California Snowflakery

“Good afternoon. This is IsAC’s political correspondent Ron Knee speaking. Today I’m joined via video link by a student representative from the University of Southern California, regarding the suspension of one Professor Greg Patton for using a term which has apparently upset a number of students. My interviewee wishes to remain anonymous, so I’ll refer to her as Ms X. How are you today?”.

“I’m shocked. In fact, I’m like shocked and offended. Offended and outraged. Outraged and disgusted. Shocked and offended and outraged and disgusted!. The whole thing is like utterly vile!”.

“I see. Could you elaborate for our followers? Provide a little context…”.

“Yeah. Well, this fascist pig professor was like giving a lecture on ‘filler words’ that are used in various languages, and he *choke* used the Chinese word ‘neige’ as an example. We were like mortified”.

“Okay, let me get this straight. As I understand it, the Chinese use ‘neige’ in a similar way that ‘um’ or ‘ah’ is used in English. It might be used as a ‘pause’ point during a negotiation, for example. It’s a completely innocuous expression. Hardly a hanging offence, surely”.

“No! It’s a vicious racist term, ’cause like it’s pronounced ‘nee-gah’! That’s like ‘n*gger’! It’s hate speech! We feel threatened!”.

“Oh for goodness’ sake. I understand from reports that students threatened to withdraw from class rather than (quote) ‘endure the emotional exhaustion of carrying on with an instructor that disregards cultural sensitivities’ (unquote). I’m afraid that this will strike a lot of people as nothing more than authoritarian p.c. posturing; it looks narrow-minded and vindictive”.

“How dare you! I’m outraged and appalled, you… you fascist!”.

“Come now! It’s also reported that you’re alleging that (quote) ‘our mental health has been affected’ (unquote). You can’t be serious!”.

“Nazi! The faculty agrees with us, and has apologised. It acknowledges that like the whole awful, outrageous incident has caused great pain and upset among students. We now demand support measures for like any student who requires assistance and reassurance”.

“Well if the faculty has indeed apologised, I’m forced to say more fool them. I’ll also add that this whole sorry story points to nothing less than sheer stupidity and utter childishness on the part of the students concerned. It’s a joke, complete ‘woke’ nonsense”.

“Pig! Racist! Black Lives Matter! You and your vile fascist site are now cancelled! *Boo-hoo!* Safe space! *Sob!* Safe space! Help… fascist beast on campus! No platform! blah”.

“Well thank you Ms X for those enlightening comments. I’m sure that our followers have found them extremely entertaining, and we hope that you’ll be able to find suitable counselling to prevent you from being permanently traumatised by your terrible ordeal. This is Ron Knee, for IsAC, returning you to the studio”.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

(classic Ron Knee – well done mate – admin)

52 thoughts on “California Snowflakery

  1. California has a long history of lefty mentalists.
    San Francisco spawned the hippies, all good till the manson family come calling.
    LA is full of Hollyweird woke types,
    Berkeley campus has a history of this sort of shite.
    Suppose plastic surgery gets boring so they play ‘im more liberal than you’.
    Theyll support any bollocks apart from their own country, respect any customs apart from their own.
    Just like lefties in the UK.
    Some of the cunts greet each other with ‘namaste”.😀😀
    Like theyre a tibetan yak herder.
    Only thing they like more than snowflakery is faux mysticism.
    Love a cult the californians.
    Rather than meditation or fuckin yoga be better spent volunteer fire fighting!
    The daft cunts will blame Trump for the wildfires
    You watch.

    • What really got me about this was that it’s nothing whatever to do with the use of a racist term; its upset these loony cunts because a Chinese term SOUNDS like a Septic insult word.
      I’ve never heard such a load of cunt in my life, these twats actually going on about ’emotional exhaustion’ and ‘mental health’ issues as a result.
      Fuck knows how they’ll actually cope in a real crisis situation in their silly little lives. They’ll probably hide out in their parents’ basement and shit themselves.

      • Shitting themselves would be a major crisis in its own right. Having no phone signal would be a tragedy for them.

      • There was uproar a few years ago when someone in academe used the word ‘niggardly’ meaning mean. Stupidity is in their genes.

      • It makes me wonder how much these cunts must suffer when they get home and put on their favourite (c)rap artists. How do they cope with all the references to nigra’s, hoes, bitches etc.

    • Haha you think they’re lefties but then again 99% of people here think communism killed 100 million people with zero evidence to back it up

  2. Brilliant nom, expertly crafted👏👏👏

    On with the cunting…

    I have watched loads of videos on YouTube of these permanently offended cultural Marxist infiltrated student types, seems to be led by wimminz from the islands of Lesbos and their soy boy entourage.
    Professors being removed after years of service and replaced with colourful alternatives teaching such diverse subjects as “hate whitey”, “white racist”
    and “hate white racist”.
    Send these SJW’s to Fiddler’s polyversity for re-education.
    Pork based meals x3 times daily, maga hats compulsory wear by all the student body and daily showers for these smelly bellends. Non compliance resulting in a cultural tour of the inside of Unkle Terry’s oven.


    • If you’re looking for a laugh check out this fat snowflake cunt Randa Jarrar, who believe it or not is actually a tenured professor at Fresno State Uni. in Califlakery (I cunted her a while ago).
      Oh and watch long enough to check out the contribution from soy boy in the middle of these three beauties. Christ on a fucking bike.

    • Cultural Marxist? No such thing! Easy to see you’ve not read a word of Marx. Been a Marxist Leninist for twenty years now and have only come across the sjw type once or twice and theyvstip being Marxists when people like me turn up telling gay rights and will never be a class issue so drop it

  3. ‘neige’ is the French word for snow. The poet Francois Villon comes to mind-in his famous refrain-‘Mais, ou sont les neiges d’antan?’ (Where are the snows of yesteryear?)

  4. Ace cunting, Ron, and captures the woke cunts’ grammatical insensitivity: “an instructor that…” should of course be “an instructor who…”.

    Deviating only slightly from the topic and pointing out that curing climate change could well be prevented by cultural sensitivity etc:

    “Discovery of a Ni-Ga catalyst for carbon dioxide reduction to methanol”
    Doomed to oblivion, I’m afraid.

  5. Pretty sure I saw a video on YouTube recently where some guy was arrested at home, because the previous night in the pub he was talking about tv shows and mentioned “sooty”.

    This fuckwitterty seems to be ramping up daily-it will not end well for these pricks😂

  6. Slightly off-topic, but utter woke wank related.

    Apparently, “The Wall of Answered Prayer”, monument has been given planning approval and will be built from exactly 1 million special bricks someplace just outside multicultural multi-faith Birmingham of all places..

    It’s a Christian monument which will stand taller than the Angel of the North. It’s due to be built in early 2021, but already some lefty cunts are “deeply offended” by the “racist” monument, and are determined to have the planning approval reversed asap!

  7. I have travelled all over the United States and, generally speaking the Yanks are the politest, friendliest people you will find anywhere, especially when they find out you are a Brit 🇬🇧. They fucking love us for some reason.
    Except for California.
    They are, i’m generalising here obviously, rude, aggressive and basically a bunch of cunts. The only state in America where i’ve been abused by cunts overtaking who thought I was going too slow. That happened 3 days on the trot and one of them threw a fucking bottle at me. The Pacific Coast Highway is a fantastic experience but LA, San Fran, San Diego………stick them up your arse. The one State in America I have no desire to visit again. No wonder it attracts absolute cunts like Sir Nick Clegg and the Sparkletits.
    Fuck California I say.

    • Yes it’s strange.
      The friendliest people I’ve ever met are Americans, esp. in Texas. But for some reason any aggressive and unfriendly people I’ve met in the States have always been in California.
      Don’t know why this should be…

  8. A foreign word that sounds like N*ger is offensive, I wonder if the snowflake cunts considered that it might be offensive to people who speak that language, it’s not their fault that one of their words sounds like N….

    Desperately seeking offence should be a university degree course 😂

    • PS, The new’I am Black init’ Lewis Hamilcunt may be in trouble for wearing and offensive sweater with the words ‘Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor’
      It’s about time F1 slapped the cunts down.

      • I read that-apparently FIA don’t allow or condone any political statements from the competitors.
        Really? What the fuck is all the knee bending black panther saluting?


    • You’re right. Finding a foreign word offensive because it sounds like an offensive word in your language is the height of racism, not to mention ignorance, surely? These cunts ( good old Anglo Saxon word) need to get a fucking (another Anglo Saxon word) life don’t they?

  9. No woke teachers in my day, no un-woke teachers either, just psychos like the Physics cunt who lobbed the blackboard cleaner thing at any cunt who gave him lip.

    “Cuntley!…do photons have mass..?”

    I said, “I didn’t even know they were Catholic”….

  10. Top cunting Ron, it makes you wonder how these special needs wokeflakes function outside of their campus bubbles.

    • With ‘therapy’, liberal applications of smelling salts and much support from the bank of mom and dad, one imagines.

  11. I am waiting for those arch west coast rock relics and uber snowflakes, Crosby Stills and Cunt to re-form and sing to us about how bad Big Don is and how great Saint Chicken Floyd George was.

    • Didn’t they have a massive fall out, with Nash saying he was done as far as working ever again with Dave Crosby was concerned? Something to do with Crosby insulting Neil Young’s missus if memory serves.
      Suppose they might overcome their differences to get their Xmas single, ‘Chicken George Is Dead’, ready for release.

      • Croz also bollocked Nash for dumping his wife for 40 years to go shagging some Joni Mitchell clone slapper young enough to be his granddaughter.

        I always like the way The Hollies reacted to Nash leaving to follow the hippy cunt dream. Nash said to Allan Clarke, ‘I’m quitting the group to do things in America’. Clarke simply said,’You’d better fuck off then’.

      • Wonderful response!
        CSY did some good stuff but were always a bit up themselves imo. Young added a bit of oomph to things when he could be arsed to link up with them.

      • Nash was the least talented in his later band. He really has got his head up his own arse-shame he didn’t elect to join the 27 club.

      • Crosby is a cunt, but he is a likable cunt. A bit of a lad. What I don’t like about Nash is his self importance. His ‘we changed the world’ bollocks is all he goes on about. Like Bonio in U2 Nash doesn’t see himself as just a musician. He genuinely thinks he is some sort of oracle and he spouts endless hippy shit. Good coming from a bloke who has fucked off and left two wives and sets of kids in his time. Thing is Croz admits he is a cunt, but Nash acts like he isn’t one and never has been. Which makes him the bigger cunt.

        The Hollies were better without Nash anyroad. Salford sound. California my arse.

  12. niggardly. Adjective; not generous; stingy. Adverb; in a stingy or meager manner

    1. In 1999 an aide to the Mayor of Washington DC used the word niggardly to describe the city’s budget. The outrage was so great he was forced to resign.

    2. Also in 1999 an African/American student at the University of Wisconsin was “…in tears and shaking” after a Professor teaching a class on Chaucer used the word niggardly in a lecture. When advised that the University had no speech codes and that the word was acceptable to use and not offensive she said, “…it’s not up to the rest of the class to decide if my feeling are valid.”

    3. In 2002 a white elementary school teacher was reprimanded after using the word niggardly in a discussion. A black parent complained and the teacher was ordered to attend sensitivity training.

    4. In 2004 a union negotiator used the word niggardly in a letter to protest the behavior of the other side. As the opposing negotiator was black, a lawsuit was filed against the first negotiator for being a racist.

    5. In 2011 a drug counselor was fired for referring to a rehab patient as “niggardly dumb.” Both of the parties involved were white.

    That just happens to one example of the Woketard’s word policing that I am familiar with. As the illustrious Mr. Knee points out, there are many more.

  13. I imagine these mentalist and mental weaklings all get jobs at Google.
    Can’t think who else would entertain the annoying cunts.
    Anyhow it’s a great cunting once more and it must surely lead to OVEN.
    Fuck Off.

    • Silly, dirty black cunt.
      I bet the police will do fuck all about her “mostly peaceful protest”.

  14. Great and well crafted stuff as ever Ron.

    The really worrying thing is that if Wheezy Joe wins in November (it’s 50/50) this sort of behaviour will become ever more commonplace, and eventually spread here. Democrats, and especially the younger ones, regard this sort of extreme offence taking as normal behaviour.

    The only reason Tangoman isn’t toast already is that millions of decent folk – living away from the coasts – realise the threat to their guiding life principles and see Don as their only hope and will vote for him despite their misgivings just because he’s the least worst candidate.

    Bit like the decision we were faced with last December. Christ what a shitshow!

    • I think you’re spot on Isaac.
      I voted for Bojo and the Tories to get Brexit done, and because I wouldn’t piss on any of the other cunts if they were on fire. it’s pretty desperate stuff, really.

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