Uh ?

If you misheard what I said, weren’t bothered to listen properly, or simply lack the mental capacity to formulate a coherent response without the need for some extended ‘thinking space’, then the phrase you are looking for is:

“Pardon ?”
“I beg your pardon ?”
“I humbly crave your forgiveness, Sir”

Not “Uh ?”. You ignorant, cloth-eared, neanderthal cunt.

Nominated by: Cunt Reviled

70 thoughts on “Uh?

  1. In parts of Wales we speak two languages. Welsh and English (in THAT order of preference) Elsewhere in Wales they do it the other way round, or just use English. What cunts me is when I address some people (in the Welshy areas) in Welsh, they reply with “Eh, ye wha’ ?” , At which point, I will speak in English. Many of you will dismiss the Welsh language as being a cunt. You wouldn’t if you could speak it. x

      • Not me Bertie!
        I love the sound of spoken welsh, always championed it!!
        I particularly like being sprayed with spittle while listening.😁

          • Eek!!
            Having problems this morning all my post went. Straight too moderation.
            See if I can fix it.😣

          • Indeed, LL.
            Where’s MNC’s black and white picture of that boy with the kestrel? “Come on, our Kes. Come to Craaaaig David!”

          • I dont know how to change it back?
            What the fuck?
            RTC, do I need that avatar link?

          • Ah mnc, you dont seem the same without that picture. That is now part of your identity.

          • Hopefully Creampuff is not out mushroom foraging for his curries and will provide some assistance soon.

          • I think you might have been banned Miserable! Admin are probably winding you up!

          • Spent all morning moderated Bertie.
            Now my avatar is dead.
            Kiwicunt isnt guest admin is he?

          • Can you think of any more enemies you might have?
            I can’t think of anyone you might have offended on the site!

          • Fuck me could be anyone and everyone!!😁
            Well if they want a apology they can get fucked.

          • You could just be having a bad day Miserable. Sometimes your the pigeon and sometimes your the statue…or Ron’s car.

          • @ Miserable

            You probably made a slight error when typing in your email address.

            (Well done, RTC. You win a night with Kate Middleton – admin)

          • Hahaha!!😁
            The curse is lifted!!

            (Email typo since this morning. You win a night with Amber Heard – admin)

          • Type it in again correctly and your avatar will return.

            Now if you’ll excuse me I must return to Dempsey & Makepeace.

          • I have put the curse of a 1000 arseholes on you MNC. May your balls turn square and fester round the edges.

            Talking of hairy scabby bollocks, we have a right old familiar cunt for you tomorrow morning – admin)

          • Bet it was you!
            Bleedin warlock of the valleys.
            No wonder your village banished you!
            “He’s not welcome at chapel mfannwy, I know the boyos your son but he was born with a tail!”

          • @ Admin

            Kate Middleton? Really? You are the kindest among us! 👍👍👍

  2. Ah falling standards everywhere you look.

    Should of has replaced should have.

    Could I get has usurped could I please have.

    Your is used instead of the contraction you’re (you are).

    I agree pardon has almost disappeared from the language which has been bastardised and Americanised.

    And quite honestly I think I’d be better at understanding medieval English than deciphering yoof language “nahwhaimeen” ?

    • If I see one more sign that says ‘please observe the 2 meter rule’ instead of ‘metre’ I will probably spontaneously combust. I’m not a member of the grammar police and I know my English needs a lot to be desired but for fuck’s sake. We are becoming a nation full of thick retard cunts and instead of filling the kids heads with how many different genders they are how about teaching the cunts how to spell?

  3. Mrs. Boggs favourite term when she hasn’t heard is to say “Come again?”. Looking at her face and the Emily Thornberry lookalike rotoundness these days my response is always you must be joking

  4. Mate of mine had the biggest lugholes you’ve ever seen* – Jodrell Bank either side of his bonce, yet his instant response to anything I said was “Say again, mate ?” Deaf as a fucking post despite being outrageously well-equipped for aural reception.

    *We attached a pair of coach wing mirrors to his Ford Fiesta, just to let folks know whose car it was…

    Ugh ? is indeed a right rude cunt of a response

    • I’ll try, RTC. But having just knocked one out to a flaps-open picture of Floella Benjamin, you might need to give me half an hour or so.

          • You are Ray Smith and I claim my £5.

            (It was the gay moustache that gave you away)

          • Whilst a 1987 Glynis Barber was well worth my 15 year old boner, Cat’s Eyes was triple the sauce!
            Why the fuck Leslie Ash got those stupid lips is beyond me.

          • You’re a young ‘un Thomas. I was 34 in 1987, you could be my bastard son…

          • Well, I certainly am a bastard, RTC! At the tender age of a mere whippersnapperish 48, I’m probably one of the youngest on here, you old fogeys!

          • She would’ve ridden Humpty until he’d dumped his Dumpty then spit-roasted Big & Little Ted. Even Hamble would’ve had her bean flicked.

          • Indeed I am Tono. Sadly, the present day Glynis is somewhat past her use-by-date.

          • Well Rtc , you will be a lucky sod with kate. Oh glad you sorted out the picture for Mnc.

          • Tono@
            Rtc is one of the kindest amongst us, as is Bertie and Spoons.
            What I lack in kindness I make up for in dazzling good looks!😁

          • Mnc i will take your word for that. Oh you will be pleased to know, i plan to watch Kes. You have inspired me.

          • I inspire all of these on here, most look upto me as a role model, a kindly uncle, a wise adviser etc
            Anyone who says different is probably a latent homosexual.☺

          • Almost certainly. I’ll bet her turkish delight was fully stuffed by Derek Griffiths whilst Johnny Ball looked on enviously.

  5. I’m not familiar with anyone who uses ‘uh’ in place of ‘pardon?’

    Sounds like an utterance of the Epsilon underclass who mangle every syllable that passes between their brown teeth.

    ‘Would you like that with a stuffed crust?’
    ‘Your pizza, sir?’
    ‘Arh gorn then. Sarnds bit classy ‘avins stuffed crusts!


    ‘Fucking underclass!’


    ‘It’s that Northumbrian landowner again and he’s shooting our customers! ‘

  6. Using “Filler” words to try compensating for a lack of vocabulary and conversation skills such as “like”, “y’know”, “whatever”, & the cunt-iest of them all- “I mean…” I find myself counting how many times these words are used when I speak with most cunts. Pisses me right off every time! Uhgh!

  7. That annoying Lexicographer whore on Cuntdown who thinks she is a master of the English language says “uhm” at least 25 times and episode when delivering her boring monologue about some origin of a word – the cunt

  8. Wat?
    apparently my comment was too short – but it’s all i want to say – is this the opposite of free speech – you gotta say sumfink long and meaningful????

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