Idris Elba (3) – Black Bafta Bellend

Idris Elba is a cunt, isn’t he.

Mundane, one-dimensional actor Idris Elba, will be receiving a special BAFTA award for his contribution to television. Elba, known for some dreary detective shit, tedious Sky TV adverts, and The Wire from fifteen years’ ago, will be honoured for his creative contribution to the small screen. Yes, it won’t be for the big screen. “No maan, I’m too old to play Bond.” Riiight, keep telling yourself that’s the reason, and nothing to do with being a mediocre, one-trick pony.

BUFTA will honour the 47-year-old actor for using his influence to push for further diversity in the cinema industry. Diversity, eh? I wonder whether he helps young whiteys who are attempting to break into acting but who are poor. Naa, fuck dem crackers.

He’s also recently said that “racist shows from the past should have warning labels on them.” Really? Who decides whether they’re racist? You? Could we also have labels for other shows?

Warning: This episode contains a token, marginally-talented, banal, woke cunt.

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

77 thoughts on “Idris Elba (3) – Black Bafta Bellend

  1. ‘I’m too old to play Bond’. Yes, and you’re also the wrong fucking race. You wouldn’t want to be involved in a bit of ‘cultural appropriation’ now, would you?
    Gobshite D-lister.

    • Too old to play Brook Bond as well
      First rate bell end with a big opinion of himself Get back to tyre fitting I heard you were not very good at that either twat

  2. “Black history didn’t start with slavery” screams the message on his jumper, no you were fighting and enslaving each other centuries before any white cunt showed up.

    • Perhaps Idris Elbow could tell us when black history did start.
      There’s nothing in it worthy of note that I know of. The only time they get to do anything worthwhile is when they’re involved in stuff that white people pioneered.

  3. Usual crap from a luvvie. Some cunt getting paid a fortune pretending to be another cunt. Get a real job. Fuckem.

  4. Be fair now lads. Idris Ebola was great on Tiswas.
    I used to love his Trevor McDoughnut and the cunt with the decondensed milk butties who shouted ‘Oooooooooookaaaaaaaaaay!’ every five minutes.

    A true television pioneer and a credit to diversity and de black co-muni-tee.


    (you’re probably thinking of Lenny Henry! But as Owen Jones confessed, they all look the same. – admin)

    • There’s always someone Norman to fuck up the punchline!

      (I think dearest Norm was still hyperventilating after he posted his latest nomination regarding The Beatles. I get the impression he wasn’t much of a fan – admin)

    • Ebola’s performance in the Premier Inn advert was worth a BAFTA on its own.

    • I cant stand Itchy Elbow.
      Not because hes a black man.
      Because hes a preachy boring little cunt, a shite actor, a fraud a fake a phoney, a mard arse, a hypocrite and a racist cunt.
      Good nom capt Maggie!👍

      • Bang on the nail there MNC – come the revolution he will be in the first group of a Million against the wall – and just to take the piss I will strip his bank account to pay for the bullets! 😄👍

        (BTW. I hope none of you suffer from high-blood pressure, or don’t fancy having your piss boiled, because we have a couple of tasty noms for your delectation tomorrow morning! We have our office swearbox at the ready. I reckon £450 at a pound a pop – admin)

        • Admin@
          Your turning mild men into boggle eyed xenophobes!!
          Im meant to be presenting a award at the MOBOs tomorrow!

        • Looks like your chance in the Deadpool have improved Miserable. I saw Katie Price has broken both her feet and will not be walking for months so who is going to stop Harvey locking himself in the freezer or toasting waffles in the bath?

          (Well she’s spends most of her time on her back with her feet in the air (aerobics obviously), so not much change there – admin)

          • Come on Harvey!!
            Break out the chainsaw and rollerblades!
            Uncle Miserables got every faith in you.😁

    • Idris Alba – “Son of the soil, proud chief of Sierra Leone” – born in London, hypocrite jerk Hates whitey, loves white pussy and whitey money though.
      Talentless little racist shitrat, fuckoff to Sierra Leone Idris the idiot – and as you pass over Guyana throw Gina Miller out, no need for a parachute, she will land safely on the Mile high pile of shit that comes out of her evil mouth.
      And close that bleedin’ tunnel before we all get rabies!

    • BAFTA

      “And the award for being black goes to…all of them”!

  5. I’d like to be the new President of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) but there’s a snag apparently, Fuck off you Mr Elba race baiting cunt, you’re worse than Lammy!

    • I wonder if I rock up to my local Council painted black, clutching a dinghy and “self identifying” as an “asylum seeker” – do you think I will get everything as well? No, aww – and Idris is “self identifying” as a talented actor, apparently 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Back to the third World – take a few Million with you, cunt.

  6. Went for a walk with my infinitely better half today at an NT property Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire. Our musings on how long it would be before some cunt demanded the dismantling of such lovely buildings ‘as they must have been built on the profits of slavery ‘ led us to talking about Lewis Hamilton getting other drivers to ‘Take the knee’. My beloved said ‘Surely making people do things against their will is slavery’.
    Bloody clever lass ain’t she?

    • Good point Guzzi!
      Know Kedleston hall.

      Whoa black Betty rambalam, whoa black Betty rambalam,
      Black Betty had a child rambalam,
      Everything gone wild Rambalam!…
      Racism could be solved easily!!
      Its not us, black people
      Its you!!
      Cheer up!
      Stop fuckin whining,
      Gizza smile, youve got nice teeth, fuckin smile!
      Maybe be a bit friendlier,
      Share your dinner with me,
      Offer to help me with my bags.
      Run a few errands for me.
      Id be your supporter then!
      And leave the fuckin statues where you found them!!
      No touching.

    • ‘Surely making people do things against their will is slavery’.
      Not necessarily, I did lots of things over the years against my will, like work. I may have been paid for it but I didn’t want to do it.

      • Children cleaning up play-doh and putting it back in the cupboard.


  7. Shit actor who has never done anything good. But all the luvvies think he is great.

    • IMO, he was good in series 1 & 2 of Luther. But fuck all else, that I’m aware of. He was a laughing stock in Mandela.

          • He had all those years to think about it. Over this time he’d become accomplished at DIY and stored his records on the walls of his cell. The day they collapsed, he admitted he only had his shelf to blame. Fuckin’ hell that must rate as being the crappest ‘ joke’ ever on this site.

  8. Thought this prick was going to live in Sierra Leone do us all a favour and Fuck Off and dont come back

  9. Immediate full oven.
    All belongings and financial holdings given to victims of carpet rider savagery in the UK.
    Gas his fucking cunt of a family as well for added insurance.
    Fucking filthy cunt.

  10. Elbow and his woke mob should take a look at the “Just Eat” advert I saw the other night. Every single cunt in it was black and portrayed as a stupid grinning monkey boy who’s life revolves around takeaway food.
    Quite accurate in my experience but if I were black, especially a woke, rich luvvie black, I would find it stereotypical and highly offensive. What has cuntface Elbow got to say about that?

  11. He is right, black history didn’t start with slavery, they were fucking useless before, at least slavery gave them ambition.

    He is a cunt, done alright for himself In a white mans evil world.

  12. No matter how hard I try to make friends with them, blacks are rude to me!
    I put on dungarees and a tattered straw hat and tried to hand out slices of watermelon at BLM manchester, should of heard some of the names they called me!!
    Never even got the chance to put my rasta hat on…

    • Most disappointed the Notting Hill Carnival was cancelled Miserable, the ‘IsAC Steel Drum & Riddims Collective’ will have to wait until next year for its debut.

  13. I ain’t going to watch the BAFTAS but I bet it’s going to a right on, woke BLM fest of cunts.

  14. Cotton picker, first and foremost. This wooden cunt couldn’t act daft, and as for this lump of Coal being Bond, can’t see him with a Vodka Martini, more like a pint of Umbongo!

    • Why did they put cotton wool in pill bottles?
      To remind blacks that before they were drug addicts they used to be cotton pickers.

  15. Fuck me, I thought this son of the soil was fucking off to Africa? What’s up Idris? Couldn’t your get your swollen head on the aircraft?
    Fucking Uber CUNT

  16. Black History didnt start with Slavery. It started when a white man (or Persian, or an Arab) started writing a book about it.

    • Only thing I know about black history-
      The zulus under Skaka Zulu developed a shorter spear called a ‘ixwa’
      Called because thats the sound it made when pulled out of a enemies guts!☺
      So come on grime fans!
      Fuckin about like nancies with yer knives,
      Get in touch with your roots start stabbing people who ‘diss’ you with a spear like Shaka Zulu.👍
      Dont think Shaka Khan invented anything though?
      The lazy fat bitch.☺

      • Bloody Hell Miserable. Why didn’t you do as much homework when you were at school? If you had you’d be employed by the BBC by now!

      • Best thing we invented against the Zulu MNC was the Martini Henry .450 calibre rifle

  17. Africa invented telly and cinema. They went to the moon , invented anti biotics . They were soooo ahead of the curve they invented MI6. It wasnt us guv. We white cunts did fuck all. Thanks Albis Whateveris. Thank fuck we have you colonists to show us the way.

    • Not having that Smug!
      Fairs fair, they invented the slightly curved stick,
      Sitting around for hours looking confused,
      Being wide eyed when a crocodile grabs you at the riverbank.
      And the wearing of flies as facial jewellery.

        • Not exactly, just that it might be over exaggerated how advanced it is.
          Wakandan mtembe still fetches the piss tainted water but goes on a segway.☺

  18. Saw the cunt strutting abaaaaaht in my manor a while ago…I had to keep my distance as there was not enough room for both our egos on the fine streets of Notting Hill.
    Seen a few films of his, he ain’t all that…he ain’t as good looking as me either.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Every time I see an article about this daft cunt in a paper there is always a suggestion that I and indeed all females should be overwhelmed with lust at the sight of the silly cunt..Fuck right off.

  19. Bet he was on the rob BWC!
    Cant trust actors,
    Thats what they do,
    Cruise round affluent areas absentmindedly thieving!
    If you see him again phone the old Bill or shout ‘THEIF!!” And give case!😁

  20. Idris is a good actor. Shame he has opened up sharing his political views, like so many others, puts you right off and in some cases, just makes you want to vent e.g. Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep etc etc etc

  21. I remember this fella was in the film version of Cats. Which then made me realise that the can of can’t James Cordon was in it, and that *Chinaman dame Judi Dench.

    *(Your fault that last bit, MNC. She DOES look like a chinaman. 🙂

  22. I have to say i li keded Idres Allba as an actor, i thought he was great, im disappointed he has decided to shoulder the black chip because now he cant stand apart as a quality actor, he’s just going to to be another n shouting about how his ansesters have been wronged 200 years ago, FFS Idress is it worth ruining youe whole career for something nobody gives a shit about and never has.
    Your a great actor no mater the colour, no body cares about colour until the koo make such cunts of themselves that rasism starts all over again….so like Africa you cant do without whitey, accept it move on FFS…..

  23. As a young actor, he showed that he can act. He was excellent early doors in the Wire.

    Libtards rate the Wire highly, but they don’t get it. If you watch it, you’ll see that the blacks are mislead by black (and liberal) politicians. Think Lammy and Corbyn.

    The Wire is actually overrated (imo), but it is still very good.

    But anyway, Elba has been a bit shite since then.

    • Paul, I was thinking of that fella who did that Ghostbusters song.
      It turns out that way Ray Parker Junior.

      Alan Parker did Bugsy Malone. 🙂

  24. Chippy twat.
    Bottom line is classical British theatre has very few interesting roles for blame-East is East was a great play, I saw it in Londanistan, Elba is too dark for that,
    I saw that film he did about a Jamaican gangster looking for revenge in London- low intelligence, violent, lowest common denominator, sun play school level script and acting.
    Well cunted.

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