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The Leftwaffe, once again, have put themselves in my sights. This time, attempting to have a go at Alan Sugar, and completely underestimating their target. Lord Sugar tweeted a comment about Ian Wright’s attire, which wasn’t particularly pleasant to look at. Anyway, the comment contained the sentence “a little too dark?” Naturally, this was disingenuously taken by the Leftwaffe to be a reference to the colour of Ian’s skin, rather than his suit. One dumb shit even tweeted “did Alan Sugar just make a racist comment about Ian Wright?” No, you thick twat. He made a joke about his fucking suit. And this is just one of the many reasons why I hate the Leftwaffe. They will take a comment and deliberately twist it to make it mean something they think they can use against the person posting the comment. It’s what they ALWAYS do, and that’s one of the reasons I despise them. They’re lying, disingenuous cunts.

And as I said, they completely underestimated their targeted. Alan Sugar and Ian Wright are friends, have been for years. And the comment was a joke. And as soon as Sugar heard about the Leftwaffe getting all bent out of shape over that joke, he went back onto twatter and hit them with a broadside, telling them to “shut the fuck up” and “go to hell”. And since these pansy ass lefties are used to people immediately doing a U-turn and begging for forgiveness that will never be forthcoming, I imagine it came as quite a surprise to encounter someone who was willing and more than able to stand up to them.

Who the fuck did they think they were dealing with? Alan Sugar is a top businessman. He’s been a top businessman for at least forty years. You don’t get to the top, and stay there, in business by being a soft twat. You need to be as hard as fuck, and Lord Sugar is definitely hard as fuck. He will be not be silenced, and he certainly won’t be cancelled. You’ve lost this one dickheads. Do what Alan says. Shut the fuck up and move on. You bunch of cunts.

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QDM wanted a second helping

The Leftwaffe and their dipshit cancel culture deserve a nomination. Yes, those ignorant, far left, self important, faux geniuses on twitter have struck again. This time, their target is George R R Martin, author of the Game of Thrones series of novels, which after about twenty years he’s yet to finish. Apparently, George is a racist, sexist, homophobe and transphobe. Why? Because while hosting this year’s Hugo awards, he mispronounced the names of some authors. The utter cunt. And in video released prior to the awards, he talked about the Oscars and the Emmy’s, describing the Emmy award as a woman with wings. That made him sexist. Also, whilst talking about some other award, he called it by the name it was known as prior to it being changed last year. Oh yes, he also praised dead white male authors, so that made him racist. And sexist. Not sure where the homophobia and transphobia fit into it. Then again, these dipshit allegations come from the kind of people who would accuse a urinal in the men’s toilets of being transphobic.

Naturally, this prompted the usual bullshit on Twitter from the type of dickheads who think they’re intellectually and morally superior to everyone else, but really aren’t. One asshole tweeted: “I wish I lived in a world where George R R Martin didn’t feel comfortable in expressing his opinion”. Clearly the sort who only believes in free speech when the speech is in line with their own fascist bullshit. And when George made the huge mistake of tweeting an apology, there was much screaming that it wasn’t good enough and not a real apology. One particularly retarded cunt tweeted an offer to teach George, for money, how to make a proper apology. Even though their against capitalism. Not that against it if they’re not willing to do it for free.

The WORST thing anyone who triggers the demented Leftwaffe can do, is a apologise. All it does is make the fuckers worse. It’s the literal red rag to be a bull. The best thing is either to ignore them or, better still, go on the attack. They’re going to at least try to cancel you anyway, so you may as well go out fighting. These motherfuckers have no concept of things like decency, honesty and most especially, irony. If they did, they would realise that THEY are the fascists, racists, homophobes, sexists etc.

In the US, and shortly over here, there is a concerted effort to sideline women for the cult of transsexuality. Many public bodies, such as the American Cancer Society, don’t talk about women anymore, they talk about “individuals with a cervix”. Err, that women, you dumb cunts. Because only women have a cervix. Just like it’s only women who have periods. Men CANNOT have periods, as these evil fascist bastards claim. Why? Because biology motherfuckers.

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    • Unfortunately it’s where shitcunt lazy hack wankers masquerading as journalists get most of their stories. One big cunt echo.

  1. Yes i have great respect for mr sugar. Its not the first time he has confronted the left. Remember he had confronted corbyn before. He said if Corbyn won the election, he would leave britain. Fair play to him.

    • But would he?
      Look at all the lefty cunts that said they would leave the USA if trump won or the cunts in UK if Boris won. You could count them on the fingers of one finger.

      • A fair point sir Mali, but i think Sugar is made of sterner stuff. A particular bus conducter would of told the fuckers where to go.

    • Sugar wrote a nice poem about Corbyn:

      Jeremy Corbyn, a bit of a scruff

      Asked what he could do to come over less rough

      His fashion advisers worked on his new look

      And a fifty quid Matalan suit’s all it took

      Jeremy Corbyn, a stud of a man

      A playboy was he with his lover Diane
She’d get into bed wearing only her blusher

      And lie back with Jezza just thinking of Russia

      Jeremy Corbyn, on Royals not keen
You won’t find him singing to God Save The Queen

      No Cenotaph bowing for this bitter man

      If elected he’d call for a monarchy ban

      Jeremy Corbyn, says many a critic

      Is a dangerous fool who is anti-Semitic

      He often says “I’m not a Jew-hating man”

      “I’m just a big Hamas and Hezbollah fan”

      Jeremy Corbyn, an Arsenal man

      Supporting the team with his Islington clan

      He cheers the left winger when he goes along

      And ‘Come on you Reds’ is his favourite song

      Jeremy Corbyn, a yesterday man

      The worst Labour leader since records began

      Though his party is coughing and spluttering and dying

      Old Jeremy Corbyn’s red flag is still flying

      Needless to say the Leftwaffe were not amused…

      • Ruff, i would frame that poem, and put it in in my living room. I also would have given the libtards at Glastonbury, leaflets of that rather nice poem.

  2. Around the millennium, a group of my mates were in Londanistan, they spotted a Rolls or Bentley with the number plate 1 AMS-parked outside a swanky eatery. Guessing it must belong to Alan Michael Sugar, they grouped next to it for a photo, at which point the man himself exited the restaurant and verbally abused them-finishing with “now fack off and don’t fracking come back”.
    This from a lone man vs 7x mid twenties lads who could all play rugby league.
    Fearless fucker-the man is a legend👍👍👍

    • Sugar, ah sugar sugar
      You are my candy girl …

      Looks a bit like Nooky bear, a bit of Sid James in there too, but he is the type of bloke to stand up for hisself and I respect him for that.
      These timid sleb cunts appeasing the Leftwaffe?
      Fuck that!
      Offend them more!
      If I went for a emmy id go in full SS officers uniform with a paki on a lead, and tell them to fuck off the bumder little fucks.
      “Thanks for the emmy
      Sieg Heil!!😁

  3. can’t stand the bloke. Sold shit computers. I don’t remember if they’re a business standard machine ahem Microsoft etc al.
    Anyways always comes across as a failed car salesman on the ads for that program of his. You can almost smell the old spice thru the devils lantern.

    • Everyone is fair game on here

      I can’t stand the Apprentice, if ever someone asked if there was one programme guaranteed to be full of cunts, complete cunts and nothing but cunts the Apprentice fits the bill.

    • He looks like Moe Syzslak from the Simpsons. Somehow managed to break character and become a wheelie dealy millionaire.

      Get back in the dank pub ya cunt!

  4. The cunts think that they are on a roll now and that all sorts of inconsequential are up for debate. That is fine by me because when the backlash comes we can start with the stupid and trivial matters and build up a head of steam sufficient to send them back to the sewers.

  5. I always think of this quote from Chesterton when Alan Sugar is mentioned :

    ‘The truth is that a third element has entered into the matter, which is not mentioned in this abstract statement of it. That element might be stated in many ways; perhaps the shortest statement of it is in the fable of the man who sold razors, and afterwards explained to an indignant customer, with simple dignity, that he had never said the razors would shave. When asked if razors were not made to shave, he replied that they were made to sell. That is A Short History of Trade and Industry During the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries.’

    I remember Alan Sugar on The Apprentice. One team came up with an alcoholic drink. But the selling point it was in a pyramidal bottle. His fingers feeling it, and in whispered awe-‘that will sell’.

  6. The Leftwaffe can feel the destructive might of the Trump Typhoon.
    Strafe them with cannon then white phosphorus.
    After that take them to a care home in Bavaria so 100 yr old Waffen SS stormtroopers can have a wank over their stinking ashes.
    Fuck off.

  7. It shows how far down the u bend society has gone when soulless turds like Sugar and JK Rowling are targeted. Wasn’t Sugar one of these Csar cunts for Labour?
    As for all the crap about sexes? Nature rules, ok. And, it (yes it, not she, nature doesn’t have a fucking gender) will have the last word.

  8. There’s some cunt actor in Yankland, can’t remember his name because i’ve never heard of him. (there’s a shitload of slebs i’ve never heard of) Anyway he had pictures of his 2012 wedding at some big mansion on FuckFace. Some cunt pointed out that this was, in fact, a former slave plantation. Immediately he was all over soshul meeja crying, aplogising and wringing his hands like a complete cunt. Whether arsecrawling to the libtards will get him off I don’t know.
    My point is it is easy for Sugar to fight back. He deals in property speculation these days and is not selling two bob crappy computers. He has nothing to lose but if you are in the entertainment business you are royally fucked. Look at Laurence Fox and his horrendous crime. Will he ever work again? Even if some producer/ director gave him a job the other actors would refuse to work with him as if he had bubonic plague or something.
    Don’t expect the BBC to cancel The Apprentice as it is one of their most popular pieces of trash and they don’t want to get involved in accusations of anti semitism. Sorry I can’t get too excited about this “fight back”. When Ant and Dec or Harry Kane tells them to fuck off then we might have something to celebrate.

  9. As to the twitter commenter who wished he was in a World that allowed only the left on opinion. Well cunt I wish I lived in a World in which the screams of your traitorous kind sent me off to sleep every night. The cuntishness would be thrashed out of you and you soya latte chums. Oh sweet dreams.

    • He already does…….he just doesn’t know it yet. To cunts like that Johnson, Trump and Sir Nigel are the second coming of Hitler. The new Hitlers supported by the Jews strangely enough. History is a hard subject, these soyboys should just not bother with it.

  10. The left, time’s coming when it’s an us or them scenario. This isn’t something I want, I’m not destroying my own culture, rioting or looting and I’m certainly not one who wants ta to tell others what’s acceptable speech let alone thought.

    Like many others in here, it’s better for all concerned of you don’t come poking me with your stick.

  11. Just remind the SJW’s and their ilk that they are late for their Bund Meeting.
    I love watching their heads explode as they try to work out a response.

    • Love how Owen Jones looks like he’s tagging along, just not quite kool enough to be part of the gang yet.

  12. It’s time more cunts with influence started rallying against this shit. There is fuck all we ordinary plebs can do about it but someone with power has to start making a stand. Being bullied to apologise for something you said – fuck off, I said it and I meant it. The Leftwaffe (that is genius by the way) can skream and skream and stamp their little feet until their sick but the tide needs to turn

    • It isn’t genius actually, I’m tired of nazi’s being a stupid political strawman. The left wing are nazi’s for insert reason here_, The right wing are nazi’s for insert reason here_. So I guess we are all fucking nazi’s then?! lol

      Thats truly the cunt end of the political spectrum we don’t have to have phony political parties anymore (left, right, centrist, apolitical) we can all become nazi’s and fucking end it once for all! Hahaha

  13. The Leftwaffe really don’t get it. There are two classic quotes that come to mind:
    “The fascist of the future will call themselves the anti-fascists.” – Sir Winston Churchill
    “When Fascism comes to America it will be under the guise of liberalism.” – Ronald Reagan
    How correct they both were. The pendulum has swung so far now that the Leftwaffe are basically the religious zealots of the modern age. They’re the ones with no sense of humour, who don’t like jokes, violent films, computer games or “offensive” music, claiming all those things are “problematic”. They’re absolutely humourless cunts who can’t make a non-PC gag or quip and want to ban everything and silence everyone.
    Why did Labour get their arse handed to them on a plate in last year’s general election? Why did Donald Trump win the presidency and looks set to win again?? It’s because over the last 5yrs or so, the Leftwaffe have gone absolutely mental, and that’s no exaggeration. They’re represented in the UK by the likes of Owen Jones and Ash Sarkar, and in the US by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhad Omar. They’re militant Communists who just want to ban everything and have complete control of our lives. In fact the Scots have got one in charge right now. Wee Jimmy Krankee has used the Covid pandemic to reveal his/her true colours. Now Boris Johnson and Donald Trump aren’t my preferred choices but I’d rather have them in charge than some batshit, swivel-eyed Communists who just talk bollocks all the time.

  14. I’ve always regarded Sugar as a testicle on legs, but I’m with him on this one. Everyone of us should yell ‘shut the fuck up, wankstains’ at the Leftwaffe every chance we get.

    • Absolutely Ron. Sugar is a twat “par excellence” under any sane scrutiny, but on this one the cunt’s 100% on the money.

      Credit where it’s due and all that bollocks….

      • I have been on Twitter asking “Rishi four houses, richest little boy in the Commons” where the hell the money is I am legally entitled to as a sole trader. (Me and three Million others at #ExcludedUK, as well as nearly 300 MP’s).
        An astonishing silence – and he is equally silent about the money he misused his Chancellors position to hand his multi Millionaire Father in law multi Millions (Investigation needed on that one – it stinks).
        And no response from wobbling barrage balloon Abbott when I ask if Politicians should have their food (oink, oink, slobber) allowance of up to £125 a week stopped as one point five Million people are forced to use food banks, three Million newly self employed and freelancers are going to the wall.
        Again, silence.
        Full of yap and malice when they wrongfully brand every whitey as a racist, but fuck all to say when they have questions to answer.
        Burn them.

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