Charity Cheaters

I nominate charity cheaters.

Now I have always had a healthy suspicion of the charity ethos. Firstly, because I doubt that most of the money ever reaches the intended recipients. And secondly, because those involved in raising money seem more interested in raising their own public profile. Especially celebs of course.

Well, covid has been charity central with every man and his dog doing something whacky like mountaineering on their stairs or sitting like a gnome in their garden for countless hours to bring their cause (and themselves) to the attention of the media. Sir Tom is an amiable exception though show-offs like Michael Ball hijacked his bandwagon.

Latest example is one Asif Amirat (as if I’m a rat) who claimed to be doing marathons around his coffee table. One a day for 100 days or so he said. He put some videos on face ache to prove his point. But they didn’t last long enough to verify his wondrous feats. And people started doing their sums and realising that nobody could do that many rounds of a coffee table in a day to match a marathon. Especially at the slouching pace Amirat moved at. Plus – he also has a full time job and young twins around the house.

In short the man is a fraud and although he raised £6000 for charidee I don’t think that excuses his cheating. He’s a cunt.

Nominated by: Lord Helpuss 

36 thoughts on “Charity Cheaters

    • Charity can get fucked.
      Its a swindle where business cunts get rich by others guilt.

      Morning Admin, what the fuck is that in the picture?
      A orc?

  1. Lee-sun to me.
    Ah am nai-GI-rian prince waiting to IN-her-IT a for-TUNE of mon-ay. EET is TRUE thang. YOU mus ‘elp ME ree-leese dis cash. Ah am church pastor. Dis ees IM-por-TANT work. Dis is God’s will. If eet ees poss-EE-bul, send da money in an en-VEL-ope to:

    Loveday O’magodd
    Ooga-Dooga Ministries

    Praise Be, God Bless, etc.

  2. I had my suspicions on that pratt running round his coffee table. After about 10 laps you get fucking dizzy as fuck and waltz off into the couch or wall.
    Don’t give to any charity anymore after some of the stories that come out like oxfam etc.

  3. Assume any cunt asking for money is a fraud, once you have done research and checked all sources and it looks like they are on the level, assume they are frauds!

    We pay fucking national taxes, national insurance and council tax which covers every aspect of public services, NHS, Foreign Aid (scrap that!) Police, Fire Service, everything.
    If it was spent responsibly and not wasted on SHIT (example Gender Identity), not spaffed on benefits for the bone idle and housing thousands of cunts crossing the Channel. There would be no need for charity!

    • PS Amirat may be a fraud and a cunt and deserves to be flogged but the idiots who contributed £6000 must be the thickest cunts in the world!

  4. I will be doing a charidee wankathon for BLM. I will commence as soon as I have a legs akimbo picture of Ann Widdecombe. The little minx. Donations to my off-shore account.

  5. Live on the coast, always gave money to the RNLI. Then I found out how “woke” they are and where the money goes. FUCK EM, only give money to the local hospice now.

    • Down in Dover, the BBC reported that a record number of migrants were stopped crossing the channel…. not stopped from crossing, they mean picked up by border force and delivered safely to Dover.

      The cunt BBC had a reporter on a boat shadowing a cunt dingy and when it broke down the BBC cunt boat called 999 for them, wankers, they were trying to paddle the boat and getting nowhere, should have just let them drift, would have probably ended up in Brest which would have been a nice adventure for them.

  6. Not exactly a charity cheater (though he lived off our charity for many years) Wireless 4 announced on the midday news that former Labour MP and piss-artist Eric Joyce has been given a suspended sentence for owning some Grade 1 pornography of children – one of those involved was a 1 year old. It’s not what you know but who you know.

  7. Only last week I was stopped by a charity worker in the street and asked if I wanted to take part in a marathon for disabled kids and children with learning difficulties. Fuck me, I thought. I could win this with a bit of luck.

  8. I can walk to the bus and have money removed from my back pocket by the government and handed over to “Charities” I profoundly disagree with. So before you hand over money you might want to check you already have. Cunts.

  9. Captain Tom can Fuck Off too…took the lazy old Cunt ninety odd years to get off his bony arse and actually do something to support Our Wonderful NHS. I was out on my doorstep every night clapping,blowing a whistle and ringing a bell ( I even rang the local paper to come and take my picture so that everyone could see just how much I support Our Angels)..that old Cunt was too busy lapping up the limelight after wandering around his garden a couple of times to show just how much he valued our Front Line Heroes . His neighbours should have gone round and put his windows out…teach the Old Sod that doing a few years in the Military is nothing compared to being a Shielding Hospital Secretary on Furlough ( Make way ! Make way !….I’m a hero….Give me my shopping for free).
    Disrespectful Old Fart didn’t even show Her Maj. (Gord Bless Her) any respect when she knighted him…too full of his own importance to kneel before his Queen apparently.

    Awful Old Cunt.

    • When he was interview by Charlie Stayt his granddaughter had to translate, what the fuck was that all about 😂😂😂

    • It’s accolades like that that make me proud to put on my uniform and kiss the NHS badge like a footballer, Dick. I’m welling up.

  10. A lot of unwanted stuff I would’ve taken to charity shops years ago, I now list on eBay. You get the odd prick now and then, but I find with a thorough description and plenty of pics in good light most things will sell without hassle.

    Three things put me off taking stuff to the charity shops. Firstly, my local one asked every time I donated if I would give them my email address so they could claim back gift aid. Sorry, but I’m not going to do that and risk getting spammed with hundreds of requests for money. Secondly, when I took my bin bag through to the back as directed, it appeared that they had more stuff than they could handle and adding to the workload of an aggrivated red faced sorter didn’t exactly make me feel my gift was welcome. Thirdly, I once overheard an elderly volunteer in a cardigan that thought she was out of earshot in the back say “Ooh that’s nice, I’ll have that” to her colleague. I’m not saying all charity shop workers are thieves as that would be unfair, but obviously they exist and if you add that to the fact that the cunt CEO is usually on an eye watering salary minus shop rent etc, how much do the needy fuckers it’s meant to help end up with?

    • The end user donation, has always been eye wateringly low, a small percentage to insure lawfulness.
      The most unethical businesses around.
      Charity starts at home.
      I will give my time, not money-my time is of greater value to me.
      Coincidentally, I am starting my own “charidy” mates: Milf Aid.
      Sadly, many thousands of Milfs have never received a righteous fucking, I aim to right that wrong.
      Donatinations please chaps😀

    • If our recycle bins are overflowing I bag it up and take it to a charity shop, “donation for you, kids toys etc, no need to thank me! Chin chin!”
      – 2 birds with one stone, my bins are empty, kids in the 3rd get to do some recycling.

      • I wasn’t feeling charitable yesterday when this scruff asked me for money to buy a sandwich while I was filling up at the supermarket petrol station. I told him I had no money, I was paying by card. And it was true. Made me feel better because I didn’t have to lie.

      • @MNC: I like the cut of your job good sir.
        I might donate some used toilet paper to my local Africunt charity shop👍👍👍

  11. Charities are an outright fraud.
    Their business model is a photocopy of any High St bank.
    Some sneaky carpet mitherer robs £6k?
    Flay the cunt.
    Then roll up at Helped The Aged Oxfam and the other self enriching cunts and shovel them all into oven.
    Shitty lying vermin.

  12. There is a servo next to a couple of my sites where I sometimes call in for a cup of stimulant. Siting outside the front door almost directly under the threshold is some awful bitch asking “any spare change?”
    Not sure about her, but I have no spare money be it change or folding stuff. Good Christ all Mighty, what next “gimme a Lear jet wif a bar inside, will ya?”
    Fuckin’ sponger. Muck in like the rest of us, scrag.

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