Feet Washing Cucks

Not too hot for you Sir is it? Excellent Sir, wonderful.

Specifically white police officers and community members washing the feet of black co/pastors Faith Wokoma and her husband Sobama.
As a sign of humility and love apparently.
Yes, right!
As a sign that cunts gotta cunt, more like.
Imagine if the roles were reversed (as if)-the outcry would be deafening.
This cuntishness needs to end.

Nominated by Cuntfinder General

43 thoughts on “Feet Washing Cucks

  1. Good grief, this is biblical. The thing is the police officers in question are not Jesus, and they are not responsible for George Flloyd’s death, neither did they encourage St Floyd down his road of crime.

    This will give Dame Kweer ideas – next time he puts his truss on to bend the knee he will probably stay down there and wash Dawn Butlers feet and David Lammy’s as well.

  2. Jesus. Fucking. H. Christ.

    Police officers should be robustly upholding law and order and assisting honest citizens with their enquiries. Not indulging in this cuntfest of a foot-fetish derby. We’re fucked as a species, I genuinely believe that. And there is going to be a massive backlash with bloodshed when the silent majority is pushed too far. Telling ordinary folk, like me, that they’re racist if they don’t follow the BLM mantra is a step too far.

  3. Dark-Keys can peel fruit with their feet…perhaps the Whities caught the Dark-Keys raiding their fruitbowl and decided to wash their feet before the banana got trod into their carpet.

    • Did you know Dick that Jesus washed the Disciples’ feet to show that nobody is above serving their neighbour?

      Please note that he never said anything about “servicing their neighbour.”

      • My neighbours can get fucked…the tart is a snooty cow and the bloke probably one of The Gays.
        Afternoon Bertie.

          • This is what she had to say about going back to work (she’s not going back until September and then only if it’s safe)……

            “A little reminder… teachers & school staff worked through the Easter break and through the May half term break. The suggestion that they should work through the summer, or cut the summer short is not only deeply disrespectful of the work they have already done, but it’s completely missing the understanding that the well being of staff leads to the well being of students. Add to this that many teachers are themselves parents who are homeschooling their own children alongside still being a teacher. Teachers NEED A BREAK.

            Do not let politicians tell you teachers don’t care. Do not let the government rhetoric blind you to a decade of school and community cuts”
            She honestly is absolutely unbearable.

          • Worked through the Easter term and the spring break, she deserves a medal.

        • Afternoon Dick and Jack. Every day feels like a Sunday in this post COVID world – Christ, you can’t even type the word COVID now without it putting itself into capitals!

  4. Eddy Murphy had a couple of concubines washing his chap in the film Coming to America.

    I was trying to think of a pun, but can’t.

    The more I see of soy boys, lezzers, politicos taking the knee, sporting wankers, police shit scared of their own shadows, right being wrong, wrong being right, I thank my lucky stars for this website of sanity and common sense.

  5. I simply couldn’t believe this so I had a check on-line and I can’t find any evidence for it (except in America). Is it happening here? Boggles the mind.

      • Good afternoon Bertie.

        Unfortunately I’m podophobic. And even if I wasn’t, such activity would be against government social distancing rules.

        Btw, did you get any Nitty Gritty Dirt Band CDs? I just remembered my favourite album of theirs is Uncle Charlie And His Dog Teddy.

        • I listened to a few tracks on line and though I like the banjo playing, I’m not really a country music fan.

  6. Come back Black and White Cunt….I want to read about you washing da white bitches’ arseholes…not some arseholes washing da bruvvers tree-climbing hairy feet.

  7. Is there any wonder the jiggaboos are getting ideas above their station.
    Enoch Powell was a prophet ( a real one not like mohamud )

  8. What the fuck is all this about? For fucks sake, I want to eat my tea tonight. Every time I turn my tv on I see feet, especially in adverts. What the fuck is wrong with people nowadays? Is it trendy now to be obsessed with the ugliest part of the human body? Stick your feet up your arse you cunts.

    • I’ll tend to gravitate towards porn films that have the lovely young ladies feet clad in long socks, trainers, nylons or good ole high heels. Bare naked feet. No thank you.

  9. If there was ever a nom that showed the utter cuntishness that exists within our species, it’s this one.
    Human race, FUBB.
    Afternoon gents.

    • Agreed.
      The actions described in the nom, (Jesus it seems like years ago, so much cuntishness has occurred since), take virtue signaling to the very zenith,

      It actually made me feel physically sick when I came upon the story.

  10. Dianne Abbott was having her disgusting ape leg-paws washed by Jeremy Corbyn late last year. He’d made the mistake of accidentally looking up her grass skirt to the repulsive sepulchre of fetidness therein, causing him to go temporarily blind and he managed to pick up the wrong shoes when he put them back on her two-tone trotters. That’s why she was pictured wearing different shoes during the election campaign.

    • Was it the sight or the stench that caused the blindness ?
      I think we should be told.
      Good afternoon, Dirty Man.

    • Say what you want about cuntbyn Mr Cunt Engine, but he must be absolutely fearless ( or perverted) to stick his withered commie cock into the gorillas vulva.

    • This is misleading.
      In a moment of repentance for my white privelege and because the whim took me after a few pints, I saw some umbongo type walking in the countryside, and shouted to him
      “Oi!! Mtembe come here pal, get them fuckin shoes off, im going to make things better!”
      He ran off!!
      Chased him for ages, he could certainly run!
      Had to bring him to heal with a large stone thrown at his fuzzy nut!
      Bullseye!! 🎯
      He hit the deck like a sack of shite.
      Got his shoes and socks off, and struggled as his nut was pumping blood, but next thing hes up an running again!
      Gave up.
      Just ungrateful and not willing to accept apologies.
      Burnt his shoes an socks least I could do.

  11. Apparently the foot washing was cartied out by religious types, rather than police, who were kneeling in support.

    As if that makes things much better.

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