Moaning British Tourists

Stupid whiny cunts who go on holiday to Spain 10 minutes after they have got control of the Chinese pangolin pandemic and are now surprised that they have to self isolate for 14 days when they get back, surprise fucking surprise.

The bit i especially enjoyed was the dozy bint who was moaning because they were in financial difficulty and cant afford to be off work, i mean how stupid can you get?

I know I’m skint so I’m gonna book a holiday and go to the worst hit place after China, Good plan, cuntsโ€ฆ

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86 thoughts on “Moaning British Tourists

    • I had to stop watching, it was making me a little homicidal – that fat bastard guy would have got such a right hander his jaw would be in the back of his head.

    • Foxy@
      That Thomas Cunt Engine and Tono discussed drugging you last night!
      I told them not to be so naughty or there would be ramifications!

      • Morning MNC – I fkin needed summat – I was on one! (with good reason).
        Much better today, rather less psychotic – so I am off on a relaxing holiday to France – won’t need to self isolate as I will just be dropping ordnance from the bomb bay of the Lancaster! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘

          • Along with a few 500 Pound bombs Duke!
            And every fkin libtard I can cram in! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘

        • Well have a nice time!
          Couldnt empty my bed pans contents over Notre Dame for me could you?

          • TT MNC@ – I have included two tons of pig slurry! Coming soon to a rapefugee camp near you Mohammed ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘

  1. These are the “Entitled People” where rules don’t apply, and they can do whatever the fuck they want ….

    Until it all goes tits-up, and start either moaning about how the government or airports didn’t properly tell them not to go abroad in triplicate, or to set up some GoFuckMe thing and hope people will give them thousands to sort out their oversight with being skint!

    And then they wonder why we might be having a Second Wave………….

  2. Fucking load of bollocks. And who is going to check up that you are locked away for 14 days? Iโ€™ll tell you……Detective Chief Superintendent Shitface and his assistant, DS Kissmearse thatโ€™s who. Just fuck off with this shit.
    I saw something the other day I donโ€™t think iโ€™ve ever seen before………a bird on the back of a motorbike with no helmet! Bear in mind this is in the middle of Streatham High Rd where there is a police station and untold traffic cameras.
    Then I thought well when do you see a copper these days? Who is actually watching those cameras? No cunt……theyโ€™re all on diversity and kneeling like a bitch training.
    So I come back from Chinkyland and the coppers are going to come round and check that I am self isolating? Anyone wanna buy the Tower of London?………special price for you effendi!

    • Why the fuck would would you want to take your family abroad as a pandemic is sweeping the world?
      That keen to drink shit beer, fry in the sun, meet foreigners?
      No sympathy, serves them fuckin right, mongs.

        • Pretty much GG.
          Pretty much.
          Common fuckin sense is a passion of mine.

          • In which case I do not foresee a career in Politics for you MNC – can’t have common sense frightening the pigs in the Commons or the vermin in ermine! ๐Ÿ˜„
            Whining entitled jerks, going to a foreign shithole where they hate us but love our money, then complain about the self isolating that they KNEW ABOUT but in all probability will not even do – this is the equivalent of gap yaaaah Jacasta going to some quaint little place at the other side of the World for the cultchaa then demanding UK help when she is kidnapped. r*ped and robbed in a Country notorious for it and with innumerable travel warnings she has chosen to ignore.

          • We covered that on here once ‘gap year backpackers’ loads of them get murdered!
            Sort of natures way of keeping simpletons to a manageable level.โ˜บ

      • After having spent a week being stitched up by every fucking bar, restaurant, cafe and ice-cream parlour while holidaying in England, I can see why a family would take the risk and go to Spain.

        • Lord C, pandemic or not id not subject myself to foreigners and shit beer.๐Ÿ˜

          • Morning Rob!
            The chances of me going to wetherspoons in London are the same odds as Boris Johnson tackling immigration, not gonna happen!

          • Morning MNC. I reckon half of parliament have shares in a dinghy company, just like the Maybot has shares in pharmaceutical cannabis farms. Cunts.

    • My sister lives in Liberal Teddington and regularly gives me shit about most of my political views. Two of her neighbours had booked a holiday to Vietnam last year but couldnโ€™t go so re-booked for last February. They were surprised to find the โ€˜plane was virtually empty and when they arrived given a temperature check and both found to have temperatures. Taken straight to hospital, the wife out reasonably quickly but the husband in for about 6 weeks during which time I was getting regular medical bulletins, she neednโ€™t have bothered as it was on the national news, tearful family and all that shit.
      I would have been tearful if they had been my parents for my misfortune in being conceived by 2 stupid, entitled, cunts.

    • If these entitled dipsticks want to sample foreign cultures and weird made-up languages, just travel to Bradford, Leicester, Birmingham and course The Smoke – job done!

  3. Who the fuck needs a holiday when they’ve been sitting on their arse doing fuck all for months. Hey public sector. Go back to fucking work you lazy fucking cunts.

    • ‘Hey public sector. Go back to fucking work you lazy fucking cunts.’

      I haven’t stopped, thankyouverymuch.

  4. I’m glad when they go abroad…at least it means that they are less liable to be “holibobbbing” anywhere near me….screaming,pasty,fat brats and their tattooed,lazy.common parents celebrating the British countryside by clogging up the roads with their pushbbikes,trespassing and dropping litter as they go…nothing but Oiks in the main.

    PS….Glad to hear that Ron Knee enjoyed his holiday in Northumberland and hope that Dio enjoys Craster next week. ( don’t bother with the kippers…overpriced shite)

    • Morning Sir Fiddler – try smoked mackerel, they are absolutely delicious grilled (kippers are painted skeletons, horrible bony things) – and full of energy to give you extra vigour when taking pot shots at Toby and Portia the holidaying cyclists!
      And, as every good Englishman knows – the only time you should see foreign lands is with a pith helmet and a Lee Enfield! ๐Ÿ˜„

      • ‘And, as every good Englishman knows โ€“ the only time you should see foreign lands is with a pith helmet and a Lee Enfield! ๐Ÿ˜„’

        Or from behind a gunsight on a helicopters door guns๐Ÿ˜‰

        • It’s true DCI – ask MNC!
          Right, back to my Priti Patel nom – the brown battleship is about to be sunk!

      • I love kippers,Vernon. Just not keen on the Craster ones…I actually prefer the “boil in the bag” ones.

        • Kippers are lovely DF, just the bones and lack of meat I can’t be doing with – I probably bought the French ones!

  5. I have a friend who did exactly what this nom is about, ” Uh I need some sun, need to get away after all this”. I tried so hard to tell her is was a stupid idea….. so she booked a Spanish Villa and flights about 4 weeks ago and she doesn’t watch the news. Mrs K had to tell her the bad news 2 weeks later, I couldn’t because I was laughing too much. My friends problem is that she doesn’t listen and the only time you can get a word in with her is when she has a cock in her mouth.

  6. First thing I did when Foo Man Choo flu kicked off was move my French alps holiday to 2021. I ain’t no Professor of Communicable Diseases but I saw the writing on the wall.

    Yesterday, I took a domestic flight to Inverness. The long stay carpark at the airport I flew from was full, proof that there are thousands of these furloughed cunts blowing our taxes on holidays. Then they’re entitled to SSP if quarantined. And, of course, they moan about. The furlough scheme has been vital but some cunts have done nicely out of it. They can fuck off.

  7. I wonder if the Dinghy Riders will be quarantined for 14 days when they arrive at Dover? Or will they get special treatment as they make their way to the fanciest hotels in the area for the next few months?

    • Only the best for the p*nces. That reminds me that Mayor of New York, de Blasio, or whatever his fucking name is, is doling out taxpayers money to put the homeless in hotels, including some hotels in Manhattan at the special rate of $175 a night. The trouble is this is where the rich people live and they are suddenly inundated with street crime, violence, drug taking and cunts pissing and shitting in the street. Guess what? These champagne socialists arenโ€™t too happy with their champagne socialist Mayor. Made me fucking laugh though. Carry on Bill!

    • No isolation or quarantining whatsoever Techno, and they are being taken around the UK in taxibuses to expensive hotels who have done a shifty deal with HM Government – any hotel employees mentioning anything about it are sacked and threatened with legal consequences if they say a word.
      This Government is a sick, infuriating joke – how far can we be pushed (not the mythical “far right” but the justifiably angry majority) – before we rise?

  8. Dont know if its the same one the nom refers to but on the news was a self employed hairdresser moaning over having to quarantine.
    Shed just set up, only just opened then bat flu shut her down.
    She said she was in financial dire straits now,
    So why was the feckless cunts answer to swan off for 2weeks in Magaluf?
    Im not Martin Lewis but Id suggest thats fuckin daft!!
    Own fault.
    Back of the queue.

    • I was feeling sorry for her until I got to the holiday bit. She can fuck RIGHT off. We’ve sacrificed our family holiday this year and I’m in a guaranteed work position, so, she can Fuck Right Off.

      • It kind of infuriates me when I hear people whining about poverty – from the balcony of the holiday villa!
        My business which I saved for and planned for twenty Years is in serious danger of folding, and fuck all from Rishi four homes.
        I utterly, utterly hate that snide smarmy little rich kid cunt.

        • Vernon it is about time are goverment protected grafters like you, rather the spending millions on fucking boat people. There is no sense of priority in this country.

        • Mee, too, Vern. I have to work overtime to be able to afford a holiday, six day weeks, sometimes, depending on where we want to go, nowhere too exotic, I’m front-line, not a manager. No whining from me about it. You want it, you earn it. And that cunt, Rishi, leaving fuckers like you high and dry… Mind you, cheap eats on Monday to Wednesday so we’re off to Wetherspoons Steak Night. Steak – far better tasting than it has a right to be even at full price – all the trimmings and a drink for about a fiver whilst tjis is on! Might even have a pudding!

  9. There was some dozy Karen, being interviewed, on holiday, in Spain. She was very unhappy about having to quarantine. ” Who’ll pay my mortgage ? “. The dozy cunt whined.
    If things are so financially tight for her. Why the fuck is she on holiday ?
    Stupid,brain dead bitch. Hopefully, she’ll have her house repossessed. It may focus her mind on sound financial management.
    She could get a second job.
    ‘ Will have sex for food ‘
    If only these people had listened to Ebenezer Scrooge.
    I’m rambling.
    These people are annoying.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Now that’s what I call compassionate conservatism!

      Morning Jack, morning all. ๐ŸŒž

      • My compassion tanks are running on fumes, RTC.
        I am, at the moment, watching our wonderful water taxi service, ferrying yet more parasitic, human filth, back to Blighty.
        Machine gun the fuckers, and be done with it.
        Our government is useless, as for the French, we should have left them for Adolf to play with.
        Cunts all.
        Morning, Ruff Tuff.

        • Machine gun them JTC? – what a terrible thing to say!
          When I have a perfectly good RPG for you – much more efficient and edifying! ๐Ÿ˜„

          • Or a bit of genteel strafing, from a Sopwith Camel, on a Sunday afternoon.
            Then get back to the Mess, for tea and buns.
            Good show.

          • Nicely played Jack-give nagger, the squadron mascot, a gentle scratch behind the ears, from me๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

        • We need to resurrect an old U-Boat skipper, give him his boat and let him have free reign on the cunts.

  10. How many of these returning holiday makers have been done for not isolating for 2 weeks i wonder?
    Or is this the first law in history to be 100 per cent obeyed at all times.

    • Supposing some copper did come round to check on you? Well he can see you are at home now but he has to ask have you been out? What if you tell him I was out down the boozer all day yesterday? Whatโ€™s he gonna do? What if your cunt neighbour says I saw the wanker down by the bus stop waving his wanger about, what are they going to do then? Itโ€™s all fucking media bollocks, fuck all to do with reality.

  11. Dame Kweer has decided against going on holiday this year, so that he oesn’t risk the thousands of photo-opportinities he will have – taking the knee again, commenting on the frightful state the country is in, and how much better it would be if he were in charge.

    During his staycation he will be investing in a tube of lube and watching his boxed set of the Emily Thornberry Porn Video Archive, where the busty beauty will be seen pleasuring herself with Cressida Strapa-Dicktome’s massive dildo and wrestling in mud naked with Jess Phillips. Hours of fun guaranteed, just up the street of the little wanker.

    • I believe “Millionaire row” is Starmers street – and he probably wears red jeans on holiday!
      The cunt.

        • “I’ll get you Starmer” (Elected).
          “No you won’t Blakey – Boris the jellyfish is doing a great job himself”!

  12. These cunts are deaf, blind And bereft of thought. If youโ€™re in the shit you stop digging? Nope hire a digger you canโ€™t afford and dig harder.

    Oops, now Iโ€™m swallowing shit, someone could of told me the worlds fucked up.

    • Hire a digger? Anyone seen Madeleine?
      Gone too far, off now! ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™‚๏ธ

      • Even at the height of the corona debacle Madeline is still headline news. On average 112,000 children are reported missing a year.

        How many of those get a 13 million pound investigation, how many of those get multiple news reports or documentaries? Of course most are found but a considerable number are not.

        What is it about this child that has earned so much investment from the media and the police?

        • Apologies for going off nom, but Kate and Gerry McCann were named chief suspects by the Portuguese Police when they refused to explain how blood, hair and DNA belonging to Madeleine were found in a Renault Megane Scenic they hired some time AFTER Madeleine “disappeared”.
          (This is established fact, but the McCanns have spent a fortune trying to keep this quiet).
          Moaning British tourists are the McCanns..

          • Ive had a holiday this year.
            I’ll have one next year too.
            Didnt meet any Johnny Foreigners, didnt have to quarantine, didnt get food poisoning, or heat stroke or even sunburnt.
            Didnt even see sand.
            Thats because I holiday in the UK instead of giving revenue to some greasy manuel type.

          • Morning Jack!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

          • Yes MNC i love the lake district and the west country. People dont always realise what we have in are own yard.

          • It’s so comforting to know we don’t have any foreigners in the UK. ๐Ÿ˜‚

          • Nothing but fucking foreigners where I live, nice bunch though, they like us immigrants.

          • National Front Tours offers some great deals Ruff!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

          • Years ago West Midlands Police had an inspector affectionately known as “John The Baptist” because apparently he used a buckt of water to extract confessions from villians. I think the poor cunt was sacked in the end, but I often wish John had been allowed into Chez McCann with his trusty bucket to question the guilty looking Gerry and the up-her-own-arse Kate.

          • WC-call me a cunt, I find or did find, Kate strangely alluring, I would have smashed the granny out of her, the extracted a confession when she complained that the orgasms I was administering were becoming too painful๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  13. …and if I read the term “vacation” or “staycation” in the friggin’ media, I will go bloody apeshit!

    We don’t need any more Americanisms here fuck you very much. It’s “holiday” – got that!

  14. You are just not paying attention if you think travelling to a foreign nation, even a friendly one, is fair game during a global emergency. One which by the way is now economic as well as biological.

    You could be in some farty tincan airline when it goes bankrupt, get turned back, and get fucking stranded. Or they lockdown and food flies off the shelves. Or even a run on the banks.

    In a foreign nation you are bottom of the list and you’re mad if you think our government will help. There was some yank stuck in peru because they shut the airports, might still even be there!

    (Rather than moaning to the government, why don’t they whinge to ABTA, as well as taking out personal holiday insurance? – admin)

      • Anybody who goes abroad at the moment must be aware of the risks or are as thick as pigshit. No use moaning about being ‘deserted by the government’ if you get stuck somewhere.

        • People just don’t get it. Governments care about ‘the people’ generally, not about you as an individual.

          They can afford to lose Mr and Mrs Cunting McFuckup from Essex. In fact they would probably consider it a net benefit.

  15. I cancelled a family holiday back in February just a few days before we were due to fly because I could see what was going to happen. Lost all the money (boohoo ๐ŸŽป) but I didnโ€™t want to take the risk.

    Two lads out of my group of mates shot off to Spain last week the minute they had the chance.

    Rats / drainpipes

  16. With regards to the nom-I find it incredible that people will risk the welfare of their family, just to satiate their selfish holiday needs.
    Entitled cunts, indeed๐Ÿ‘Ž

  17. Going on holiday and whining because you need to get straight back to work afterwards. Sounds like one of those trips people are encouraged to take on a whim. No savings, living from paycheck to paycheck, but happily jets off to Malaga in the middle of a pandemic.

    Modern Britain all over.

    As for the video. America continues to collapse. Just keep the nutters away from me, mask or no mask.

    No wonder so many Americans and British think millions are dying. It’s less the media and more both societies being full of thick cunts taught by similar failed education systems.

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