Media Misrepresentation

Media misrepresentation.

I believe that Media misrepresentation is overdue a cunting on these hallowed pages. I will start by pinpointing where I believe the problem first started in an obvious way. It was 1976 and the late Ian Smith gave a press conference in Salisbury (now Harare), in Rhodesia. We saw the complete press conference where he gave the speech. Famously I believe a British journalist asked him when black majority rule would be implemented. Most of the world heard the answer, “I don’t believe in black majority rule ever in Rhodesia not in a thousand years, I believe it will be a disaster for Rhodesia”.

If you saw that arrogant response on your TV you’d think what a cunt, but this was an edited sound bite taken out of context designed to undermine a logical sensible point which now has been proven, with the passage of time, to be 100% correct. It seems to be the MSM who indulge in this shit, pretty much anything that doesn’t fit the neo-Marxist agenda is vilified and misrepresented. The latest victim of this witch hunt is of course the Tangoman. The cries of facist, racist and mysoginist are bandied round by media outlets as well as blue haired, trigglepuff types. It’s designed to make people think something that is not true, but cherry pick sound bites to fit the agenda they’re peddling. Thankfully the silent majority see through this, and are not so easily fooled anymore!.

So old Ian you can rest assured wherever you are (not religious myself) the phrase “Smith was right” is now said more than ever throughout the illegally occupied Rhodesia and the world. I think those that misrepresent people’s views for their own agenda should be thoroughly ashamed, but they must not understand shame. Cunts to man and beast these purveyors of mistruths really are!

Nominated by: Captain Quimson

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  1. Kayleigh McEnany doesn’t take any shit from the media, I am not sure where Trump found her but she ‘kicks ass‘ and fit as fuck, Oh yes I would!

    It doesn’t matter what the story, the media will only report the parts that fit with the message unless it’s there is a chance to smash anything on the right then is all guns blazing.

    All these black lives matter cunts should fuck of to Zimbabwe and see what a great job the black majority rule has done.

  2. The BBC do this shit all the time, especially in their on-line news. Recently airbrushed out a big stick a dark key had and was beating a Policeman with at the recent BLM riot. They then described the event as a peaceful protest after about 30 coppers had to go to hospital. Utter Galaxy sized cunts

  3. Good morning cunts everywhere
    The current covid crisis is a prime example of media propaganda at its finest – have to say they’ve been brilliant – scaring the shit out of most of the planet over something of dubious nature and integrity and even existence is a masterstroke – all about control and censorship – but only those awake to the tyranny can see what’s happening – media misrepresentation has always been with us – and it is a cunt – and those behind it are cunts too – what sort of country is England that allows Twatty Hancock to decide how we live our lives FFS???

    • Protect the NHS….. from patients?

      My priority , protect energy supply, water and food… the rest can fall into a black hole!

      Happily loose a million jobs from hospitality, most aren’t Brits so can fuck off.

  4. Good cunting.
    Literally everything the media says is some level of insidiousness, much like politicians.
    If Orangeman said “I like pepperoni on my pizza”, the New York Post’s headline would declare that “Trump hates pineapple on his pizza. Trump hates pineapples and the impoverished people who grow them.”
    The press have also ramped up their ridiculous Chīnk flu headlines with ever more “coulds” and “mays”.
    Covid *could* affect benders more than heteros, London *may* be locked down (actually no bad thing, it’s a foreign country).
    What wankers the press are and people still buy into it.

    • That’s the ticket Thomas.

      The NKV and Reich Propaganda Ministry taught these twisted cunts well.
      Not sure it’s dawned on them that the reaction to all this shite will the rebirth of fascism.
      Anyhow fuck the woke.

    • I read somewhere yesterday, I think, that Suckdick is pissed because the government are planning to use the M25 as a barrier if they decide to lockdown London and they didn’t discuss it with him. Personally I would napalm everything within the M25 just to be safe, Covid or not.

  5. The media are outright rotters!
    Do you know how it feels to be rushed under a blanket from the old Bailey to the flash of a hundred cameras?
    Ive never even been to praia de luz!!

    • You are the Yorkshire Ripper and I claim my £5.

      You aren’t fooling anyone Miserable… with your la-di-da “praia de luz” red herrings prepared in a white wine sauce with shallots.

      • Morning Ruff,
        I dont think im the white wine sauce type, or really the Sutcliffe type, cant find the motivation tbh.☺
        Your sounding a bit more chipper today!!!👍👍👍

        • Afternoon Miserable.

          Definitely feeling more chipper – got a Captain Beefheart ‘Easy Teeth’ CD in the post this morning. Previously had it as a double LP bought on a trip to San Francisco during the ’80s, then foolishly sold it in the ’90s after switching to CDs.

          Now eagerly awaiting a delivery of Evo-Stik wood adhesive and complete Dempsey & Makepeace boxed set.

          • Your a fan of Dempsey & Makepiece arent you?
            Im strictly ‘Colombo’ or nothing.

            (Glad your feeling better!👍)

          • A bit LL.
            Used to watch it with my gran, she always said “hes a scruffy little bugger’ but in a affectionate way!☺
            Now I watch it on lazy sunday afternoons with mrs Miserable.

          • Am a big fan of Columbo too Miserable – got every season (that’s the Yank word for ‘series’ before Freddie jumps down my throat).

            And Sweeney, Minder, Danger Man, Saint, Professionals, Monk, Dalziel & Pascoe, Minder, Man In A Suitcase, Dexter, even Castle, to name but a few…

            (Prisoner goes without saying)

          • Ive been watching ‘Randall & Hopkirk deceased’ lately, but mainly for the theme music!

          • I only found out the other day that Raymond Burr (Ironside & Perry Mason) was one of the gays. That manly beard and brusque manner had me fooled for years.

          • Joking? Raymond Burr!!!
            Maybe the wheelchair was because his arse hurt?!!

          • Specially built wheelchair incorporating a 12″ variable speed vibrator. That’s why he always looks so pleased with himself at the end of every episode.

  6. Whenever anybody brings this subject up, I always think of the old football transfer story chestnut.
    1. Hack at ‘The Daily Shite’ concocts story that Man. Yanited are buying Carlos Kickaball from Unreal Cuntidad.
    2. Hack contacts Old Trafford and says ‘so you’re buying Kickaball then?. ‘Don’t know where you got that from’ comes the reply.
    3. Next day’s back page headline shrieks ‘YANITED DENY KICKABALL LINKS’.

    Excellent nom Cap’n Q.

  7. Reports are suppressed, vague or edited to fit the agenda. They all do it. (Cant mention Asian, Traveller, colour etc unless in a positive light) Then there are mainstream comments – usually about trannies or kaffirs that are seized upon, twisted and become hate speech.
    Trannies don’t menstruate being a recent example that has been howled down by the degenerates.
    Floyd was a criminal is another.

    Anyway, dear old Mugabe found a kindred spirit in Zuma. It was only kaffir in-fighting that removed them. Too late. Both countries are fucked.

  8. McEnany is gold, and attractive in all the right ways. Heck, I would try and ‘rise to the occasion’ if she offered.

    As for ‘media misrepresentation’, there’s one solution – don’t watch or listen to any of the fuckers. If it’s readily available, it’s complete propagandist bollocks. If you have to seek it out and or it’s censored, it’ll inevitably be the truth.

    • I just leave it. Not being interested enough to look for the truth, I just automatically assume that the opposite of whatever the MSM say is likely to be spot on. That’s on the rare occasion I even know what they’re saying.

  9. A good example of the left agenda and media distorting events was ……
    The Windrush Scandal, now if you just listen to usual suspects (all cunted on ISAC) you would think the evil government had deported thousands of the Windrush generation or descendants back to the Caribbean, the hostile environment, the vans with ‘if you are illegal fuck off’ , no not thousands, not even hundreds an estimated 83. I mean 83 for fuck sake, hardly a cause for mass hysteria.

    • Well look what’s happened since one ‘innocent angel’ shaded cunt was kneed by an ACAB ‘pig’ (who just happened to have worked with him for 17 years as a bouncer and the two were likely entangled in drug-dealing and all sorts of shit – *allegedly*).

  10. What’s happening in Yankland is truly astonishing. The media’s hatred of Tango has gone way beyond the usual support of a particular party. He has really fucking upset those cunts, bypassing them through twatter, inventing the term “fake news” and personally insulting them at press conferences……..”you are a lousy reporter, that’s what I think.”
    This is not how Presidents are supposed to behave and the media hate him for it. I mean truly fucking hate him on a personal level. They will support and promote anything or anybody that is antiTango, no matter how whacko. It seems they would prefer communism to another 4 years of Tango. Fucking hell, talk about taking it personally!
    If Tango goes the whole world is in big fucking trouble.

    • It is isn’t it FF, truly mental. Portland sounds like a woke hellhole at the best of times never mind after two months of straight rioting or peaceful protests if your CNN. Minneapolis officials even sent out an email telling residents to “expect to be robbed, carjacked and assaulted” and “give up possessions and don’t fight back”. The city was already a dumping ground for skinnies so they will feel right at home in a warzone.

  11. Great nom Capt.

    I was there when Ian Smith said it, but as we all know, The Media have an agenda, and do their masters’ bidding. They were cunts then, and are still cunts.

    At present they are revelling in Project Fear Mk2 – Covid, following Brexit (Mk1). Very soon they will join the dots – Covid was caused by Brexit and it is all Whitey’s fault. At least there are a few dissenters like Peter Hitchens and the Cunters on this site.

    And the BBC are the biggest cunts – permanent award methinks.

    Morning all.

    Big Al

  12. BBC and Sky are the kings at the minute. Sky have gone full retard over BLM. They’re acting like David fucking Lammy is running the place. “We support BLM” is their continual mantra. The misrepresent the truth about that organisation.

    The BBC also said a female and male copper were ‘pushed’ by BLM ‘protestors’. First, they were violent criminals causing a riot. Second, the kicked and punched the officers. Even the female one when she was in the ground. All caught on video.

    Explanations were asked for but none were forthcoming.


    • The media have always played to a agenda.
      Whether its war propaganda,whatever, theyve always pushed a angle or spin.
      But nothing like they do presently.
      I know most on here read between the lines on any news story, but if it wasnt for ISAC id think it was only me who felt that way about the topics we cover albeit immigration, BLM, trans loonies, corruption and mass manipulation through media hasnt been this aggressive since the soviet state media, or the second world war.
      Its a bit scary really as they are getting more blatant and bolder by the day,
      Im hoping that something big happens to shock these fuckers,
      Brexit was good, but something more is needed.

    • The BBC don’t like to give the full story, I complained about the coverage of the two officers in Hackney, got a shit reply so escalated it, still waiting…. they are cunts!

  13. Afternoon mnc. I agree with every thing you just said. I always thought, am i the onley one , who can see whats going on. This site made me realise thats lots of people have the vision to recognise this bs.
    I bet this site is just the tip of the iceberg. Loads of people who are concerned, but dont know about this platform.

  14. I was in Matabeleland during the brief existence of the state called “Zimbabwe-Rhodesia”. At this time, the newly- victorious Mugabe sent his army, including the whites who had fought against his forces in the war, against the Nbele people in a fit of Shona vengeance. I met a young white soldier who took part in the plundering of villages and massacres. When Mugabe had consolidated his position, he turned against the white farmers who had kept the economy going. The country is now such a mess that South Africa is full of Zimbabwean “migrants”.

    Having said that, Smith was an unpleasant piece of work. He was not persecuted by the Mugabe regime and went to the grave a bitter old man, unlike Nelson Mandela who shrugged off 27 years´ imprisonment and showed the way to rebuild a country.

    • I rejoice in the success of the rebuilding of South Africa every time I see a riot, a lynching, a looting spree or a Man burned to death by placing a petrol filled tyre around their neck.
      Way to go South Africa – completely democratic and peaceful Nirvana now whiteys gone! 🤣👍
      All rosy according to the Beeb though..

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