Cultural Marxism

I think it fair to say that Marxism lost the economic argument decades ago. It lost its glister for all those disillusioned millions waiting in a mile long queue for a loaf of sawdust bread or a shabby pair of cardboard shoes.

Still, this minor setback wasn’t going to discourage our rabid class warriors, and they’re now drip-feeding their poison into the body politic by a different means. The old ‘class warfare’ conflict between economic groups has taken on a broader range, and ‘Cultural Marxism’ is really making its presence felt. Now, it transpires that just about everybody is putting somebody else down through group oppression; men oppress women, whites oppress blacks, hetros oppress gays, wimminz oppress transgenders etc ad nauseum. You know the drill. Nobody is an individual anymore, that definition of your identity doesn’t count. It’s all about being defined according to group identity, and hey presto, you too can become part of a poor, victimised minority and shriek about getting your own safe space! ‘Identity politics’ is the new black (no pun intended).

Naturally the proponents of Cultural Marxism assert that really, it’s simply all about tolerance and justice, respect for the rights of others, just common decency. But woe betide anyone that dares express a view that doesn’t rigidly conform to the Holy Writ as dictated by the Thought Police.

Deviation from the word calls for you to be vilified and ostracised, shouted down as a ‘fascist’, ‘bigot’, and ‘racist’. There’s no platform for you, you fucking Nazi, you’re cancelled. That goes double for white, hetro male Nazis.

I regard Cultural Marxism as the political and social equivalent of Covid-19. Its adherents recognise that they can’t carry their argument through the ballot box. Instead they have sought to spread their ideas insidiously, seeking to replace objective analysis with doctrine and to curtail free speech with an increasing use of their own programming ‘Newspeak’. Ergo, you control the agenda.

Academia and the media in particular appear to have been targeted. Also,my own take is that extremist groups such as the SWP, Class War and Antifa are looking to infiltrate and hijack the likes of BLM and the environmental movement to use them as vehicles to push their own loony tunes ‘smash the system’ agenda. Increasingly, they’re taking to the streets to impose their will through intimidation and violence, yet the ultimate irony will no doubt be an attempt to claim that they’re actually ‘victims’ of some ‘far right conspiracy’ themselves.

I don’t think it an exaggeration to say that these relentlessly vicious authoritarian cunts have declared war on the likes of you and I. Their group identity is a pack of ravenous wolves, and right now they sense an opportunity. They have the scent of blood in their nostrils and it’s ours, so we’d better wake up to the fact, but fast. As Trotsky once said, ‘you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you’.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

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  1. I agree with much of what Ron says but I dislike the phrase ‘cultural Marxism.’ Wokeism – for want of a better term – is more a religious cult than a political movement. There is the same fanatical belief in a binary good/evil, the same hatred for unbelievers and apostates, the same denial of science and reality and the same hatred for blasphemy.

    Not sure about the picture used at the top of the nomination either.

    I was writing about this same problem yesterday…

    • There’s nothing like blowing your own trumpet. Couldn’t you do Ron the courtesy of waiting until his nom was underway?

    • Good article, there is a fundamental problem with the ethnic minorities, it’s the desperation to hold onto their culture/identity and will always have an add-in.
      I am English, and also British but I wouldn’t describe myself as British English, unlike the British Asian for example.
      People like Bonnie Greer really piss me off, ‘a black privileged’ woman alway has to announce that she is descended from slaves, well why, what is the point, it has no bearing on her life today.
      If I went back in family tree it’s quite possible one of my ancestors could have been effectively a slave.
      PS, I am fucking English!!

      • If you go back far enough, you could argue we’re all descended from apes. Go further back, a lot further, and I suppose we’re all descended from slime. Anyone can play that game.
        As you say Sick, it’s almost nailed on that your and my ancestors were slaves or serfs at some point.
        Ultimately, so fucking what?
        I don’t hear the (Marxist front) BLM going on about the fact that millions are enslaved in Africa NOW, by other Africans. Doesn’t fit the agenda.

        • Bloody hell Ron, is Slime worse than Slave 😂

          I need reparation, my ancestors were Slime, beat that Bonnie fucking Greer 😁

          PS, looking at Bonnie Greer, she is definitely closer to the Apes than us whiteys

  2. The plague 25 million dead.
    Genghis khan 40 million
    Spanish flu 50 million
    Marxism virus at least 100 million.
    And they think the Nazis (who were also on the left) were bad with only about 40 million.
    So “cultural” Marxists are the biggest cunts on earth.

    • Absolutely cracking nom Ron!👍

      Cultural Marxism to me is evil, but suppose it depends which end of the bayonet your on.

      • Thanks Miserable.
        What I detest most about these cunts is their claim that it’s all about equality and decency. No, for them it’s about power and control. Their power over me and you.

  3. Yeah there’s no doubt the cunts have done a good job of infiltrating the education system and the media, which Karl himself recognised as the main source of bourgeois ideology. Unfortunately the carriers of the message aren’t the working class but a load of privileged little pricks who didn’t get enough attention while Mummy and Daddy were fucking Jonty and Jemima’s Mummy and Daddy.
    Where I live, as a whitey I am very much a minority. I don’t see any racist graffiti, I don’t hear racist abuse in the street, no cunt has asked me to apologise for being white. Nothing has changed. The only cunts who have a problem are the white and black cunts I see on the telly who wish they were richer and more powerful than they already are. They don’t actually give a fuck about anybody except themselves. I would suggest the average cunt in the street, whatever their effnick origins, can see right through this bullshit. These middle class fake Marxists are storing up a shitload of trouble for themselves but they haven’t grasped it yet.

    • Well said. One of my mates used to live in Streatham but worked in Brixton. He said they was banter with the black boys and girls and nobody hot upset.
      No white liberals getting upset over imagined slights or ‘microaggressions’ – another form of twatspeak.
      They wouldve been jeered at and run out of town, the fucking gimps.

  4. This cunting is a thing of beauty.
    Nothing to add other than these deranged cunts will be the author of their own destruction.
    Fuck em.

    • Thanks Unk. I take comfort from the fact that history suggests that ultimately, these cunts do in fact bring about their own destruction.

  5. Oh, Sir Everton Weekes snuffed it yesterday and I claim my dead pool prize. I want those prozzies delivered round here and I want them NOW!
    Actually tomorrow would be more convenient……but whenever you can. Thanks.

  6. Now it’s infecting FaceFuck, with advertisers withdrawing because the platform doesn’t impose thought control. Whatever you think of FaceFuck, it’s supposed to be a platform for free speech (part of the American Dream). Thankfully, we still have ISAC…

    • Fuck Facefuck and twatter. There’s a new twatter called PARLER where cunts like us are transferring to before they get banned. I don’t know anything about this soshul meeja shit but I listen to a bit of “far right” Yank radio and podcasts and I heard about it on there. Might be worth a look, I don’t know.

  7. Great cunting!

    But BLM aren’t being hijacked by anyone. It’s another global organisation with a manifesto which looks suspiciously communist. Their goal is nothing less than a new cultural revolution a la China in the 60s.

    Of course their plebs on the street think they’re fighting “the man” for what they call”social justice”. They don’t realise that they are the useful idiots who will be destroyed in their turn, once they have wrecked western civilization. They don’t understand that they aren’t fighting the Establishment – they ARE the Establishment.

    • ‘useful idiots’ is a great derogatory term for these cunts.
      As a point of absolute irrelevance, I used to play in a band in the late 60s called ‘The Useful Idiots’. We were extremely famous for about five minutes one night…

  8. All of the cultural marxist’s aims for quiet socialist revolution.

    Sound familiar?

    1. The creation of racism offences
    2. Continual change to create confusion
    3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
    4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
    5. Huge immigration to destroy identity
    6. The promotion of excessive drinking
    7. Emptying of churches
    8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
    9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
    10. Control and dumbing down of media
    11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

    • From what you have written and from my own experience the socialist revolution is almost over, basically the leftylibtard cunts have won. Had the opinion for at least ten years that many others and myself were in a state of organised retreat. Now the bastards have stuck their heads over the parapet and the urge to move forward against the tide has returned. May I retain my sanity long enough to do something.

      • Don’t lose heart just yet Black biscuit.

        What we are seeing at the moment is the lefties chucking the toys out of the pram because of Brexit.

        Not a lot of people realise that since yesterday (1st of July) there can no longer be an extension, therefore we are leaving at the end of the year with or without a trade deal.

        The lefties in the states know that Trump will win another term in office. So, toys out the pram time again.

        The whole Black Lies Matter / Antifa bullshit was just a smokscreen to provide a bit of civil unrest by the useful idiots.

        The left have lost and they know it.

        This is just their dying gasp.

        The sensible, centre right majority will triumph eventually.

  9. An excellent nomination Ron. I particularly agree with your final sentiment about waking up fast.
    The people subscribing to this bullshit are just that – the people. Those facebook and twitter cunts and all those nodding agreement with a like are our neighbours, family and friends.
    Just recently I had the great experience of getting witch hunted for using the wrong terminology – and not on the internet either.
    And I also saw someone I know post about “continuing their education” by watching hollywood depictions of slavery. Yes they’re white.
    When the boots on the ground get feisty it’s time to look beyond the celebrity soapbox and welcome McCarthyism. Curtains twitch, unusual shaped bin bags get reported. You’d better make sure the car is taxed and be careful where you use cash.

  10. Cheers Ron. Your peerless nom has temporarily brought me out of retirement again! All unfortunately too true, and I fear that we’re losing the war a little more every day. Common sense is now a dead concept; as you say any perceived enemy (i.e. any straight white bloke who thinks the dark keys perhaps ought to show a little gratitude to de bwana – or else feel free to go back and join the resounding success story that is African society; I hear they do degrees in swatting away flies now).

    I’ll be honest this assault on the everyday bloke and freedom of speech in general fucking horrifies me; we’re living in a time where we’re paying the BBC to post stories – with a straight face – that a handful of jigger pooves are mincing through London claiming that “Black Trans Lives Matter (eh????) and that this is something we should give two fucks about.

    Every ten minutes another sleb or sportsman you once had respect for proves themselves to be an utter cunt, either apologising on behalf of all of us scum, berating us for not “taking a knee” (only time I’ll take a knee is if you manage to knock me to the fucking floor – best make your first shot a good one) or in the case of certain dark key ones who happen to be multi-millionare tax exiles or rap stars *cough HAMILTON cough cough COOL J*, slagging off “white” society for holding them back all their lives…. yes, I see how difficult your life must be, having to decide every day between the Bentley, the Lamborghini or the Lear Jet. Either that or yet another fucking bandwagon-jumping company changing their logo to a black tile or a fucking rainbow.

    1984 will seem like a quaint folk tale compared to society once these wankers, aided and abetted in full by the media, have finished with it. I think, once again, it’s time to crush our enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women! (sorry, all BAME and LBTQIA+ as well – must be inclusive). Sorry for the rant but your brilliant nom has struck a chord Ron!

      • Morning Cuntan – great post and nice to see you back, to see you back nice.

        PS: Thanks again for the heads-up on ‘The Keep’, I got around to reading it a couple of weeks ago, out-fucking-standing – best thing I’ve read for months!

        • Hey Ruffty! Yeah it’s not bad is it. I’ve always had a soft spot for cheesy horror books; film version unfairly maligned I thought, yes its bonkers – and cheap – but at least it’s original (and soundtrack is ace)

          • Worth a watch out of curiosity. If I remember rightly Michael Mann did the hissy fit thing and disowned it (“doing a Kubrick” as it’s known in the biz). Like our modern day slebs like Keith contract Lemon though, not QUITE embarrassed enough by his past works to pay the money back…..

          • I have not Ruff but if you’re recommending it I might give it a whirl.

          • Morning, Ruffy. Morning all.
            That book, Look Who’s Back by Timur Vermes, arrived this very morning for me. I’ve not read it yet.

          • P.s that purchase was inspired by the comments in that nomination a while ago.

          • Morning Spoony. 👍

            @ Cuntan – Can’t recommend it cos I haven’t read it yet, but came highly recommended by a fellow cunter on here.

          • Here you go Mog
            Very obscure, very different to the book (more sci film than horror) but great premise, something always appealed to me about the Nazis’ dabbling in the occult…. (mind you some of their other shenanigans weren’t entirely without merit)

  11. I was releived to hear Kweer Charmer say the other day that when he “took a knee” it was “for the moment” (and the publicity photographs no doubt) and “not for Marxism”.

    Well, I doubt that a second time his truss would have taken the strain – to say nothing of his stockings and suspenders.

    • The man is a fucking disgrace. Leader of the so called opposition kneeling to appear hip to a gang of traitorous bastards whose combined IQ would be ten points less than an orange. The cunt would give his grannies arse to the devil for a vote; but then so would any politician

  12. I see the cunts are slowly dropping support for BLM, since it as been hijacked for political purposes. Thick or what, It as always been political. Fucking bunch of cunts, easy to jump on the bandwagon, not so easy to jump off.

    • I think my observation could be dropped in anywhere around ‘complying’ with the BLM / ‘Take the Knee’ nominations .. but it’s starting to boil my piss.
      When, pre-kick off, the players / officials drop to one knee .. currently on television, it all seems accepted as the right thing they are doing … because there is no ‘opposition’ to their actions. All well and good in an empty stadium. I wonder if the fuckers will continue this once there’s a 40 / 50 thousand crowd looking on … and the jeering starts from the crowd. Real people venting how they really feel about this palaver.
      I just wonder who the media would vilify … ‘a small right wing section of the crowd’ … I’ve an odd feeling it would be far more than that.
      I’ve a feeling this ‘one knee’ bollocks will be stopped before any full capacity stadium game takes place. ‘They’ wouldn’t like to see (hear) what your average man in the street actually thinks about it.

      • No way would they do that shit in front of a crowd…….what an embarrassment that would be for Linekunt and that arse crawling mob. Same as they keep crying about why doesn’t some gay footballer come out? In actual fact no football crowd gives a fuck what some cunt does with his cock and arse. But the media would eulogise him as some kind of courageous hero and that would piss people off. Yes, of course he would get stick for 90 minutes every week but that stick would be meant for Linekunt and all his libtard media mates. Why would you put yourself up for that? You’d have to be one thick cunt but i’m sure some bender will do it one day.

  13. Ron, nail-on-fucking-head. Brilliant nom.

    I had one on the Islamification of Blighty which admin didn’t seem to like but would go side-by-side with what you’ve mentioned. Everyone’s a cunt … apart from the peacefuls.

  14. Seems to me the BBC/Sly news anti British news fest are doing all they can to stop kids going back to school even in September.
    Don’t they realise that is 6 whole months without Greta good, Trump bad wokism not being drummed into our innocent kids.
    Any common sense that may have been learned during lockdown would surely need jumping on as soon as possible i would have thought.

    • It’s about class sizes and the two metre rule.
      Our kids school has figured that a single class now needs to be done over five sessions (smaller classes if 8). Essentially this means that in september my kids will go to school for three hours every four weeks.
      Our school is not even thinking about normality until sep 2021.
      I think there is a hope that parents will let youtube and facebook and tv educate our kids to guarantee their utter stupidity. Then they won’t give two fucks about the wider world which is much easier yo manage.
      If you don’t homeschool your kids they will make paris jackson look like einstein in no time at all.

    • It’s simply a case of Boris says yes, they say no. Orange man bad, huggy bear bad.
      Notice how the Taff and Jock traitors do everything 10 days behind Boris. They wait for him to fuck up, if he doesn’t then they do the same thing.
      If Trump loses in November the libtards will be after Boris like nobody’s business. They will have the smell of blood in their nostrils.

      • Trump will most likely win in November.

        The leftards have very short attention spans and have forgotten that the law and order party (Republican) usually trounce the opposition after a spate of rioting.

        Personally, I just want to see the catagory 5 chimpouts from the tea swiggers and leftards losing their shit and throwing a tantrum when Trump wins again.

  15. Excellent nom Ron. The left, they hate to be defined in the same way they won’t give fascism a finite definition. Don’t agree with them and you’re a fascist.

    There’s not a fag paper between the far left and the far right when you take them to their ultimate end game, both eliminate individual rights and require a big state that controls every aspect of the individuals life.

    Both are to be resisted and rejected, the current narrative is left good, right bad. Fuck them all.

  16. Bang on Ron!

    It really is a powerful psychosis inducing virus. Thank Dog I received the Common Sense vaccine (made illegal by Blair in 1997) when I was a child.

    No wonder James O’Shithead spends so much of his woke propaganda show (15 hours a week) ridiculing the notion of common sense and thinking for oneself.

    • Indeed, O’Brien espouses critical thinking as he tells listeners what to think.

      I try and avoid wishing bad on people but with him it’s a real struggle at times!

  17. O’Shithead is exactly the sort of cunt we are talking about here……..the very epitome of the champagne Marxist. Imagine a world run by cunts like that.

  18. Peter Hitchens has been right all along when he said this country’s finished. The only question is how long have we got left?
    It’s over. We’ve now reached the turning point. Look at how quickly things have accelerated in just the last 5yrs. Statues are being taken down and vandalised. TV shows are being banned. Us patriots are a dying breed. London is no longer English and the rest of the country will soon follow. There’s nothing we can do now. No protest or political argument can reverse what has happened. We are the last generation of proud Englishmen. I’m more sure of it now than ever.

    • Hitchens and Douglas Mureay have said it, with Murray more focused on demographic shift.

      For this reason I see the far- right growing in influence.

      Liberal consensus is pretty much dead and the Blairs, Camerons and Cleggs will become less relevant as identity becomes more important to the peole than economics. We saw some of that during Brexir, but it was merely a glimpse.

  19. on the subject of Russia, it’s interesting to learn that Putin won – by a landslide – the right to stay as President of the country until 2036, thanks largely to constitutional changes that turns the clock back on presidential tenure to zero.

    Obviously there are a few critics, but not many demos by the disenfranchised or the woke brigade (do they have them in Russia?)

    if the woke-snowflakes over here are pushing for a variation of Marxism, they should really take a trip to Moscow and find out the hard way the differences between a free-democracy and their faux marxism idealism

  20. Well compiled and thought provoking. Having said that, I am left pondering what becomes of those that defy ‘Cultural Marxism’?
    Comparing it to Covid-19 makes me think the worst, surely not.

  21. Good morning everyone, and thank you for your kind remarks.
    I can only add that having encountered plenty of these cunts over the years (esp at uni), I’ve learned to stop attempting to engage with them. I’ve never met one of the cunts prepared to debate the issue; it’s agree with The Word or be insulted as a fascist, bigot etc. I ended up just telling them to stop acting like humourless, robotic cunts and fuck off.

    • I’ve said pretty much the same thing to them in pubs, although my choice of words is a bit more colourful, “I’ve tried to have discussions with you people so many times before, but you’re all just a load of ignorant wankers who won’t listen to anything you don’t want to hear. So don’t even try and bullshit me that you’re any different.” You should see the look on their faces every time. A picture says a thousand words….

  22. Wikipedia doesnt appear to have an article on cultural marxism, but it has a section on the ‘cultural Marxism’ conspiracy theory’ on its article about the Frankfurt School.

    Wikipedia has taken donations from Google and Mr Soros, and Jimmys Elves have been busy.

    • Having re-read it i see the link to antisemitism has been strengthened since the last tome I looked.
      Hitler (no less) invoked it via ‘cultural Bolshevism’.
      A bit tenuous but just try editing it.

    • The ‘Talk’ is revealing.

      A number of users have said the section on Cultural Marxism is incredibly slanted but the haughty response from one pompous tit says their sources aren’t relevant to ‘critical theory’ and shouldn’t be ‘lawyers’.
      Funny, then, that the article should use a professor of Law, an activist working for the Far-left Southern Poverty Law Centre and a journalist as sources to link cultural Marxism with antisemitism.
      A couple of academics are included, but have no wiki entries of their own.
      Also noticeable in the references are rigorous academic journals such as Salon.

      Wikipedia. Anyone can edit it. Unless the page and discussion about that page is ‘protected’ by the ‘established’ editors.

      What a fucking joke.

  23. Very well constructed nomination Ron. I onley have to look at the sneaky face of Ash sarkur, for my piss to boil. Why marxists are given air time is beyond me.

    • Nice to hear her and Priya Gopal are honest about their goals of winning a demographic race to ‘replace’ white people with ‘people of colour and LGBTQ’

      Ash Sarkar claims it was a joke and Gopal deleted her tweet.

      Hahaha. Sorry but i’ve Ive seen and heard too much from these people to believe co-existence is their aim.
      They genuinely hate white people.

      • No doubt about there hate Cuntamus. I wish someone would call out these bastards for what they are. On live tv they should be asked: How can you lecture whites on racism, when your racist yourself.

  24. What makes me laugh is the libtards and celebrities going on about ‘We need equal rights for all.”

    Well, you thick cunts. That is not what they want now! The new thing is treating everyone differently due to diversity. It’s putting one group against another for more perks and rights. White males are somewhere near the bottom. Actually, they are at the very bottom. Only honkies are told, in their own country, that they can’t apply for a certain job because they’re white. To make it worse, the BBC got in on this act, despite most of their funding coming from the honky man.

    Diversity within the political sphere has seen islamic banks cropping up, cops being too scared to deal with rioters out of a genuine fear of losing their jobs or even their freedom if they don’t go kid gloves on the dark keys.

  25. Good one Ron. I like noms that stoke some thoughtful discussion rather just state that “**** is a cunt”, however accurate that may be. The collapse of the USSR and fall of Communism, triggered by East Germany opening it borders, left a political vacuum that was initially filled by Greens in parts of Europe at least. They were “lefties” but more focused on environmental issues, particularly the anti-nuclear energy campaign, ”save the whale” etc. but they grew up and eventually became part of the political mainstream.
    When leftist ideology was jettisoned, it was replaced by political correctness, often with a racial overtone. Remember the “Free Nelson Mandela” nonsense? This has now morphed into a bizarre mixture of Victorian puritanism re sexism and pornography, although “feminist” protesters will bare their breasts to draw attention to their latest moan, and an anarchist-like demand for absolute freedom, with no-go areas for police or control on immigration. The arrival of the social media allows these people to go “virtual” with a moronic slogan – “Me Too” or “Black Lives Matter” that millions will applaud but ignore the real villains – the Chinese, Russian, African and Arab dictators. Instead, they will blame democratically-elected leaders who can be ejected by the voters. And, of course, blame whites for the evils of slavery because no African or Arab ever sold a slave and there has never been such a thing as a white slave!
    It´s also acceptable to wave a flag with a hammer and sickle, wear a Che Guevara teeshirt and quote (although never actually read) “The Communist Manifesto” or “Capital”. But heaven help anyone who shows a swastika, refers to “Mein Kampf” or tries to link Nazism with socialism.

    • It’s funny when you look back. I know a few people who genuinely thought that ideological warfare ended when then the Berlin Wall came down.

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