Clueless & Useless Priti Patel! (3)

(Clearly gagging for it! – DA)
(Clearly good for at least one thing – NA)

Not content with failing to deal with the Boat-People invasion.she has now stopped stuffing her maw long enough to promise robust action against Extinction Rebellion.

Miss Patel says the activists should ‘face the full force of the law’ for pursuing ‘guerrilla tactics… that seek to undermine and cause damage to our society’.

She plans to have them designated an organised crime gang to enable them to subject to harsher sentences…..

Fine words indeed…what a shame that she didn’t seem too bothered about them when they were just disrupting the lives of the “little people” trying to get to work or go on holiday.

I wonder what heinous action can have actually caused this wobbly-jowled, spluttering threat ?….Ah,of course…Extinction Rebellion had made the mistake of blockading Rupert Murdoch owned print sites…yep,that’ll do it..overnight they became beyond the pale organised criminals…can’t have Uncle Rupert upset,can we ?

Patel is a lard-arsed failure who promises much but delivers nothing except to the usual Tory Party cronies…just like the rest of this failed Govt. of chancers,blowhards and criminals.

Fuck Off,Priti.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

…and a belated seconded by Vernon Fox

Priti (fucking useless) Patel – yet again

Our favourite brown battleship has been at it again – threatening fines and criminal records for any who dare to defy the Jellyfish Junta and gather in groups of more than six – whilst simultaneously doing NOTHING about the islamic invasion of the UK via Kent – no rule of six, compulsory testing and vaccination (which will be next, trust me) for these vile parasites. Come to Yorkshire and try give people here a problem “Covid Marshalls” – I do not think you will like the response. (There may even be some rude words spoken! 😁).

Priti Patel has been piss useless in every job she has had, a proven liar and only gets the positions she is awarded because she is of Indian descent and a Woman.

Boris will not sack her (he would need to be awake for that for one thing, the fat gutless sack of shit) because the rest of the talking heads are just as useless, and in my opinion Priti Patel has the blood of every person murdered by islamic terrorism (coming soon to anywhere in the UK anytime soon – yet again) – on her grasping chavvy hands.
This piss useless rat needs horsewhipping.

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  1. Priti sounds alot like bronald blumpf all talk no action another neo liberal cuckservative posing as a fake populist except Trump is way worse probably considering the current chaotic happenings in Yankland and his absolute failure at doing anything bout antifa or blm He doesn’t deserve to win a second presidency but Biden is a massive cunt too so theres that vote for the lesser evil I guess

    They are both for big business they won’t actually conserve much else except tax cuts for the super wealthy. Waitin on his 50th law and order tweet amid the current race riots, and blm lootings America sure went shit sideways fast All it took was a pangolin bat flu and a few dead thugs Another good cunting Fiddler

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