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A nomination for media reaction to the riots – sorry , ‘protests’ – erupting in American cities, with the media supporting the violent actions of rioters and looters.

Perhaps the most insane derailment from reality was an MSNBC reporter standing in front of a raging inferno, claiming protests are ‘generally peaceful’.

It reminded me of Comical Ali during the invasion of Iraq.

The media have completely lost any of the respect the adult population once had for it, now simply catering to brainwashed SJW half-wits.

The BBC executed their own derailment during Brexit, and continue to double-down on unreality, obsessing over RussiaGate in accordance with the Democrat agenda and Obama’s placemen in the Pentagon, seemingly in lockstep with the liberal media hivemind in US coastal cities.

Now they barely touch on the violence erupting, the opportunists looting widescreen TVs or the threats being made to the white suburbs by masked and hooded thugs, while our own metropolitan police ‘take the knee’ like snivelling cucks bursting with virtuous white guilt, another gesture probably ordered by Cressida Strap-on.

No wonder gun sales in the US have gone up 60% in the past couple of weeks. I dont blame any small business owner or homeowner.

Time for Donny to deal out some ratta-tat-tat.

He did a good job with the scum near that church.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

73 thoughts on “Media Overreaction

  1. Well, the good news at least is that the BLM narrative is starting to crumble now. Matt Le Tissier and Patrice Evra have decided to stop wearing the badges on Sly Sports and the Beeb have banned them too.

    • its taken the brain dead cunts until now to actually research what BLM actually is.
      Their first step and ultimately the wrong one was to jump on the bandwagon. How to out woke the general populace- jump on the band wagon.

      • There are some of the cunts who will still give that salute even though they know what it means.

        After supporting Arsenal since I was 7, I am now without a club to follow with that CUNT Aubameyang continuing to do the black Adolf salute.

        I thought the knee bollocks was just for the first 12 games anyway? Seems to be going on much longer than that now. Fucking idiots. I know someone who knows someone (yeah, I know) who works in the call centre for Sky and they’re getting loads of cancellations over their BLM arse kissing. Some proper angry calls by all accounts too.

        • Fuck me CB I’ve got a trail of hilariously escalating emails on that very subject!! I emailed their viewer complaints team a couple of weeks ago to ask why they are giving pride of place to a BLM banner on the sky home screen (said why are you promoting an anarchist/terrorist organisation and would you do the same if the BNP kicked off??) 1st reply was just snot from some woman, 2nd was from a bloke who sent a 4-page missive about how Sky is “committed to promoting BAME” etc. Etc. of course that was a red rag to a bull, so 3rd response was actually giving me a list of things I could do to “educate” myself!!!! Needless to say my final reply was less than polite, still awaiting an answer…..

          • Thr 4 page missive is quite interesting, because one suspects no such missive previously existing prior to the untimely demise of Chicken George!

            Clearly Sky are jumping on the much used and abused BLM bandwagon in order to appease the wokes and of course the all-important advertisers and corporate investors.

            However, if Sky subscription cancellations continue to escalate it will be interesting to see if Sky puts morals before finances and sticks with supporting anarchists

          • I was tempted to post them on here for all to see but thought it might lead to my alter ego being exposed in a Twatter shitstorm….. I was – shall we say – less than complimentary

          • Fucking cheeky (and thick) cunts.

            Just tell them to educate themselves on a chap named Eldridge Cleaver. One of the original Black Panthers who brought about the black power salutes, seen and promoted on Sky television. BLM’s heirarchy are massive fans of Cleaver and their ‘demands’ are practically identical to the Black Panthers’ demands. They will tell you that their movement is based on them. Let’s see what sort of chap Cleaver was…

            “[W]hen I considered myself ready enough, I crossed the tracks and sought out white prey. I did this consciously, deliberately, willfully, methodically – though looking back I see that I was in a frantic, wild and completely abandoned frame of mind. Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women…I felt I was getting revenge. From the site of the act of rape, consternation spread outwardly in concentric circles. I wanted to send waves of consternation throughout the white race.”

            — Eldridge Cleaver, Soul on Ice, 1968

        • I’m of the same opinion, been an Arsenal supporter all my life but I’ll never go over there again. And Sky can fuck off as well, they’re never getting another penny off of me

        • As a fellow, former arsenal supporter I feel your pain. I have lost all interest in football. No more grand Prix either. Fuck them both. Bunch of cunts

        • Fucking well said that man everyone is so sick of all the arse kissing to BCM and the other filth that needs to be classed a terror organization is the biggest retarded group of unwashed and mummy’s little twats Antifa.

      • Funny how the fucking cunts at FIFA have fined British national teams in the past for wearing poppies on their shirts because their rules prohibit ‘political, religious or commercial messages’ being displayed on the pitch (which isn’t any of those, the fucking ignorant twats). Terrorist organisations and salutes are fine though.

  2. The BBC has for once done the decent thing and banned BLM badges and logos from being worn by their presenters and guests. Naturally professor Kehinde Andrews (black racist cunted here thrice) is up in arms about it…

    • If only I were Director General of the BBC.

      I would come on TV with a shirt with Kehinde’s face on it with ‘CUNT’ in huge letters above it and say,

      ”Kehinde, me ol’ cock sparrah! The reason we don’t want our presenters wearing the BLM badge is because, just like you, BLM are racist cunts. You hate honkies. That is clear. I don’t know if a bad white man touched you when you were little, but whatever the fuck it was, stop punishing all of us, you cunt!

      No, Kehinde, we will not bow down to your ‘demands’ any more than we would for Adolf Hitler. It’s just a shame you two never met. You’ll probably find you have a lot in common, you racist cunt.”

    • They didn’t bat an eye over the violence in London Must’ve been that tweet about Israel and zionism by BLM UK.

  3. You may have missed it in the usual Lefty media, but over 80 people were shot, butchered and generally fucked up Addis Ababa, Ethiopia these last couple of days.

    Apparently it all kicked off when some famous pop star there was shot and killed by a gang, which subsequently kicked off protests, rioting, looting, demos and the subsequent killings.

    However, probably one reason it hasn’t reached the BBC, Wankbook, Twatter and the usual sensationalist bandwagon-jumping media, is that Addis Ababa is of course in Africa, and Africa consists mainly of black people; and the victims there are all black; and the rival gangs are all black, and the police are mostly black…… do you see where I’m going here?

    Therefore it isn’t news!

    • Following on from that report, I read that 24 Mexicans were gunned down at a drug rehab clinic in Irapuato, Mexico.

      All down to gang violence over drugs, but still scarcely a mention on Al-BBC or The Guardian. And yet these two outlets were very quick to jump on Trump when he suggested building a wall on the Mexican border to keep the fuckers from crawling into America uninvited. But a deathly hush reporting the ongoing drug-violence and murders in central Mexico.

      Any comment from the Wokes?


      • Fuck me TC 30 seconds looking through videos on bestgore tells you all you need to know about Mexicans….. Jesus h christ, they make ISIS look like the WI

        • Yes, Bestgore really is an eye-opener, and would probably scare the shit out of the snowflake generation. But that shows the brutal realities in some of the countries the wokes pretend to care about.

          Demonstrate in this country and the police just stand idly by with their thumbs up their arseholes.

          Demonstrate in Irapuato, and prepare to have your head chopped off with a rusty axe, or hung upside down from a tree with your chest cut open and your guts hanging down over your face while you’re still hanging on to life!

  4. Here is a story from today (or indeed, any day since last year) on the Markle whore:

    Every paper makes mention the Daily Mail leads with it. How much longer will this plain and pricey old boiler steal the headlines from Diana, Greta and Madelaine, or even Stacey Solomon’s “battle with motherhood” (and a fast disappearing “career”?

  5. Spot on. Modern news reports regarding the “peaceful demonstrations” – I.e. the lion dodgers nicking themselves 70″ TVs – always reminds me of the Naked Gun 2.5; the great Leslie Nielsen standing in front of an exploding fireworks factory, blazing rockets leaving multi coloured smoke trails 300 feet in the air, massive explosions all around, instructing the slack jawed crowd “NOTHING TO SEE HERE, GO HOME PEOPLE, MOVE ALONG”
    (Apologies if this posts twice, fucking Samsung)

  6. Shall we stop pretending these are news organisations? It’s helpful to see propaganda for what it is. Antifa are communists, BLM are affirmed Marxists created by a woman designated as a terrorist.

    Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a newly surfaced video from 2015 that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists” – making clear their movement’s ideological foundation, according to a report.

  7. Don’t worry the BBC will soon find another woke stick to beat us with followed by an even bigger one to fuck us up the arse with.

  8. The media agenda has never been more apparent than the reporting of Dominic Cummings, he actually broke no rules, the police stated that no action would have been taken but the ferocity and volume of reporting anyone would have thought he had blown up 22 kids at the Manchester Arena.

    The reporting on BAME, avoid the ethnic identity when grooming gangs are caught, put on trial and convicted, terror attacks and stabbing, but as soon as Covid 19 has a ‘different’ effect on BAME they cannot wait to use ethnic identity.

    The two sisters murdered in Wembley, police have arrested an 18 year old man…..
    surname Hussain, I wonder where he came from?

    • Doesn’t matter about who he is or where’s his from. The cause for his moment of madness will be “mental issues caused by an uncaring whitey government blah blah”

  9. Media today, reporting on USA jump in Chinky Flu cases, anyone surprised……

    Not really, the number and size of the BLM protests must have been a major factor! The media usually like to speculate but I haven’t seen any suggestion that protests could have caused increases in cases.

    • It’s a miracle. This virus can be spread by almost any gathering of people. Cheltenham, football matches, beaches, you name it.
      BLM ‘protests'( riots), nope, doesn’t spread. Or even on the offchance it did, the cause is SO important that spreading the virus just doesn’t matter.

      • How can you be “stunned but not too shocked”? That doesn’t make sense. What school did this rabble rousing bitch go to?
        Fuck off Lardbutt and take Peacefulbutt with you.

      • I just wish Cummings was black rather than white.

        One wonders how the media and twats like Butler would have reacted then!

        • If Cummings was black he’d be seen as the “wrong kind” of black, like all black Tory MPs and Trevor Phillips who Kehindre Andrews recently described as “formerly of the Black community”.

          • So even though Phillips is de facto black, he isn’t quite black enough for racists like Andrews!

            Talk about the pot calling the kettle…errr… the wrong kind of black!

          • Phillips – or any other black who doesn’t go along with Andrews’ agenda – is either a “coconut” or an “Uncle Tom”.

          • I don’t get it. If I was black and some other black called me a coconut or Uncle Tom, he’d be wearing his bollocks as earrings.

          • That’s what Chief Gillespie should’ve done to those ‘good old boys’ who shouted “nîgger-lover!” at him.

    • Let’s not forget that they are actively looking for more cases by carrying out more tests.

      The more they test, the more they’ll find. But they’re not only testing sick people, they’ll test anyone and if they’re healthy it’s still another case.

  10. The media onslaught on Tangoman is absolutely astonishing. They are determined to stop him pulling off another win. If Biden wins well obviously he can’t do all the things he’s hinted at…….disbanding the police and paying $350,000 reparations to every black in America.
    Then watch the media turn……the protesters will become terrorists, the iron fist will come down and the blacks will realise they’ve been used.
    Still, at least in America you don’t have to pay for your own brainwashing.

    • Biden knows he isn’t going to win, so he can promise whatever he wants, knowing he will never have to deliver.

      It was the same for Corbyn and his free unicorn rides.

      It is widely believed that creepy uncle Joe is going to step aside and let the Clinton hag have another crack at it, as she is far more popular with the lefties and other assorted retards.

    • Got sent this which is interesting :

      Doesn’t fit with Sly news or Al-Beeb’s narrative so I don’t think we will see this on either of those anytime soon. I also Whatsapp everything to Al-Beeb just to keep reminding them nobody is fooled by their bullshit propaganda :

      +44 7756 165803

    • I actually kind of want to see a Biden win now just to see that firestorm when it all goes tits up.

  11. Bradford, Oldham, Rochdale, Blackburn, Nottingham and Luton are amongst the latest towns the MSM say might face a local lockdown. Can anyone see a theme developing here?
    Some say it’s scaremongering. Knocking down would be more effective than locking down.

    • That will be seen as a racist act on BAMEs, you can be sure of that.

      And whatever you do, don’t suggest knocking those places down because that would mean millions of homeless BAMEs spreading across the country looking for new towns and cities to infest… oops, I mean live!

      • To put it more ruthlessly, ‘Bio-Leninism’. The underclass of long-term unemployed scrotes, student fraggles who reek of spunk and skunk and ten-to-a-house tourists that make up Labour’s new-look voter base.

    • Saw the list of towns and thought you’d digressed onto the subject of grooming gangs, but now I see it’s *completely* unrelated…

      Nothing to see here – move along please

  12. The BBC and other corporations have started to retract from the BLM bollocks now their bullshit has been somewhat unmasked. However, those sheep botherer’s on the other side of the border obviously haven’t got the memo regarding the fucking off any affiliation or support for them seeing as RFC Pontypool are banning fans for life if they criticise the “movement”. Better send updates via donkey or carrier pigeons.

  13. Pontypool you say? I have no interest in rugby but i’ll keep an eye out for those bastards. They’ve gone down on my extensive hate list.

  14. You could have a gang of 19 black cops and one honky cop go on a killing spree together, killing 50 in day, and BLM would only give a toss about what the honky cop did.


  15. As in the previous nom, language is a factor here when it comes to over-reaction.
    How many times do we see headlines shrieking something like;
    *Brexit Fury or Brexit Crashout
    *Covid-19 Catastrophe or Horror
    *Prince Harry LA Heartbreak Meltdown
    This persistent use of sensationalising language ultimately dulls the impact. Ironic.

    • Just once I’d like to see an honest headline like ‘Does Anybody Know What’s Going on Anymore?’.

  16. In my lifetime i do not recall a single time the MSM, has reported a racist attack against a white person.
    Do they realy expect us to believe, no black cop has ever killed a white.
    Do they expect us to believe, there are no white stephen lawrences.
    So what is there agenda?
    How do they get away with this one sided bs reporting?.
    Well it all suggests there is something very insidious going on. By casting whites as the baddies, they are whipping up anti white racism. I mean how can decent black people trust whites, when the cunt media pumps out whites are bastards

  17. Repetition is the key to the medias power.The more they repeat something, the more my mum “knows” it to be “true”.

    I have long been of the opinion that the more they bang on about something, the less true it is likely to be. It’s a fairly decent rule of thumb, no exceptions that I can think of at the mo.

    If it doesn’t follow their agenda, they just won’t harp on about it. Which is why we all know who st stephen lawrence is, but almost no one has heard of Kriss Donald.

    The media are cunts, but they are terrifyingly powerful cunts.

  18. Paul thanks for informing me of Kriss donald. A shocking case,yet surprise surprise, it was never mentioned in England.

  19. General i do try to inform people of the truth. However most people you speak to are on denial. They want a easey life and dont want to face whats coming. Some people will be in for a shock when the truth hits them.

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