Chin Chin

People who say ‘chin chin’ are cunts.

I believe this is originally an Italian toast when drinking with friends and there it should fucking stay. If you’re a Brit and you say this, sorry but you sound like a cunt. What happened to good old ‘cheers’. Fuck me, I’ve Just heard someone say this and had to get it off me chest.

Nominated by: Cunty mcfuckwit

52 thoughts on “Chin Chin

    • I like it.
      Got to be honest, its a bit ‘upper class’ a bit ‘brideshead’.
      Said in a backstreet boozer ‘chin chin old bean’ 😁
      But normally its ‘good health!” Or ‘cheers!”
      Im starting using it.

      • Maybe Bottoms up! if you are in Bury St. Edmunds and wearing pink jeans. Or Prost! when I was in Vienna, before a good Bier and Wurst and goose-stepping up Kartnerstrasse…

  1. Is this Chin Chin bloke the slit eyed fucker who brought the Batshit Lurgy over here? They should lob the cunt out and if they can’t find him get rid of all the Chins.
    In fact, kick out all the fucking foreigners just to be on the safe side.

    • Well its D-Day in reverse today. The cunts are coming over en mass helped by government boats. Might as well send the Queen Mary over, bring 3000 at a time. Cunts.

  2. I have an acquaintance who insists on ending telephone conversations with “chow”.
    He is as Italian as Jamie fatmouth Oliver (cunt)-nice bloke but this “chow” nonsense really annoys me☹️

  3. I hate cunts that say all sorts of things. Ones I really hate are as follows:

    Cheeky Nandos
    Maccy Dees
    Jaw Dropping
    Oh Emm Eff Gee (OMFG)
    And, of course, Chin Chin

    I despise any sort of bastardised American Wigga speak. Like any cunt who thinks something is any good just says ‘Badass’ or some other bollocks. But yuppie twatspeak is almost as bad. Crap like Chin Chin and cunts that wear shades indoors and blow air kisses when they’re at the bar. Cunts.

    • Excellent list. ‘Cheeky’ in front of any word should result in a kicking or is that just a cheeky kicking? The one missing on your list is ‘my bad’ as in…’I’ve just had a cheeky Nandos, no I meant cheeky macky dees…my bad’

      • What about teenage girls who say “like” all the time?
        “So he was, like, do you want to hang out at the park on Sunday? So I was, like, yeah that would be cool-amundo. He’s so, like, dreamy”
        It annoys the FUCK out of me!

        • No.
          That would be “Yeah Amundo. Like are we going there in your taxi or what? Hey , like – this isn’t the way to the park , like. Oooh , I feel a bit dizzy , like”.

    • Nobody has exver explained to me why eating Nandos chicken is ‘cheeky.’.

      Sounds like the sort of ‘lingo’used by jack-the-lads who used to worship Liam Gallagher and Johnny Vaughn in the 90s..
      People who needed lads mags to tell them what to wear and drink, and even what to talk about.

      Fucking hated all that lad culture shit.

  4. When people say they, are, its, I’m, cool really boils my piss, that americanism can’t fuck right off back to the us, and chilling out, only cunts talk like that

  5. I was talking to a chef from Birmingham at the weekend as he was making a risotto.

    I asked him what his favourite rice was and he said, The Grand National….

  6. Chin fucking Chin may be ok for the home counties of Islington. Perhaps the posher parts of Derbyshire – New Mills or Whaley Bridge say. (relatively speaking)
    But where I come from it’s a pint of Brains Skull Attack and:

    ‘Twll dîn pob Sais’

    • “All english people are arseholes”??
      Thats not nice Cuntstable!😁
      Try and be more like the Scots!
      They love us!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  7. Coincidentally, I was about to comment on the use of Americanisms by non other than our revered Dioclese on ‘Pigeons’ earlier today. [The first offender was “dumber” for “thicker”, “dafter”, the second was “Jeez” for “Fuck”, “Gee Whizz”, “Crikey” etc. “Creepy” is a bit New England, too]. At the time, I “bit my lip” and thought better of it.

    “Chin, chin” is not an expression I use much, but I don’t take special exception to it. Unlike “Sláinte” (unless from the Republic), “Skol” (unless a Viking), or “Bottoms Up” (unless a bonafide wanker in a golf club). It has the unusual distinction and advantage, when uttered by some insufferable twat, of being perhaps useful in court as mitigation. Indeed I recall a client who claimed he made a mistake when drunk, and imagined it had been meant as an invitation to punch the offending twat in the face. Obviously it wouldn’t fly in front of the Recorder – and I talked him out if it.

    He got a suspended sentence for a §47 offence under OAPA (1861), aka “actual bodily harm”. He had an interesting history, and was a bit of a nutcase. He was bloody lucky not to get custodial immediate, due to a §18 in his youth. Needless to say he enjoyed the finest of advocacy. Chin, Chin!

  8. I remember when I was a child, when with family for a party or Christmas. With all the relatives, I’d sometimes wanted to feel just like the grownups I’d drink squash or fizzy pop from a cocktail glass hehe. 🙂

  9. I don’t see why you need to say anything before pouring booze down your neck, but of all the things I’ve heard said, ‘Death to the French’ is the best one.

  10. Chin chin is a cuntish way to toast, I don’t even think Italians say it that much. I thought they say salute but i just gather that from watching sopranos and Mafia films but what do I know? fuggedaboutit

  11. I say cheers to the barsteward.

    Who the fuck says Anything when they drink.

    Anyone who says chin chin needs chinning when they say it and again when they get up.

  12. People who say ‘chin chin’ are the type of sheeple that are going round and about happily wearing face nappies and ‘customising’ them.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is going to be no Christmas this year. ‘Shopping’ will be severely restricted, and home gatherings will be banned.

    That is the thing it is going to take to wake these mainstream twats up.

    • Yeah I’ve noticed that face masks are now becoming a fashion accessory. Shall I treat myself to a nice pink polka dot one? No, cos everyone will think I’m a cunt. And they’d be right too!

    • Ive noticed most of these cloth ones with pretty patterns dont do much to stop particles being sneezed out or inhaled in through the nose as there are gaps either side. I have a fairly cheap industrial dust mask that I use when in amongst the lurgotroids. It fits over the bridge of the nose and fits tight to the face.
      I don’t see it as being ‘mainstream’ to wear a ‘face napoy’.
      It’s just common sense and was so since about two weeks before lockdown.

  13. No doubt I’ll be crucified for being an arsehole, but when there are so many really nasty cunts out there, is the fact that a few Bertie Wooster types use this phrase that important?
    How about Jimmy Hill snogging Bruce Forsyth as an example of “chin-chin?

  14. OMG.
    For those twats who won’t say “Oh my God”, cos that be blasphemous.
    And that is only said by cheeky, over made up, Botoxed, pouty, annoying young girls going on forty.

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