Karen Carney

Karen Carney.
Short and sweet this one – she’s annoying, she has no idea what she’s talking about, she has the voice of a 12 year old, and she’s EVERYWHERE. The BBC have perfectly good female football pundits in Emma Jones and Sam Quek (say what? – admin) – so why do they repeatedly use Karen fucking Carney?

Nominated by: General Tso’s Chiggun

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    • Wimminz football? All the skill of ten Year old boys – and some of these ladies are on thirty Pounds a week by all accounts!
      I respect your right to play it gals – it’s just that you are shit – and why have a commentator of any gender who is useless at what they are commentating on?
      And they want equal pay? Players who can’t kick a ball 20 feet without it going out of play or to an opposition player?
      Tsk, tsk – let me make a small point ladies – in football you are paid for how good you are, not how female you are.

      • Well at least the banning of fans at the moment won’t affect the wimminz game, no cunt goes to watch the hopeless bints anyway.

        • Why don’t they do what they do for beach volleyball? Every bird is scantily clad and fit as fuck. No obvious rug-munchers. Then do some slo-mo close ups of jiggling tits and arses. Who’d give a shit about the quality of the “football”?

          • And on the broadcast they can have a token bloke on the commentating team making lascivious comments

  1. Yep, there is some bint called geesha or ishaa, that drones on and on and on test match special. An efnic that played the women’s game apparently.

    The woke BBC cunts have never realised that cricket commentary is not actually about the cricket but just about everything else that goes on around it.


    • They have completely fucked up TMS. I am sure all the 75’s and over who are paying the licence fee this month really appreciate it.

  2. Men seem to be banned from commentary and analysis on female football.

    So why not leave the male game to the men?

    Personally, I don’t mind mixed sex sports commentary as long as it is of TOP quality. However, too often I get the feeling that a woman is included just to ensure the quota is met.

    Same with comedy although they all tend to be cunts these days.

  3. If there was ever an argument that wimminz shouldn’t leave the kitchen then ladies commentating on men’s sports is it, dull platitudes , uninspiring insights , Often repeating Parrot fashion what the Male commentator just said , it’s total PC bollox Worse still many are obvious rug munchers!!
    Get to fuck ya cunts

    • So glad they put Kate Hoey in the Lords……a proper fucking MP hated by Momentum and that commie bastard Corbyn.
      As for wimminz in footie the good old BBC have had a trannie pundit for years………Mary “Poppins” Shearer. She just hasn’t come out yet.
      Picture the dull, boring cunt wearing a dress, a long blonde wig and lippy. You can see it can’t you? I bet some of your filthy cunts have got a stiffy.

      • Agree 100%
        She’s proper old skool labour not the fucking Prosecco socialist cunts of Magical grandpa and his rabid momentum wanker army who ruined the party …….

    • They’ll have to settle for the Order of Lenin then!
      Unlucky Red Jez – we don’t like commie spies and traitors.

  4. As much as I dislike football and football commentary equally, it is made worse with a woman yapping over it.

    The main demographic for watching football is men, so why would these stupid telly folk put a woman on? Bloody idiots.

    • Yup my blood freezes piss boils every time the stupid tarts open up their shrill traps. They just insist on invading male spaces and crapping all over it

  5. I am sick to fucking death of split arses piping up on men’s sports. Add to that the knee taking and black power salutes sport will soon be dead as a TV spectacle.

    It’s worse on the cricket. Wimmins ‘fast bowlers’ bowl at around the same speed as the men’s spin bowlers. But still you get split arses saying how they’d handle 95 mph chin music.

    What a load of fucking bollocks. It’s like me going into Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen and telling him and his chefs how cook a Pukka pie in the oven, then expecting everyone to listen.

    • It would be great if a fellow commentator asked the female advising a batsman on how to deal with a 90+mph delivery, when they last faced such a delivery .

  6. In fact, the only sports women should be allowed to play is naked wrestling (only the hot ones will be given a sporting permit, of course).

    • They even have a woman commentator on gypsy bare knuckle fights now,
      And she has a stutter due to a hare lip.
      I like it.
      “Ccccome on Pppa addy!
      Smash his ffffuckin head in!”

      • A wimmiz Tourette’s sufferer with a stutter would be even better, I’m surprised the BBC have overlooked this Miserable.

        “Mmmurrry is lining up for Championship point here at Ww…ww…Wimbledon, not a breath from the crowd, t..t..transfixed in silence.
        M…M…MISERABLE C…C..C..CUNT!”.

  7. Didn’t any of you Waffen SS bastards see that report that proves that football commentators are white supremacists? Yeah, some eggheads from the University of Woke showed that when talking about white players they emphasise skill and deception, when talking about blacks they emphasise pace and power. Yeah, that’s right……..raaaaaaaaay-sism!
    So what we need is more wimminz, gays, lezzas and trannies. Gary Taxdodger has been woke for years so he can stay.

    • Imagine if they used the word “ deception “ whilst talking about a black player?
      They would be accused of calling him

      ( credit card fraud)
      ( car jacking) Etc etc
      Etc etc

      Can’t win with WOKE CUNTS

      • I saw that ‘nitty gritty’ is on the banned list for slavery connotations….and over in the states the TV viewing figures for the MLB and NBA are going through the floor because of woke BLM bollocks overload.

  8. Sorry yet again Admin, a headline on the BBC website, ‘Covid weddings- It’s heartbreaking to see her face’ .
    How many of us felt that sentiment on our wedding days?

      • And a blood relative. I’m sure it’s the whole shallow gene pool that is responsible for certain people from certain cultures to be more susceptible to Covid. Just a thought, absolutely no scientific research, bit like the world’s reaction to the lamest pandemic ever….

  9. I don’t watch sport so don’t give a fuck. Make it all free to all, based on merit and/or income generation. Scrap the Paralympics, men’s or womens’ anything, they all get lumped together. See how many women are in football teams in the PL or, in fact, any league except a local Sunday league. Serena Williams v Federer? Over 5 sets? Racist and sexist, but equal, stop fucking complaining!

  10. I dont want to sound sexist, but women talking football , never seems right. However Gabby logan realy gives me the horn. What a woman!.

  11. There are no -repeat – no good female football pundits. None whatsoever. I f they have never played the game at the highest level and won major honours then they should shut up and fuck off. And wimmin pundits at the World Cup?! That Eni Aluko? What a fucking joke that was.

    And there are no good female football commentators either. Jacqui Oatley is a screeching nauseating cunt.

    • I don’t recognise the fella above as ex-Chelsea. Perhaps ‘Karen’ is a macho name in Latvia or from wherever this wanker hails. He looks like the bastard offspring if Morten Harket fucked a Romanian gýppo.

      • Ahoy Cap, apparently she was called ‘The Wizard’ at Chelsea. Silky skills, fleet of foot down the touchline possibly or maybe the crowd got smaller after every game when not giving away tickets to the local school kids.

          • That is the exact type of rampant misogyny and stereotyping that Clare Balding has bummed out of Gary Lineker in the green room, Cap.

          • “The Wizard” Captain.
            Quick with her fingers and pulls the rabbit from the hat.

    • I would say that even the worst female pundit who had never kicked a ball couldn’t be worse than Micah Richards, fucking useless.

  12. The meejah are such hypocrites and fuck themselves up. Remember the big fuss they made when some bird beat a couple of blokes in the darts.? There’s no physical reason why a woman can’t beat a man at darts so why turn her into some kind of saint? Does anybody ban women from darts? I don’t think so.
    How about asking why women don’t get to compete in F1 ? Personally i’d love to see that woke little faggot Hamilcunt getting beat by a bird. Can you imagine the crying and whining from the arrogant fuckwit?

  13. Yes admin, there are some good female pundits out there. But Karen Carney isn’t one of them. Come to think of it ex-players in general almost always turn out to be crap pundits – just look at the likes of Danny Mills, Michael ‘sleepy voice’ Owen and Rio Ferdinand.

    • Honestly the lack of wokeness on here is staggering. They are obviously non binary, gender neutral and they were identifying as a geezer on that day. You can tell by their eyebrows.
      Do I have to explain everything you cis bigots?

    • Just been checking out Tommy Robinson’s new thing ‘Hearts of Oak’
      They do a lovely line of anti BBC t shirts!
      Check it out.👍

    • Yeah I didn’t bother to watch the Cup Final. I don’t care which bunch of rich bastards beat the other bunch of rich bastards and I definitely don’t want to hear and see a load of BBC preaching and libtard virtue signalling.
      For many people going to football is a habit, something they’ve always done. It wasn’t their choice but a lot of people may have broken that habit now. Like any habit, once you’ve broken it you wonder why you did it in the first fucking place!

  14. That Yank wimminz goalkeeper is fucking hot stuff and it seems she spends all her free time taking selfies of her front bottom which appear on tinterweb!
    Do not all bad👍👍👍

  15. Lezbianic terrorist misandrist.

    I believe in nature rather than nurture, but I can imagine exposure to a few growlers of this kind could drive a man to the good ‘ol homo-hole.

  16. Remember the story of the top wimmins team that got thrashed by a team of 15 year old lads (on the pitch, of course)? Absolutely hilarious. Women’s football is, always has been and always will be a joke.

    I wonder what Shanks, Sir Matt, Big Mal, Don Revie and Cloughie would say about all this women in football shite?

    • Many years ago a venerable cunter described the Dykie Tendency in wimmins tennis as smelling like the leather binding of Billie Jean’s racket. Why is it me old cuntsniffer detects the same aroma cumming oite orf wimmins football?

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