Do Gooder Protestors

I’d like to nominate would be do-gooder protesters .

They seem to have this annoying habit of getting right up your nose don’t they ? They feel they hold the moral high ground on just about anything and woe betide anyone that disagrees with them or has the audacity to see things differently .

There’s nothing wrong in my book holding an organised march or a protest if it’s pertinent to who or what you are , but lefty cunts that are just there for the sake of it really fuck me off .

Nominated by: murray greig

49 thoughts on “Do Gooder Protestors

  1. Hysterical, bedwetting, im upset, youve upset me , little piss the bed woke melon farmers.
    The big crash is round the corner, mardarses will die by the roadside,
    They wont be indulged nearly as much when people are skint and struggling to put food on the table.
    Lots of lessons will be learnt shortly, and slamming doors, protesting, asking about your rights isnt going to count for shit.
    Tighten your belts snowflakes, because screaming hysterics about fairness while people are hungry is going to get you a lesson thatll set you right.
    Bout time.

    • Real lessons learnt preferably.

      Not the ‘even though MI5 were watching him, and this has happened a few times before, lessons will be learnt’

  2. A good proportion of the protesters, mostly the white middle-class university educated millennial wokeflakes do not even know what they are really protesting about.

    Yes, they have been told by social media that racism is bad, honkeys are evil or some cuntwipe seleb on Twatter is burbling on about climate change or transweirdos but they are the useful idiots to BLM or Extinction Rebellion for furthering radical left-wing ideologies. Like the Peoples Vote shit fest over Brexit, they have no fucking clue.

      • Very true Guzzi, since Blair opened up the universities to every cunt who wanted a degree in ‘Transgender hospitality management’ or ‘Amazonian tribal basket weaving’ the fuckers have come out less educated than when they went in.

        • It’s not really ‘virtue signaling’ I was thinking it’s ‘intellect- signaling’. Rosa Parkes started the ‘bus protest’. And blacks didnt use the buses to go to work or anywhere but walked. Something specific. And they suffered a bit. MLK marched for specific things. He started with black garbage men who weren’t allowed to clean themselves up until they got home. No ‘coloreds only’ showers, whites only.
          But this BLM is all so vague. On one of their marches I saw a banner- ‘Fight the Power’

          • Rosa Parkes the troublecauser?
            If id of been the bus driver shed of had a long walk.

          • Come on be honest Miserable, you wouldn’t have picked her up in the first place.

  3. The left have always loved marches and petitions. Both totally pointless. Those with the smallest minds, shout the loudest.

    • Far left groups such as Antifa and the SWP will always attach themselves like parasites to any movement, in order to hijack it in furtherance of their own agendas. I think it’s now becoming increasingly obvious with the latest hot potatoes, Extinction Rebellion and BLM.

  4. Those yellow cunts in Hong Kong have been doing some protesting.
    The Yellow Peril police have been knocking them about a little bit.
    So Boris has invited 3 million of them to come to live in the UK.
    But not at his house.
    Fuck off out of it.

      • Our PM doesn’t know where they’re all going to find living accommodation or where they’re all going to find work, How about opening a few more benefits offices Boris?

        • If the other half is agreeable, I will offer to take some in as long as:
          They are female
          Aged 20-35
          No ties/dependants.
          4 spare rooms here, so if they share I can take 8
          I can’t be arsed to learn their lingo, so will call them Monday, Tuesday, etc and Sunday morning , Sunday evening.
          I am not a total Cunt, will convert the summerhouse for the other half, she will probably enjoy the company, what with me spending all my free time on ISaC.
          See fellow cunters, I really am all heart.
          Charity begins at home😉😉😉

    • The last thing we want coming here is hard working enterprising types who value free speech, democracy and the rule of law, polluting our feckless gene pool.

      • Assuming the commies would let them go why would the Phooeys want to come here? I would have thought Oz, NZ, Canada and USA would be on their list way above this overcrowded shithole.

  5. Protest is fine, being told by social media to protest about nothing is madness. Not checking the validity of what you are protesting about is foolishness of the first order.
    What we have been seeing recently is not protest – it is a culmination of fifty Years of cultural Marxism using its puppets of BLM and Antifa and is hell bent on bringing down western Governments and destabilising Countries.
    Socialism is the enemy, and they try to kill us every day by stealing our right to free speech.
    Dark times ahead.

    • Dark times ahead ? I look forward to the silent majority waking up and taking these useless cunts apart. I am certain it will happen soon; you can’t eat slogans and the cunts can only produce slogans.

    • It usually proves to be the case that loony tunes factions make an extraordinary amount of noise, but ultimately fail to make any real impact because most people realise that they’re far left cunts and don’t want to know.
      Fingers crossed then!

      • Yeah their demands for defunding police, closing prisons and detention centres are batshit crazy policies that offer up no alternatives or demonstrate how they will benefit black people?

        • The CHOP or CHAZ thing in the states shows just what would happen if they got their own way.
          Gangsters ruling the roost, rapes, looting and murders.
          No answers or proposals of ideas just demands.
          The generation that didnt get a slap of mum or dad.
          The generation that never got told they was wrong or at fault, never to NO.
          Little fuckers, cressidas, Tarquins, Crispins and Jocastas showing mummy and daddy what rebels they are growing dreads and not eating their dinners.
          Just tantrums from spoilt kids.
          Roll on WW3, getting the papers for national service will make them run for their safe space,
          And the leeches that landed in dinghies will be paddling home.

          • I wish these dumb cunts would fuck off and spend a few months in Johannesburg, South Africa, or perhaps good old Zimbabwe!

            They would soon find out what a real protest means when they find themselves hacked to pieces by black tribes or vicious police who won’t take shit from anyone not least middle-class white woke wankers with a slight grievance about something that looked nice and easy in the streets of London, but quite another out there in Ifrikaaa

    • Technocunt’s observation is brilliant! The irony of better,faster communications than we have ever had still doesn’t inform the twats about the real world.
      White, care about BLM? Go to Soweto for a week and come back cured.

    • I see that the CHAZ / CHOP zone has now been disbanded by the Seattle police.

      The murder of two black teenagers by Antifa (BLM?) was the final straw after crime rates went up by 500% in the autonomous zone.

      I wonder if the clueless white middle class fuckwits know that this is what they are in for if Antifa get their way.

  6. The fact is there is no real reason to protest. We live with better hygiene, dentistry, education, food than any king in history. Sure, have a little protest because you didn’t win a vote/ referendum or because you think women aren’t paid enough or you think rainbows are mistreated or your freind Gwtanga wants to earn a six-figure wage but can’t be fuckt to work for it …but…put it all into perspective.

  7. BLM have now got so confused they will forget what the fuck the actually want, there is BLM, make everything better for blacks and BLM, make everything worse for everyone…. confused….. Fuck them

    USA have grabbed all the Remdesivir for themselves, put America first…. our fucking lot ….. ‘Oh if we get a vaccine we have to make sure that all the poor countries can get it’…. fuck them UK first (All whites first and if there is any left the BAME can get the leftovers).
    Expect protests over USA keeping all the goodies for themselves.

    Protests in HongKong , it’s going to end badly, the silly fuckers have brought it on themselves, after the got a result on extradition they should have kept quiet, but no they had to keep Prodding the bear and now the bear is hungry.


  8. I wonder what MLK would think of these cunts? He’d probably be labelled as far right or an Uncle Tom these days.

    • Hes got a bit of a tarnished halo nowadays old Martin!
      Couldnt keep his cock in his pants and watched a rape of a black woman for kicks.
      Obviously whiteys drove him to be a degenerate could be his fault….

        • Apparently laughed while it happened General.
          Right little charmer.
          J Edgar Hoover had the FBI compile information on MLK,
          He had over 40 affairs, but we only hear about

          “I had a dream”..
          Probably a wet one.😁

  9. Now that the BLMs are getting a lot of attention, influence and a form of power; expect the wimminz and the Alphabets to do something similar because they don’t want to be left behind.


  10. What forks me right off about modern day protesters/demonstrators/rioters
    (cans of can’t basically) etc is, to me, it feels like they’re only doing it for the fame and the ‘likes’ on the internet. Or the promise of something in return.

    Get rid of social media and I reckon there’ll be less protests.

  11. BLM have made it clear, they do not want to be treated with a level of equality, they demand special treatment:
    Dispensations in examinations.
    Extra financial benefits.
    Reparations for historical abuse.
    Positive discrimination in the workplace.
    From where this counter is sitting, they already get the above.
    Fucking cunts.

  12. Yes, agree totally about social media; ban the fucking lot, it is pure cunt and brings the very worst out in humanity. Also, the internet in general is cunt; way too much information for people to handle. We aren’t able to cope with it and it’s too easy to fabricate shit that twats will believe and present it as evidence to back up personal agendas. Ban the fucking internet too…goodbye ISAC *sniff*.

  13. With social media and a mass of instant information, I rather naively thought I’d see the true facts to events as they developed around the world.
    But I only see a doctored, censored story or a story with ‘spin’ on it from a leftist point of view.
    It was saying on the news, about UK defense facing threats from aggressive superpowers,
    China and Russia, rogue states, Iran and North Korea,
    And internal threats, terrorism and the Far Right.
    No mention of Far Left,
    Corrosion of British values, mass immigration
    Or enforced multiculturalism, but drove home the point that the Far Rights a threat, yeah, bet all 15 of them are desperadoes,
    How many deaths have they clocked up?
    Only Jo Cox I can think of and that was a loner nutter.

  14. Just useful cunts really, as Orwell said “the people will begin to enjoy their enslavement”, heart on the sleeve fucking hypocrites especially in tinseltown!, not so much fun when the ‘bredran innit’ come after your stuff, as they say “go woke, go broke!, utter cunts to man and beast!

  15. These middle class cunts are the same wankers who attend every SJW demo. BLM, love the EU, Animal Rights, Trannie Rights, poof rights, lick Greta’s arse……they’re all the same to these cocksuckers. It gets them out of the house and makes them feel so good about themselves, especially when they post their selfies on Fuckbook. It’s just a hobby to these knobends.

    • What makes me laugh is the fact that the silly little cunts think that, because they’re so fucking important, people take any notice of them.
      Fuck off and go and wank over your latest Instagram idol you vacuous sad fucks!

  16. A few years back, I was among the protesters who marched to Parliament Square to protest against the court martial and subsequent imprisonment of Royal Marine sergeant Alexander Blackman, Marine A as he was known. He’d been charged and wrongfully convicted of the murder of a Taliban, who had already taken a round from an AH64 Apache’s 30mm cannon when Sgt Blackman shot him. There was doubt that the Taliban was even alive when Sgt Blackman pulled the trigger, and if he was, he was beyond any medical help.

    We didn’t cause any trouble. We didn’t vandalise any shops or businesses, we didn’t shout threats or abuse at anyone, we didn’t act in an aggressive manner, we didn’t even drop any litter. Plod were in attendance, as they had to be, but they stood back and let us do our thing, because they could see that we had no intention of behaving like twats. We were veterans and civvie supporters protesting what we saw as a miscarriage of justice and Five-0 were happy were happy to leave us alone to do our thing. I suspect it was the most trouble free protest they’d seen in a long time, if not ever. And when the protest was over, we dispersed. Some went home, some went back to their hotels and some of went to the pub (remember those?) to raise a glass Sgt Blackman and reminisce about the good old days.

    Compare that to the likes of Extinction Rebellion, BLM and ANTIFA, who don’t protest, they riot. They vandalise statues and memorials, damage property, intimidate and assault people who are either walking by or protesting against them and along with the Remain mob, leave a ton of rubbish and placards in their wake. And since Cressida Dyke took over, they’ve been encouraged to do all that, because they know that the police will stand by and do fuck all. The worst ones though, in my opinion, are the ones who waves placards saying “IMMIGRANTS WELCOME”, whilst assuming they speak for the British people and that annoying gobshite who spent four years in Parliament Square protesting Brexit and disrupting TV interviews.

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