Men Wearing Red and Pink Jeans


I’ve just done a job in Bury st Edmunds and as a simple northern lad, was shocked at the quite flagrant sight of men wearing red or pink jeans – In broad daylight without anyone taking them to task!

This is worrying as it could spread north and id like this deviancy to stay where it belongs.

Jeans are blue.Maybe black if feeling depressed, or gothic or your Johnny Cash.

But Pink or red? Well that’s the realm of duckys like your popstars and thespians not for waltzing about by real people.

Bury st Edmunds should have a fine for men who do this at the least, at best?

..a good hiding and sent to a ‘reeducation camp.

Its immoral.

Nominated by: Miserable Northern Cunt

85 thoughts on “Men Wearing Red and Pink Jeans

  1. Haven’t seen it for years but there used to be a website called or something like that. It was surreptitiously taken pictures of cunts in (you guessed it) red trousers with very amusing comments. I’ll have look see if it still exists.

  2. It’s an outrage daahling – NO WAY do those shoes go with those jeans!
    Are we 70 Year old antique dealers mincing round the BBC? Red trousers – mark my fkin words – if we let this go people will be eating salad soon!

    • Nothing wrong with salad, it’s the antidote to the previous day’s 1lb ribeye, fried blue, with a blue cheese sauce, chips and bowl of onion rings.

      • I quite like fruit and salad Moggie – but obviously I need to keep it quiet living in Yorkshire! 😄
        Ribeye – laarvly!

        • As soon as I finished typing all I could think of was the bloody food! That’s what I want now and I don’t have any steak in the house.

  3. Jeans or a suit with arrows on it, pair of black trousers in case anyone you know is daft enough to marry or lazy enough to die – all a Man should ever be seen in!
    (With the possible exception of a Paisley smoking jacket for Sir Fiddler and B&WC – standards must be maintained! 😄).

  4. When I was about 15/16 I had this pair of white jeans. (Yeah that’s right, Joe fucking Cool) My Mum put them in the wash with this brand new red shirt and they turned pink! Fucking hell, I was furious. “There’s nothing wrong with them, just a different colour.” How do you explain to your Old Dear that you can’t go mincing down the street wearing pink strides? I’d rather fucking top myself. The humiliation and piss taking would have been too much.
    At the same time I played for a Sunday League team…….we had these shirts that, at one time, must have been red but were so old, and washed so many times they had turned pink.
    I swear everybody raised their game against us because they didn’t want to get beat by the famous poofs with the pink shirts.
    These things leave deep psychological scars but at least I didn’t turn bender. Pink/red trousers should be banned.

  5. Red jeans are for the Michael Portillo’s of this world. Some of his slacks are that loud you can see and hear them from the International Space Station.

    • Owen wears chaps so he can just lift up his coat and bend over, giving easy access to his “partners.” It also means he doesn’t have to pull his trousers up when running from the “far right.”

  6. Blimey, you’d have a heart attack if you saw some of the shit I wear, MNC!
    I like to dress flamboyantly to say the least and always wear the most crazy, colourful clothes I can find when not at work. Here’s a good example:
    Now imagine that being worn by an ugly, bald cunt with a huge, gay-looking moustache! I’ve got into a few scuffles with people assuming I’m a bender!

    • Jesus Thomas!!
      That shirt looks like walt Disney threw up on it!
      Im not slagging eccentric dressing, I look like a Viking whos homeless,
      These were kind of ‘sloane ranger’ types,
      Sunglasses on head, slip on loafer, men in their 50/60s.
      I was truly shocked at them cavorting around with no shame, what must their children think?
      That was my dad gaying out like that hed be in a care home before he could put his lipstick on.😁

      • If you team that shirt up with the pink trousers at the top, moustache like 1970’s fanny and then turn up at Fiddlers next rugby club dinner Thomas.

  7. Michael portillo likes to use lots of bright dress. However as i enjoy his train journey shows, i will forgive him. ( the onley one i would pardon)

      • Portillo is a very personable, well read and bright guy by all accounts Tono – but still a former fkin Tory Minister – and check out online the barracking he got at Pontefract Jobcentre from an angry Woman outside when he was Employment Minister – it’s priceless! 😄
        Bought a pair of brand new white Levis 501s Years ago from a shop for a quid because no Man would wear them – dyed them with some terracotta dye, they came out perfect and everyone at my cross stitch club wanted to know where I had got them!
        Anyway, back to baiting Rishi Sunak on Twitter – where’s my Covid grant Rishi? 😡😡😡

        • Yes Vernon i like him. When he worked with Andrew neil, he always stood up to woke people. I also enjoy many of his tv docs, he is a very good presenter.

      • No need to apologise, his Bradshaws Guide train journeys are pretty good while I’m scoffing down my dinner. In agreement on both parts. 👍

    • I forgot to mention in the nom, but in that part of the country which is pretty but hasnt any hills,
      The traditional built house has patterns in the render which makes them look a bit like custard cream biscuits!!
      Which is charming,
      But they then paint it.
      Guess which colour?.?
      Yeah screaming pink!!
      Ducky Darling💋

  8. Has anyone seen that that bald cunt on Bargain Hunt, he always dresses in loud clothes. The man doesn’t have a blue pair of Jean’s, it’s shocking pink or something else outrageous. I’m pissed again so fuck off in the nicest possible way.

          • “Mr Fiddler” – the Carry On campsite owner and skinflint!
            “And that’s a Pound extra, and that’s a Pound extra”
            The esteemed Sir Fiddler is cut from considerably more refined cloth and has nothing to do with his Cousin Mr Fiddler as there is a rumour Mr Fiddler the campsite owner was born in Yorkshire! 🤣
            Off now – gone too far – and I can hear baying hounds! 😱🏃‍♂️

          • Yes Vernon thats the fiddler. Brilliant character!. You mentioned fiddlers hounds, i hear fiddler is on the phone to uncle Terry about a oven job.

        • Carry On Camping Tono – Fiddler owned the camping site (“one pound, per person, per night, welcome to Paradise!”) played by Peter Butterworth.

          • Fantastic movie w.c. i love all them movies, so funny. Today the woke would say there not pc. They dont have a sense of humour.

  9. Here a bit of good news for you, MNC, regarding another aberration –

    **Mens Purple Dark Mauve Voi Jeans Mens Chinos Purple

    Currently unavailable.
    We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.
    Voi jeans twisted chinos.
    Cargo style branded patch.
    100% cotton.
    Button fly.
    Five pocket design.**

    Don’t know if, or when, MNC! Rejoice greatly, oh son of the Northern extremities.

  10. I had a shit kip yesterday, I kept dreaming that I was preparing a huge bowl of salad but then suddenly found myself in an engineering plant, working on a lathe. Every time I dozed off, same thing, salad, lathe, salad, lathe.
    Tossed and turned all night….

  11. Don’t the retired Guards wear them?. Mind you when Churchill was informed one of his ministers had been caught infligrante with a Guardsman on a night of -4 his response. ” Makes you proud to be British”. Damned fine poofs those Guards.

  12. I once had a pair of tartan jeans and an accompanying pink shirt circa ‘86/87 (‘twas the height of fashion back then, when I was around 10 or so) and that is as flashy or extravagant as I’ve ever gotten. Anyone wearing such loud, attention-seeking denims must surely have a massive hole in their life or never got enough cuddles as a child. Leave showy denims & trousers to Bargain Cunt presenters such as David Harper, please. Fuck off!

  13. Loud clothes are there to convince silly boring bastards that they have a personality but never realiseing that it fails miserably as everyone can tell that they are just cunts in loud clothes.

    • Like the office bore “halitosis Derek” who insists on turning up at the office party with a zany comedy tie – top work mate, ask your Mum if it’s funny when you go home. 👍
      On other news, my Lebanese fireworks factory appears to have “teething troubles”..

      • I’ve just watched that Lebanese firework factory go up and it certainly was a bigger bang than what I was watching previously on Xhamster.
        Hell of a shockwave, must be a lot sliced n diced by flying glass from broken windows

  14. I call it small dick syndrome, the louder my trousers the smaller my cock mentality – I reckon guys do it to stand out and be different. Probably the kind of chaps that only get laid by either paying for it or dosing up a drink with roofies.

    There’s a particular part of London well known for this stereotype – Hoxton (and half the cunts are sporting posh beards or odd moustaches – not that I am against that on it’s own…). The area is full of artistic types, weirdos. Half of them look like batty boys but oh no they ain’t, just in tune with their female side – fucking snowflake ponses all of them.

    A good slap across the chops is what they need and an “Oi no you cunt, dressing like a cunt out of some Willy Wonka film aint cool!”

  15. When I was about 16, I was on an acid trip with a couple of mates and while floating around the streets of Brighton I caught site of a pair of Purple Loon Pants with yellow embroidery down them , not to mention the 27 inch bottoms. God I wish I had them now. Mind you I was a 28 inch waist then. Couldn’t get them past my knees now.

  16. Odd enough, I live in Bury St Edmunds and all the people around here fall into the ‘normal for Norfolk’ category even though this is Suffolk. I think the malaise is spreading.
    Everyone here seems to be a retired teacher with delusional self importance syndrome. There so many poxy little clubs and they’re all crap but it gives the tosses the opportunity to be big fish in a little pond.
    It’s a shame really as tge town is quite nice but it’s spoilt by the cunts who live here.

    See my tracks ‘Small Town Man’ and ‘Small Town Blues’. Every word of the lyrics is true. The latter is an album title track. The front cover is a druggie hanging out in St Andrew’s Street, the jewel in the BStE crown.

  17. They’re only following the sartorial instructions they were given in their Marxist indoctrination camps between 5 – 21.

  18. I had a look at that red trouser blog – and the name Monsieur Henri de Pantalon-Rouge made me think, what if, after being banned by MNC from wearing red or pink trousers, the former wearers took to using rouge or even red stage makeup on their nether regions instead of actual trousers … quite a horrible sight, if any of the blokes on that blog are to go by.

    But a nice boost for the makers of stage make up, now that the sales of bl@ack cosmetic have probably taken a nose dive.

  19. A few of these in my neck of the woods. Tosspots who look like Robert Peston or other ‘grown-up’ versions of Harry Potter, gibbering like Hugh Grant as they pass the town square on their wife’s pushbike., before being almost knocked over the stone wall of the old bridge and into the pond by a white van with a tattoo’d ‘thug’ shouting ‘gertchaaa!’


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