Clueless & Useless Priti Patel! (3)

(Clearly gagging for it! – DA)
(Clearly good for at least one thing – NA)

Not content with failing to deal with the Boat-People invasion.she has now stopped stuffing her maw long enough to promise robust action against Extinction Rebellion.

Miss Patel says the activists should ‘face the full force of the law’ for pursuing ‘guerrilla tactics… that seek to undermine and cause damage to our society’.

She plans to have them designated an organised crime gang to enable them to subject to harsher sentences…..

Fine words indeed…what a shame that she didn’t seem too bothered about them when they were just disrupting the lives of the “little people” trying to get to work or go on holiday.

I wonder what heinous action can have actually caused this wobbly-jowled, spluttering threat ?….Ah,of course…Extinction Rebellion had made the mistake of blockading Rupert Murdoch owned print sites…yep,that’ll do it..overnight they became beyond the pale organised criminals…can’t have Uncle Rupert upset,can we ?

Patel is a lard-arsed failure who promises much but delivers nothing except to the usual Tory Party cronies…just like the rest of this failed Govt. of chancers,blowhards and criminals.

Fuck Off,Priti.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

…and a belated seconded by Vernon Fox

Priti (fucking useless) Patel – yet again

Our favourite brown battleship has been at it again – threatening fines and criminal records for any who dare to defy the Jellyfish Junta and gather in groups of more than six – whilst simultaneously doing NOTHING about the islamic invasion of the UK via Kent – no rule of six, compulsory testing and vaccination (which will be next, trust me) for these vile parasites. Come to Yorkshire and try give people here a problem “Covid Marshalls” – I do not think you will like the response. (There may even be some rude words spoken! 😁).

Priti Patel has been piss useless in every job she has had, a proven liar and only gets the positions she is awarded because she is of Indian descent and a Woman.

Boris will not sack her (he would need to be awake for that for one thing, the fat gutless sack of shit) because the rest of the talking heads are just as useless, and in my opinion Priti Patel has the blood of every person murdered by islamic terrorism (coming soon to anywhere in the UK anytime soon – yet again) – on her grasping chavvy hands.
This piss useless rat needs horsewhipping.

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    • “There is no set time frame for passing a bill but the table below shows the usual intervals between stages for a bill. When a bill is fast-tracked, these times can be reduced, allowing it to pass in as little as a day.”

      ” In some cases, fast-tracking a bill is driven by a pressing need to take decisive action in response to unforeseen events, such as the Banking (Special Provisions) Act 2008 that nationalised Northern Rock bank.

      In other cases, the government can appear to be motivated by political considerations. For instance, the Constitution Committee has highlighted the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 as an example of legislation fast-tracked because ministers wanted to appear to act quickly following a series of dog attacks on children.”

      Woof Woof.

  1. What she needs is a right good shagging id happily give her a seeing to before b&wc baggys it/might wake her up a bit (more my type)greta wont mind shes got her colouring book and bollocks to boris the useless sod

    • Don’t fancy slurping your man juice aaaaht of her AF, but I could always give her a good tonguing before sending her to yours. 😁

      • Good nom Dick/Foxy!👍

        She talks a good fight, but not seen this goverment do shite yet?
        Oh sorry sent the police after dogwalkers at the start of lockdown,
        Meanwhile the dinghies cross the channel and flights from China landed unmolested.
        Only time stinky rebellion paused for thought was when they got twatted at that tube station,
        People power👊
        The goverment and police have done fuck all.
        But disrupt their friends workplace?
        Gloves off!
        I dont believe she’ll do a fuckin thing about anything same as every single MP or anyone in goverment.

  2. Look how quickly they could pass the Coronavirus legislation, quicker than a sparrow’s fart, so there’s obviously no will to stop the dinghy riders. Boris keeps telling us we’ve left, yet we have zero control of our borders. All I see is articles that Priti wants to this or that, yet nothing ever happens. Sham of a sham of a sham!

    If I was in charge, our naval ships, and if necessary commandeered merchant ships, would be in the Channel right now blockading these queue jumpers, along with 24/7 air support, and the legislation would have already gone through to change whatever poxy laws are allegedly preventing us from stopping these cunts getting on land and returning them to the safe country they came from.

    Brittania rules the waves? I don’t bloody think so.

    • Maggie would have had the gimmigrants torpedoed and a shoot to kill policy at Dover. She certainly would have lavished money and houses on these human filth.

    • There should be an armament of sort s allocated to specific beaches and or crossing points /never mind the bloody RNLI greetiing them with blankets/towels etc the only thing these murderous barstard illegalls should be greeted with is a mach 10 on autofire.
      Fucking useless goverment as always

  3. Yep about the only useful thing Ms Patel has is her ” cunt” and I am certain that I am not the only fella on here who would indeed like to use it.

    So priti stop the bullshit and have a lie down and think of England.

    • Agreed, I would slide the mamba right Into her, release half the load then pull out and let the other half go all over her tits and face. Job done, lovely jubbly for Pritti. She would be in ecstasy crying out for more.

  4. Go easy on her-she was called “paki” in the playground-she said so in parliament😂.

    Must try harder-knickers down, over the knee for a sound spanking, the naughty minx.
    ……and you just know, she would fucking love it👍👍👍

  5. She would look much better with a pearl necklace and i’m just the bloke to give it to her.
    Other than that just another Conservative politician……..shit scared of the media and the woke twitterati. Boris and his mates don’t seem to understand why we gave them that majority. I reckon they think we actually like them. No, we hate the other mob and we expect you to give them a kicking and fuck them right off. Bring on Sir Nigel and fuck this bunch of clowns.

    • Frogspawn at will Freddie’s-then. Lean her off with a “golden shower”.
      Fairs, fair- she has been pissing down our backs and telling us it’s raining, since the election.

  6. The “law of the land” and a thousand years of common law is constrained by the ” human rights” (born in the Soviet Union) “act”. Only when this is gone can any elected politician hold any sway over the international order and the corrupt British Judiciary. They are the cunts. ( One world order sounds nut which is why I changed it)

  7. Every Home Secretary seems to trot out the same, hackneyed ‘tough’ language: Jack bloody Straw, Amber Fucking Rudd, even The Hûnchback of Theresa May. This cumbrous bint is no different. She seems to exist only to proffer the odd quote for Daily Express readers. Facially attractive but from the neck down she’s like a hippo freshly-emerged from a mud pool. Useless.

    • They all have the same playbook Cap, tough on law and order, immigration, longer jail sentences, all lip flapping bullshit. They are either fighting against their own civil servants, lawyers, judges, the EU, knowing full well they cant deliver on any of it.

    • Well if we had diane fllabbopotamyhugearse then according to national statistics and her ability at maths only a number under twenty would have arrived illegally
      Thank christ we dont!

  8. Great weather down here in the south today. I wonder how many p*nces and terrorists made it across the water today while these Tory cunts were fucking about, worrying what the BBC are going to say about them? It wasn’t the fucking BBC who voted for you, you wankers.
    It wasn’t the fucking woke slebs and their dumb twitter followers. If you don’t understand where those votes came from you may as well pack it in you cunts!

  9. They don’t want to stop the gimmergrants, there making a fucking fortune out of it, governments of all hues are in on it, do you really think that the Labour Party and the Conservative party are much different?, of course not its all a long “arduous struggle” to the new world order, she’s an utter cunt and so are politicians in general!!!

  10. Let’s face it, we’re stuck with these useless cunts for another 3-4 years, and they know it!

    As a consequence they can run roughshod over the electorate that voted them in (although they might shit a brick at any marginal by-elections)

    So for the next 3 or 4 years they will just talk tough and walk with their fingers up their arseholes too scared to do anything ,not least because most of them are not genuine Conservatives and/or are career politicians waiting for bigger and better things to happen.

    Of course there’s always a chance of a Vote of No Confidence, which might shake things up a little bit, and might be something the Opposition parties are hoping for. And if it ultimately comes to an early general election it might be a case of too little too late for Boris and his merry band of useless cunts.

    But then, who the fuck do we vote for then!? (how a Vote of No Confidence works)

    • For the opposition (combined) to win a vote of no confidence against Johnson’s government they would need the support of at least 81 Tory MPs to vote against their own government.

      Chances of that happening – zero.

      Best we can hope for is for Boris to get ousted by the Tories and a half decent PM to take his place.

        • Evening Vern.

          I’m tempted to say “almost anyone”.

          But my initial shortlist would probably include the following (in no particular order):

          Steven Barclay
          Geoffrey Cox
          Owen Patterson
          Vicky Ford
          Tom Hunt
          Iain Duncan-Smith
          Andrew Bridgen
          Steve Baker
          Andrea Leadsom

          Of the current cabinet:

          Dominic Raab, and possibly Rishi Sunak.

          (Bearing in mind most of the cabinet were originally selected because they were integrity free Boris sycophants and in most cases enjoyed a complete absence of charisma).

          • Evening RTC – Leadsom has bigger balls than any “Man” in Government – but I feel I would make a better choice! 😁👍

          • If we’d had Leadsom instead of the Appeaser in 2016, the last four years would, imo, have been a VERY different story. But she was nobbled by the Remoaner establishment and the rest is history…

          • PS: scrub Vicky Ford – a case of mistaken identity, I was thinking of someone else, who currently has escaped my memory.

  11. When the weather changes and some of these cockroaches drown the libtards will be crying their eyes out and Boris and his mates will be shitting themselves. The useless cunt may as well fly any cunt in first class.
    The Frenchies must be having a fucking party. No wonder they think they can nick all our fish. They’ll be coming round for Boris’s dinner money next.

  12. What a surprise! A completely incompetent politician!
    In another world a naked Priti,oiled up like a Roman whore,would stand atop the White Cliffs of Dover overseeing flights of Tornados napalm the fuck out of the tide of dinghy vermin.
    Oh well.

    • If the current government hadn’t retired the whole Tornado fleet maybe…fuckers.

      The sound of a GR4 bombing sand dwellers was a thing of delight.

  13. The UN Global Migration Compact signed in Marrakesh last year by this Tory government. There’s no such thing as illegal immigration anymore.
    This treaty has given the people in the Third World the right to choose where in the world they want to live. The only countries excluded are those that didn’t sign up to the UN Charter. This begs the following question: why did the then-PM Theresa May sign up to it last year when the UK electorate had already voted to leave the EU, with the main reason being to reduce immigration and take back control of our borders? Maybe she believed, or even knew, the UK would never leave the EU.
    As Johnny Rotten once said, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been had?!”

    • So we sign up to what is effectively open borders despite the referendum and despite a general election suggesting we want the opposite.

      Am I living/dreaming in Alice’s Wonderland!!?

  14. Fati Patel is a fast talker and like those of her ilk it’s all bullshit. People are completely fed up with our politicians now, there isn’t one of the fucking cunts you can trust no matter which party they belong to and they just spout out the same boring lies whilst actually doing fuck all. The only bloke who seems to have any grip on reality is Sir Nigel de Farage but he would probably go the same way if by some miracle he ever got into power.

    • Your kidding yourselves if you think any of our politicians are worth a wank.
      All pigs at the trough.
      We need the immos to have a different view of the UK.
      They see it as a benefits jackpot, easy street.
      We need them to hear ‘England’ and beg “please! No, please dont send me to England!”
      When they land on our shores and say “shingle beach”
      “Thems bones son”😀
      Couldnt we treat them as certain islands do whales and turn the sea red?

        • Nice one Foxy!
          Couldnt remember the island.
          Not the best claim to fame is it?
          Slaughtering whales?
          Cruel cunts!
          Probably kissing cousins in the Faroes eh?
          Slackjawed inbreds.
          Now I can tick off the Faroe isles in my Hate Atlas.

          • Scandinavians Miserable.
            The only good thing about the culling is the meat is shared absolutely equally to all the residents and is used.

            Perhaps we could all chip in for a holiday to the Faroe Islands for Diane Abbott, Lammy and all the other Marxist blek bastards and give them lovely new dark blue wetsuits and swimming caps😉😉😉

  15. It doesn’t matter if we have a tough Home Secretary or not because although the majority of the UK would welcome tougher action on the likes of X-R (lol) or the channel surfer team the woke left and libs scweem and scweem until they get their own way.
    When asked ‘do you have sympathy with the channel migrants’ 49% said NO, and all we hear is that 49% should be ashamed. The 49% aren’t making noises it’s only the usual cunts who are heard so everyone assumes the UK are in favour of allowing illegal immos.
    Just borrow a pair of balls Priti and crack some fuckin* skulls! It’s not the minority of woke twats who will vote you back in next time, it’s the silent 49%

  16. I read yesterday that there is a barracks in Pembroke that is being signed over to the home office from MOD ownership, for the sole purpose of housing the dinghy raiders. No public consultation, just fill the place with Mohammed’s marauders.
    So much for trying to stop them.

  17. I will never, ever vote again. A total waste of my time. I thought things may get slightly better but the lot we’ve got in now are fucking useless to a man. It’s about time we had businessmen like The Donald in our politics, not these fucking arsewipe gutless career politicians. It’s crying out for somebody with fucking balls, fresh ideas and whose not afraid to upset the woke fucks who are taking this country to the edge of oblivion.

    • Agreed.I am never voting after these shower of shits completely ballsed up our country.Free house?Come in.Free benefits?Welcome!Come back Sir Nigel all is forgiven

        • Damn right. Her face might look good for her age, but her body is like all wimmin in their mid 40’s…looks like an uncooked haggis.
          Any cunter who still “would”…Google “Priti Patel fat arse” and prepare to have your enthusiasm deflated…

          (Two muff-munchers on their way very soon. That should balance things out a bit – DA)

  18. Priti Patel is actually quite a dogged character in my opinion and would have got this massive pile of cunt that is the channel crossers and ER sorted aaaaht long ago of it wasn’t for the Judges and other soft cunts.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Let them pass appropriate laws to take the gloves off and deal with this shit.
      80 seat majority.
      Fuck the judges.
      Otherwise same old tired rhetoric.
      Liars all.

      • Evening LL/VF/UT
        Your right UT, however I dont think Boris has the bollocks.
        LL and VF you really are a pair of rotten, sex mad, debauched fellow’s…anyone would think I was the same hanging aaaaht with you two. 😁

        • I saw you surreptitiously putting the feelers aaaaaht the other week B&WC trying to entice the female readers of IsAC to get in touch with you.

          You’re a cad sir. 😁

          …I may do the same thing…

          • Go for it HS, there are loads of sexy ladies reading these pages wondering what we are all like and secretly admiring us.
            C’mon ladies get on here. 👍🏽

          • I worry it’ll be MNC or someone catfishing me and we’ll arrange to meet and I’ll turn up and Giant Haystacks will be waiting for me.

          • More likely wpc’s from your local cuntstabulary. Hurry word squad.
            What is the penalty for rimming a police officer B&W?😀

        • Actually B&WC there’s a woman I know who you’d probably donate both your kidneys to stick your tongue in her balloon knot.

          She’s Greek Cypriot and looks like a younger more attractive version of Linda Popadopolous.

          She does on occasion have a bit of a temper though.

          • That fiery Mediterranean temper is lovely HS, I had a mid twenties Cretan woman in Cyprus.
            She had long dark hair and eyes I’ll never forget.
            So glad I went in bareback. 😁

      • His tongue would first have to burrow through thickets of matted, black, wiry hair to get anywhere near her bumhole, Mr Fox.

        • Admin has promised is two muff-munchers on the way very soon Thomas, I bet B&W is like a Labrador eyeing a pork chop in anticipation.

          • Yeah, but they’ll be real life lesbos as opposed to porn lesbos. And real life lesbos are about as attractive as Busta Bloodvessel doing the can can.

          • They’re only lezzers because no man (even a fat, ugly one) would ever look at them.
            It’s quite telling that all tuppence lickers are miserable as sin whereas shirt-lifters seem rather jolly.

        • Thomas is right-banged a few lighter westernised Indian girls back in the day, hairy as fuck some of em and taste “different”.
          Turkish, Lebanese, Japanese, Korean-always a chance that the lady is more hirsute than you are☹️

          • CG…You sound like an international woman shagger…like me.
            I once had a very sexy woman from Crete in Cyprus once…a bit hairy but she’d shaved it all…I didn’t have a Johnny so I went in natural. 😁
            I swear Caribbean pussy aaaaht there is warmer than European pussy here. What do you think?

          • B&W-I think there is a high probability that somewhere on the island of Crete, there is a dark olive skinned young fellow with a fixation for anal 😂

          • …also, living in Londanistab, it’s easier to meet foreign ladies than wholesome, English rose types.

            The hairyest girl I ever banged was a little Italian bird.
            Mama Mia-she had a beard like fucking Hagrid. Nice tits though. Shame as she was fucking gorgeous☹️.
            Sadly long retired from wenching B&W-moved over to allow a new breed of Audi driving, metropolitan scallywags take up the baton🥵

  19. Who has the most power and influence?

    The Government?
    The House of Lords?
    Or the Judiciary?

    What’s the point in the government trying to do something the public legitimately wants, only to see it watered down or abandoned altogether either by the Lords or Justice.

  20. Civil war, is where it will end up. There will be no sitting on the fence. It will be tribal, and the Geneva Convention will count for fuck all.
    The government is not your friend, quite the opposite. They’re selling us down the river.
    Helter Skelter ?
    With fucking knobs on.
    I detest these cunts.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Evening Jack.
      I reckon people are too settled, comfortable and idle for civil war. Once the electricity goes out and and the supermarket shelves are stripped bare, then you’ll finally see people emerging from their craven funk.

      • Good evening Thomas. I agree, I don’t expect to see it in my lifetime. But unless there is radical policy change, I regard it as inevitable.
        The peaceful ones actually desire it.
        Meanwhile, Britain slumbers.

  21. Totally off the tangent, but am watching some old Ch4 episodes of The Crystal Maze, with Richard O’brian.

    What is quite striking is that most of the contestants are white, young and rather decently spoken. Moreover O’brian is quite amusing as the host, slightly patronising and slightly sexist But its all rather jolly, and not a temper tantrum or sob story when they fail to win a crystal.

    Of course if they did a reboot it would never follow the same script – diverse and snowflake contestants probably wanting as much help as possible otherwise tantrums and strops to follow.

    And that’s exactly the way A Question of Shite will end up!

    • They did bring it back about 2 years ago Techno. Richard Ayoade was the host, playing his usual awkward, unfunny, identikit nerd, soy infused self.

      Nothing against him as a person, but he’s about as funny as the Tsunami of boxing day 2004

    • Techno-met Richard O’Brien a few time in the early 90’s-he is as camp as fuck and built like a pipe cleaner. He was married to a complete fucking munter years ago, a mate of mine bragged about shagging her at O’Brien’s house in Cranleigh, Surrey at a party there, whilst O’Brien was asleep in the next room.
      It wasn’t until years later that I saw a photo of her-a but if sick came up☹️

  22. Covid Marshalls? Fucking laughable. The actual police can’t even do their job properly. Operation Augusta and the Manchester Arena bombing are but two examples of what a laughing stock they are. And let’s not even start about those carrot crunching cozzers who were afraid of a few students and soap dodging cunts wrecking statues. Our so called law enforcement can’t even deal with gangs of rapists and terrorist murderers and nobody trusts the police to uphold and protect any more. Imagine one of these ‘Marshall’ cunts approaching some pissed up chav hoolie? Or be accused of racism if they stop a peaceful or a black person on the street? This is not going to end well.

    • “Covid Marshalls” more plastics wearing Hi-Viz, and making out their key workers or some such bollocks.

      Yes, they’ll pick on the usual suspects, but won’t fancy taking on the BLM or XR mob for fear of reprisals and getting slagged on Twatter.

      • If any Covid ‘Marshall’ comes up to me and tries telling me what to do I’ll tell him to go fuck themselves with a used mask. 😁
        I can picture the type of jobs worth twat that’ll form the majority of these Marshall cunts, some weakling, skinny student type or a wannabe policeman who has been a failure all his life.
        I predict a few of these cunts getting a slap.

      • If they took a trip to a local mosque in a Friday, they’d see loads of the cunts without their masks gathering in huge, non socially distanced numbers.

        The cunts (and the rozzers) fucking ignore it though.

        This country is fucked.

  23. I don’t like Priti Patel because I think she has a bad personality. I don’t find her attractive and she probably has the shittiest job in parliament.

    She is a professional politician who “left the employment of the Conservative Party to work for Weber Shandwick, a PR consulting firm”. So she’s had no real work experience.

    To my knowledge there hasn’t been in recent times a home secretary who has worked for the police or the armed forces or who has the guts to do what is necessary to keep the people safe from crime, and to protect our borders or implement a fair immigration system. Their hands may be tied by the judiciary, a bunch of cunts living on legal aid paid for by the tax payer but they should try their best and give them a bloody hard time to improve things for the better.

    The Covid spread prevention methods are getting random and silly. You can’t meet in groups of more than 6, in Wales children under 11 don’t count towards the 6, in Scotland children under 12 don’t count towards the 6. Where’s the science in that? Bring back Dr Jenny Harries – she knows her onions.

  24. Does anyfucker think any Home secretary could actually do anything?
    May was saddled with EU rules, Patel is saddled with international law. As long as the French cunts allow them to flee war torn France there is fuck all can be done.
    There is enough fucking bullshit and humbug about us fucking the EU divorce bill off. A destroyer in turning the fuckers back in the Channel would be off the scale.
    Even though the majority would be in favour.

    • Problem is, just like asking a child to clean their room, there’s always a convenient excuse to do nothing.

      Bound by this, stopped by that? bullshit……..if you had the balls you’d say all that is shash and get on with it.

      Just saying is all.

  25. Nice photo that, she’s given me the ‘orn.

    Anyhow, this shite about her being powerless is arse.

    Other countries in the world would put those arriving in a cage and give them a bowl of rice a day amongst the cockroaches and rats with a bog shared by 50 in said cage, until a family member or their embassy stumped up the cash for a flight out of the country (and once a fine had been paid too).

    Do that and the fuckers will stop coming. And this shite about yooman rights…doesn’t seem to stop others from doing such things so just fucking do it.

  26. Priti sounds alot like bronald blumpf all talk no action another neo liberal cuckservative posing as a fake populist except Trump is way worse probably considering the current chaotic happenings in Yankland and his absolute failure at doing anything bout antifa or blm He doesn’t deserve to win a second presidency but Biden is a massive cunt too so theres that vote for the lesser evil I guess

    They are both for big business they won’t actually conserve much else except tax cuts for the super wealthy. Waitin on his 50th law and order tweet amid the current race riots, and blm lootings America sure went shit sideways fast All it took was a pangolin bat flu and a few dead thugs Another good cunting Fiddler

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