The Legacy of Derek Michael Chauvin

This is the stupid cunt who allegedly killed Chicken George by kneeling on his throat for 8 or 9 minutes.

He was assisted by 2 or 3 fellow police officers, but it was him who actually killed him. Not only that but he is being charged with alleged tax evasion – but that’s a different story.

The actions of this stupid cunt has effectively changed history, either for the best or worst, depending on who’s side you’re taking. But clearly it has come at great cost both in lives and cost, perhaps running into the billions.

Not only that but it has reignited the Far Left, while more or less castrating anything even remotely approaching centrist or moderate-right politics and opinion.

Both the US and UK have seen social anarchy in the streets ever since. I don’t know if this is the same in other countries, but all of a sudden the traditional social fabric of England in particular is under siege from all directions.

Derek Michael Chauvin, has a lot to answer for, not only for allegedly killing a known criminal, but also destroying this country’s history and freedoms for ever!

That will be his legacy when he eventually leaves this world – what a stupid stupid cunt!

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64 thoughts on “The Legacy of Derek Michael Chauvin

  1. Antifa, BLM – they have been planning this long before a career criminal got snuffed.
    They are the enemy of democracy whilst simultaneously pretending to support it.
    And maybe if the majority of American blacks weren’t r*ping carjacking drug dealing thieving sc*m maybe the Police would treat them a bit better.

  2. Highly justified cunting IMO. The fallout from this reckless cunt’ s actions are incalculable. Already, there has been a ‘copycat’ arrest on a black guy in Islington a couple of weeks ago.
    We are heading towards a situation where if you belong to a certain creed, then you will have special dispensation to act suspiciously and therefore be immune from being apprehended or arrested. Thanks Del, you cunt.

      • He didn’t have to die and thank fuck for that otherwise we would’ve had August 2011 all over again. The way the guy was knelt on was the same otherwise it wouldn’t have been reported. Irresponsible.

        • I assume that the officer was using an approved method of restraint and consequently has a cast iron defence.
          Will the BLM cunts be out in force if a police officer was killed whilst using an ineffective means of over powering a suspect? I think that we all know the answer to that; it probably wouldn’t even make the BBC News.

          • That’s fair enough, and I totally agree. So we have officers using a legitimate form of restraint both here and in the USA and in both cases the officers are suspended. As you rightly say, the cunt in London that had the knife to repair his bike didn’t die so a less serious outcome.

            Now, as we all know, it doesn’t matter how much we, the frustrated and indignant that hate our country being contaminated with ghetto culture, bang on about how we’d like to put these primitive fuckers in the oven, send them back to bongo land or drop in the sea from a 747, it’s NOT going to happen. Neither is the army going to go into places like Brixton and Birmingham when there’s riots and do the coppers jobs for them like Trumps Feds.

            What do we take from this then? Black and effnicks are gaining the upper hand on white guy with the help of the government and judiciary right? If this wasn’t the case, then Eddie Colston’s statue would still grace Bristol Harbour and Churchill’s wouldn’t have needed to be been boarded up to protect it. The Police, I’m very sorry to say, are going to have to stick to keeping whitey in line and go easy on the poor oppressed offsprings of the windrush generation that are apparently owed an unlimited debt.
            I’m waiting for Commisioner Suppress-a-Dick to make a statement backing up the actions of her policemen in Islington but as yet have heard nothing.

  3. Body cam footage showing the lead up to the famous footage shows an entirely different story. Pity he wont get a fair trial. Fuck BLM.

    • Much behind the scenes on this one – my Brother lived in Florida for a while and got on friendly terms with the local cops – one of them said to him something like “how would you feel going to work knowing there is someone on every block who would enjoy murdering you”?. (And the cop was black).

  4. The only way to deal with the problem now is to come down harder still on wrongdoers.
    Mind you, I’ve been saying that for many years, and treatment and sentencing of criminals gets more namby-pamby by the minute.
    Let’s stop fucking about. Hard labour for criminals or starve to death, their choice.
    Live ammunition for police as standard issue.
    Reintroduction of death penalty.
    And what everyone’s moaning about, ship illegal immigrants back to the shores of North Africa and just abandon the cunts there.

    • People in this country have had a cunt full of this Marxist shite, in the last 19 years of being back in the UK, there are people who I’ve never heard utter a single discriminatary comment in their lives finally say what they think, some of which sounds like it would have come straight out of the mouth of Dr Malan or Dr Voerwoed, if these BLM cunts aren’t careful there will be a government like the NP was in South Africa, this might be the straw that breaks the camels back, Utter BLM Cunts

      • Vote Fox Captain! – but I insist on a large hat, a lot of medals and the title “El Presidente”!
        (The horror, oh, the horror!😄)

  5. I hate to be a pedant but attributing long term historical movements to the actions of one man is pushing it to say the least. So if Gavrilo Princip’s gun had jammed on that day in 1914 does that mean there would have been no WW1? If young Adolf had been run over by a bus on his way to school there would never been a WW2? I don’t think so. What we are talking about here is fifty years of communist infiltration of education, the media and government……..a very complex set of causes indeed.
    Besides which i’ve heard rumours that the autopsy will show that he didn’t die of asphyxiation at all, but heart failure brought about by a combination of the drugs the piece of trash had been taking. Imagine if the copper gets found not guilty! The libtards will go apeshit!

    • That pistol was in perfect working order when it left me – tell the black hand gang no refunds! 😄
      Joking aside, I agree – the death of George Floyd was the tip of the viceberg.

    • A not guitly verdict ís the plan. An excuse for worldwide chaos and unrest is their aim.
      There will be much affirmative shopping by the kaffirs and much handwringing and bullshit from the white stooges.

  6. The problem with this one is Del and Georgie boy had history, we don’t know if he just though Floyd was taking the piss, but whatever if someone is saying I can’t breathe several times then the silly cunt should have taken his knee off his neck.

    The annoying thing for me is how many police officers are injured by people resisting arrest, the blacks in particular and drunks tend to get violent and if I were a copper I would want to disable the offender as quickly as possible.
    The cunt Portuguese sprinter who was handcuffed as soon as he was taken out his car complained, well if you look at it from the police point of view they didn’t know if he was going to kick off so best to be safe.

    If I were stopped by the police I would be surprised if they slapped cuffs on me but then I and other in my age group are very unlikely to kick off, but young blacks, possibly carrying a knife are quite likely to resist a search and arrest.

    BLM can fuck off, white lives matter, police lives matter, law and order matters!!

    • The bodycam footage showed that Floyd was saying “I can’t breef” well before being restrained on the floor. It also showed him claiming to be claustrophobic of the cop car,despite just being in his own car, then pushing himself out the car.

      He was delirious. At 6ft6, a drugged delirious man could still fuck your shit up even in cuffs. There’s plenty of videos of drugged up cunts taking on several police, getting tasered and nothing happens etc.

  7. Having now seen the bodycam footage and, confirming what I suspected after the toxicology report, Floyd was high as a fucking kite and being a delirious idiot. Even now social media cunts are claiming he had a gun pulled on him from the start, when in fact he refused to show his hands after 5 commands.. standard procedure.

    Dude wasn’t suffocated. He died of a self drug induced heart attack. This whole affair has been media contrived horseshit that has led to genuine deaths and destruction as a result.

    6ft6, delirious drugged up and resisting black dude. The cops gave him every fucking chance and were reasonable.

    I don’t agree with this nom.

  8. I’m not sure about this. I think the real cunt was the career villain who was high on drugs and resisting arrest. I haven’t seen the new footage but I’ve heard the reporting on it and this isn’t just a straightforward murder. There’s no excuse for the civil unrest and lives lost in the aftermath, these far left wankers were always going to kick off at some point, this just happened to be convenient for them. As a friend of mine said, ‘I wasn’t racist before this, I never even thought about it, but I’m getting that way now’. It isn’t about racial harmony it’s about division and they’re getting it.

    • It’s not just the left wanting to kick off though. The black community by and large jumped on this as confirmation of the ‘oppressed’ narrative. We’ve had it here with Duggan, and several other incidents in the US. Rodney King was a load of horseshit too and comparable.. intoxicated speeding black dude behind the wheel.

      They just conveniently overlook the fact that these CUNTS are criminals and/or were engaging in criminal acts at the time. Acts that could easily KILL innocent law abiding citizens. Then they riot and innocent people get killed too anyway!

      We’re too soft on that community if anything, they know it and are exploiting it for their own selfish gain. Reparations? Fuck off. Brutality? Nah. Too much stop and search? Stop disproportionately shooting and stabbing each other then. Fuck them.

      I know there’s plenty of black people who see through all this horseshit too but they’re far and few between and it boils my piss to see this inevitable descent towards tribal anarchy because of their duplicitous double standards in their behaviour.

    • What summed it all up for me was footage of a young black woman running out of a large shop that was being looted and she could heard shouting ‘I got some stuff’
      Nothing to do with BLM, just an excuse to steal anything and everything while it being unlikely they would ever be caught. I guess she has got her reparation.

  9. The Malcontents and The Commies and The Students just needed an excuse.
    This shitty panto was it.
    They all just need rounding up.
    Not sure what to do with the rabble after that…😀

    • They got their excuse handed on a plate. What pisses me off is that he had his knee on his neck for 8-9 minutes with Floyd saying “I can’t breev” which made it look as if he wanted to kill him. It’s this single act or error that makes the difference for me. I couldn’t care less that the knuckle dragging waste of space died in police custody, I would just rather he’d had a coronary during the struggle, or after being tasered.

      The peice of shit is now a martyr with the words “I can’t breathe” underneath his rotten ugly image on posters and placards. Yes, fuck BLM, and fuck this gift they didn’t need.

    • Employ a German plumber Terry. Mine came round last week to fit a new shower. When he left we realised he’d accidently connected it to the gas. Old habits die hard I guess.

  10. There is one less cunt in the world thanks to this man, he has done more for the fight against cuntitude than most, he should be getting an award, not being imprisoned.

    It’s no big secret anymore, if the criminal that died were a crack dealing, armed robbing, home invading, pregnant woman assaulting white man, then there wouldn’t even be any questions asked. Just like there wasn’t when any of the exponentially larger demographic of white people dying in police custody took place. Guess that’s that white privilege I hear so much about.

    Also, if you are able to apparently say “I can’t breathe” 20+ times and have it be loud, clear, and audible to witnesses, then you can fucking breathe.

  11. The killing of George “I can’t breeeff” Floyd was hardly fucking Sharpesville was it, but this gentleman is certainly a cunt, but George was also a massive cunt, I think most reasonable people think the same!

    • There wasnt so much worldwide publicity and condemnation for Marikana was there? Still, black police killing black strikers doesnt matter does it.

  12. The pair of them worked as security in a bar, where Chiggun George had already threatened to kill Del. So they had history.

    After the release of the bodycam footage and the facts behind the arrest, there is no way an unbiased jury would find against the police officers involved.

    Problem is finding an unbiased jury, when everyone in the States will have already seen the footage and been in some way affected by the fallout.

    Del’s lawyers will probably push for a mistrial if it doesn’t go his way and a quiet release will be on the cards once all the BLM bullshit has blown over.

    Tensions are too high for him to be found not guilty or acquited. If that happens, there would be category 5 chimpouts all over the States.

  13. The guy has caused chaos, no mistakes out that, but the extreme left were itching for an excuse to go mental and this cop gave it to them in spades (no pun intended).

    However, St George of the Holy Floyd (or ‘the martyr’ , as I heard Sky call him at one point) once knocked on a single woman’s door. She opened it and he stuck a gun in her stomach and said he’d kill her if she screamed as he let in his pals to ransack her home.

    Therefore, I couldn’t give a fuck that the cunt’s dead. The world is better off without him and all this bollocks has done is made millionaires out of racist Marxists at BLM and his family (who didn’t give a fuck about him until the gigantic media attention/kerfuckingching.

    • $14 mil apparently.

      Perhaps they’d like to give reparations to repair all the small businesses that got ransacked. Or to the other families who lost members during the riots.

      I want to know where that money is going if it isn’t.

      • I have always thought that any criminal or their relations who receive damages for ‘mistreatment’ should not receive a penny until the previous victims of their crimes are compensated. In this case $14,000,000 might see Georgy Boy’s family getting sweet fuck all.

  14. There are black criminals who will do just about anything to get a white policeman into trouble. I think George Floyd deliberately committed suicide knowing full well that there were people around recording his arrest on their cell phones. He was probably smirking as he repeatedly mouthed the words ‘I can’t breathe’. He expired with the satisfaction of knowing his words and his name would become famous throughout the world and he would be remembered as a martyr instead of a worthless ex-jailbird. So I am unable to support this nomination.

  15. A moot point now, but it’s not confirmed he actually killed him. Saint Floyd reportedly died of heart failure, rather than asphyxiation, and after the kneeing and the sheer onslaught of druggie shit he had shoveled into his system. Either way, both were scum and if you live like scum, you die like scum.

    • Serious questions must be asked as to whether it is a good idea to allow police officers to moonlight as security guards.
      Otherwise – good arrest guys.
      I would have shot the cunt in his car.

  16. When one thinks of the individuals who have shaped and made history over the centuries: Jesus of Nazareth, Alexander The Great, Julius Caesar, William The Conqueror, Thomas Beckett, Henry VIII, Oliver Cromwell, Napoleon, Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, Stalin, Churchill. For good or for bad, they were all remarkable and powerful figures.

    What do we get in 2020? A bent cop with the brains of an earwig and a chiggun chewin armed criminal made into a saint. Cunts .

  17. There is no evidence that the officer knelt upon the prisoners throat. There has been no trial as yet ( not a lawful one anyway ), and he won’t get a fair one. The press and the media have not only decided he was guilty, they are publishing carefully edited material as fact, when it is not.

    The squeals of “the poor man….so terrified by those cops….” does not wash with me. (Threatening to “blow the fucking head off ” a pregnant woman is one of his past entertainments.)

    Sadly, in today,s society, any fucker who gets his collar felt for any reason, is likely to be fucked over by the media only to face later trial where the distorted and contaminated evidence has already been bandied around for fucking weeks as fact.

    I would not be a cop for all the fucking tea in China. ( My axe with plod is at command level ) Poor fuckers slagged off, but……as soon as you,re in the shite, in fear of your life, who you gonna call? Exactly! Rant over. Thank You.

  18. Fucked his life, wife, kids, parents, bothers, sisters and everyone else’s…. and for what, a worthless thieving piece of low life shit, who is now held up like a fucking saint
    What a absolute cunt

    • Floyd was shoe scrapings and a low life sack of shit. There’s no doubt about it. But Chauvin is a cunt, as you say. His relatives will get hell now for possibly the rest of their lives. Was settling a score with that chiggun guzzling thug worth that? I don’t believe it was.

    • CBS, NBC, and CNN all have heavily edited versions on their youtube channels. They’re getting obliterated in the comments for being such intentionally misleading cunts.

      ITV did the same but always have comments turned off. I searched the BBC site and their youtube – Nothing.

      I am Jacks complete lack of surprise.

  19. All this reminds me of yesterday’s cunting on Media Misrepresentation. So basically lying then. Why can’t these cunts just give us the fucking TRUTH??? Makes my piss boil I can tell you.

  20. He should not have been killed. However i felt sick yesterday watching ITN news. They where showing footage of the incident and Charleen white had false tears in her eyes.
    It seems the media are determined to make blacks hate white people.

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