Woke Gamers

Woke gamers, and those who pretend to be gamers are cunts.

I’m not a gamer myself, but I’ve been following a couple of stories on some YouTube channels that I’m subscribed to and I find them simultaneously hilarious and pathetic.

About three weeks ago, a post apocalyptic game called The Last of Us 2 was released after a fuck ton of controversy. The game was made for Sony by a company Naughty Dog. The chief designer, Neil Druckman is a woke as fuck soy boy, who took what was apparently a very popular game, killed it by making it woke and then raped the corpse.

The biggest issue that fans had, was that a much loved main character was beaten to death with a golf club, by some fucking creature called Abby that is either female or trans (jury’s still out on that), and jacked up on some serious steroids. Seriously, Arnie would be jealous of the thing’s physique. To make it worse, gamers then had to play a large portion of the game as the killer. To be fair, the game did break sales records when it was initially released (cue much gloating and celebration from the Wokewaffe), but it’s not doing so well now.

Then last week (it’s July 25th now) a game called Ghosts of Tsushima was released. It’s set in feudal Japan and by all accounts, it’s brilliant. Things were fine, until it was announced that the game’s sales had surpassed the Wokewaffe favourite and that the Japanese themselves love it and, predictably, the Wokewaffe went into meltdown.

Apparently, despite the fact the Japanese have no problem with it, the game is cultural appropriation because it was made in the US, by white people. The Japanese themselves do not escape the demented ire of the Wokewaffe, who are busy pointing out the Japanese are evil because they spent the first half of the 20th Century engaged in colonialism and being nasty.

Oh yes, and American gamers who are of oriental descent are whining that non-Japanese people are putting more stock in the opinion of actual Japanese people of a Japan based game over their own opinion. Yes, and?

Inevitably, the game is now being review bombed online, with people adding a 10/10 review for The Last of Us 2, but scores of 0/10 and 2/10 for Ghosts of Tsushima, with no reviews for other games. Hmm, nothing suspicious there. Would you like a dummy while you type your reviews? Maybe you should ask mummy to change your nappy.

Seriously, these people are fucking pathetic. Getting all upset because a non-woke game is outselling a very woke game. That’s life motherfuckers. Fucking childish cunts.

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44 thoughts on “Woke Gamers

  1. The woke wankers will spoil everything. To be fair though this doesn’t effect me as I’ve still got an Atari games console. I’m currently playing Paci-man. Every time the little fucker gets to into a corner he builds a shop.

  2. If non-Japanese can’t make a game about Japanese then by the Wokewaffa logic, studios in America can only make games about Americans, then they’ll say it isn’t diverse enough.

    When will Lara Croft be a pre-op tranny from Lagos?

  3. I’m waiting for the invention of interactive television whereby I’ll get a game created (by some other cunt because I’m too thick) that reaches out and smacks the pasty skinned gamer with a knuckle sandwich in the kisser.
    I reckon it’ll sell well for a short but glorious flurry.

  4. No one ever complains about the orthodox joos in grand theft auto. Couple of successive games now they’ve been in it. They congregate in groups discussing various shifty things, and then you run them all over whilst dropping molotov cocktails on them.

    There’s no elderly, no children, no disabled, no obviously identifiable other ethic groups in the game. But joos are fair and no one gives a shit?

    • Did you ever play the original top-down GTA 1/2, BCC?
      Running over a string of tambourine-banging Hare Krishnas was hilarious! Shame you can’t run over a bunch of carpet riders emerging from evening prayers in GTA5 ..

      • Indeed I did, Mr Cunt Engine. Gouranga!! The sound effects were brill.

        Tis a shame there’s no mosques or hillbilly churches with angry worshippers. Real lack of diversity I feel!

  5. Identity politics entered the world of computer game years ago.

    People said Pacmam was offensive because it was a form of fat-shaming.
    Space Invaders & Defender, was racist because it represented controls over immigration.

    Lara Croft: well that was seen as sexist by the wimminz, but also empowering, by the same group of harpies!

    Shoot-up-games like Quake and Doom, are misogynist and condone the use of guns.

    Nearly every game comes under the woke spotlight these days – these cunts are sucking the life force out of everything they touch.

  6. Bad enough the pathetic cunts can’t deal with the real world, now they can’t deal with a fantasy world designed to disconnect them from reality. The only solution to these people is to point and laugh at them very time you spot one.

    • Have a read:

      From #Gamergate to the 2016 election, to the daily experiences of marginalized perspectives, gaming is entangled with mainstream cultures of systematic exploitation and oppression. Whether visible in the persistent color line that shapes the production, dissemination, and legitimization of dominant stereotypes within the industry itself, or in the dehumanizing representations often found within game spaces, many video games perpetuate injustice and mirror the inequities and violence that permeate society as a whole.

          • Not wrong Vern, both co-writers are. Here’s one of them, and a finer specimen/speciwowen/specigenderneutral/speciape of the fairer sex your are unlikely to meet. Set your piss to boil when you read this: “Dr. Gray is an interdisciplinary, intersectional, digital media scholar and digital herstorian whose areas of research include identity, performance and online environments, embodied deviance, cultural production, video games, and Black Cyberfeminism.” Nope, that’s not a typo, this up-her-own-cavernous-arse considers herself an ‘herstonian’. Jesus H Fucking Christ.


          • These cunts are in universities warping young minds.

            They speak a different language.

            Micro aggression = someone killed my unicorn fairy trans activist in a game on my PC

            Intersectional = nothing to do with driving!

            Job = Something most of their students will ever get.

            These people boil my piss, they don’t agree with violence unless they are the ones using it. Some fat dyke was on an anti police march in the US and with some cohorts she started hassling some woman, the woman wasn’t having it and stabbed her.

            What did the ugly lefty cunt do? She starts screaming for someone to call the very police she wants to do away with.


    • My research informs me that this new game is full of strong wimmin characters who batter all the men easily.
      Perhaps they will produce a bonus disc where the chap gets up off the floor and merrily kicks their teeth on then sets fire to their curtains.
      Get to fuck.

    • Got a rasberry pi. It has Bruce Lee for the C64. And beach head, raid over Moscow, kung fu, international karate, dig dug, Frogger, Elite etc.

      Its the nuts.

  7. I wonder how long it will be before they come for Scrabble. It allows every ‘offensive’ word you can think of. There is also cultural appropriation of foreign words.
    Come on retards, lets have a twatterstorm and fuck the game up.

    (Monopoly, will be banned for being capitalist and causing homelessness and poverty; Mouse-Trap, banned for cruelty to animals; Cluedo – banned for being too intellectually challenging for thick cunts; Snakes & Ladders banned on Health & Safety grounds – admin)

    • I don’t play computer games, used to play board games though!
      Monopoly that was good,
      Trivial pursuit, ok
      Escape from Colditz!
      Remember that?
      I must of been the only kid who wanted to stay in Colditz!!
      Get myself a guard job, make something of my life😁
      Bet thats banned now.

    • Monopoly has already gone woke. They brought out a feminist version a few months ago, that’s heavily weighted in favour of females. Nobody asked for it and, apparently, nobody wants either.

  8. I used to enjoy Horace Goes Skiing on the Spectrum in the 8Os. Mind you he looked like a fairy so would probably offend some fucker these days.

    Also had a quick shot pro joystick. Fuckin great black thing with a suction Pad mounted base and big red trigger button.

    Nowadays it’s great grandson is available at Ann Summers and all good online sex shops. Just the thing for your average gamer.

    • My daughter is a gaming blogger, people subscribe to her podcast or whatever the fuck it is.
      She gets ‘gifted’ games and money.
      No shit.
      At first I suspected she was on Pornhub or something but no, these gamer nerds pay to watch her play games.

  9. Priti Patel has ordered an enquiry into why so many prisoners have had computers installed in their cells just to play computer games.
    Apparently, too many of them have been pressing the ESCAPE button.

    • If I could translate that , for our less intelligent cunts………….

      “I have never had sex in my entire life. Dirty , dirty , dirty.
      I never left my mum’s”.

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