancel culture has to work both ways. If a company pisses you off playing up to the woke voices on social media stop buying their products or services.

    Companies don’t give a fuck who buys their products or services but they do care a lot when income falls.

    There are far more people who believe that criminals need to be arrested than believe having a darker skin is a free pass. The silent majority needs to make some noise but they need to make noise in companies finances.

  6. ITV was never a bastion of quality but it did used to do family entertainment reasonably well.

    The rapid decline and abysmal output is partly due to the woke lefty influence but there is another reason.

    ITV abolished all the regional stations which made their own (often excellent) programmes. Now all we are left with is the centralised “ITV Hub” with regions reduced to broadcasting their own news and nothing else .

    The same is happening to local BBC radio.

    Homogenized lowest common denominator crap.

  7. I remember when ITV was the best channel in the world. I was gutted when there was the 1979 strike. All I watched on the BBC then was Doctor Who (City of Death), Fawlty Towers and the news. Everything else I liked was on ITV and Granada. Corrie of course when it was in its prime, The Sweeney, Tiswas, Budgie, Rising Damp, The Professionals, Selwyn Froggitt, So It Goes, The Big Match with Brian Moore (Lineker my arse), Please Sir, What The Papers Say, World In Action, Minder, and the mighty News At Ten.

    People lament the demise of the ‘Beeb’, but for me the decline of ITV and especially Granada as been the sadder and more frustrating.

    This clip reminds me of how great it was.

  8. Just did my bit and reported the shite to OFCOM, not that I’ve ever seen the pile of wank or any of its ilk nor will it probably do any good. All a pile or fucking arse, watched by braindead cunts, still reporting it made me feel a bit better.

  9. You’ll never see another Bodie and Doyle. Great series from my younger years. Its still gritty viewing 40 years later. Insufficiently PC now, especially the episode where Bodie rips open the blouse of the nurse played by a young Pamela Stephenson to grab a bomb that had found its way down there.

    Fuck me, where did it all go wrong?

    • A young Pamela Stephenson gave me a “rocket”😀

      A threesome with her and Glynis Barber in their prime.
      What a way to go😀😀😀😀😀

      Lor’ Have mercy👍

    • The Professionals! Great programme! Lewis Collins should have played James Bond. Perfect! He had that air of menace about him! Remember the episode when they were using a sniper rifle’s scope to look on a woman undressing?!! Fucking ace! And those Capris!

  10. Delighted as usual not to have a picture box and not, therefore, to have seen this shite. I rely on other sources to confirm that it was, indeed, shite, negligible shite, propagandist woke shite, indeed.

    What is really fucking frightening about this black supremacist, criminal-memorialising, shitstirring, media-prostituting shite, is that if you express any reservation about its absolute angelic goodness, that makes you automatically a waycist. Like wanting to leave the EU, only more so. People who are famous only for being famous will use their media contacts to tell you this over and over again: there is no problem with the concept…YOU are the problem for not approving of the comp[lete destruction of your historical culture.

    See here, but you’ll need a sickbag. It’s woke:

    That is, if you dare to complain about overt racially-based propaganda, you’re the fucking N^zi.

    See you all at Nuremberg…

  11. OFCOM another left wing quango. Spending your money by doing fuckall. Remember the BONFIRE OF QUANGOS. Fucking cunts all of them.

  12. Can anyone imagine a 2020 version of ‘The Comedians’?
    It would be full of woke cunts, lezzas and weedy bastards going on about Brexit, Big Don, Boris and what ignorant racist oafs the British people are.

    I remember the days of Bernard Manning, Charlie Williams, Dougie Brown, Frank Carson, Norman Collier and the great Mick Miller.

      • I was thinking of the first series too. The Sheriff of Nottingham (Nickolas Grace) in this version has been ripped off ever since. Connery wasn’t as bad as I thought he’d be,but it was never the same. Lewis Collins as the psychotic gay Sheriff was a highlight of the Connery era. Like a medieval Ronnie Kray.

      • TT MNC@ – random one of random ones here MNC – my Mother was best friends with an actress named Joan Rice, who was also friends with Elizabeth Taylor.
        When Elizabeth Taylor was in Robin Hood she could not use her own underwear as it made lines and creases under the costume so Joan Rice got two pairs of knickers off my old dear which Elizabeth Taylor used – tight bint never gave them back!

  13. I loved this. The lead dancer cunt , whose last name is Banjo 😂 was virtually bawling his eyes out as the complaints rolled in and tweeted something about it being a shame all the messages of hate directed at them.

    No mate, people have a different opinion to yours and don’t want to be force fed pseudo political dog shit by someone who probably can’t spell his own name.

    Not everyone who disagrees is a “hater” you utter cunt.

    Clearly thought everyone was going to love it. Ha ha ha.

    As above, next dance needs to be based around one of George’s home invasions, just for balance obviously.

    • Or a dance about the two white coppers shot in an ambush in Los Angeles, by a black suspect whilst anti-police slogans were shouted by the upstanding members of (probably) the BLM supporters.

      Cunts. Absolute cunts.

  14. World In Action was the dog’s bollocks. Never shirked controversy, didn’t give a shit about offending people, and they often went where other programmes and reporters never dared to go. The Strangeways and Louis Edwards episodes still stick in my mind today.

    Also, it had one of the best themes tunes ever. Actually two, the Yes-like workout at the beginning and the haunting slow version at the end. Sometimes Granada would let this version play in its entirety and it would be on air for several minutes. Brilliant, it was.

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